Extracts Relating to the Indians Notebook 1

This first notebookisthe “first” out of eleven “Extracts relatingtotheIndians”; thatis, notebooks compiled by Thoreau from 1847 to 1861. Concerning theintentions of his endeavor, Thoreaunever made a clear notation concerning his ...

Author: Henry David Thoreau

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For the first time, Henry David Thoreau's unpublished Indian notebooks will be available. This, the first in a series of eleven notebooks, will comprise a complete set of Thoreau's collected extracts from his extensive reading of North America's cultural anthropology. "Everywhere in our corn and grain fields the earth is strewn with the relics of a race, which has vanished as completely as if trodden in with the earth- When I meditate on the destiny of this prosperous branch of the Saxon family, and the exhausted energies of this new country-I forget that what is now Concord was once Musketaquid, And that the American race has had its history- The future reader of history will associate his generation with the red man in his thoughts, and give it credit for some sympathy with that race."" Henry David Thoreau Journal, Fall 1842

Natural Communions

In addition, one of the more intriguing developments in philosophical anthropology was Jacques Derrida's Of ... 2012), 93–99; Henry David Thoreau, Extracts Relating to the Indians: Notebook 1 (New York: Upstart Crow Publishing, 2008).

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The academic treatment of the environment and nature, since the 1980s, has been formalized in sub-disciplines like environmental history, environmental philosophy, ecocriticism, and eco-spirituality. Within these disciplines the concept of nature has been variously employed to reorient humanity to a holistic moral standard. In each case there is general consensus that inquiry ought to turn on moral considerations of the interaction of humans and the environment; with implied admonitions to live sustainably. Lending credence to the Earth as a superorganism in its own right, these modern ecological expressions can be traced to Rachel Carson’s revelations in Silent Spring. However, they have a long pre-history which appears in monistic philosophy, the spirit of Deism, in both Romanticism and the Enlightenment, and in political expressions of the idea of Nature’s God, designed to promote a secular vision of the state and to overturn predatory religious rivalries. With this literary momentum, Natural Communions, volume 40 of Religion and Public Life, gathers interdisciplinary essays which reconfigure humanity within an ecotheological anthropology and which treat the idea of the sacred from the perspective of an Earth-centered spirituality, thus redefining humanity’s response to ecological challenges and initiating a new status within a more expansive cosmology complete with a naturalized conception of Divine Reality.

Henry Thoreau

In August 1851, T began keeping a notebook for “Extracts mainly concerning Natural History. ... 1; Walden, pp. 307, 309. 4. J, 3:307, 328. 5. See Howarth F15 on natural history, F10d on Indian and preColumbian history of North America, ...

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The two years Thoreau spent at Walden Pond and the night he spent in the Concord jail are among the most familiar features of the American intellectual landscape. In this new biography, based on a reexamination of Thoreau's manuscripts and on a retracing of his trips, Robert Richardson offers a view of Thoreau's life and achievement in their full nineteenth century context.


... discussing issues relevant to that tribe . Richard F. Fleck , ed . , introduction to The Indians of Thoreau : Selections from the Indian Notebooks ( Albuquerque : Hummingbird Press , 1974 ) , 1 . The image of the Indian in Thoreau's ...




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Trade Promotion Series

BIBLIOGRAPHY GENERAL Rutherford's Planters ' Notebook , 7th edition , 1918. ... 1 of 1923 . An ordinance to amend the law relating to Indian immigrant laborers . Communique regarding the immigration of Indian Labor to Ceylon . Extract ...




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Glossary of Automotive Terms and Instructions to Exporters for Guidance in Properly Listing and Classifying Automotive Apparatus and Supplies in Shippers Export Declarations

BIBLIOGRAPHY GENERAL Rutherford's Planters ' Notebook , 7th edition , 1918. ... 1 of 1923 . An ordinance to amend the law relating to Indian immigrant laborers . Communique regarding the immigration of Indian Labor to Ceylon . Extract ...

Author: Axel Hansteen Oxholm



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Guide to the Draper Manuscripts

1) Book A contains extracts from the Maryland Gazette, 1752– 1759, with numerous items about George Washington's ... 1760–1768, contains additional Cherokee material as well as extracts on military and Indian affairs in New York, ...

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In the mid-nineteenth century the Wisconsin Historical Society's first director, Lyman C. Draper, gathered outstanding materials such as the Daniel Boone papers, which include Draper's interviews with Boone's son, and the papers of Revolutionary War hero George Rogers Clark. These two collections alone are of vast significance to frontier history before 1830, but the full collection comprises nearly five hundred volumes of records, including military and government records, interviews, Draper's own research notes, and rare personal letters. For scholars, genealogists, and local historians, the Draper papers offer a wealth of information on the social, economic, and cultural conditions experienced by our frontier forebears. The 180-page index lists thousands of names and is an indispensable guide for all who wish to use the collection, which is available in libraries across the country on microfilm.

The Native American in American Literature

Pierpont Morgan Library in New York city eleven autograph manuscript notebooks of his, containing about 2800 pages and approximately 540,000 words, mainly extracts relating to the aborigines o-f America.* Keiser describes the contents ...


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This bibliography is a starting point for those interested in researching the American Indian in literature or American Indian literature. Designed to augment other major bibliographies, it classifies all relevant bibliographies and critical works and supplies listings not cited by them. The author's general introduction provides bibliographical background for those beginning research in the field. Cited works are listed alphabetically by the author's or editor's last name in each of three categories: bibliographies; works about the Indian in literature; and Indian literature. Each citation is numbered and the cross-referenced subject and author indexes refer to each work by number, thereby facilitating speedy reference.