False Value

Now in paperback, the eighth book of the bestselling Rivers of London series returns to the adventures of Peter Grant, detective and apprentice wizard, as he solves magical crimes in the city of London.

Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0756411483

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Now in paperback, the eighth book of the bestselling Rivers of London series returns to the adventures of Peter Grant, detective and apprentice wizard, as he solves magical crimes in the city of London. Peter Grant is facing fatherhood, and an uncertain future, with equal amounts of panic and enthusiasm. Rather than sit around, he takes a job with émigré Silicon Valley tech genius Terrence Skinner's brand new London start up—the Serious Cybernetics Company. Drawn into the orbit of Old Street's famous 'silicon roundabout', Peter must learn how to blend in with people who are both civilians and geekier than he is. Compared to his last job, Peter thinks it should be a doddle. But magic is not finished with Mama Grant's favourite son. Because Terrence Skinner has a secret hidden in the bowels of the SCC. A technology that stretches back to Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, and forward to the future of artificial intelligence. A secret that is just as magical as it technological—and just as dangerous.

e World 6

Relational Operators Relational operators are used to compare two values .
When you use a relational operator the result is either TRUE or FALSE .
Relational ... These operators test the conditions and give a TRUE or FALSE
value . The three ...

Author: Anshu Kumar, Shweta Malik

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131756546



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Learn Excel 2011 for Mac

FALSE FALSE. You use this function to generate a FALSE value—for example,
for testing. Simply enter =FALSE() in the ... IF The first of the specified values if the
condition is TRUE, the second of the specified values if the condition is FALSE.

Author: Guy Hart-Davis

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430235225

Category: Computers

Page: 488

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Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac OS X is a powerful application, but many of its most impressive features can be difficult to find. Learn Excel 2011 for Mac by Guy Hart-Davis is a practical, hands-on approach to learning all of the details of Excel 2011 in order to get work done efficiently on Mac OS X. From using formulas and functions to creating databases, from analyzing data to automating tasks, you'll learn everything you need to know to put this powerful application to use for a variety of tasks.

Succeeding in Business with Microsoft Excel 2013 A Problem Solving Approach

The arguments can consist of any combination of cell references, values, or
ranges that each reduce to a TRUE or FALSE value. The syntax of the OR
function is: OR(logical1,logical2,...) An OR function is FALSE only if all arguments
are ...

Author: Debra Gross

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285963962

Category: Computers

Page: 720

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SUCCEEDING IN BUSINESS WITH MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2013 prepares your students to solve business problems by moving beyond the basic point and click skills to think critically about realistic business situations. When students combine software analysis with their own decision making abilities, they are more likely meet any business challenge with success. The Succeeding in Business Series emphasizes problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysis - challenging students to find efficient and effective solutions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Using Microsoft Excel 2002

The formula applies the text results of the grades A - F based on whether the
logical test is met . The formula is structured so that the only false value is F and
occurs only if all other true values are not met . The formula — = IF ( D25 > 89 , "
A " ...

Author: Patrick Blattner

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 9780789725110

Category: Business

Page: 953

View: 899

A reference for users of Excel 2002, showing how to take maximum advantage of its new and improved features. Shows how to create custom functions, retrieve data from databases, use value chains, cut, slice and pivot information of the Web with Excel's PivotTable utility, and more. Also includes a companion Web site with help for Office XP.

Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices

N, VALUE, and PRODUCT N(value) VALUE(text) PRODUCT(number1,number2,.
..) VALUE converts a string of text into its numbered equivalent: VALUE does not
operate on TRUE or FALSE values. N is a function that returns the numeric ...

Author: Loren Abdulezer

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780768685787

Category: Computers

Page: 488

View: 684

THE DEFINITIVE, COMPREHENSIVE, OFFICIAL GUIDE TO XCELSIUS 2008 DASHBOARDS Using Xcelsius, you can create powerful, interactive dashboards, gather data from spreadsheets or databases, and deliver knowledge that can be instantly understood and acted upon. Now there’s a definitive, authoritative guide to making the most of Xcelsius 2008, the newest version of this breakthrough product. Loren Abdulezer, editor-in-chief of Xcelsius Journal, shares insider’s knowledge that goes far beyond any other book or online help resource. Abdulezer introduces Xcelsius 2008, reviews its core concepts, and demonstrates the wide range of dashboards it can create. After you know what’s possible, you’ll go deep inside Xcelsius, gaining hands-on experience with every feature you need to master. You’ll learn how to quickly represent any data with charting components; use dials, gauges, and speedometers; incorporate multiple layers in your dashboards and visualizations; use Xcelsius to perform more useful analyses and manage more interactively; work with maps, demographics, and segmented data; create “smart data” and alerts; and much more. Abdulezer offers tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll learn how to work with data that isn’t rock-solid--and even how to create your own custom components that go beyond Xcelsius’s built-in features. Whether you’re a business intelligence or database professional, power user, developer, or consultant, this book will help you create superior Xcelsius dashboards--and make better decisions. THE ONLY XCELSIUS 2008 DASHBOARDING BOOK YOU NEED Use Xcelsius 2008 to get better answers, identify emerging trends and opportunities, and manage more effectively Learn hands-on, through step-by-step examples using real business data Discover tips and tricks proven in real-world environments Deliver dashboard content in whatever format works best: as HTML pages, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, or Word documents Fully leverage the information in your Excel spreadsheets--and go beyond Excel to use XML source data, too Implement Xcelsius best practices drawn from the hard-won knowledge of the entire global user community ON THE WEB Registered owners of the book can find all this and more online: All sample files used in the book Additional guides and tutorials to help you build dashboards Templates and example files for new dashboard interfaces

XSLT 2 0 and XPath 2 0 Programmer s Reference

boolean value. Unusually, XPath 2.0 doesn't apply strict type checking to this
expression, rather it defines a set of rules allowing a wide range of values to be
converted to the xs:boolean values true or false. The rules are the same as for the

Author: Michael Kay

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118059476

Category: Computers

Page: 1368

View: 949

Combining coverage of both XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0, this book is the definitive reference to the final recommendation status versions of both specifications. The authors start by covering the concepts in XSLT and XPath, and then delve into elements, operators, expressions with syntax, usage, and examples. Some of the specific topics covered include XSLT processing model, stylesheet structure, serialization, extensibility, and many others. In addition to online content that includes error codes, the book also has case studies you'll find applicable to your own challenges.

Excel 2013 In Depth

Cell G2 multiplies the sales in cell C2 by the TRUE/FALSE value in cell E2 and
then multiplies that by the TRUE/FALSE value in cell G2. In Excel's treatment of
TRUE/FALSE values, a TRUE is calculated as a 1, and a FALSE is calculated as
a ...

Author: Bill Jelen

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 0133259323

Category: Computers

Page: 1248

View: 258

Get more out of Microsoft Excel® 2013: more productivity and better answers for greater success! Drawing on his unsurpassed Excel experience, Bill Jelen (“Mr Excel”) brings together all the intensely useful knowledge you need: insights, techniques, tips, and shortcuts you just won’t find anywhere else. Excel 2013 In Depth is the fastest, best way to master Excel 2013’s full power; get comfortable with its updated interface; and leverage its new tools for everything from formulas, charts, and functions to dashboards, data visualization, and social media integration. Start by taking a quick “tour” of Excel 2013’s most valuable new features. Then, learn how to Build more trustworthy, error-resistant, flexible, extensible, intelligent, and understandable spreadsheets Get more productive with Excel 2013’s new Start Screen and Timelines Create formulas, charts, subtotals, and pivot tables faster with new Flash Fill and Analysis Lens Quickly apply attractive, consistent formats Master every function you’ll ever need,- including powerful new web services functions Solve real-world business intelligence analysis problems Create amazing PowerPivot data mashups that integrate information from anywhere Use Power View to generate stunningly intuitive maps, dashboards, and data visualizations Share workbooks on the Web and social networks Leverage the improved Excel Web App to create highly interactive web pages and online surveys Automate repetitive functions using Excel macros Supercharge your workbooks with new apps from the Excel App Store Like all In Depth books, Excel 2013 In Depth delivers complete coverage with detailed solutions, and troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own. Whatever you intend to do with Excel 2013, this is the only book you’ll need!

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Approaches Based on Rule Induction Techniques

... the value True, False, or 0. We interpret the three possible values as our state
of knowledge about a Boolean variable, say w. ... The case v = 0 depicts the
situation where we do not know the True/False value of w. We expand the
customary ...

Author: Evangelos Triantaphyllou

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387342966

Category: Computers

Page: 748

View: 177

This book outlines the core theory and practice of data mining and knowledge discovery (DM & KD) examining theoretical foundations for various methods, and presenting an array of examples, many drawn from real-life applications. Most theoretical developments are accompanied by extensive empirical analysis, offering a deep insight into both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. The book presents the combined research experiences of 40 expert contributors of world renown.

Effective Ruby

Another trick that Ruby plays on you if you're coming from another language is
the assumption that true and false are ... In those objects, a false value means
that something should be disabled, while a nil value means an option wasn't ...

Author: Peter J. Jones

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 0133847063

Category: Computers

Page: 240

View: 614

If you’re an experienced Ruby programmer, Effective Ruby will help you harness Ruby’s full power to write more robust, efficient, maintainable, and well-performing code. Drawing on nearly a decade of Ruby experience, Peter J. Jones brings together 48 Ruby best practices, expert tips, and shortcuts—all supported by realistic code examples. Jones offers practical advice for each major area of Ruby development, from modules to memory to metaprogramming. Throughout, he uncovers little-known idioms, quirks, pitfalls, and intricacies that powerfully impact code behavior and performance. Each item contains specific, actionable, clearly organized guidelines; careful advice; detailed technical arguments; and illuminating code examples. When multiple options exist, Jones shows you how to choose the one that will work best in your situation. Effective Ruby will help you systematically improve your code—not by blindly following rules, but by thoroughly understanding Ruby programming techniques. Key features of this concise guide include How to avoid pitfalls associated with Ruby’s sometimes surprising idiosyncrasies What you should know about inheritance hierarchies to successfully use Rails (and other large frameworks) How to use misunderstood methods to do amazingly useful things with collections Better ways to use exceptions to improve code reliability Powerful metaprogramming approaches (and techniques to avoid) Practical, efficient testing solutions, including MiniTest Unit and Spec Testing How to reliably manage RubyGem dependencies How to make the most of Ruby’s memory management and profiling tools How to improve code efficiency by understanding the Ruby interpreter’s internals

Exam 77 882 Microsoft Excel 2010 with Microsoft Office 2010 Evaluation Software

With this formula, the arguments must evaluate to logical values such as True or
False or to arrays or references that contain ... If one of the tests had resulted in a
True value and the other in a False value, the formula still would have returned a

Author: Microsoft Official Academic Course

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470907673

Category: Computers

Page: 432

View: 566

The Microsoft Official Academic Courseware (MOAC) Office 2010 Series is the only Official Academic Course Material. The new and enhanced MOAC/ Microsoft Office Excel features Enhanced Wiley Desktop Editions as well as many other enhanced features designed to re-enforce workforce skills. The addition of animated tutorials in the Enhanced Wiley Desktop Editions and WileyPLUS courses, textbooks include additional materials on different skill levels to help users keep pace. WileyPLUS and an automatic Office assignment grader provides immediate feedback on every assignment, to help users practice and hone skills at their own pace. MOAC/ Microsoft Office Excel is built from the ground-up around the MOS® certification objectives- making it a great way to learn all the workforce-oriented tasks required for certification. The Test Bank now offers greater flexibility and provides more than 75 questions and 3 projects per lesson, as well as automated grading via OfficeGrader. Furthermore, the latest edition's use of color in screen captures allows users to follow on screen much easier, as screen captures will look the exact same as the application. Additional projects throughout the book helps users comprehend how a task is applied on the job. OfficeGrader functionality added to WileyPLUS provides immediate feedback on all homework, assignments, and projects and additional animated tutorials on key Office tasks provides additional help on difficult topics.

iPad All in One For Dummies

You see a check box in the selected cell; in the area above the keyboard, you
see the word false, as shown in Figure 3-17. The green outline distinguishes the
word false from text you type in. It has the value false because, before you type ...

Author: Nancy C. Muir

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118944429

Category: Computers

Page: 544

View: 447

5 BOOKS IN 1 Getting Started with iPad Just for Fun iPad on the Go Getting Productive with iWork® Using iPad to Get Organized Your one-stop guide to all things iPad The iPad may be small, but it packs a big punch. This all-encompassing guide provides step-by-step guidance for iPad and iPad mini users looking to make the most of this small wonder—at home, at work, or on the go. Whether you’re an iPad newbie or have been puttering around with it for a while, there’s something inside for everyone! For the uninitiated — pick the iPad model that’s right for you and discover cool bling you can add to accessorize it It’s your iPad, you can play if you want to — explore the iTunes® store, preview, buy, and rent media, use iCloud to push purchases to all devices, and set up Family Sharing Get connected — make your Wi-Fi and 3G/4G settings, tether your iPad to your smartphone, and sync content across devices iWorking 9–5 — get familiar with the iWork for iOS apps, improve documents by adding photos and images, and manage your iWork documents like a pro Open the book and find: Guidance on which iPad model is right for you Tips on using your iPad to buy content at iTunes and beyond How to wipe data remotely if your iPad is lost or stolen How to move files from your computer to your iPad Tips for printing wirelessly from your iPad Steps for setting up Touch ID and Apple Pay How to share files via email, AirDrop®, or through the cloud

Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 2010

The AND operator evaluates all terms in the expression and then combines their
results (True or False values) to determine the value of the expression. If they're
all True, the result is also True. However, it won't skip the evaluation of some ...

Author: Evangelos Petroutsos

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470640804

Category: Computers

Page: 1056

View: 971

The new edition of the ultimate comprehensive guide to Microsoft Visual Basic Where most VB books start with beginner level topics, Mastering Visual Basic 2010 vaults you right into intermediate and advanced coverage. From the core of the language and user interface design to developing data-driven applications, this detailed book brings you thoroughly up to speed and features numerous example programs you can use to start building your own apps right away. Covers Visual Basic 2010, part of Microsoft's Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE), which includes C#, C++, Visual Web Developer, and ASP.NET, along with Visual Basic Explains topics in the thorough, step-by-step style of all books in the Mastering series, providing you ample instruction, tips, and techniques Helps you build your own applications by supplying sample code you can use to start development Includes review exercises in each chapter to reinforce concepts as you learn All the books in the Sybex Mastering series feature comprehensive and expert coverage of topics you can put to immediate use. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Magento Made Easy Free Magento module development tutorial ebook

... 'Option 4') array ('value' => '5' , " label' =>''Option 5') 'label' => 'Color"), ) r '
disabled' => false, 'read only' => false, after element_html" => 'b>Drop down.</b>''
, tablindex' => 1. / ), f ), • MultiSelect $fieldset->add Field ("multiselect', 'value ...

Author: Alex Nguyen

Publisher: Magestore




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Magento Made Easy - Comprehensive Guide to Magento Setup and Development is a free and easy to use Magento book. It gives you the fundamental background of Magento with two parts: Magento Overview and Magento Module Development. This e-book is the first volume with two parts: Magento Overview and Module Development. - Part 01. Magento Overview: The first part is an introduction to Magento (architecture, folder and data structure, configuration and naming). It provides you with a basic background of Magento to prepare for the next part. - Part 02. Module Development: This part has 14 lessons and focuses on many essential topics in Magento. They are module, menu, grid, form, layout and template, JavaScript and CSS, email, events and class override.

Proceedings of the 1993 International Conference on Parallel Processing

The circled values in that column are those that need to be all true for B2 to be an
IE / L - section . ... The value of SI / L ( B1,9,9 ) becomes false because the use p
in statement 8 has a false SI / L value , and statement 8 is in the RD set of ( $ 1.9

Author: Alok N. Choudhary

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849389856

Category: Computers

Page: 336

View: 221

This three-volume work presents a compendium of current and seminal papers on parallel/distributed processing offered at the 22nd International Conference on Parallel Processing, held August 16-20, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois. Topics include processor architectures; mapping algorithms to parallel systems, performance evaluations; fault diagnosis, recovery, and tolerance; cube networks; portable software; synchronization; compilers; hypercube computing; and image processing and graphics. Computer professionals in parallel processing, distributed systems, and software engineering will find this book essential to their complete computer reference library.

Deploying a Cloud on IBM System z

... <software-requirement-value value="S390" /> </software-requirement> <
software-requirement name="cpu.type" type="HARDWARE" enforcement="
MANDATORY." hosting="false" accept-non-existing="false"> <software-
requirement-value ...

Author: Mike Buzzetti

Publisher: IBM Redbooks

ISBN: 073845043X

Category: Computers

Page: 84

View: 482

Cloud computing, using shared resources in public spaces instead of in-house IT organizations, is the latest thing in IT. Lines of business even bypass their own IT shops to take advantage of external providers of cloud offerings. However, many of the users that employ public cloud services have not considered issues involving security, compliance, and availability. Cloud represents a new business model that requires a process discipline as well as the use of a corresponding set of technologies. The new model requires an understanding of the hardware configuration, software images, a virtualized storage infrastructure, and network management. For many organizations that have mainframe resources, the IT professionals already manage these different disciplines and aspects of resources as part of their overall management of the platform. The mainframe's proven capability to efficiently and securely provide virtualization, combined with the existing skills in the IT organization, suggest that in-house mainframe resources provide an ideal environment in which to pilot cloud computing. This IBM® RedpaperTM document describes the steps we took to create an environment that can efficiently deploy and manage a cloud in a Linux®-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Common LISP

Nil, False, and the Empty List In Common Lisp, as in most Lisp dialects, the
symbol nil is used to represent both the empty list and the "false" value for
Boolean tests. An empty list may, of course, also be written ( ); this normally
denotes the ...

Author: Guy Steele

Publisher: Digital Press

ISBN: 9781555580414

Category: Computers

Page: 1029

View: 793

The defacto standard - a must-have for all LISP programmers. In this greatly expanded edition of the defacto standard, you'll learn about the nearly 200 changes already made since original publication - and find out about gray areas likely to be revised later. Written by the Vice- Chairman of X3J13 (the ANSI committee responsible for the standardization of Common Lisp) and co-developer of the language itself, the new edition contains the entire text of the first edition plus six completely new chapters. They cover: - CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System, with new features to support function overloading and object-oriented programming, plus complete technical specifications * Loops, a powerful control structure for multiple variables * Conditions, a generalization of the error signaling mechanism * Series and generators * Plus other subjects not part of the ANSI standards but of interest to professional programmers. Throughout, you'll find fresh examples, additional clarifications, warnings, and tips - all presented with the author's customary vigor and wit.

Microprocessors Interfacing And Applications

Examples include 0 or 1, true or false, ON or OFF, male or female, and right or
wrong. However, we are not limited to representing binary data types (that is,
those objects which have only 2-distinct values). We could use a single bit to
represent ...

Author: Renu Singh

Publisher: New Age International

ISBN: 8122419356


Page: 472

View: 351

This Book Presents A Thorough Treatment Of Microprocessor Hardware And Software. The Various Concepts Have Been Explained In A Systematic And Integrated Manner So As To Develop A Clear And Comprehensive Understanding Of Microprocessor Technology.Beginning With The Fundamentals Of Digital Electronics, The Book Explains The Development And Evolution Of Various Microprocessor Generations. It Then Presents A Detailed Account Of Microprocessor Architecture, Followed By 8085 Instructions, Timing And Control And Programming. Memory Devices Are Then Thoroughly Explained, Followed By Data Transfer Schemes. The Books Then Discusses Various Contemporary Support Chips And Their Applications.Salient Features: * Numbering System, Review Of Decimal System, Binary Format, Data Organization, Shift And Rotates, Ascii Character Set Etc. Have Been Included In Chapter 1. * Detailed Discussion On Software Time Delay Has Been Incorporated In Chapter 6. * Memory Hierachy, Static And Dynamic Ram Cell Have Been Updated, Pin Outs Of Different Eproms Have Been Included In Chapter 7. * Electrical Characteristics Of Pit (8253/8254) And Programming Procedure For 8254 Have Been Included In Chapter 9. * Updating Of Data Bus Buffer, Irr And Isr, Command Word, Initialization Of Control Word, Table Summary For Initialization And Operation Of Control Word, Interfacing Etc. Have Been Done In Chapter 12.A Large Number Of Solved Examples Are Included Throughout The Text To Illustrate The Concepts And Techniques. Review And Objective Questions Are Also Included For Self Test.The Book Would Serve As An Excellent Text For Degree And Diploma Students Of Computer Science And Engineering And Electronics.

Learn Java for Android Development

Otherwise, this method returns FALSE. CAUTION: Newcomers to the Boolean
class often think that getBoolean() returns a Boolean object's true/false value.
However, getBoolean() returns the value of a Booleanbased system property—I ...

Author: Jeff Friesen

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430231572

Category: Computers

Page: 656

View: 604

Android development is hot, and many programmers are interested in joining the fun. However, because this technology is based on Java, you should first obtain a solid grasp of the Java language and its foundational APIs to improve your chances of succeeding as an Android app developer. After all, you will be busy learning the architecture of an Android app, the various Android-specific APIs, and Android-specific tools. If you do not already know Java fundamentals, you will probably end up with a massive headache from also having to quickly cram those fundamentals into your knowledge base. Learn Java for Android Development teaches programmers of any skill level the essential Java language and foundational Java API skills that must be learned to improve the programmer’s chances of succeeding as an Android app developer. Each of the book’s 10 chapters provides an exercise section that gives you the opportunity to reinforce your understanding of the chapter’s material. Answers to the book’s more than 300 exercises are provided in an appendix. Additionally, author Jeff Friesen has created six bonus chapters that you can download from his personal site, located at http://tutortutor.ca/cgi-bin/makepage.cgi?/books/ljfad. Once you complete this book, you will be ready to dive into Android, and you can start that journey by obtaining a copy of Beginning Android 2.

Introduction to Neutrosophic Logic

System.out.println( "The truth value is "+truthvalue); System.out. println( "The
indeterminate value is "+indeterminatevalue); System.out.println( "The false value
is "+falsevalue); System.out.println( "The unknown value is "+unknownvalue); ...

Author: Charles Ashbacher

Publisher: Infinite Study

ISBN: 1931233608

Category: Mathematics

Page: 145

View: 314

Neutrosophic Logic was created by Florentin Smarandache (1995) and is an extension / combination of the fuzzy logic, intuitionistic logic, paraconsistent logic, and the three-valued logics that use an indeterminate value.Definition of Neutrosophic Logic: Let T, I, F be standard or non-standard real subsets of the non-standard unit interval ]-0, 1+[, with sup T = t_sup, inf T = t_inf, sup I = i_sup, inf I = i_inf, sup F = f_sup, inf F = f_inf,and n_sup = t_sup+i_sup+f_sup, n_inf = t_inf+i_inf+f_inf. Of course, -0