The Forester s Log

Fire in the Bosque July 2003 Early in my professional career, I cut my firefighting teeth down in the bosque. At that time (the mid- and late 1980s) no one paid much attention to fires in these cottonwood forests alongside the Rio ...

Author: Mary Stuever

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826344593

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When Mary Stuever graduated from forestry school in the early 1980s, her profession was facing tremendous challenges as the nation's forests were poised for serious decline from catastrophic wildfires, insect outbreaks, and suburban encroachment. Stuever captured this transition over the last few decades in her syndicated monthly column "The Forester's Log." Originally penned for newspapers in rural forested communities in the Southwest, the column has found its way into various magazines, newsletters, anthologies, and Web sites. Stuever's career involves firefighting, fire rehabilitation, timber sale administration, environmental education, and many other aspects of forest management. Through her work with native tribes, local, state, and federal agencies, and private landowners, Stuever focuses on the important bond between land and people. With an inspiring and informative style, Stuever's tales weave fresh insight into forest issues. Her writings, collected here for the first time, tell the poignant story of places, people, and experiences that have shaped her passion while offering a rare glimpse of forestry in the Southwest at the turn of the new millennium.

The Role of NEPA in the Intermountain States

I would like to share a story with you , how the process of implementing NEPA needlessly hindered critically important Bosque rehabilitation in fire prevention projects on the Rio Grande . New Mexicans all remember ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Resources. Task Force on Improving the National Environmental Policy Act



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A mission in the desert

Said the Albuquerque Journal : “ Fire - which has beneficial effects in a pine forest - was not part of the bosque ecosystem . Flooding instead provided the disturbance that helped create new life . ” 201 The city witnessed just such an ...

Author: Michael E. Welsh



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From Down Canyon to the Mountaintop

Local people called these fires, bosque fires. The translation of bosque from Spanish to English is wood(s). The bosque were found almost everywhere where there was subterranean water, such as along rivers and creeks.

Author: Jim Desmond

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449725554

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Jim Desmond spent thirty-three years managing and protecting our nation’s natural resources. As a forest ranger, campground supervisor, wildland firefighter, and natural resources manager, Jim reveals this firsthand account of events he witnessed during his career. He shares personal observations and experiences, providing insight into the career of a public servant. Jim intertwines the events of his early years of searching for direction, the highlights of his early career, his eventual life-changing spiritual experience, and his subsequent rise to a successful career in management. His life and personal experiences are a human-interest story of spiritual and professional growth.


Thesilver of his eyes gleamed brighter; theairaround him shimmered as though moved by a fire that burned within Bosque's form. Seizing on anunexpected surge ofcourage, Alistair said, “There'smore toit, isn't there?” Bosque didn't answer ...

Author: Andrea Cremer

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1405523433

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When Ember left her home to enter a mysterious order of Knights, an order that protects our world from the next, she thought she was finding her true home. A family, a purpose and, most surprising of all, love. But that was before. Now, the order is on the edge of destruction - driven apart by someone they trusted the most. With hope fading, Ember attempts a desperate escape. But she faces relentless pursuit by supernatural horrors that act on the commands of a mysterious evil. What she discovers in the shadows will shatter their world and bring a divide that will reverberate down the generations. . .

The role of NEPA in the Southern States

I would like to share a story with you how the process of implementing NEPA needlessly hindered critically important Bosque rehabilitation and fire prevention projects on the Rio Grande . New Mexicans all remember two terrifying nights ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Resources. Task Force on Improving the National Environmental Policy Act



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Flood Pulsing in Wetlands

tion that fires may have been used in riparian zones (DeB ano and Neary, 1996), early accounts generally do not ... fire severity and the accumulation of organic debris in riparian forests, as a wildfire burned our two Bosque del Apache ...

Author: Beth A. Middleton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471423238

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The latest cutting-edge research on flood pulsing and wetland restoration in North America Presenting the latest research from leaders in the field of restoration ecology, Flood Pulsing in Wetlands reflects the current movement to incorporate flood pulsing into wetland restoration efforts. Emphasizing how integral flood pulsing is to successful wetland restoration, the book's contributors provide descriptions of restoration projects across North America in which flood pulsing has been primarily used to restore beneficial hydrodynamic conditions to floodplain areas, and improve or save vegetation, wildlife, and terrain. Detailing the importance and applicability of recreating flood-pulsed conditions on floodplains for successful restoration, the first chapter introduces the concept of flood pulse and its unique role in wetland restoration. The following chapters detail the strategies and results of individual projects and the impact flood pulsing had on the projects' overall goals. Case studies detail the history of each region, such as the Southwest, including the Sonoran Desert communities and the Middle Rio Grande; the Missouri River in Montana; the Illinois River Valley; and the Southeast, including Brushy Lake, Arkansas. Also documented is the most famous case of flood pulsing used in the restoration of an entire landscape, the Kissimmee River project. Approaches used to restore specific plant and animal populations, the unique ecological concerns of each region, and the future outlook for each area are fully described. Extensive bibliographies for each chapter make Flood Pulsing in Wetlands: Restoring the Natural Hydrological Balance the essential reference for restoration ecologists, consultants in wetland restoration, government and restoration agency employees, land managers, ecologists, foresters, and geologists.

A Growing Season

He froze there for a moment, watching fire engulf the bosque faster than he ever could have imagined possible. In seconds it raced past him, moving south, riding the river like the horsemen of the Apocalypse. He began to run.

Author: Sue Boggio

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826352251

Category: Fiction

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Hailed by Booklist as “two talented authors who vividly bring to life the beauty of New Mexico and its people,” Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl return in A Growing Season to Esperanza, New Mexico, the setting of their first book, Sunlight and Shadow. Esperanza is a community at the crossroads where a devastating drought threatens the farming community’s very survival. Vultures circle in the form of developers who see failing farms as ripe pickings for a bedroom community for Albuquerque. Court battles pit the endangered silvery minnow against the farmers as the once mighty Rio Grande shrinks from its banks even as demand for its precious water increases.

Texas Trilogy

Another group of visionary Norwegian entrepreneurs created the Norse Mutual Fire Insurance Association, Bosque's first enduring capitalistic venture that served the county well into the twentieth century. The Norwegians made lasting ...

Author: Craig D. Hillis

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292734638

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The history of the people of Bosque County Texas.