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John Brown's diversity A LTHOUGH associated in the public mind with Clydebank and shipbuilding, it would be wrong to ... Firth Brown Tools, another member of this family, produces engineers' cutting tools, saws, files and so on and ...





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Arming the Western Front

Firth Brown Records, Box 341 A (1), COW, Managing Directors' Report, 12 November 1905. 101. Firth Brown Records, BOX 341 A (1), COW, Board of Directors' Minutes, 8 January 1909. 102. Singleton, 'Full Steam Ahead', p. 237. 103.

Author: Roger Lloyd-Jones

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131717853X

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The First World War was above all a war of logistics. Whilst the conflict will forever be remembered for the mud and slaughter of the Western Front, it was a war won on the factory floor as much as the battlefield. Examining the war from an industrial perspective, Arming the Western Front examines how the British between 1900 and 1920 set about mobilising economic and human resources to meet the challenge of 'industrial war'. Beginning with an assessment of the run up to war, the book examines Edwardian business-state relations in terms of armament supply. It then outlines events during the first year of the war, taking a critical view of competing constructs of the war and considering how these influenced decision makers in both the private and public domains. This sets the framework for an examination of the response of business firms to the demand for 'shells more shells', and their varying ability to innovate and manage changing methods of production and organisation. The outcome, a central theme of the book, was a complex and evolving trade-off between the quantity and quality of munitions supply, an issue that became particularly acute during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. This deepened the economic and political tensions between the military, the Ministry of Munitions, and private engineering contractors as the pressure to increase output accelerated markedly in the search for victory on the western front. The Great War created a dual army, one in the field, the other at home producing munitions, and the final section of the book examines the tensions between the two as the country strove for final victory and faced the challenges of the transition to the peace time economy.

Steel Ships and Men

Vickers was unwilling for its former, half-owned associate to be included.15 Much more important were negotiations with John Brown and its associate, Thomas Firth, which went on throughout 1929. Vickers–Armstrong had brought into the ...

Author: Kenneth Warren

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 1846314135

Category: Technology & Engineering

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The firm of Cammell Laird originated in a boiler works in 1824 before growing and diversifying to become one of a small number of companies worldwide which could build, armour and arm the largest warships from the operations of a single company group. After World War I, it was reconstructed as a naval and mercantile shipbuilder with important financial interests in steel and rolling stock manufacture. Booming activity in World War II and continuing prosperity until the late 1950s was followed by increasing competition and deepening problems. By the 1980s the firm’s remaining steel interests had failed; in 1993 the once great Birkenhead shipyard closed. How and why did the businesses grow, then experience such problems and eventually collapse? This book tries to find answers.

The ISVA Directory of Members and Member Firms 1996 7

01705 834264 Elected 1994 Firth, Alan Robert, FSVA IRRV Firth Brown, 71 Market Street, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria LA158AD Tel No. 01229 467565 Firth Brown, 223 Dalton Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA141 PQ Tel No.

Author: NA NA

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349138932

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The only official guide to the ISVA (The Professional Society for Valuers and Auctioneers), this directory contains a comprehensive list of ISVA members and extensive details on ISVA member firms. Over 5,000 ISVA members are included, with retired members listed separately. Over 3,000 ISVA member firms are listed by name, location and specialist skills offered. Information on member firms includes name, contact details, resident partners, fields of practice, specialist skills, other offices.

A Limey at Gettysburg

Firth Brown. My newspaper, The Manchester Echo, booked me in.” Firth was already starting to dislike the man, what with his shabby appearance, and not even a hint of politeness. No “sir”, no “please”, nothing. “Ah yes.

Author: Eric B Dennison

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1728389119

Category: Fiction

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Firth Brown, a trainee reporter for a provincial Manchester newspaper in Victorian England, is sent without warning to America, to cover the burgeoning civil war. He leaves behind his fiancée and a settled life for a new adventure. This story, based around true events in the American Civil War, tells a tale of intrigue, mistrust and love, in which Firth sees the conflict from both sides and which changes his destiny forever.

Who Owns Whom

( Huddersfield Textiles ) Ltd. ( B ) Jackson The Tailor Ltd. DI Alfred Firth & Co. Ltd. ( B ) Smith , Parkinson & Cole Ltd. DI Firth Brown Ltd. , Sheffield Thos . Firth & John Brown Ltd. MN Firth Brown Steels Ltd. , Canada John Brown ...




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British Steelmaker

Firth Brown Ltd., Atlas Works, Sheffield, S4 7US. Yorks. Kiveton Park Steel & Wire Works Ltd., Kiveton Park, Nr. Sheffield. Lee, Arthur, & Sons Ltd., Trubrite Steel Works, Meadow Hall, Sheffield. Sheffield Rolling Mills Ltd., ...




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Battleship Duke of York

... 600C magazines 2289 2300 Total 4589 tons Beardmore Deck Tons Thickness lb/ft2 Main 3138 200NC machinery, 240NC magazines Lower fwd 312 100–200NC Lower aft 436 180–200NC Total 3884 Manufacturer Firth-Brown Tons 223 Bulkheads Frame 79 ...

Author: Ian Buxton

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

ISBN: 1526777320

Category: Transportation

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Unlike the United States, which has preserved a number of battleships as museums or memorials, not a single British dreadnought survives in the country that invented them. This book is an ambitious attempt to achieve the next best thing – a level of documentation in plans, photographs and words that portrays every aspect of the ship, albeit in two dimensions. Although the ship was chosen primarily because of the wealth of source material, Duke of York enjoyed a distinguished wartime career that included sinking the German battleship Scharnhorst in 1943 and serving as the flagship of the British Pacific Fleet in 1945, so is a fitting subject for such in-depth treatment. The core of the book is the reproduction in full colour of a complete set of as-fitted plans of the ship, including many details and close-ups. These are complemented by an unusually thorough set drawn after the ship’s major refit in March 1945, showing all the modifications undertaken to prepare the ship for service alongside the US Navy in the Pacific. Photographic coverage begins with the stunning views taken by the builder’s professional cameraman during every stage of construction, continues with many shots of the ship during her active service, and concludes with an illustrated chronology of the breaking up. This last is included not just for completeness but because photos of the ship at various stages of demolition demonstrate many aspects of the interior structure, compartments and their fittings that are otherwise invisible. While the emphasis may be primarily visual, the accompanying narrative and captions display the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the authors, making the text as enlightening as the illustration. The result is a uniquely comprehensive portrait of a great ship in all its complexity, and a book that no warship enthusiast will want to miss.