Foundation and Earth

Golan Trevize, former Councilman of the First Foundation, searches for the lost planet, Earth, in hopes of finding the answer for future Galactic development

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345339966

Category: Fiction

Page: 494

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Golan Trevize, former Councilman of the First Foundation, searches for the lost planet, Earth, in hopes of finding the answer for future Galactic development

Foundation and Earth

So I wrote Foundation and Earth, which begins at the very moment that Foundation's Edge ends, and that is the book you now hold.

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 0553900943

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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The fifth novel in Isaac Asimov’s classic science-fiction masterpiece, the Foundation series THE EPIC SAGA THAT INSPIRED THE UPCOMING APPLE TV+ SERIES FOUNDATION Golan Trevize, former Councilman of the First Foundation, has chosen the future, and it is Gaia. A superorganism, Gaia is a holistic planet with a common consciousness so intensely united that every dewdrop, every pebble, every being, can speak for all—and feel for all. It is a realm in which privacy is not only undesirable, it is incomprehensible. But is it the right choice for the destiny of mankind? While Trevize feels it is, that is not enough. He must know. Trevize believes the answer lies at the site of humanity’s roots: fabled Earth . . . if it still exists. For no one is sure where the planet of Gaia’s first settlers is to be found in the immense wilderness of the Galaxy. Nor can anyone explain why no record of Earth has been preserved, no mention of it made anywhere in Gaia’s vast world-memory. It is an enigma Trevize is determined to resolve, and a quest he is determined to undertake, at any cost.

An Introduction to Foundations and Abutments for Rock and Earth Fill Dams

The preparation of the foundation and abutments for an earth or rock-fill dam is a most difficult and important phase of construction; the thoroughness with ...

Author: J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A.

Publisher: Guyer Partners


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 38

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Introductory technical guidance for foundations and abutments for earth and rock fill dams. Here is what is discussed: 1. GENERAL 2. CLEARING, GRUBBING, STRIPPING, AND CLEANING 3. SEEPAGE CONTROL 4. TREATMENT OF UNFAVORABLE CONDITIONS 5. DEWATERING AND DRAINAGE OF EXCAVATED AREAS.

An Asimov Companion

This reference work identifies and describes all of the characters, locales, artifacts, concepts and institutions in Asimov's metaseries.

Author: Donald E. Palumbo

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476623945

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 196

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A prolific author, Isaac Asimov is most admired for his science fiction, including his collection of short stories I, Robot and his Robot, Empire and Foundation series novels. While each of these narratives takes place in a different fictional universe, Asimov asserted at the end of his career that he had, with his last Robot and Foundation novels, unified them into one coherent metaseries. This reference work identifies and describes all of the characters, locales, artifacts, concepts and institutions in Asimov’s metaseries. Mimicking the style of The Encyclopedia Galactica, the fictional compendium of all human knowledge that features prominently in the Foundation series, this encyclopedia is an invaluable companion to Asimov’s science fiction oeuvre.

Foundation s Edge

But the truths discovered by both of them on Trantor are far stranger than they could have guessed. The epic story of the Foundation is one of the great classics of science fiction. Isaac Asimov is the Grand Master of the genre.

Author: Isaac Asimov

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0586058397

Category: English fiction

Page: 432

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WINNER OF THE HUGO AWARD FOR BEST ALL-TIME SERIES The Foundation series is Isaac Asimov's iconic masterpiece. Unfolding against the backdrop of a crumbling Galactic Empire, the story of Hari Seldon's two Foundations is a lasting testament to an extraordinary imagination, one whose unprecedented scale shaped science fiction as we know it today. After a long war which saw the First Foundation emerge victorious, the Second Foundation is now believed to be extinct, and all records of planet Earth's existence have been erased. No one suspects that the Second Foundation could still exist. None, except Council member Golan Trevize, who finds himself ordered to leave Terminus, accompanied by historian Janov Pelorat, in order to find it. Yet this quest will lead an unsuspecting Golan further than he could have possibly imagined - closer than ever to Earth, where the fate of the whole galaxy awaits him.

Foundations and Earth Retaining Structures

Click Foundations and Earth Structures , Chapter 7 , bc.xls . lo = 0.57 , Co = 0.16 , C , = 0.035 , 0 = 28 ° , des = 24 ° , Eu = 1 MPa ( 20 ksf ) ...

Author: M. Budhu

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 483

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Budhu presents the basic concepts and fundamental principles that engineers must know to understand the methods utilized in foundation design by exploring the values and limitations of popular methods of analyses in foundation engineering.

Governing Technology in the Quest for Sustainability on Earth

... Second Foundation (1953), Foundation's Edge, 1982), Foundation and Earth (1986), Ballantyne, New York, US. Atwood, M 2003, Oryx and Crake, Bloomsbury, ...

Author: Dain Bolwell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429770596

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 294

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Governing Technology in the Quest for Sustainability on Earth explores how human technologies can be managed to ensure the long-term sustainability of our species and of other life forms with which we share this world. It analyses human impact, the discourses of environmentalism and issues of economics, history and science. As these variables are complex, drawing on issues from the social, physical and life sciences as well as the humanities, Dain Bolwell uses an interdisciplinary approach to investigate these concepts and their related public policies. Exploring three major existing and emerging technologies – chemical herbicides, nuclear-electric power generation, and robotics and artificial intelligence – the book demonstrates the multifaceted and complicated nature of the grand challenges we face and draws out the measures required to effect sustainability in the wider political sphere. Exploring how we can govern technology most effectively to ensure a long term and sustainable future, this book will be of great interest to students and researchers of environmental studies, science and technology and environmental law and policy.

21st Century Foundation and Principles for Socioeconomic Development and Social Entrepreneurship

Earth: The dry land with many laden gifts and natural treasures is the environment of man, animal, and all other forms oflife. It is a rich subject.

Author: Acsw Facm Dr Richard Corker-Caulker

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466901195

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 128

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As the United Nation adopted Entrepreneurship for development on December 8, 2012, Churches and states around the world cannot seem to agree how to get involved in socioeconomic development and entrepreneurship, a subject certainly bears examination. Using a qualitative approach, religious scholar, psychologist and researcher, Dr. Richard Corker-Caulker outlines the theories that have justified various social programs. He analyzes, interprets, and explains how church and state have responded to socioeconomic problems of the course of history citing concrete examples. The role of religious, political, business, educational and family institutions in economic development and entrepreneurship is examined including how religious and political institutions can develop education, constitutions, laws, program and services around human needs link to human development and prosperity for all. As you read, you'll discover • the relationship between the divine and humanity, and how this affects socioeconomic development; • why a relationship with God is important for communities; • ways to increase the chances of individual socioeconomic development; • strategies to promote social entrepreneurship in developing nations. • how to develop needs assessment • how to identify natural resources and social problems for socioeconomic development and entrepreneurship • potential for creating and starting your own job and • how personal belief can limit or increase socioeconomic development and entrepreneurship prospect It is possible for everyone to become financially independent while adhering to biblical and spiritual principles. The solution to human problems lies in cooperation with a higher power and a willingness to use biblical principles alongside new ideas and theories to become agents of change. With this book, you'll examine the human crisis from the context of Adam and Eve, who triggered a transgenerational problem that requires more complex responses from the church. Improve your understanding of the divine, and take an important step to improving conditions for yourself and others with Twenty-First Century Foundation and Principles for Socioeconomic Development and Social Entrepreneurship. This book recommended for every family and institutions.

Earth Embankments

Basic construction methods are similar for all rolled - fill dams Following the preparation of the foundation , earth from borrow areas and from required ...

Author: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers



Category: Dams

Page: 29

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Earthquake Engineering Frontiers in the New Millennium

3 SOIL DYNAMICS AND GEOTECHNICAL EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING Performance of foundation and earth ... seismic stability of subsoils and foundations and others .

Author: Y.X. Hu

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9789026518522

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 476

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This volume comprises papers presented at the China-US Millennium Symposium on Earthquake Engineering, held in Beijing, China, on November 8-11, 2000. This conference provides a forum for advancing the field of earthquake engineering through multi-lateral cooperation.

Sustainable Building with Earth

Foundation modifications and repairs can generally be divided into four work stages [56]: – Bracing and shoring (stabilization) of the building – Exposing ...

Author: Horst Schroeder

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319194917

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 560

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This book provides an insightful overview of the current state of earth building. The author approaches the subject from the perspective of the building material’s life cycle, featuring in-depth explanations of the cycle's individual steps: extraction and classification of construction soil; production of earth building materials and earthen structures; planning, construction and renovation of earth buildings; and demolition and recycling of earthen structures. This unique resource provides examples of sophisticated earth building projects and illustrates the diverse applications of earth as a building material. Compared to conventional mineral building materials, earth possesses particularly positive ecological qualities such as its energy balance and recyclability. Architects, engineers, students, manufacturers and distributors of building materials, building contractors, building biologists, public authorities and preservationists will benefit from this book’s ample coverage of restoring, optimizing and building with this material of the past, present and future.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to the Ultimate Reading List

Foundation and Earth brought the Foundation series to the halfway point to the second empire, but Asimov didn't know how to continue the tale.

Author: John Charles

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440625603

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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"Great reads for busy people." This is a guide to help busy people find great reads in fiction and non-fiction. Filled with recommendations of popular, entertaining reading, this book covers mystery and suspense, romance, womenas fiction and chick lit, westerns, science fiction, such nonfiction topics as animals, art, biography, memoirs, business, true crime, and more. Plus, each entry includes a summary of the book, its significance, and a critique/observation/comment.

Earth Manual

A Guide to the Use of Soils as Foundations and as Construction Materials for ... Foundation control information should be included in the earthwork portion ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Reclamation



Category: Earthwork

Page: 751

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Soil Mechanics Foundations and Earth Structures

This book is a scanned facsimile of the first two (and most important) volumes of the DM 7 series: Soil mechanics, DM 7.01 ..., Foundations and Earth Structures, DM 7.02 .

Author: United States. Naval Facilities Engineering Command


ISBN: 9781257064236

Category: Earthwork


View: 842

"A geotechnical classic. For nearly forty years, the NAVFAC DM (Design Manual) 7 Series has been the classic reference on geotechnical engineering. The end product of nearly forty years of research and practice, it contains a wealth of information, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. Many of its charts and tables are still reproduced in text and reference books. This book is a scanned facsimile of the first two (and most important) volumes of the DM 7 series: Soil mechanics, DM 7.01 ..., Foundations and Earth Structures, DM 7.02 ...