Foundation s Edge

Author: Isaac Asimov

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Interplanetary intrigue, hyperspace pursuit, and future technology combine with a desperate search for the planet Earth

Dynamics of Bases and Foundations

For the steady process of rolling ( t > ) , M = M max = constant Under the action of
the torsional moment , the foundation ... stresses in the soil along the contact area
will vary , and the maximum stress pmax at the foundation edge will equal W ...

Author: D. D. Barkan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies


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Innovations at the Cutting Edge

Bigfoot Systems Ditch Bridge RE E - Z SE FOUNDATION , SESON EZ SET
Foundation System EIT we Ox HZ SABE PAD SALA der CA. 1/2 FT 22 x 70 LOS
Foundation ...




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Foundations of Air Power II

E D 2 reinforcement of the trailing - edge vortex by the situation at E. The air
which was descending to follow the wing down actually becomes part of the
downwash . If we translate this into a picture at some considerable speed , we
will get a ...

Author: United States. Air Force ROTC.



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Notes on Cylinder Bridge Piers and the Well System of Foundations

But , as the strain may be unequal , and the cutting edge only rest , for example ,
for 4 ft . of its entire length upon a ... and also in uneven soil a cylinder may partly
rest upon a firm foundation on one side and on soft yielding ground on the other ...

Author: John Newman



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Especially written to help those designing or erecting cylinder bridge piers and abutments, and concrete, brick or masonry wells, as applied to bridges, quay-, dock-, and river-walls, etc., many of the chapters have previously appeared as serial articles in The Engineering Review.


It is used largely in and about Bonne Terre for foundations, edge stones, paving,
flagging, etc. The dwelling house of Superintendent Parsons is built of it, and it is
there shown to be a very handsome and durable building stone. - P. V. Ashburn.

Author: Missouri. Bureau of Geology and Mines





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An Asimov Companion

Likewise, Foundation's Edge also involves a mole—the Gaian, Bliss— engaged
in a search for the Second Foundation that recruits the First Foundation's leading
authority in the most immediately relevant area of scholarly expertise—Janov ...

Author: Donald E. Palumbo

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786498234

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A prolific author, Isaac Asimov is most admired for his science fiction, including his collection of short stories I, Robot and his Robot, Empire and Foundation series novels. While each of these narratives takes place in a different fictional universe, Asimov asserted at the end of his career that he had, with his last Robot and Foundation novels, unified them into one coherent metaseries. This reference work identifies and describes all of the characters, locales, artifacts, concepts and institutions in Asimov's metaseries. Mimicking the style of The Encyclopedia Galactica, the fictional compendium of all human knowledge that features prominently in the Foundation series, this encyclopedia is an invaluable companion to Asimov's science fiction oeuvre.

Journal of the Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division

Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division. A model study , made in 1968 by Anne
Topshöj and supervized by the writer , investigated the ratio of edge / center
settlement for a flexible uniformly loaded , circular area of 4 . 1 in . diam , placed
on ...

Author: American Society of Civil Engineers. Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division



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ti foundations edge ( 1 item retrieved ) BASIC DISPLAY Item 1 of 1 SYSTEM NO .
: # 8473906 TITLE : Foundation ' s edge / AUTHOR : Asimov , Isaac , 1920 - . ED :
1st ed . IMPR : Garden City , N . Y . : Doubleday , 1982 . LANG : English UNC ...

Author: Library and Information Technology Association (U.S.). National Conference

Publisher: Chicago : American Library Association


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Pushing the Edge

For example , Guidestar Premium is the best resource for small community -
based foundations , however Foundation Directory Online is the most
comprehensive tool , covering well over 90 , 000 U . S . - based foundations with
in - depth ...

Author: Association of College and Research Libraries. National Conference

Publisher: Amer Library Assn


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"This book contains the proceedings of ACRL's 14th National Conference held in Seattle, WA, March 12-15, 2009. The 3 invited papers and 39 contributed papers explore the latest thinking and research into issues facing academic librarians today. The theme areas of these papers include Changing Environments and Cultures, Changing Political Realities, Converging and Collaborating, Evolving Models of Scholarly Communication, Managing Electronic and Digital Information, Redefining Traditions, and Teaching and Learning." --Book Jacket.

Biomedical Foundations of Ophthalmology

А B 1 HA HH 州州= = с eyes and responds best to an edge oriented at the 2 o'
clock - 8 o'clock position with the dark contrast below . Orientation of the edge is
critical , and changes of more than 10 ° to 15 ° markedly reduce the response .




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Foundations of Information Systems Engineering

Related to this problem is the famous traveling - salesman problem : given a
graph together with a real - valued weight assigned to each edge , find a
Hamilton line ( if one exists ) of minimum total weight . G contain a path including
each edge ...

Author: University of Michigan. Engineering Summer Conferences



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Soils and Foundations for Architects and Engineers

66 Dry Moist Dry Edge sag FIGURE 11 - 7 . Residential edge sag , due to an
extended period of dry weather . Condition 2 This condition is representative of
the effect of an extended period of wet weather . The soil beyond the residence is

Author: Chester I. Duncan

Publisher: Springer


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Soils and Foundations for Architects and Engineers provides in-depth, yet simplified, information on the more commonly encountered aspects of soils mechanics and foundations. It also redefines and clarifies many frequently misunderstood aspects of soil mechanics and foundations such as the actual failure mode of footing due to excessive vertical or lateral pressure theory and the effect of groundwater.