From Sea to Sea

She can't recall how they spent the rest of the evening before the magic moment of midnight. They must have walked from one block to another. They passed by the outdoor skating rink, delighted by the sight of skaters gliding gracefully ...

Author: Min-Hwa Cheng Kennard

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1665714603

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Min-Hwa Cheng Kennard has experienced a vibrant life while living and working in several countries. In a unique memoir, she shares insight into her journey that intersected with an extraordinary period of modern human history. Within twenty personal essays, she discloses how she and her family survived the upheavals of twentieth century China to later emigrate to Taiwan and the United States. Her reflections include a brief history of her family, her experiences losing a parent at a tender age, her professional triumphs in foreign lands, the unexpected losses of a child and two husbands, and much more. As Min-Hwa leads others through her poignant story about love and loss and resilience and hope, she offers intriguing insights into her cultural heritage and how she learned to navigate through conflicts between different values. From Sea to Sea is a collection of personal essays that reveal one woman’s account of the upheavals of twentieth century China, her emigration to Taiwan and the United States, and her life as she embraced new experiences.

From Sea to Sea

The Canal Du Midi L. T. C. Rolt. Watt, James, 46 Wellington, Duke of, 17 Whitworth, Robert, 21 Wood, Robert, 1 Wormleighton Hill farm, 142 Worsley, 1 Xerxes III, 118 Yevre river, 15 Ypres, 80 Yser lateral canal, 80 198 From Sea to Sea.

Author: Lionel Thomas Caswell Rolt



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Miscellaneous Documents

Bark Caterma Pietro , from sea to anchorage to Horse Shoe ; bark Blanche , from sea to anchorage to Horse Shoe ; bark New Light , from Falls Cape to Horse Shoe ; bark Catardin , from sea to Horse Shoe ; bark Pidetta Repetto , from sea ...

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Parliamentary Papers

From Sea to Shields From Sea to Bill Point From Sea to Newcastle From Sea to Sunderland · · - From Sea to Hartlepool From Sea to West Hartlepool From Sea to Seaham · From Sea to Stockton From Sea to Middlesbro'From Sea to Whitby From ...

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Critical Perspectives in Canadian Music Education

In K. K. Veblen & C. A. Beynon (Eds.), From sea to sea: Perspectives on music education in Canada: What is the state of the art? (pp. 1–9). E-book. Retrieved from

Author: Carol A. Beynon

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554583861

Category: Education

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Music education in Canada is a vast enterprise that encompasses teaching and learning in thousands of public and private schools, community groups, and colleges and universities. It involves participants from infancy to the elderly in formal and informal settings. Nevertheless, as post-secondary faculties of music and programs are growing significantly, academic books and materials grounded in a Canadian perspective are scarce. This book attempts to fill that need by offering a collection of essays that look critically at various global issues in music education from a Canadian perspective. Topics range from a discussion of the roots of music education in Canada and analysis of music education practices across the country to perspectives on popular music, distance education, technology, gender, globalization, Indigenous traditions, and community music in music education. Foreword by composer R. Murray Schafer.

World War II and the West It Wrought

5. Cumings, Dominion from Sea to Sea, 309. 6. Cumings, Dominion from Sea to Sea, 309. 7. Cumings, Dominion from Sea to Sea, 309; and Bernard DeVoto, “The West: A Plundered Province,” Harper's Monthly Magazine (August 1934), 355–64. 8.

Author: Mark Brilliant

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 1503612880

Category: History

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Few episodes in American history were more transformative than World War II, and in no region did it bring greater change than in the West. Having lifted the United States out of the Great Depression, World War II set in motion a massive westward population movement, ignited a quarter-century boom that redefined the West as the nation's most economically dynamic region, and triggered unprecedented public investment in manufacturing, education, scientific research, and infrastructure—an economic revolution that would lay the groundwork for prodigiously innovative high-tech centers in Silicon Valley, the Puget Sound area, and elsewhere. Amidst robust economic growth and widely shared prosperity in the post-war decades, Westerners made significant strides toward greater racial and gender equality, even as they struggled to manage the environmental consequences of their region's surging vitality. At the same time, wartime policies that facilitated the federal withdrawal of Western public lands and the occupation of Pacific islands for military use continued an ongoing project of U.S. expansionism at home and abroad. This volume explores the lasting consequences of a pivotal chapter in U.S. history, and offers new categories for understanding the post-war West. Contributors to this volume include Mark Brilliant, Geraldo L. Cadava, Matthew Dallek, Mary L. Dudziak, Jared Farmer, David M. Kennedy, Daniel J. Kevles, Rebecca Jo Plant, Gavin Wright, and Richard White.

Sailing Wondertime A Family Voyage from Seattle to New Zealand

THERE'S a lot written out there about making the transition from land to sea, from deciding to go cruising to moving aboard the boat to dealing with slack-jawed family and friends, and finally cutting the lines to head to sea.

Author: Sara Dawn Johnson

Publisher: Sara Dawn Johnson

ISBN: 047344285X

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"People have told us how lucky we are, to get to sail far away. My typical response is to say luck has little to do with it, that we've worked so very hard, made many difficult decisions, and given up so much for so many years to get to this place on the Earth. But on nights like this, under a sky full of stars and our spinnaker full of warm trade wind pulling us deeper into the South Pacific Ocean, I see how very lucky we truly are to be here together." In 2011, the Johnson family of four left their comfortable home in the Pacific Northwest, trading it in for a life of unpredictability, adventure, and joy aboard their 38-foot sailboat, Wondertime. With their two young daughters, Sara and Michael sailed north to Canada, south to Mexico, then west across the Pacific, eventually landing in New Zealand. All along the way, Sara kept an online journal of their travels and trials, her stories followed by hundreds of friends and family members. Now, the best of her stories, essays, and voyage logs are collected in this freshly-edited volume for all to enjoy. Much more than a typical travel log, this is the story of a family's journey into uncertainty, and coming out on the other side knowing that the only thing that's truly certain is the importance of treasuring time with the ones you love.

Impossible Engineering

18 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 33 34 35 36 37 Rolt, From Sea to Sea, 24–26. Pierre Borel went on to Paris when he left Languedoc and became quite wellknown. He entered the Académie Royale des Sciences as a chemist and wrote on ...

Author: Chandra Mukerji

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400833140

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The Canal du Midi, which threads through southwestern France and links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, was an astonishing feat of seventeenth-century engineering--in fact, it was technically impossible according to the standards of its day. Impossible Engineering takes an insightful and entertaining look at the mystery of its success as well as the canal's surprising political significance. The waterway was a marvel that connected modern state power to human control of nature just as surely as it linked the ocean to the sea. The Canal du Midi is typically characterized as the achievement of Pierre-Paul Riquet, a tax farmer and entrepreneur for the canal. Yet Chandra Mukerji argues that it was a product of collective intelligence, depending on peasant women and artisans--unrecognized heirs to Roman traditions of engineering--who came to labor on the waterway in collaboration with military and academic supervisors. Ironically, while Louis XIV and his treasury minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert used propaganda to present France as a new Rome, the Canal du Midi was being constructed with unrecognized classical methods. Still, the result was politically potent. As Mukerji shows, the project took land and power from local nobles, using water itself as a silent agent of the state to disrupt traditions of local life that had served regional elites. Impossible Engineering opens a surprising window into the world of seventeenth-century France and illuminates a singular work of engineering undertaken to empower the state through technical conquest of nature.