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About Frontiers Frontiers is more than just an open-access publisher of scholarly articles: it is a pioneering approach to the world of academia, radically improving the way scholarly research is managed. The grand vision of Frontiers ...

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2021 Frontiers in Physics Editor s pick

... financial system stability [18–20], the present paper would mainly focus on the stock market crash and how the network structure determines Frontiers in Physics | March 2020 | Volume 8 | Article 49 562 Lu et al.

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Frontiers of Fundamental Physics and Physics Education Research

offered an excellent opportunity to meet high-level scholars working in various fields of research in physics to exchange ... everyone a great opportunity for an overview on the frontiers of research in different fields of physics.

Author: Burra G. Sidharth

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In a knowledge-based society, research into fundamental physics plays a vital role not only in the enhancement of human knowledge but also in the development of new technology that affects everyday life.The international symposium series Frontiers of Fundamental Physics (FFP) regularly brings together eminent scholars and researchers working in various areas in physics to exchange expertise, ideas, results, and new research perspectives. The twelfth such symposium, FFP12, took place at the University of Udine, Italy, and covered diverse fields of research: astrophysics, high energy physics and particle physics, theoretical physics, gravitation and cosmology, condensed matter physics, statistical physics, computational physics, and mathematical physics. Importantly, it also devoted a great deal of attention to physics education research, teacher training in modern physics, and popularization of physics. The high scientific level of FFP12 was guaranteed by the careful selection made by scientific coordinators from among 250 submissions from 28 countries across the world. During the three days of the conference, nine general talks were delivered in plenary sessions, 29 invited talks were given in specific topic areas, and 59 oral presentations were made. This book presents a selection of the best contributions at FFP12 with the aim of acquainting readers with the most important recent advances in fundamental physics and in physics education and teacher development.

Pushing the Frontiers of Atomic Physics

Proceedings of the XXI International Conference on Atomic Physics, Storrs, Connecticut, USA 27 July - 1 August 2008 Robin Coté. The group delay accumulated between the two color pulses through propagation in air and glass, ...

Author: Robin Cote

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In memoriam. Herbert Walther, scientist extraordinaire / P. Meystre. Willis E. Lamb / P. Berman -- Nobel Laureate session. When is a quantum gas a quantum liquid? / E.A. Cornell. Cooperative emission of light quanta : a theory of coherent radiation damping / R.J. Glauber. Coherent control of ultracold matter : fractional quantum Hall physics and large-area atom interferometry / S. Chu -- Precision measurements. More accurate measurement of the electron magnetic moment and the fine structure constant / G. Gabrielse. Determination of the fine structure constant with atom interferometry and Bloch oscillations / F. Biraben. Precise measurements of s-wave scattering phase shifts with a juggling atomic clock / K. Gibble. Quantum control of spins and photons at nanoscales / M.D. Lukin -- Quantum information and quantum optics. Atomic ensemble quantum memories / A. Kuzmich. Quantum non-demolition photon counting and time-resolved reconstruction of non-classical field states in a cavity / S. Haroche. Spin squeezing on an atomic-clock transition / V. Vuletić. Quantum micro-mechanics with ultracold atoms / D. Stamper-Kurn. Improved "position squared" readout using degenerate cavity modes / J.G.E. Harris -- Quantum degenerate systems. Tunable interactions in a Bose-Einstein condensate of Lithium : photoassociation and disorder-induced localization / R.G. Hulet. A purely dipolar quantum gas / T. Pfau. Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton-polaritons / Y. Yamamoto. Anderson localization of matter waves / P. Bouyer. Anderson localization of a non-interacting Bose-Einstein condensate / M. Inguscio. Fermi gases with tunable interactions / J.E. Thomas. Photoemission spectroscopy for ultracold atoms / D.S. Jin. Universality in strongly interacting Fermi gases / P.D. Drummond. Mapping the phase diagram of a two-component Fermi gas with strong interactions / Y. Shin. Exploring universality of few-body physics based on ultracold atoms near Feshbach resonances / C. Chin -- Optical lattices and cold molecules. Atom interferometry with a weakly interacting Bose-Einstein condensate / G. Modugno. An optical plaquette : minimum expressions of topological matter / B. Paredes. Strongly correlated bosons and fermions in optical lattices / I. Bloch. Laser cooling of molecules / P. Pillet. A dissipative Tonks-Girardeau gas of molecules / S. Dürr. Spectroscopy of ultracold KRb molecules / W.C. Stwalley. Cold molecular ions : single molecule studies / M. Drewsen -- Ultrafast phenomena. The frontiers of attosecond physics / L.F. DiMauro. Strong-field control of X-ray processes / L. Young

Frontiers in Physics 2017 2018 Editor s Choice

Launched in 2013, Frontiers in Physics consists of 18 specialties covering all areas of research in physics. With over 500 published manuscripts, the journal is now indexed in SCIE with the first impact factor coming in 2019.

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Launched in 2013, Frontiers in Physics consists of 18 specialties covering all areas of research in physics. With over 500 published manuscripts, the journal is now indexed in SCIE with the first impact factor coming in 2019. Frontiers in Physics aims to become the largest and most cited open access multidisciplinary physics journal. This eBook collects what the Specialty Chief Editors of the journal believed were the most interesting manuscripts published over the past two years. It is a nice collection, which will offer the reader the chance to have a quick overview of the specialties of the journal and offer a glimpse into the state of the art of physics. We must confess that it has been quite challenging to select only one article per specialty section given the many important manuscripts published by the journal in 2017 and 2018. We invite our reader to have a look at the journal homepage and browse what we have published so far. It includes articles on topics very different from each other, written by both early career scientists and well-known researchers, ranging from the indisputable advance of the field to the more bold. We hope you enjoy reading our first edition of the Frontiers in Physics Editor's Choice eBook! Professor Alex Hansen (Field Chief Editor) and Dr Claudio Bogazzi (Journal Manager)

Newphysicsfrontiersinthelhc 2era the proceedingsofthe54thcourseoftheinternationalschoolofsubnuclearphysics

For the next two decades, the world stage of energy frontier physics will be dominated by the LHC and its high luminosity upgrade (HL-LHC). This period gives us sufficient time to complete the needed research in support of building ...

Author: Zichichi Antonino

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In June 2016, a group of 167 physicists from 31 countries have met in Erice to participate in the 54th Course of the International School of Subnuclear Physics. The main focus of this year's course has been the new frontiers of Physics in the LHC-2 Era and in all labs the world over, as well as the new frontiers in related fields.

Frontiers of Fundamental Physics 4

This symposium was organized at the B.M. Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad, India, and provided a platform for frontier physicists to exchange ideas and review the latest work and developments on a variety of interrelated topics.

Author: B. G. Sidharth

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This symposium was organized at the B.M. Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad, India, and provided a platform for frontier physicists to exchange ideas and review the latest work and developments on a variety of interrelated topics. A feature of the symposium, as well as the proceedings, is the B.M. Birla Memorial Lecture by Nobel Laureate Professor Gerard 't Hooft. There were participants from the USA, several European countries, Russia and CIS countries, South Africa, Japan, India and elsewhere, of whom some forty scientists presented papers. Spanning a wide range of contemporary issues in fundamental physics from string theory to cosmology, the proceedings present many of these talks and contributions.