Get The Glow

This book will inspire you to fall back in love with food, life, and yourself.

Author: Madeleine Shaw

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409157458

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 192

View: 396

In GET THE GLOW nutritional health coach to the stars Madeleine Shaw shows you that eating well can easily become a way of life, resulting in the hottest, healthiest and happiest you. Healthy eating shouldn't be about fad diets, starvation or deprivation. Instead, Madeleine's philosophy is simple: ditch the junk and eat foods that heal your gut so you can shine from head to toe and really get the glow. Lavishly illustrated with sumptuous photography, GET THE GLOW is a cookbook to be savoured. Madeleine shares 100 delicious, wheat- and sugar-free recipes bursting with flavour and nutritional value leaving you feeling full and nourished. Every mouth-watering dish is easy to make, contains ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket and won't break the budget. You'll lose weight, feel healthier and will glow on the inside and out. Including a six-week plan and advice on kitchen cupboard essentials and eating out, Madeleine's down-to-earth and practical guidance will help you to embrace GET THE GLOW as a lifestyle for good. This book will inspire you to fall back in love with food, life, and yourself.

Ready Steady Glow

Monday to Friday it's hard to juggle the demands of work and family with eating healthily, and the weekends are full of temptations that undermine our best efforts to get our glow.

Author: Madeleine Shaw

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409163393

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

View: 257

Nutritional health coach to the stars, and bestselling author of GET THE GLOW, Madeleine Shaw knows that life is a balancing act. Monday to Friday it's hard to juggle the demands of work and family with eating healthily, and the weekends are full of temptations that undermine our best efforts to get our glow. Madeleine offers the answer in READY, STEADY, GLOW, a beautiful and accessible cookbook designed for real life. READY, STEADY, GLOW is a book of two halves offering weekday recipes that can be made in less than 30 minutes, alongside sumptuous show-stopping meals perfect for the weekend. All recipes are wheat- and sugar-free, bursting with flavour and nutritional value, and contain natural ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket. You'll be amazed by deceptively speedy breakfasts such as coconut and lime quinoa porridge with honey almond crumble; lunches on-the-go like courgette and halloumi frittatas with lemon poppy yoghurt; and fuss-free, fridge-fix dinners such as Goan chicken curry. At the weekend, you can unwind and de-stress as Madeleine provides sumptuous brunches perfect for lazy days, along with impressive mains and desserts, designed to be shared. You'll be feasting - not fasting - on food that tastes so good you'll forget the things you're cutting out. With Madeleine's expert yoga routine, trademark meal plans, inventive tricks for speedy preparation and specialist down-to-earth advice, READY STEADY, GLOW is all you need to eat well and be well, for life.

The Glow in the Woods

The pen stopped working, and I scribbled in the margin to get the ink flowing again as she climbed the porch steps to stand next to me. “Does the light always come at the same time?” I asked. “No, not a specific time but the same time ...

Author: Violet Howe

Publisher: Charbar Productions LLC

ISBN: 1732121532

Category: Fiction


View: 773

Sloane Reid has dealt with the spotlight of movie stardom since she was sixteen, but now that she’s settled down between films in the small town of Cedar Creek, fame has become a liability. She wants to complete an apprenticeship to do PI work, but it’s not easy to operate undercover when fans scream your name and ask for autographs. So far, she’s been able to keep her romance with the local deputy under wraps, but as her star rises with the buzz around her latest film, so does the risk of having their relationship become front page news. Rachel Graves knows she can’t afford to keep her late husband’s family farm, but she’s certain that what she’s seeing in the woods behind her house is a sign from Vincent telling her not to sell it. She confides in her brother, the only person who won’t think she’s crazy or just seeing things. He suggests she talk to the Hollywood actress in town who’s working on becoming a PI and is rumored to be able to talk to ghosts. It seems like a win-win situation—Sloane gets a client who doesn’t care if she’s famous, and Rachel can confide in someone who won’t think she’s lost her mind. But as secrets begin to unravel around both Rachel and Sloane, they stand to lose more than Rachel’s farm and Sloane’s romance. Will they have to risk their lives to discover the truth about The Glow in the Woods? The second volume in The Cedar Creek Series brings back the small-town romance and fun, paranormal twist of The Ghost in the Curve, but with even more suspense and a whole new mystery!

Raw Food Real World

An edgy, sexy, and practical guide to making and presenting raw meals that entice and satisfy any type of diet In this lushly illustrated book, chef Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis will show readers that raw food does not mean bland, ...

Author: Matthew Kenney

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062042483

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

View: 702

Top New York chef and restaurateur Matthew Kenney and his partner, Sarma Melngailis, had been thinking of opening a Moroccan restaurant. But one night they were invited to a raw food restaurant -- and it changed their lives. They instead opened Pure Food and Wine, a restaurant devoted to creative, tasty raw food, and it has been drawing rave reviews. Dishes such as Zucchini and Green Zebra Tomato Lasagne, Golden Squash Pasta with Black Summer Truffles, and Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart with Vanilla Cream have given raw food a sexy new appeal. The decision to go raw was shocking at first for these two ex-carnivorous chefs, but they soon found that preparing and eating raw food made them and their guests feel their physical best. Melngailis noticed a difference almost immediately -- "Light, clean, natural, and alive foods make you feel light, clean, and more alive. And sexy." This new way of life has changed their outlook on eating and cooking and connects them to the world around them. As Kenney says, "Raw foods and the lifestyle associated with it are so compelling and complex that we will be forever learning and growing. Already it seems that we have discovered some of the magic that life offers." In this lushly photographed book, Kenney and Melngailis share some of that magic -- and show that preparing and eating raw does not mean bland, unsatisfying, or impossibly time-consuming meals. Using dehydrating, Vita-Mix blending, a nuanced understanding of spices, and unprecedented creativity, they explore a whole new outlook on raw food that transfers beautifully and easily from their kitchen to yours -- no matter what your present diet. And you'll immediately begin to reap the benefits of healthful, delicious, life-giving raw food.

A Year of Beautiful Eating

No matter your mood, this is good, wholesome eating, every day of the year.

Author: Madeleine Shaw

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409170489

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

View: 926

In A Year Of Beautiful Eating, bestselling nutritional health coach Madeleine Shaw shows you how to eat your way to health and beauty all year round. With over 100 nutritious and wholesome recipes packed with flavour and medicinal benefits, Madeleine focuses on the importance of eating in tune with nature and supercharging your plate with what your body needs to look and feel beautiful season by season. Toast the longer days of spring with Lamb Chops with Parsnip Mash and Asparagus; cool off with a Papaya and Peanut Salad in summer; embrace the autumn with a Pumpkin and Red Cabbage Salad with Miso Dressing and indulge in winter with Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies. No matter your mood, this is good, wholesome eating, every day of the year.

The Glow Stone

The nurse must have come in and lowered them after I fell asleep. I felt groggy and very stiff, and my right leg was numb. It was a huge relief when the physical therapist came in around nine to get me onto crutches.

Author: Ellen Dreyer

Publisher: Peachtree Publishers

ISBN: 1561457493

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 224

View: 422

The sudden death of her beloved uncle triggers a chain of events that threaten to overwhelm Spider and her family. Fifteen-year-old Phoebe Bernstein (a.k.a. Spider) has been collecting rocks since she was a child. She keeps her prized specimens in a musty underground garage, stored in the drawers of an old desk that was a gift from her beloved young uncle, Bradford. News of Bradford’s sudden death changes Spider’s life as she watches her grieving mother descend into depression, her older sister remain remote, and her father strangely silent. The pressure grows even worse when Spider unwittingly discovers a disturbing family secret. On the weekend of Bradford’s tombstone unveiling, Spider tries to escape for a while by exploring a labyrinth of caves—and becomes hopelessly lost. In the utter blackness she hears a strangely familiar voice beckoning her deeper into the mysterious but oddly welcoming underground world. Soon she will learn the truth about what happened to Uncle Bradford...but will she ever find her way out of the darkness? Ellen Dreyer has written a dramatic, page-turning adventure that explores the unbreakable bonds that hold families together, even after death.

The Glow of Embers Fragments with a Twist

After Emily died, her granddaughter, Carol travelled to Ireland and discovered that Emily was four years older than Mark; so, it might have seemed that Emily was cradle-snatching Mrs. Catherine Cronin's handsome young son.

Author: Robert Cronin

Publisher: Digital Scanning Inc

ISBN: 9781582181721

Category: Fiction

Page: 196

View: 614

The writings of Robert Cronin are a fusion of poetry hidden in prose. The author takes words and fills them with color as they find their way to the heart for answers. In this collection, Cronin writes of his college years, offering a candid portrayal of a more relaxed and fun time in his life.

Living Raw Food

Filled with sensuous, sexy, and energizing food, this book is sure to enrich your life, whether you're a carnivorous epicure or a raw-foods junkie.

Author: Sarma Melngailis

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061940496

Category: Cooking

Page: 384

View: 163

Picking up where the bestselling Raw Food/Real World left off, Sarma Melngailis invites us inside her glamorous restaurant, Pure Food and Wine, with dozens more recipes for fresh and vibrant juices, shakes, soups, simple dishes, main courses, desserts, and cocktails. Whip up an antioxidant-rich Goji Tropic Shake or a sweet, cleansing Cilantro-Pineapple Shake for delicious nutrition on the go Cool down with a Cucumber-Mint Gazpacho Soup and an Heirloom Tomato, Fennel, and Avocado Pressed Salad with Caper Dressing, Pistachio, and Mint Find out what makes the Chanterelle and Kalamata Olive Ravioli the restaurant's most beloved entrée Celebrate with a raw Thanksgiving dinner, complete with "dark meat" portobello, "white meat" large oyster mushrooms, stuffing, mashed celeriac, cranberries, and brussels sprouts Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Classic Sundae and Caramel Bars No juicer? No dehydrator? No problem! Sarma shows that raw food preparation doesn't have to be daunting, and she helps you work your way from the fastest, simplest, freshest recipes to immensely satisfying main dishes that you'll have a hard time believing are raw. A definitive list of ingredients, tools, techniques, and sources make raw food a snap, while information-packed sidebars introduce the world's most powerful super­foods, from kombucha tea to chia seeds. And Sarma is refreshingly honest and real as she describes her personal breakthroughs—and struggles—living on raw foods. Whether you're snacking on the run, having a quiet dinner at home, or throwing a festive cocktail party, eating raw food makes you feel alive. Filled with sensuous, sexy, and energizing food, this book is sure to enrich your life, whether you're a carnivorous epicure or a raw-foods junkie.


FEED YOUR SKIN THE GLOW-GETTING NUTRIENTS IT'S CRAVING THE YUMMIEST AND SUREST WAY TO GORGEOUS SKIN “Feed me!”—Your skin Can you hear that? It's your skin begging for the nutrients it needs to get its glow on. Because to build healthy ...

Author: Nadia Neumann

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 1624144047

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 192

View: 287

Get Your Glow On With Skin-Loving Foods & Homemade Products Improve your skin the way nature intended—with real, fresh ingredients! Nutritional Therapist Nadia Neumann completely transformed her skin by making simple switches to a nourishing, real food diet and natural skincare routine. In Glow, Nadia walks you through the steps to naturally clear, radiant skin from the inside out. Learn the ways that issues inside your body—like inflammation you may not even notice—manifest themselves on your skin as acne, dryness or eczema. On the flip side, get the deets on how common skincare products and routines—like washing your face with harsh cleansers twice a day—can actually make these skin troubles worse. It’s science, but Nadia’s fun and friendly writing makes these issues easy to understand and fix for good. She’ll even spark your creativity in the kitchen with fabulous recipes like glow-getting smoothies, easy lunches and skin-nourishing dinners. Not to mention plenty of fun and unique DIY skincare products like masks, toners, eye creams and face oil blends. Packed with Nadia’s stunning photography, no other book will both inform and inspire you like this. Everybody—both young and old—has naturally gorgeous skin just waiting to be revealed; with this book, you will finally get your glow for life. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 13.0px 0.0px; font: 32.0px 'Times New Roman'} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 13.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px 'Times New Roman'} span.s1 {font: 60.0px 'Times New Roman'} span.s2 {font: 40.0px 'Times New Roman'}

The Glow Worm and Other Beetles

his horn cuirass , he will not be able to turn from end to end ; he will not even be capable of bending , if some sudden wind should make the passage difficult . He must absolutely find the door in front of him , lest he perish in the ...

Author: Jean-Henri Fabre

Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.

ISBN: 9780898759273

Category: Science

Page: 500

View: 439

Last of the Glow Worms

I finally got a single room on the first floor of the barracks, toward the front entrance near the barracks phone. It was large, so I purchased a sofa and coffee table to put in front of the TV. My refrigerator was normal-sized, ...

Author: Jeff Woodward

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476671354

Category: History

Page: 189

View: 830

From the early 1950s until 1992, the U.S. Army deployed thousands of nuclear warheads throughout Europe as a deterrent to Soviet ambitions. The end of the Cold War saw the decommissioning of much of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and the phasing out of support personnel. This memoir by one of the Army's last "glow worms" chronicles his career as a nuclear weapons specialist--from 17-year-old recruit to participant in Operation Silent Echo, codename for the removal of all tactical warheads throughout Asia and Europe.

The Busy Man s Guide to Rekindling the Glow

50 Suggestions to Rekindle the Glow Sue Landis, Sue Lederer. Do something totally unexpected. After your lady has taken a bite of ice cream, kiss her and use your tongue to get the ice cream. Eat one strawberry or peach between the two ...

Author: Sue Landis

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595097596

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 124

View: 454

50 suggestions to stimulate a loving but stale relationship! Or, as my friend Mrs. G. says, read this book and become a world class lover, immediately.

The Ghost in the Coal Cellar

Cornelius climbed down once again and I watched as he placed the still brightly lit glow stick in his pocket. He informed me that we needed to get the whole group together anddo a glow stick check. He led the wayback to the soundstage ...

Author: Andrea Mesich

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738741361

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

View: 419

A young family's rocking chair moves by itself, swaying back and forth under the force of a ghostly presence. An abandoned schoolhouse, the site of a major fire, teems with restless spirits. Deep in a national forest, phantom lights chase the terrified occupants of a car. These chilling tales and more await you within these pages. The Ghost in the Coal Cellar presents the spooky details of Andrea Mesich's most intense investigations—from start to finish—at four legendary haunted locations in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Explore the history of each ghostly tale, what to expect from an investigation, what equipment is used, and much more. Discover how Andrea first became an investigator and everything she's learned about the world's paranormal mysteries. Begin your own ghost-hunting journey with this book as your guide...if you dare.

Mama Glow

When you get over the need to be perfect, you can be present with the body. Developing body wisdom when it comes to food is all about listening to your body, which knows exactly what it needs, right now. When you eat without mindful ...

Author: Latham Thomas

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 140193921X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 453

View: 641

In Mama Glow, maternity lifestyle maven Latham Thomas shares the tips and techniques to support a blissful journey to motherhood. She shows you how to make room for your pregnancy, assess your current diet, banish toxic habits, and incorporate yoga to keep your mind, body, and spirit in balance. Throughout, you’ll get tips to help reduce stress; alleviate common discomforts; demystify birth plans, labor coaches, and midwives; whip up pampering treats like homemade shea butter and coffee sugar scrub; and indulge in over 50 delicious, nutrient-rich recipes to nourish both you and your "bun." Mama Glow also features a postpartum wellness plan to guide you back to your prebaby body, troubleshoot breastfeeding problems, and embrace your abundant new life. Mama Glow includes: • Illustrated exercises for a fit, fabulous, and comfortable pregnancy • Fleshed-out cleansing programs to boost fertility • A simple formula for deconstructing those crazy cravings • Yoga sequences designed for prepregnancy, each trimester, and postpartum • Checklists for your prenatal pantry, finding a birth coach, and packing your birth bag • Glow foods to help you snap back to your fab prebaby body As your certified glow pilot, Latham will guide you through every stage of your pregnancy, giving you practical advice to make your journey a joyful and vibrant one.

The Journal of the R ntgen Society

It is difficult to get absolutely pure oxygen , but when we do we find that the glow is altogether extinguished . Although I am only able partially to show it in this experiment I must ask you to accept my statement that pure oxygen ...




Category: Radiology


View: 606

Healthy Eat Nourish and Get the Glow Cookbook

Healthy Eat, Nourish and Get the Glow Cookbook: Mouthwatering Meals and Recipes for Every Occasion (look, Healthy Recipes, Lose Weight, Weight Loss, Cookbook, Recipes) You are about to discover Delicious and healthy Recipes your Favorite ...

Author: Steve Maraboli

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781512121940


Page: 112

View: 401

PLEASE NOTE: This cookbook was not written, endorsed or approved by Amelia Freer or HarperCollins Publishers. The author of this cookbook is a firm believer in the Eat.Nourish.Glow Diet and is passionate about sharing his unique and tasty recipes with the world. Healthy Eat, Nourish and Get the Glow Cookbook: Mouthwatering Meals and Recipes for Every Occasion (look, Healthy Recipes, Lose Weight, Weight Loss, Cookbook, Recipes) You are about to discover Delicious and healthy Recipes your Favorite Celebrities use in losing weight and Staying in Shape in this eat nourish and glow cookbook. Need a Pick Me Up? The way we eat--and overeat--can leave us feeling tired all the time. But there's an easy answer to finding your energy again- The eat nourish and glow diet. You are about to discover lots of healthy and tasty meals that would help nourish your body and give you that lovely glow from the inside out. Changing your diet has never tasted so good! Munch on some Vanilla Protein and Coconut Pancakes, or perhaps a few Leek, Bacon and Apple Sausages . Savor the Best Tasting Cabbage and Sausage Soup and have some Coconut Macaroons with Pistachios beforehand. There's always the Drool Worthy Creamy Chicken Casserole or Tasty Crunchy Deviled Chicken Legs. Start your day with Bacon Omelet Bites. And there's many, many more recipes to enjoy. Every Recipes comes with its picture and also the full nutritional information to help you lose weight, look younger and live healthier Grab This Healthy eat, nourish and glow cookbook right now, and get that mojo back!

The Querulous Effect

To get the amount of light we need and especially the brightness, we have to make the plants themselves give off the light. To do this I have to transfer the power to make light from the glow-worms and a range of other light-emitting ...

Author: Arkay Jones

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1783065338

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 467

WANTED Enthusiastic young assistant to help with top secret experiments Must like animals – and insects Must be fast worker and team player ENQUIRE WITHIN When Jay, on holiday in 'boring' Frimpton, sees an advertisement seeking a young assistant to help with 'top secret experiments', he could never have guessed that it will lead him on a quest that will take him from rural England to deep within the Arctic Circle. Along the way, Jay meets Professor Theobald Ricardo and makes new friends, the studious Tim and Ella with her faithful terrier, Chip. Together, the three children encounter a range of engaging characters and face many exciting and scary experiences. As problems mount from the Professor’s secret experiments they leave the safety of England in an attempt to solve the mystery of the Querulous Effect. Written in the style and spirit of a classic children’s adventure, the book also examines the challenges and dangers of cutting-edge bio-science and its interaction with global ecosystems. The Querulous Effectwill entertain, amuse and absorb children from the age of nine upwards, whilst stimulating their interest in the world around them.

Those That Glow Gold

“I figured it was the only way to get you out of the house. Since you like that thing.” Chrysta blinked, then felt her face flush in anger. “Don't call Tommy a thing.” Peter barked a laugh. “You don't even know what it is, ...

Author: Michelle Matteson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1716204631

Category: Fiction


View: 426

All things considered, Chrysta York has a good life. She goes to a good school, enjoys making music, and has the love and support of at least one friend. But Jozef York, her father, keeps her under lock and key, and his controlling behavior starts to become more than she can bear. Then she meets Tommy Monroe, a young man who helps her gain the freedom she has only dreamed of. But as they become closer, her father only tightens his hold on her even more. To her amazement, Chrysta starts causing things to happen, strange things that seem unreal and magical. When Tommy realizes her father's plans are more sinister than either of them thought, Chrysta will find herself thrust into a mysterious world she never knew existed as she tries to save herself and Tommy both.

The Electrical Journal

Neither statement is quite true , arc lamp for 8d . , and we can produce 4,000 candles by a glow because we have all of us heard the old story about the two men lamp for 4s . So you see on these facts — I am not calling them contesting ...




Category: Electrical engineering


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This glow is stronger in times called , offer many perplexing problems the case of hydrogen than when carbonic acid is used , for solution , and so far we have certainly not which is in accordance with the fact that Phosphorus arrived ...

Author: Baden Fletcher Smyth Baden-Powell



Category: Science


View: 467