A Protestant Purgatory

Furthermore, unfortunate debtors and wrongly accused felons were like innocent spirits in Paradise who were really waiting ... The multi-faceted relation between earthly and spiritual prisons has yet to be located within the literary ...

Author: Laurie Throness

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351961993

Category: History

Page: 390

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How did the penitentiary get its name? Why did the English impose long prison sentences? Did class and economic conflict really lie at the heart of their correctional system? In a groundbreaking study that challenges the assumptions of modern criminal justice scholarship, Laurie Throness answers many questions like these by exposing the deep theological roots of the judicial institutions of eighteenth-century Britain. The book offers a scholarly account of the passage of the Penitentiary Act of 1779, combining meticulous attention to detail with a sweeping theological overview of the century prior to the Act. But it is not just an intellectual history. It tells a fascinating story of a broader religious movement, and the people and beliefs that motivated them to create a new institution. The work is original because it relies so completely on original sources. It is mystical because it mingles heavenly with earthly justice. It is authoritative because of its explanatory power. Its anecdotes and insights, poetry and song, provide intriguing glimpses into another era strangely familiar to our own. Of special interest to social and legal historians, criminologists, and theologians, this work will also appeal to a wider audience of those who are interested in Christianity's impact on Western culture and institutions.


Were weable to take a photograph of hell, it might not look at all like a lake or like fire—nevertheless “lake of fire” is the expression in our language that conveys ... Earthly prisons confine the body, but not the soul or the mind.

Author: Michael Youssef

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736954635

Category: Religion

Page: 194

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Devil. Great deceiver. Evil one. Father of lies. Satan. Many names. One enemy. And whether you realize it or not, you are on a spiritual battlefield with this enemy every day. How do you prepare to defend yourself? In Conquer, Michael Youssef says you first need to know everything you can about your enemy. What are Satan's strengths? What are his weaknesses? How does he like to attack? When is he most likely to attack? Are there areas of your life where you are vulnerable and he seems to control the battlefield? Only when you know your enemy inside and out can you plan and carry out a specific counterattack to defeat him. The final victory will be Christ's, of course. That's a promise from God. But as a Christian, you can actively take part in resisting the devil...and watching him flee.

Why Ultimate Happiness Transcends Human Limitations

to determine who will enter into heaven after earthly prison experience. “When Judgment Day comes, many will say to me, 'Lord, Lord! ... Many persons say, God is a loving God, if God is love, why did God create Hell? Why does God not ...

Author: Francis Bestman Isugu

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493142291

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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This book Why Ultimate Happiness Transcends Human Limitations is a Christological Philosophical Classic that is apt for its time. It presents the issue of human limitations on earth in a new light that offers proper clarification for the important issue of the purpose of human life on earth viewed in the light of a prison. This book is written to you and for you, in an epistle apostolic didactic and reflective style of discussion; to enable you participate easily in the discussions initiated by the author to respond to some of the swaying issues bordering on the humanist outlook and its influence on society in this postmodern era of secularism and irreligion. This book crops up many religious and ethical issues that make it in many ways relevant for addressing your diverse needs, as an individual in society or as a member of any political, economic, commercial, ethical, religious, intellectual, professional and seminal group. So, in diverse ways this book is addressed by the author Isugu Francis Bestman to you. It answers many of the questions that you may have been thinking are unanswerable. Moreover, this book will appeal to scholars, intellectuals, professionals, business personnel, entrepreneurs, educators, public and evangelical ministers, clerics, and the laity especially because the issues raised and discussed by the author have objective, rational, religious, moral, psychological or emotional and practical imports and values. This makes this book meet the standard for proffering solutions to problems and doubts anyone or you may experience pertaining to your personal life situations in particular and the situation of public life in general. Hence this book is a must-read for all and sundry.

Readings for Writers w APA7E MLA9E Updates

1 Hell is a strait and dark and foul-smelling prison, an abode of demons and lost souls, filled with fire and smoke. The straitness of this prison house is expressly designed by God to punish those who refused to be bound by His laws.

Author: Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337905615

Category: Education

Page: 761

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From helping you find your voice to guiding you on the latest MLA and APA documentation guidelines, READINGS FOR WRITERS is designed to help you become a more successful writer. Throughout the text, the authors offer helpful commentary, practical tips and suggestions, real student essays, and other writing tools that you can use for any assignment. But even more importantly, they present over 60 readings from a variety of genres and authors that will inspire and inform your writing as you learn what good writing is, and how to create it on your own. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

A dictionary of poetical illustrations

Bondage ending Love descending O'er the earth ! Seals assuring , Guards securing , Watch His earthly prison : Seals are shatter'd , Guards are scatter'd , Christ hath risen . From hell's deep gloom , from earth's dark tomb , The Lord in ...

Author: Robert Aitkin Bertram





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The Holy Will Of God

They fail, however, to explain that they themselves are building and shaping that earthly hell, while revolting against the ... For, Hell is a prison, the most terrible prison, in comparison with which earthly penitentiaries seem like ...

Author: Rev. Fr. Leo Pyzalski C.SS.R.

Publisher: TAN Books

ISBN: 1505102847

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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A book to help us determine what God's will really is; why we should conform our wills to His and see in this conformity our greatest good--for like it or not; we do have to live with God's holy will anyway. Brings great solace!

Morning light afterw The New Church weekly

THE EXISTENCE OF HELL . the possibility of suffering in the spiritual world , based upon the notion that the Lord cannot ... In this respect purposes whatever they are told by those with whom hell is like an earthly prison , the ...






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Clear Mirror in Joseph

To be a prisoner is like being a captive. ... The Lord, who is the final Judge in eternity, does not have time for pleas or excuses. ... The difference between the earthly prison and hell-fire is clear and the gap is wide.

Author: Comfort Aduke Olayinka

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1645152944

Category: Religion

Page: 385

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This book is written to provide information on various aspects of Yoruba, and, indeed, African traditional medicine. The writer's research on Yoruba traditional medicine provides the bulk of the materials in the book. The book consists of eleven chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 provide the background to the book. Chapters 3 to 10 encapsulate the different aspects of Yoruba traditional medicine such as classification of healers, methods of training of healers, methods of diagnosis and investigation of diseases, treatment of diseases, Yoruba pharmacopoeia, midwifery, bone-setting, and other forms of traditional surgery. Chapter 11 describes the meeting point of hospitals and healers; this meeting point, in the opinion of the author, should be how best to serve the interests of the patients. The best form of relationship that should exist between hospitals and healers is also discussed. The two systems of medicine exist side by side in Nigeria and most African countries yet remain functionally unrelated in any intentional sense. It is argued that no medical system is perfect and no single care system has all the answers to all human health and related problems. Each of the two systems has its strong and weak points. The often talked-about integration of the two systems has potential pitfalls and may be undesirable. The book concludes that the best form of relationship may well be one of genuine cooperation and mutual respect between the two systems since this will lead, in the ultimate, to advancement of medical knowledge and overall improvement of patient care. All levels of government in Nigeria have decisive roles to play in achieving this mutually beneficial cooperation of the two systems.

Faith Is Like Skydiving

thority figures have held out the threat of hell as a way to coerce moral behavior Let us distance ourselves from such ... the boy, Stephen Dedalus, in James Joyce's Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man: My dear boys in earthly prisons ...

Author: Rick Mattson

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830844112

Category: Religion

Page: 235

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Images and analogies can provide concrete handles for making the Christian faith more plausible. Evangelist and apologist Rick Mattson has collected dozens of easy-to-use images for explaining Christianity. With practical tips on how to interact with your skeptical friends, this book provides a handy toolkit of evangelistic resources.