Golden Hill

Golden. Hill. A Wall Street Journal Top Ten Fiction Book of the Year A Washington Post Notable Fiction Book of the Year A Kirkus Reviews Best Historical ...

Author: Francis Spufford

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501163892

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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A Wall Street Journal Top Ten Fiction Book of 2017 * A Washington Post Notable Fiction Book of the Year * A Seattle Times Favorite Book of 2017 * An NPR Best Book of 2017 * A Kirkus Reviews Best Historical Fiction Book of the Year * A Library Journal Top Historical Fiction Book of the Year * Winner of the Costa First Novel Award, the RSL Ondaatje Prize, and the Desmond Elliott Prize * Winner of the New York City Book Award “Gorgeously crafted…Spufford's sprawling recreation here is pitch perfect.” —Maureen Corrigan, Fresh Air “A fast-paced romp that keeps its eyes on the moral conundrums of America.” —The New Yorker “Delirious storytelling backfilled with this much intelligence is a rare and happy sight.” —The New York Times “Golden Hill possesses a fluency and immediacy, a feast of the senses…I love this book.” —The Washington Post The spectacular first novel from acclaimed nonfiction author Francis Spufford follows the adventures of a mysterious young man in mid-eighteenth century Manhattan, thirty years before the American Revolution. New York, a small town on the tip of Manhattan island, 1746. One rainy evening in November, a handsome young stranger fresh off the boat arrives at a countinghouse door on Golden Hill Street: this is Mr. Smith, amiable, charming, yet strangely determined to keep suspicion shimmering. For in his pocket, he has what seems to be an order for a thousand pounds, a huge sum, and he won’t explain why, or where he comes from, or what he is planning to do in the colonies that requires so much money. Should the New York merchants trust him? Should they risk their credit and refuse to pay? Should they befriend him, seduce him, arrest him; maybe even kill him? Rich in language and historical perception, yet compulsively readable, Golden Hill is “a remarkable achievement—remarkable, especially, in its intelligent re-creation of the early years of what was to become America’s greatest city” (The Wall Street Journal). Spufford paints an irresistible picture of a New York provokingly different from its later metropolitan self, but already entirely a place where a young man with a fast tongue can invent himself afresh, fall in love—and find a world of trouble. Golden Hill is “immensely pleasurable…Read it for Spufford’s brilliant storytelling, pitch-perfect ear for dialogue, and gift for re-creating a vanished time” (New York Newsday).

Rails Around Gold Hill

... 138 Operates F&CC and MT, 128 Sells MT to Golden Cycle Corporation, 202 Stock certificate, 370* Cripple ... Gold Coin Mine, 89*, 233, 332 Gold Hill.

Author: Morris Cafky



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Not the Slightest Chance

( 145 : 180 ) , Golden Hill ( 126 ) . Cairns , James William Corporal Died 11 Dec. ( 145 : 181 ) 87 Coutts , James Private Died 11 Dec.

Author: Tony Banham

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774810456

Category: History

Page: 431

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This book represents the first attempt to piece together all existing accounts of the December 1941 Battle of Hong Kong and the fighting between the Garrison and the invading Japanese. Banham makes use of the Garrison's small size -- only 14,000 soldiers -- to weave a historical account from the perspectives of individuals, rather than big battalions. His story covers the fighting phase by phase, and considers the individual actions that made up the battle, the military strategies, and the many controversies that arose both during the struggle and after.

Year Book

Surgery Cheney , Maurice L . , 144 Golden Hill Street . . . . . . . Surgery Curley , William H . , 881 Lafayette Street . vette Street .

Author: American College of Surgeons



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Commonwealth Caribbean Business Law

Facts: This action arises from a construction contract awarded to Golden Hill Ventures Ltd ('Golden Hill') by Kemess Mines Inc ('Kemess') for the earthworks ...

Author: Rajendra Ramlogan

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1859419399

Category: Law

Page: 438

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Commonwealth Caribbean Business Law breaks away from the traditional English approach of treating business law primarily as the law of contract and agency. It provides a broad overview of the foundation of various legal systems and goes on to examine the various areas of legal liability that may impact on business activities. These areas include tort law, criminal law, internet law and payment in business transactions. Specifically, the book targets the development of business law in several Commonwealth jurisdictions, including Canada and Australia, but with special focus on legal developments in Commonwealth Caribbean countries. The approach of the book is to present excerpts from judgments, so as to enable students to understand legal principles as espoused by the judiciary without the filtering bias of authors. This new title is essential reading for students taking the LLB and Business Degree courses in the Caribbean and other commonwealth jurisdictions.


66 LOCATION OF GOLDEN HILL . peared upon the scene , and routed them . Thus ended the second day's battle on Golden Hill . The particulars of this important ...

Author: Ferdinand S. Bartram



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United States Official Postal Guide

Golden Hill , Dorchester . Ma Goodison , Oakland ... Mich Gorman's Station , Los Grafton , Posey Golden Hill , Wyoming . . Pa Goodland , Newton .

Author: United States. Post Office Department





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Western New York All Outdoors Atlas Field Guide

... State forest (anaseraga State forest Carlton Hill State Forest Chateaugay ... Golden Hill State Forest Gould's Corners State forest Goundry Hill State ...

Author: Sportsman's Connection

Publisher: Sportsman's Connection

ISBN: 188501077X

Category: Reference

Page: 176

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Sportsman's Connection's Western New York All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide contains maps created at twice the scale of other road atlases, which means double the detail. And while the maps are sure to be the finest quality you have ever used, the thing that makes this book unique is all the additional information. Your favorite outdoor activities including fishing lakes and streams, hunting, camping, hiking and biking,snowmobiling and off-roading, paddeling, skiing, golfing and wildlife viewing are covered in great depth with helpful editorial and extensive tables, which are all cross-referenced and indexed to the map pages in a way that's fun and easy to use.

Kid on the Hill

The golden hill was not just a metalloid, but also a cocoon for a living being, and not just any being, a celestial being. The Celestial being was from a ...

Author: Raghav Bhalla

Publisher: Raghav Bhalla


Category: Fiction


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The sci-fi mystery thriller that has sold 5000± copies worldwide on Amazon Kindle. Unravel the mystery of a Kid who has a secret power, the hill and the universe. Open your mind to the possibility that anything is possible in this fun and poise adventure of the Kid on the Hill. Part-1 of 10. Part 2 releases on October 10th, 2020 Copyright to the story and characters owned by Raghav Bhalla.