Harmony the Heartbeat of Creation

In this unique book, researcher Monique Pommier explores the areas where science and spirituality intersect, in search of a unified cosmology.


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There exist a number of phenomena that hint at a fundamental unity of the universe -- from the prevalence of the golden mean and Fibonacci series in the geometries of nature, to the recurrence of numbers and themes across world cosmogonies, to age-old therapeutic practices that transcend the duality of psyche and physicality. In this unique book, researcher Monique Pommier explores the areas where science and spirituality intersect, in search of a unified cosmology.

Perfect Harmony of Science and God S Word

Very initially, at the beginning of the activities that followed creation, the
Godgiven, pentup energy was released. ... These bodies were destined to give
forth the heartbeat that would pump light into all creation: even that beyond the
range of ...

Author: John Frazier Bonner

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512735639

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Have you ever contemplated the actual scientific explanation of the mysteries the creation or the many unexplained events that sound impossible that you read about in the Bible? This author will take you to the far ends of the universe, from the star and planets to the grand canyon and beyond. It is mind boggling just how deep he gets into the scientific explanation of the mysteries prophesies of yesterday. today, and what is to come. This has helped me to better understand Gods word by using this mans hours of study and research and soul searching contemplation as he explored Gods truths; which are so often difficult to grasp. He fought with words and was a Christian warier to the end.

Creating Harmony

Goethe developed a method of listening to this ' Heartbeat of the Universe'as it
sounds in all creation and what he heard there he then expressed sometimes in
an artistic , sometimes in a scientific medium . What interests us in his method in ...

Author: Hildur Jackson

Publisher: Permanent Publications

ISBN: 9781856230148

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28 contributors each offer a chapter giving their experiences and techniques for resolving conflict in communities across the globe.

A New Harmony

Other Books by John Philip Newell Christ of the Celts: The Healing of Creation
Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality Praying with the Earth: A
Prayer Book for Peace Echo of the Soul:The Sacredness of the Human Body ...

Author: J. Philip Newell

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470554673

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The author of Christ of the Celts describes how to overcome divisions and find common ground in a “new harmony” of integrated Christianity that combines the best of ancient Christian spirituality and a more holistic, natural approach to faith.

Close Harmony

See Larson's Rock and Roll: The Devil's Diversion (Carol Stream, Ill.: Creation
House, 1967) and Rock & the Church (Carol ... For similar responses to rock 'n'
roll, see David Wilkerson, “Rock and Roll—The Devil's Heartbeat,” Pentecostal ...

Author: James R. Goff Jr.

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469616882

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Comprehensive and richly illustrated, Close Harmony traces the development of the music known as southern gospel from its antebellum origins to its twentieth-century emergence as a vibrant musical industry driven by the world of radio, television, recordings, and concert promotions. Marked by smooth, tight harmonies and a lyrical focus on the message of Christian salvation, southern gospel--particularly the white gospel quartet tradition--had its roots in nineteenth-century shape-note singing. The spread of white gospel music is intricately connected to the people who based their livelihoods on it, and Close Harmony is filled with the stories of artists and groups such as Frank Stamps, the Chuck Wagon Gang, the Blackwood Brothers, the Rangers, the Swanee River Boys, the Statesmen, and the Oak Ridge Boys. The book also explores changing relations between black and white artists and shows how, following the civil rights movement, white gospel was influenced by black gospel, bluegrass, rock, metal, and, later, rap. With Christian music sales topping the $600 million mark at the close of the twentieth century, Close Harmony explores the history of an important and influential segment of the thriving gospel industry.


We leam almost the same from Taoist spirituality that we are in oneness with
Nature , that wu wei means to live in harmony with nature . That we are part of it
all . Let us listen to the divine breathing of creation , the heartbeat of creation .




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... the universe in harmony , unstained like the stainless blue , dreaming away in
its own archetypal grandeur . There was the earth beginning to form in space in
the likeness of an atom , - an atom that feels the pulse and heartbeat of creation .

Author: Vinayak Krishna Gokak

Publisher: South Asia Books


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The Broken Circle

The age of Kali pertaining to blood is in harmony with the prophecy of " blood
unto the horses ' bridles " in Revelations . But when we turn our mind to how
these repetitions are the pulse or heartbeat of creation's life blood , we have
found a ...

Author: Anna A. Knight



Category: Occultism

Page: 224

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The Poetry of Creation

... like a wand In some musician's skillful hand , Which seems to govern and
preside , And urge bright harmony's full tide . ... Yet know , each stroke the heart
will give , Comes from his high permissive power ; He -Heart ! beat ! and mortals
live ...

Author: Nicholas Michell



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Connecting Link

I am the Architect of Creation , who governs the revolutions of the atoms of light .
... of the Earth and the crystal windows of light would with the purpose that stirs in
the coalesce to unite the above with the heartbeat of creation . below , the self ...
how a free and multi - national people would combine in unity , balancing respect
for the individual with the concern for the harmony and welfare of the whole .




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Christ of the Celts

The book also explores the notion of salvation in the sense of the oneness of the universe. This is salvation that comes from the wellbeing of the whole rather than only the welfare of the individual.

Author: J. Philip Newell

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470183500

Category: Religion

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Christ of the Celts "I explore the Celtic image of Christ as the Memory of what we have forgotten. He remembers the dance of the universe and the harmony that is deep within all things. He is the Memory also of who we are." --from the Prelude "Diagnosing the human soul with a longing for peace in the face of fear and fragmentation nurtured by global political forces and fundamentalisms, Newell offers the ancient traditions of Celtic Christianity as a way forward in healing humankind and the earth." --Publishers Weekly "This graceful, wise, and important book is a superb introduction to the treasures of Celtic Christianity for our time." --Marcus Borg, author, The Heart of Christianity

A New Harmony

In a world that seems increasingly fragmented, J. Philip Newell calls us to a vision of life′s essential oneness. He invites us to listen for the heartbeat of God and to be part of a new harmony.

Author: J Philip Newell

Publisher: Saint Andrew Press

ISBN: 0861537610

Category: Religion

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In a world that seems increasingly fragmented, J. Philip Newell calls us to a vision of life′s essential oneness. He invites us to listen for the heartbeat of God and to be part of a new harmony. A New Harmony is based on a Christianity more integrated with the earth and with the rest of humanity and we are taken on a pathway towards transformation in our lives. A New Harmony communicates across the boundaries of religion and race that have separated us and honours our distinct inheritances by serving what is deeper still—the oneness of our origins and the oneness of Earth′s destiny.

A Theology of Harmony

Slowly he awakens to the process of creation. His next step is to bring this
process into ... Within the organism itself there are the rhythms of cerebral waves,
of heartbeat and breathing. The ' “Creative Evolution". Macmillan &'-Co. 111.,

Author: Herbert William Heason



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Heartbeat Geography

... planting prayer feathers , inseminating our Mother on whose breast the people
dance to keep the seasons turning in harmony . From midnight on , the men were
busy with ritual , weaving creation stories while the women ( knowing well the ...

Author: John Brandi

Publisher: White Pine Press (NY)


Category: Poetry

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A major collection of Brandi’s work, spanning nearly thirty years of travel— from early poems written in South America to those from India, Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, the Arctic, the North American outback, the deep solitude of New Mexico’s mountains, and always from the continent of the heart. “Brandi’s sandy poem mandalas, crisscrossing back and forth on their own paths, begin to fill out landscapes in depth.”— Gary Snyder

The Harmony of Verse

Metre is purely subjective , a thing of the mind , a false creation , more felt than
heard . ... regularity is not deliberate but autometric , just as natural as , but in no
way dependent upon , the metres of breathing , walking , and the heart - beat .

Author: William C. Morton

Publisher: Toronto, U. of Toronto P


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The Word in Play

... see Peer evaluation Group situations troubleshooting , 154–160 see also
Troubleshooting Harmony , 82 Heartbeat , 37 ... 76-93 recording of students '
melodies , 88 , 91 , 93 rhythm transfer , creation of melody through , 275–276
three- or ...

Author: Susan A. Katz

Publisher: Paul H Brookes Publishing Company


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"Creative classrooms can become a reality in today's schools, and this practical guide puts that goal within reach. Elementary school educators will reenergize their classrooms with this expanded second edition (originally titled Teaching Creatively by Working the Word: Language, Music, and Movement), which offers exciting, activity-based lessons for teaching language arts through poetry, music, and movement." "Enhanced with teaching tips, troubleshooting insights, student and teacher poems, music and movement possibilities, a new glossary, and compelling sample lessons, this lively, informative text will inspire teachers to use creative techniques in the classroom - making it a place where students explore, practice, and play with language throughout the school day."--Book jacket.

Long Line Writer

... this knowledge they understood the heartbeat of the universe and the rhythm of
the breath of life a sharing in our heart , one mind and one soul , they learned to
live in harmony with the song of the universe and the mother of all creation , the ...




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A Survey of Persian Art from Prehistoric Times to the Present New studies 1938 1960 Proceedings the IVth International Congress of Iranian Art and Archaeology April 24 May 3 1960 part A

And all creation stirs in vibrant glow , Each quivering bud and starlike flower In
serene felicity to their Lord responding . ... The flowing rhythms which guide each
tendril Through all creation surge : ' Tis the Heartbeat of God . Here sense and
reason in concord blend , In harmony and proportion , in unity transcendent ...




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The Beat

... acute talent for harmony and finely honed lyrics have created some of the best
music out of Jamaica in the modern era ... Spear in his earliest manifestation on
Creation Rebel : The Original Classic Recordings From Studio One ( Heartbeat )




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