Haunted England

Bulwick Hole, Haunted England; Hilary Mead, 'The Loss of the Victoria', Mariner's Mirror 47 (1961); The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea, ed. Peter Kemp (Oxford, 1988); Lincoln P. Paine, Ships of the World: An Historical ...

Author: Jennifer Westwood

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141959533

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Watch out for a ghostly ship and its spectral crew off the coast of Cornwall Listen for the unearthly tread and rustling silk dress of Darlington's Lady Jarratt Shiver at the malevolent apparition of 50 Berkeley Square that no-one survives seeing Beware the black dog of Shap Fell: a sighting warns of fatal accidents England's past echoes with stories of unquiet spirits and hauntings, of headless highwaymen and grey ladies, indelible bloodstains and ghastly premonitions. Here, county by county, are the nation's most fascinating supernatural tales and bone-chilling legends: from a ghostly army marching across Cumbria to the vanishing hitchhiker of Bluebell Hill, from the gruesome Man-Monkey of Shropshire to the phantom congregation who gather for a 'Sermon of the Dead' ...

Haunted England

HAUNTED ENGLAND brings to life the Isle of Ghosts ' most mysterious ghouls , phantom monks , and wailing women who haunt England's ancient castles , ruined abbeys , and lonely churchyards . There are spine - tingling accounts of famous ...

Author: Terence W. Whitaker


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Ghosts of Hampshire the Isle of Wight

... (1980) Our Haunted Kingdom (1973) Phantom Ladies (1977) The Ghost Tour (1967) The Ghost's Who's Who (1977) The Haunted Inns of England (1972) Englands Island Garden (n.d) The Ghost Hunters Road Book (1965) Haunted England (1940) The ...

Author: Peter Underwood

Publisher: Peter Underwood


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Peter Underwood, an acknowledged expert and experienced investigator of haunted houses, presents a selection of hauntings throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. This guide contains an evocative collection of material concerning inexplicable supernatural experiences in these regions stretching across vast swathes of time. Delve into Bramshott near Liphook, where, ’in the lush and quiet meadow beside the slow-flowing stream, Mistress Elizabeth Butler is said to have been so unhappy that she drowned herself in 1745 and her ghost walks beside the water’. Discover Ashey Down near Brading, where two local residents once ‘found themselves in the middle of the biggest mystery of their lives…’. Or find out about Arreton Manor, an early Jacobean Manor steeped in history and dates back to as early as 1872, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of Annabel…

Into the Occult

HOLE , CHRISTINA : Haunted England ( Batsford , 1940 ) . HOPKINS , R. THURSTON : Ghosts Over England ( Meridan Books , 1953 ) . LETHBRIDGE , T. C .: Ghost and Ghoul ( Routledge , 1961 ) . MacGREGOR , A. A .: The Ghost Book ( Robert Hale ...

Author: Peter UNderwood

Publisher: Peter Underwood


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Despite all the answers that conventional science can provide to the earth's mysteries, there remain certain phenomena for which no explanation can yet be found outside the occult. For this reason exploration of the occult and paranormal provides endless fascination. Here is a survey of all the different aspects of this complex and intriguing subject, including an entire chapter on the relationship between sex and psychic phenomena, a subject on which, until recently, there has been an unwillingness to talk.

London Lore

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Author: Steve Roud

Publisher: Random House

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In which part of North London were wild beasts once thought to roam the sewers? Why did 1920s working-class Londoners wear necklaces of blue beads? Who was the original inspiration for the 'pearly king' costume? And did Spring-heeled Jack, scourge of Victorian London, ever really exist? Exploring everything from local superstitions and ghost stories to annual customs, this is an enchanting guide to the ancient legends and deep-rooted beliefs that can be found the length and breadth of the city.

They Still Serve A Complete Guide to the Military Ghosts of Britain

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Author: Richard McKenzie

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The green fields of Britain hide a grim secret. Beneath the buttercups are the bones of untold numbers of soldiers who died for causes now lost in the mists of time. From hotels to houses, castles to council estates, these warriors walk reminding us of our bloody past.

The Woman s Historical Novel

Hole's other books in the Batsford historical series – English Custom and Usage, Haunted England, English Folklore, Witchcraft in England – indicate some of the key preoccupations of the period, which reappear in the historical novels.

Author: D. Wallace

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230505945

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The historical novel has been one of the most important forms of women's reading and writing in the twentieth century, yet it has been consistently under-rated and critically neglected. In the first major study of British women writers' use of the genre, Diana Wallace tracks its development across the century. She combines a comprehensive survey with detailed readings of key writers, including Naomi Mitchison, Georgette Heyer, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Margaret Irwin, Jean Plaidy, Mary Renault, Philippa Gregory and Pat Barker.

Ban and Arrier e Ban

THE HAUNTED HOMES OF ENGLAND The Haunted Homes of England , How eerily they stand , While through them flit their ghosts — to wit , The Monk with the Red Hand , The Eyeless Girl - an awful spookTo stop the boldest breath , The boy that ...

Author: Andrew Lang




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English Rambles

It is indeed the noble , hospitable , merry , romance - haunted England of onr fathers -- the England which we know of in song and story . " - Scribner's Monthly . III . THE JEFFERSONS . One Vol . I2mo . With Ten Illustrations .

Author: William Winter



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