How to Be a Superhero Called Self Control

This illustrated book also features an appendix with photocopiable super power charts, reinforcers, and reminder tools to ensure that parents, teachers, and other professionals can support children in upholding superhero strategies even ...

Author: Lauren Brukner

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784502030

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


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Meet Self-Control, a superhero who wants to teach young children his super powers of self-control! Anxiety, frustration, anger, and other difficult feelings won't stand a chance against their new-found powers. Self-Control teaches children with emotional and sensory regulation difficulties aged approximately 4-7 how to calm themselves using self-massage, deep pressure, breathing exercises, and activities such as making an imaginary list and finding their own peaceful place. This illustrated book also features an appendix with photocopiable super power charts, reinforcers, and reminder tools to ensure that parents, teachers, and other professionals can support children in upholding superhero strategies even after the book has been read.

Self Control to the Rescue

... their Emotions and Senses Lauren Brukner Illustrated by Apsley ISBN 978 178592714 0 eISBN 978 178450 300 0 How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!

Author: Lauren Brukner

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784506192

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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The self-control super hero is back! This time, they've come prepared with simple strategies to tackle the difficult emotions and challenges of everyday life. From the morning routine to making friends at recess, paying attention in class and getting a good night's sleep, this guide will help children stay on track and save the day! Focussing on specific times of the day that present particular challenges, the book uses illustrations and simple language to describe breathing exercises, stretching, and visualization techniques to help children aged 4-7 keep calm and in control. Suitable for all children, but especially those with sensory and emotional regulation difficulties, this is an accessible guide with extra tips and resources for parents, educators or therapists.

Helping Vulnerable Children and Adolescents to Stay Safe

Brukner, L. (2015) How to be a Superhero Called Self-Control. ... emotional and sensory regulation difficulties to master control (suitable for ages 4–7).

Author: Katie Wrench

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784501832

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

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Helping vulnerable children and young people to build protective behaviours is the key to keeping them safe. Full of creative ideas and activities, this guide provides the tools to help children develop these key skills. Topics include work around: building resilience and problem solving skills; identifying a 'safety network'; developing emotional literacy; awareness of grooming strategies and safe/unsafe touch; and cyber safety. The range of tried and tested techniques will be sure to engage any child in thinking about their personal safety, allowing adult carers to have confidence that their child will be empowered to better identify and avoid harmful situations and behaviours. Practical and easy to use, this is a valuable resource for professionals working with vulnerable children and young people, such as adopted or fostered children and those in residential care, as well as the parents and carers of these children.

Stay Cool and In Control with the Keep Calm Guru

Lauren specializes in sensory integration and self-regulation strategies for ... Awesome and In Control and How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control, ...

Author: Lauren Brukner

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1784503002

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 136

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Meet the Keep-Calm Guru, our expert guide to the art of staying cool, calm, and in control in the face of overpowering feelings! This illustrated book introduces wise ways for children to recognize and cope with anxiety, anger, frustration, and other difficult emotions. Using everything from yoga poses and pressure holds, to deep breathing and relaxing coloring activities, the Keep-Calm Guru shows kids how to take back control and feel cool, calm, and just right. Suitable for children with sensory and emotional regulation difficulties aged approximately 7-14 years.

Sensory Motor Activities for Early Development

Brukner, L. (2016) How to be a Superhero Called Self Control! Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate Their Emotions and Senses.

Author: Chia Swee Hong

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000088464

Category: Education

Page: 214

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Sensory motor activities are crucial for children to learn from their environment. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this revised edition is a complete package of tried-and-tested sensory motor activities for children, covering basic movements, interoception, sensory and body awareness and early visual perceptual skills. Providing an overview of the sensory systems, the authors offer practical strategies for parents/carers and practitioners to link knowledge to practice when communicating and engaging with a child. The authors present both familiar and novel activity ideas, explaining how they provide sensory stimulation to the relevant sensory systems and may help to support the child’s development, sensory processing and regulation levels. New material includes: greater emphasis on understanding the sensory systems and how they link to the activities a brand new chapter on interoception revised recording methods, including Goal Attainment Scaling as an outcome tool an expanded list of activities. Sensory Motor Activities for Early Development, 2nd edition is an essential text for all parents/carers and practitioners who use sensory motor activities in a playful way to help the development of children with a range of needs. It will be valuable reading for those working with children who do not initiate movement, who require help with their movement, who need to refine their movement, who need encouragement or motivation to engage in purposeful movements, or those who need activities to provide sensory stimulation.

Atomic Habits Summarized for Busy People An Easy Proven Way to Build Good Habits Break Bad Ones Based on the Book by James Clear

By fostering a disciplined environment, you will automatically develop self-control. You don't need to be a superhero to avoid temptations, you only need to ...

Author: Goldmine Reads

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 0359585507

Category: Self-Help


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Atomic Habit invites you within a proven framework for improving every day. James Clear, one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation, shares strategies that will help you form good habits, break bad ones, and master the behaviors that will lead to remarkable results. Clear distills complex topics into simple ideas that can be easily applied to daily life and work. He draws on the proven data from biology, psychology, and neuroscience to create a guide for making good habits inevitable and bad habits impossible. In this book, you’ll learn how to: • make time for new habits (even when life gets crazy); • overcome a lack of motivation and willpower; • design your environment to make success easier; • get back on track when you fall off course; • and much more.


... kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians ... If you see someone flourishing in their calling that God has called them ...

Author: Keith Brooks

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1602667004

Category: Religion

Page: 196

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Cognitive Media Theory

action model might be called an impulseplusinhibition model. ... AGGRESSIVE IDEAS AGGRESSIVE IMPULSES + INHIBITION / SELFCONTROL ⇓ RESTRAINED AGGRESSIVE ...

Author: Ted Nannicelli

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136226095

Category: Social Science

Page: 346

View: 743

Across the academy, scholars are debating the question of what bearing scientific inquiry has upon the humanities. The latest addition to the AFI Film Readers series, Cognitive Media Theory takes up this question in the context of film and media studies. This collection of essays by internationally recognized researchers in film and media studies, psychology, and philosophy offers film and media scholars and advanced students an introduction to contemporary cognitive media theory—an approach to the study of diverse media forms and content that draws upon both the methods and explanations of the sciences and the humanities. Exploring topics that range from color perception to the moral appraisal of characters to our interactive engagement with videogames, Cognitive Media Theory showcases the richness and diversity of cognitivist research. This volume will be of interest not only to students and scholars of film and media, but to anyone interested in the possibility of a productive relationship between the sciences and humanities.

The Well Crafted Mom

Years ago, my kids owned a book called Superhero ABC. ... Developing the self-control to stop yelling meant building my brain power to become the P for ...

Author: Kathleen Ann Harper

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1683508270

Category: Self-Help

Page: 180

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The Well-Crafted Mom is a do-it-yourself guide for making a life you love. Kathleen Ann Harper blends been-in-your-shoes stories and inspirational craft projects with smart self-care solutions for moms. In The Well-Crafted Mom, Harper links simple craft projects to life coaching tools to give moms creative reminders of what they've learned in each chapter, like how to grapple with mommy guilt; ways to tell the difference between having a mess and being a mess, and why it matters; and how to know when expectations are stealing your happiness and what you can do to reclaim joy. Within the pages of The Well-Crafted Mom, moms find reassurance that they're not alone, see themselves in familiar stories, and discover new ways to craft their beautiful lives.

Joseph God s Superhero

Do you know how to control your temper and your tongue? ... (or do you have to have it right now)? ____ Yes ____ No Develop your self-discipline muscles.

Author: Kay Arthur

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736936068

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 160

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The Discover 4 Yourself Bible Studies series for kids ages 9-12, combines a serious commitment to Bible study with fun and memorable games, puzzles, and activities to reinforce biblical truth. Each study is divided into daily lessons built around an in-depth, inductive study of a book or character of the Bible. Any young person who works through these studies will emerge with a richer appreciation of the Word of God and a deeper understanding of God's love and care for them. Joseph—God's Superhero teaches children an extraordinary truth: God chooses ordinary people to become his super heroes. In the first of three characters studies in the Discover 4 Yourself series, kids will watch Joseph as he grows through some pretty amazing struggles. What would it be like to be sold as a slave and shipped off to another country by your own brothers? Later, when Joseph, meets up with his betraying brothers, will he take revenge? When he’s thrown into prison for something he didn’t do, how will he handle the unfairness? When he’s second only to Pharaoh as the ruler of Egypt, will success go to his head? Joseph had to deal with a life of ups and down, and God taught him how to handle them all. Now it’s our turn to learn!

Computer Games and Instruction

This game, called Asthma Control, asks players to assist a superhero with ... for patients to become proficient in self-management skills (Bradlyn, Beale, ...

Author: J. D. Fletcher

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1617354104

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 565

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There is intense interest in computer games. A total of 65 percent of all American households play computer games, and sales of such games increased 22.9 percent last year. The average amount of game playing time was found to be 13.2 hours per week. The popularity and market success of games is evident from both the increased earnings from games, over $7 Billion in 2005, and from the fact that over 200 academic institutions worldwide now offer game related programs of study. In view of the intense interest in computer games educators and trainers, in business, industry, the government, and the military would like to use computer games to improve the delivery of instruction. Computer Games and Instruction is intended for these educators and trainers. It reviews the research evidence supporting use of computer games, for instruction, and also reviews the history of games in general, in education, and by the military. In addition chapters examine gender differences in game use, and the implications of games for use by lower socio-economic students, for students’ reading, and for contemporary theories of instruction. Finally, well known scholars of games will respond to the evidence reviewed.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Death

I felt all my self-control waver. “He'll need you there,” Bloom said. He put one arm around me and pulled me close. Beneath his superhero coat, ...

Author: Nancy Martin

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101210931

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Nora Blackbird has made the society pages yet again. The impoverished Philadelphia heiress has agreed to wed Mick Abruzzo, son of New Jersey’s most notorious mobster. Now Nora has to help him survive the Blackbird curse: Every time a Blackbird sister marries, the groom is bound to die. But Nora’s superstitions are eclipsed by some ominous news. Penny Devine, ex-Hollywood starlet and daughter of the Philadelphia Devines, has disappeared, and strangely, her family is very eager to have her declared dead. When it’s revealed that Nora has inherited Penny’s extensive couture wardrobe, eyebrows rise even higher. The only way for Nora to keep her name clear and save her sanity is to snoop among the snooty…until she sniffs out the truth.

Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology

Other noteworthy average effect sizes included .98 for self-control, ... Due to these large effect sizes, Hearold called for more attention to and funding ...

Author: David H. Jonassen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0805841458

Category: Education

Page: 1210

View: 498

This edition of this handbook updates and expands its review of the research, theory, issues and methodology that constitute the field of educational communications and technology. Organized into seven sectors, it profiles and integrates the following elements of this rapidly changing field.

Handbook of Research on Solving Modern Healthcare Challenges With Gamification

Skip a Beat Heart Rate Game (2014) encourages self-control in players (hyperactive ... by putting them in the role of a superhero that is called to save a ...

Author: Alexandre Peixoto de Queirós, Ricardo

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 179987477X

Category: Medical

Page: 382

View: 768

While many fields such as e-learning, business, and marketing have taken advantage of the potential of gamification, the healthcare domain has just started to exploit this emerging trend, still in an ad-hoc fashion. Despite the huge potential of applying gamification on several topics of healthcare, there are scarce theoretical studies regarding methodologies, techniques, specifications, and frameworks. These applications must be examined further as they can be used to solve major healthcare-related challenges such as care plan maintenance, medication adherence, phobias treatment, or patient education. Handbook of Research on Solving Modern Healthcare Challenges With Gamification aims to share new approaches and methodologies to build e-health solutions using gamification and identifies new trends on this topic from pedagogical strategies to technological approaches. This book serves as a collection of knowledge that builds the theoretical foundations that can be helpful in creating sustainable e-health solutions in the future. While covering topics such as augmented and virtual reality, ethical issues in gamification, e-learning, telehealth services, and digital applications, this book is essential for research scholars, healthcare/computer science teachers and students pursuing healthcare/computer science-related subjects, enterprise developers, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the latest developments and research solving healthcare challenges with modern e-health solutions using gamification.

Serious Games

... the period when children begin to master efficient self-management strategies ... The player personifies a superhero (called Atansyon), who is asked to ...

Author: Carlos Vaz De Carvalho

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 2889669440

Category: Science


View: 707

Antichrists and the Apocalypse

... and Christian social workers who are called to counsel wayward youth. ... and Judeo-Christian self-control are exchanged for rock music, superhero ...

Author: Joseph Pope

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1973680068

Category: Religion

Page: 196

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Prophetically, it’s closing time. Pandemonium has broken out on every continent. Economic collapse, war, famine and pestilence has taken over the world. But, it was all foretold in the Book of Revelation. Rogue nations seek to take advantage of the chaos. There is a leadership vacuum. Suddenly, there appears a solitary figure who has a track record for governance and management. He is known for his compassion and charisma. He is also known for electrifying speeches. Apparently, he is God’s man for the hour! But, what does the Bible say?

Indian Comics Fandom Vol 6

It's about self-discipline... if you can control yourself, you can be very ... The comic, called Secret Identities – An Asian American Superhero Anthology, ...

Author: Mohit Sharma (Trendster)

Publisher: Mohit Sharma (Trendster)



Page: 58

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Events, reviews, interviews, artworks, fanfic, articles and news related to Indian Comics.

The Bodybuilding com Guide to Your Best Body Enhanced eBook Edition

no matter how hard I tried to resist, it took control of me, too. ... The responses are activated by cells in our brains called “mirror neurons,” which ...

Author: Kris Gethin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451626029

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

View: 793

MAKE YOUR DREAM BODY A REALITY FROM KRIS GETHIN, editor in chief of the world’s leading online fitness site, comes a revolutionary 12-week diet and exercise program—supported by two million members and thousands of real-life success stories. Body by Design is a plan that promotes health from the inside out, starting by breaking down the mental blocks that are holding you back, then by building up the muscles on your body, and finally by adding delicious, healthy food onto your plate. Rather than subtracting things from your life -- cutting out calories, losing weight, banishing your belly -- here's how to add more of the right things: more muscle, more support, and more success. Motivation is the key factor that drives permanent change, and with Body by Design you can finally learn how to activate your inner motivation and with the proper balance of weight training, make fit happen forever. In Body by Design, you’ll learn how the optimal balance of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition—along with the motivational tools to stick with that program for the long term—can help even people who have struggled with fitness for their entire lives to achieve spectacular, lasting results. Join the “Transformation Nation” and create your own story that will inspire others—with Body by Design. Based on the best practices found at (the world’s leading online fitness site), Body by Design shows that amazing things can happen when people get the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals. Just ask people featured in the book, like: TIFFANY FORNI a self-professed “fat girl turned fitness nerd” who turned her newfound passion for health into a career as a personal trainer. ROCHELLE FORD, who came from a family of unhealthy eaters but eventually lost more than 100 pounds—and converted her family to her good habits in the process. CLAUDIO RAMOS, who has more energy than ever after his 135-pound weight loss—“It’s like I’ve been reborn.” RICKY HOWELL, who achieved a stronger body and a newfound sense of confidence after his divorce. You could be a part of the Transformation Nation -- and you can start today, with Body by Design.

The Bodybuilding com Guide to Your Best Body

no matter how hard I tried to resist, it took control of me, too. ... The responses are activated by cells in our brains called “mirror neurons,” which ...

Author: Kris Gethin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476745536

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

View: 890

From the world’s leading online fitness site,, comes a revolutionary twelve-week diet and exercise program for every body type—illustrated throughout with full-color photographs and before-and-after pictures. Make Your Dream Body A Reality From the world’s leading online fitness site comes a revolutionary 12-week diet and exercise program—supported by two million members and thousands of real-life success stories. The Guide to Your Best Body presents a plan that promotes health from the inside out, starting first with the mental blocks that are holding you back, progressing to the muscles on your body, and finally to the food on your plate. Rather than subtracting things from your life (cutting calories, losing weight, banishing your belly), here’s how to add more of the RIGHT things: more muscle, more support, and more success. On this plan, you will: • GET AND STAY MOTIVATED. Identify your “Transformation Trigger” and create a system of radical accountability in your life—whether your goal is to lose 30 pounds of fat or gain 30 pounds of muscle. • EXERCISE FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS with a fully illustrated, 3-stage exercise routine. By changing your routine often, you will “shock” your body into doing more than you ever thought you could. • EAT CLEAN TO GET LEAN with simple, inexpensive, and delicious recipes. Supercharge your metabolism and keep hunger under control. With this book, you’ll learn the optimal balance of weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition that have helped people achieve dramatic, lasting results. Join the “Transformation Nation” and create your own story that will inspire others—with The Guide to Your Best Body.