The Color of Hunger

Prejudice, Race, and the Domestication of Hunger Now that we have summarized the psychology of prejudice, it is time to turn our attention more directly to the topic of this chapter: the connection between racial prejudice and hunger.

Author: David L.L. Shields

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 0742574105

Category: Social Science

Page: 176

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The first book ever to examine the links between hunger and race, The Color of Hunger probes the contemporary and historical reasons hunger is concentrated among people of color, both domestically and globally.


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Category: Food relief

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Hunger Notes

A Newsletter of World Hunger Education Service. system defend its actors from its own logic? Here we might be of some help. The staffs of the IFIs are hardly the villains who deliberately promote child labor, wreak havoc with the ...




Category: Food relief

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Kids Ending Hunger

What is hunger, anyway? What you feel when you skip lunch, or when supper is an hour late? Not really. That's not what we mean when we talk about hunger in this book. We would call that appetite. Maybe your stomach rumbles, or hurts, ...

Author: Tracy Apple Howard

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Pub


Category: Children

Page: 201

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Discusses the problem of world hunger and shows children and their parents what they can do to help end starvation.

World Hunger

WORLD HUNGER: A REFERENCE HANDBOOK Beyond rhetoric and ideology, beyond simple solutions and final answers, to a balanced view of the critical issues shaping the future of our nation and our planet — This is ABC-CLIO's Contemporary ...

Author: Patricia L. Kutzner

Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated


Category: Social Science

Page: 386

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Gives a broad overview of the many dimensions of world hunger, focusing specifically on the context of economic, social, political, and scientific contraints that affect global food security.

Justice Hunger

... continued to crack very insistently, and I woke to the insistent demand of my alarm clock. I jumped out of bed and tore into the shower, rubbed myself vigorously, then swiftly dressed, for I wanted a good breakfast 258 — Justice Hunger.

Author: Meyer Liben



Category: Depressions

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Hunger U S A

With an Introductory Comment by Robert F. Kennedy Citizens' Board of Inquiry into Hunger and Malnutrition in the United States. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA , SANTA CRUZ 3 2106 00790 9952.

Author: Citizens' Board of Inquiry into Hunger and Malnutrition in the United States



Category: Food industry and trade

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Wild Hunger

Crack Cocaine and Heroin Dependency in Postcolonial Ghana Lily Nana Abena Owusu-Darkwa. U ; ALF6330 Erd r 1 WILD HUNGER : Crack Cocaine and Heroin Dependency in Postcolonial.

Author: Lily Nana Abena Owusu-Darkwa



Category: Cocaine abuse

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World Hunger

Twelve Myths Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins ! World Hunger Twelve Myths by Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph.

Author: Frances Moore Lappé

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic


Category: Agriculture and state

Page: 240

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The authors advance the position that it is a lack of democracy in the world rather than a shortage of food that causes famines.