Hypnosis Comes of Age. Science Digest, April, 44–50. Faria, José-Custodio. (
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Author: Judith Pintar

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444305302

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Hypnosis: A Brief History crosses disciplinary boundaries toexplain current advances and controversies surrounding the use ofhypnosis through an exploration of the history of its development. examines the social and cultural contexts of the theories,development, and practice of hypnosis crosses disciplinary boundaries to explain current advances andcontroversies in hypnosis explores shifting beliefs about the nature of hypnosis investigates references to the apparent power of hypnosis overmemory and personal identity


In 1971 , Estabrooks gave a chilling portrait of his career in an article in Science
Digest titled " Hypnosis Comes of Age . " " One of the most fascinating but
dangerous applications of hypnosis is its use in military intelligence , "
Estabrooks wrote ...

Author: Alexander Cockburn

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 9781859841396

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A shocking expose of the CIA's role as drug baron, "White-Out" surveys the violent storm provoked by a series of articles written by Gary Webb for the "San Jose Mercury News" which charged the agency with smuggling cocaine into the U.S. for the purpose of undermining the youth in black urban neighborhoods.

Science Digest

JOHN MURRAY New York , New York Whether hypnosis has already come of
age , or will do so in some future time , G . H . Estabrooks does not make clear in
his April article , “ Hypnosis Comes of Age . " In fact , he states as scientific fact
that ...




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Understanding Hypnosis

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis 43 : 294-311 . Maltz M ( 1960 ) Psycho -
Cybernetics . Englewood Cliffs , N.J .: Prentice Hall , Inc. Mann H ( 1963 )
Hypnosis comes of age , American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis , 5 , 159-162 .
Maslow A ...

Author: Alfred A. Barrios

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated


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The book presents a comprehensive theory of hypnosis one that encompasses and may even surpass all previous theories. It is a rational scientific explanation of hypnosis that explains the hypnotic induction process as well as hypnotic and post-hypnotic phenomena in terms of principles if conditioning and inhibition.

Hindu Yoga

(Hypnotism Comes of Age, p. 69). In thus activising the subject's consciousness
on the parapsychic plane, the hypnotist unconsciously does for the subject the
same thing that the subject himself would be able to achieve by practice of Yogic

Author: Vankeepuram Varadachari



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Secret History

Consider, for example, the following (from “Hypnosis Comes of Age,” Science
Digest, April 1971). “I can hypnotize a man, without his knowledge or consent,
into committing treason against the United States,” asserted Dr. George
Estabrooks, ...

Author: Nick Redfern

Publisher: Visible Ink Press

ISBN: 1578595584

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History is written by the winners—and the powerful—but how much of it is fiction? And who is really in control today? From the dawn of civilization to the 21st century, from ancient aliens to the New World Order, Secret History: Conspiracies from Ancient Aliens to the New World Order examines, explores, and uncovers the hidden, overlooked, and buried history of mankind. The book moves from biblical, Egyptian, Mayan, Greek, and early mysteries of antiquity to the clandestine doings of the Nazis and the Masons and assassination plots of the more recent past to the surveillance, monitoring, mind-control, and secret schemes of today. Researcher Nick Redfern investigates the stories, mythologies, lore behind incredible events and clandestine groups of yesterday and today. More than 60 entries dig deep into the manipulation of events by influential groups, including … • Historical riddles—alien visitations, space gods, and human–alien crossbreeding. • Government cover ups—mind control, murders, scientists, and secret agents. • Powerful groups and intended consequences—9-11, new world order, bird-flu, and chemtrails. Tracing the chilling and lasting effects of conspiracies, cabals, and plots, Secret History: Conspiracies from Ancient Aliens to the New World Order exposes their deep reach in shaping today's world.

British Journal of Medical Hypnotism

Editorial Offices : 4, Victoria Terrace, Kingsway, Hove 3, Sussex MEDICAL
HYPNOTISM COMES OF AGE As this Journal approaches Volume 10 (next issue
), it is with pleasure and pride that we survey the establishment and growth of ...




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Encyclopedia of New Age Beliefs

... on a Prospective Witness , ” California Law Review , March 1980 . 373 .
Charles Tart , “ Transpersonal Potentialities of Deep Hypnosis , ” Journal of
Transpersonal Psychology , vol . 2 , no . 1 , 1970 . 374 . Daniel Goleman , “
Hypnosis Comes ...

Author: John Ankerberg

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9781565071605

Category: Religion

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This comprehensive, indexed volume includes short, one-page listings of pertinent facts about a particular movement, its founder, how it claims to work, scientific evaluations done, and its potential dangers. Some topics covered are angels, visualization, shamanism, hypnosis, new age medicine and martial arts.

Human Rights Law Journal

Estabrooks publicly advocated creating hypnotically programmed couriers and
assassins in his 1943 book Hypnotism . ... G . H . Estabrooks , Hypnosis Comes
of Age , SCIENCE DIGEST 44 ( April 1971 ) . other notorious lawbreakers have
all ...




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W THE MENACE OF HYPNOTISM HAT You Should Know about Hypnotism , " an
article in the magazine , Life Story ... See also , for a similar denial of the dangers
of Hypnotism , “ Hypnotism Comes of Age , ” Reader's Digest , October , 1943 .




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Nursing Management of the Patient with Pain

Goleman , D . : Hypnosis comes of age . Psychol . Today , 11 : 54 - 56 , 60 , July
1977 . ... Greene , R . J . and Reyher , J . : Pain tolerance in hypnotic analgesic
and imagination states . J . Abnorm . Psychol . , 79 : 29 – 38 , Feb . 1972 .

Author: Margo McCaffery

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


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The Psychology of Eyewitness Testimony

GOLEMAN , D . Hypnosis comes of age . Psychology Today , July 1977 , 54 - 60 .
GOLLIN , E . S . Organizational characteristics of social judgment : A
developmental investigation . Journal of Personality , 1958 , 26 , 139 - 154 .

Author: A. Daniel Yarmey

Publisher: New York : Free Press


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From Shaman to Psychotherapist

... Disease CALIIV 111 E KIN G S - E VI L . Passage of Priestly Power to Kings
MESMER ,. GreatrakesThe Commoner as Therapist Charcot - Hypnosis Comes
of Age.

Author: Walter Bromberg


ISBN: 9780809281473

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Northwest Dentistry

It is a well - known fact that a few dentists1 , 5 have been making use of hypnosis
for many years . Generally ... Another common question is : “ Can a person be
hypnotized against his will ? ... 2 Wolfe and Rosenthal - Hypnosis Comes of Age .




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Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science

Now , Andrew Salter has come up with one of the newer things in hypnotism .
This is selfhypnosis . Salter says ... Age regression - hypnosis can make adults
exhibit antics and attitudes of childhood . 13 : 86-88 . LIFE MAGAZINE . 1941.




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Astrological Magazine

Dr. W. G. Walter says: "when a hypnotized subject with his eyes closed is told that
they are open, his alpha rhythms ... psy. chological framework which is never
reproduced in all its aspects in the waking-state” (Hypnotism Comes of Age, p. 69






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