If I Have to Tell You One More Time

The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids To Listen Without Nagging,
Remindi ng, or Yelling Amy McCready ... —Stacy Kaiser, licensed
psychotherapist and author of How to Be a Grown Up “If I Have to Tell You One
More Time is ...

Author: Amy McCready

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101517603

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

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The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling Why does it feel sometimes as if our children have special powers that enable them to tune us out completely? You ask your child to do her homework, get ready for school or bedtime. You think she heard you but . . . no response. You’ve tried everything—time-outs, nagging, counting to three—and nothing seems to work. In this invaluable book, Amy McCready, founder of the popular online parenting course Positive Parenting Solutions, presents a nag-and-scream-free program for compassionately yet effectively, correcting your children’s bad behavior. McCready draws on Adlerian psychology and Positive Discipline, which focuses on the central idea that every human being has a basic need to feel connected and empowered—children being no exception to the rule. According to McCready, when this need isn’t met in positive ways, kids resort to negative methods. In this book she provides parents with a virtual toolbox of strategies they can use to give their children the attention and power they crave—and do away with the misbehaving that adults dread.

If I Have to Tell You One More Time

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book isfor you! If I Have to Tell You One More Time . . . is a practical guide that provides parents with the essential tools to help teach children to become self-motivated.

Author: Lawana S. Gladney

Publisher: Brown Books

ISBN: 9780963040312

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 148

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Do you nag your kids too much? Do you feel overwhelmed, puzzled, and frustrated with yourself and your children when they fail to complete their homework or chores? Do you wish your children would show some initiative of their own? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book isfor you! If I Have to Tell You One More Time . . . is a practical guide that provides parents with the essential tools to help teach children to become self-motivated. By following the 6 key steps featured in the book, you will learn effective communication strategies to propel your children to ACTION.

Speaking is Selling

36 If I Have to Tell You ONE MORE TIME . . . You were told once, twice, a third
time, and then from the other room you heard the warning: “If I have to tell you
ONE MORE TIME!” At that point you knew it was probably time to do whatever
you ...

Author: Mark A. Vickers

Publisher: Made For Success Publishing

ISBN: 1613395191

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

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You are a Speaker and you are a Salesperson. Regardless of your title: Corporate Executive, Sales and Marketing Professional, Salesperson, Teacher, Trainer, or Coach, your success in connecting with your words and selling your ideas and products will determine Your Career Success.

Professional Speaker and Certified Professional Coach, Mark A. Vickers, shares key tips and techniques for success in Speaking and Selling. Each technique that Mark covers is a lesson that your mother taught you by the time you were 16.

There is no magic to becoming an effective speaker or salesperson just two basic requirements: understand the key fundamentals AND apply them every day.

Through simple truths that your mother shared with you, Mark takes a lighthearted but direct look at the issues facing most professionals when they are making presentations and provides simple steps to improve your skills.

Speaking is Selling – 51 Tips Your Mother Taught you is full of reminders and techniques to help you maximize your professional success.

Cat and Nat s Mom Truths

It fits into the same genre of part lie, part exaggeration as “If you don't get a
haircut, you're going to get lice” (I use that one) and “If you don't brush your teeth,
they will turn brown and fall out.” “If I have to tell you one more time...” This might
be ...

Author: Catherine Belknap

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0525574921

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

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THE NATIONAL BESTSELLER Hilarious best friends Cat and Nat created a massive online community of moms by sharing their ultra-real and just a bit R-rated dispatches from the mom trenches. From what not to eat a few days after giving birth (chicken wings) to the most effective ways to dodge post-partum sex, Cat & Nat’s Mom Truths shares everything no one will tell you about having kids. Mixing memoir, humor, and advice, Cat and Nat tell never-before-told stories about the stress, guilt, joy, and laundry (oh the laundry!) of being a mom in their first book. With seven kids between them and millions of fans on social media, they get real about the parts of parenting that somehow don’t make the Instagram feed. Sharing their outrageous humor, fearless myth-busting, and genuine comfort on every page, they walk you from pregnancy to the toddler years and beyond. And they dole out ridiculously honest advice, like what you think you need at the hospital when you have your first baby (lip gloss) versus what you actually need (hemorrhoid pillow), and how worried you should really be about germs (less than you are). Fearless crusaders against the perfection myth and all the gluten-free, sugar-free baking it entails, Cat and Nat assure you that you’re already doing a great job, making this an essential companion for moms everywhere.

A School Security Officer

When I approached her this time, I started the conversation with, “Miss, if I have to
tell you one more time to stay off the floor, I will ask you to leave the building.”
She looked at me as though she was confused about what I had said to her.

Author: James Puckett

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480811637

Category: Self-Help

Page: 112

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School security officers face tough challenges. They are charged with the responsibility of protecting children in the schools. In "The School Security Officer: What Makes a Good One?" author James Puckett shares the common challenges you can expect daily on the job and how to deal with them. He will teach you how to improve your relationship with students, administrators, parents, teachers, and faculty. From personal experience gained during eight years as a high school security officer, Puckett goes inside the school and shows firsthand what it's like to work as a school security officer. He focuses not only on the duties and responsibilities of a school security officer but also on what it takes for a school security officer to carry out those duties and responsibilities effectively, including the qualities, traits, and characteristics that many other professions and jobs don't require. Whether you're a young school security officer just starting on the job, or a seasoned one who has been on the job for several years, "The School Security Officer: What Makes a Good One? "communicates how you can best carry out your duties and responsibilities. It can help you become a good school security officer on your way to becoming a better one.

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

And I ask you all without regard to your party I have to tell you that for all the pain
that to wish us well . And I ask you one more time the decisions made by
Governor Florio and the to give the Members of Congress here a pat ... But it is an
exciting time , tax increase , and you even have a rainy day and it is a fabulous
opportunity for us to put fund at a time when many States are going our house in
order and ...

Author: United States. President



Category: Presidents


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"Containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the President", 1956-1992.

Moustapha s Eclipse

real quiet like a guy in a movie , “ If I have to tell you one more time , schnitzel -
breath , I ' ll just rip off your head and yell down your fuckin lungs . ” And ol
Jewboy starts tremblin like mad and tears start rollin down his cheeks . Buck just
turns ...

Author: Reginald McKnight

Publisher: Pittsburgh : University of Pittsburgh Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 129

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Idi, a Senegalese English translator, relates a group of stories that capture the black experience in a range of African and Afro-American voices, telling of adolescence, racism, and beliefs lost and found.

You Know the Fair Rule

... voice • employs an unreflective, unplanned verbal repertoire in discipline: "If I
have to tell you one more time ...' 'I'm sick and tired of telling you.' 'You dummy!' '
What's wrong with you?' 'I've told you a thousand times!' 'Can't you get it by now?

Author: Bill Rogers



Category: Classroom management

Page: 312

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Focusing on discipline in the school classroom, this provides a range of strategies and practical skills to use in order to motivate and guide pupils. It looks at the difficulties of dealing with poor behaviour and shows how to make this job easier. Aimed at primary and secondary staff.

What World is Left

As a Jew, I was no longer allowed inside the Amsterdam Lyceum, the school I
loved so much and where I did so well. Instead I ... “Anneke, if I have to tell you
one more time to stop, I'll...,” Meneer Cohen, who taught us Latin, warned. I
looked ...

Author: Monique Polak

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

ISBN: 155469776X

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 232

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A pampered child used to having her own way, Anneke Van Raalte lives outside Amsterdam, where her father is a cartoonist for the Amsterdam newspaper. Though Anneke's family is Jewish, her religion means little to her. Anneke's life changes in 1942 when the Nazis invade Holland, and she and her family are deported to Theresienstadt, a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. Not only are conditions in the camp appalling, but the camp is the site of an elaborate hoax: the Nazis are determined to convince the world that Theresienstadt is an idyllic place and that European Jews are thriving under the Nazi regime. Because he is an artist, Anneke's father is compelled to help in the propaganda campaign, and Anneke finds herself torn between her loyalty to her family and her sense of what is right. What World is Left was inspired by the experiences of the author's mother, who was imprisoned in Theresienstadt during World War II.

Letting Go

I'm supposed tobe in love at seventeen! You're old. You're married to someone
already. And you're a dad, MY dad! What right ... If I have to tell you one more
time to stop doing that, I'll take that contraption away andputitinthe dustbin! Do
you ...

Author: Pam Rhodes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444787403

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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After eighteen years together, Meg and Alan Barratt have a marriage that works and a settled, orderly and companionable life. On the eve of their wedding anniversary, Alan presents Meg with an eternity ring, inscribed with the date of their wedding and just one word: FOREVER. Then, just before Christmas, an act of betrayal makes Meg question the basis of her entire life. Without the trust on which she's always believed their love was based, is their marriage, family and home all an illusion? For Meg, the holiday season is far from festive. But as the new year dawns, she realises that she owes it to her son and daughter to take up the reins again. And when Alan reminds her of that anniversary promise, Meg must decide just what FOREVER means.

The Momentum of Beauty

Taiesha shivers , pretends it's drafty though the dining room has no windows . "
Taiesha , eat , " Fat Staffer says loud . " That's time two . If I have to tell you one
more time , look out . " Taiesha slices soggy noodles under white fork . Look out
for ...

Author: Lynn Marie Pieski




Page: 278

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Lone Star Lover

”REBECCA, stop your woolgathering, girl, and fetch me some more warm water.”
Rebecca Swanson blinked ... “If I have to tell you one more time to stop calling
me Miss Kitty, I'll give you back to them Rangers.” The older woman glared, the ...

Author: Debbi Rawlins

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426849794

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Being transported to a small Texas town in the 1860s is the last thing Ranger Jake Malone expected. But living in the past does come with one hot, sizzling advantage—the doctor's assistant Rebecca Swanson. Rebecca's life is filled with danger, and is about to get worse if the unsavory men in the town get their way. She's desperate to escape and Jake's willing to help her. But can she trust him? Lucky for her, Jake's sworn to do whatever it takes to keep her safe by his side…and in his bed.


After she hung up the phone the last time she attempted to call Ken, Roy burst
into her office waving a letter she had left for him. ... “Seriously Roy, if I have to tell
you to call me Suren one more time I'm going to have it tattooed onto your tongue

Author: Aaron Overfield

Publisher: Aaron Overfield

ISBN: 1300073853



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Dr. Jin Tsay’s revelation entices the military with a potential to uncover and disarm any covert threats. The government that funded the engineer’s classified project orders Tsay’s death, so they can solely and secretly possess his alluring technological consummation: VEIL Veil proves to be the purest, deepest form of espionage and anti-terrorism by endowing humankind with the ability to experience life through another person. Dr. Tsay's technology offers submersion into another’s mind; Veil provides a direct perception of their immediate thoughts, emotions, memories, and the rush of their most intimate senses. If it ever escapes the military’s relentlessly selfish grip, Veil swears to permanently alter the psychosocial, sexual, political, economic, and religious landscapes of our lives. Veil promises to usher in our ultimately unifying evolution: the New Veil World. Retribution for Dr. Jin Tsay’s assassination comes in the form of his widow, who races to deliver Veil unto the world and share it freely, before those who ordered her husband’s murder can exploit it. Wielding the inescapable force of Veil, Suren Tsay seeks to inflict justice upon all those responsible for her husband’s demise, culminating in an unforgiving, brutal, obsessive hunt for the elusive killer of the father of the New Veil World: the Great Jin Tsay. Taking Veil beyond limits Jin himself could’ve imagined, the revered Widow Tsay vows to get her revenge at any cost. Suren Tsay soon realizes she too must inhabit the world created by her husband’s invention and her own bloodlust. Suren must learn to live in the New Veil World. She must also fight to liberate it.

Planet Reese

They probably meet at lunch, fondle each other in the cafeteria, smother each
other in the Ford Festiva. Disgusting. ... “What the fuck did I just say? Are you deaf
? If I have to tell you one more time you're going to get my boot up your ass.

Author: Cordelia Strube

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781554885923

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 205

Long-listed for the ReLit Award, 2009 Reese Larkin is desperate to find the perfect mattress. His job is in jeopardy and he’s been forced to separate from his wife and children, but he believes that if he can find the ultimate sleep system his life will begin anew. In her seventh novel, Cordelia Strube grabs readers by the neuroses with a dark but wickedly fun story about a former Greenpeace activist forced to turn marketeer who battles against a world in which he is confronted by shift mattress sales clerks, a Fred and Ginger-obsessed strip-bar waitress, derisive colleagues, and a wife who has mysteriously turned cold and is keeping his children from him. Alone in his damp basement apartment with his daughter’s hamster, he longs for a good night’s sleep and, though faced with despair, begins each day hopefully as he grips tighter to the edges of his life. Engaging, enlightening, and always entertaining, Planet Reese is an intensely personal and endearing tale of a man holding on to his sanity against all odds in an increasingly unhinged world.

Inner Thoughts

If I have to tell you this one more time, you will be washing dishes and cleaning
tables somewhere else, you hear?” Gara lashes out at the girl who helps her with
the office work. The youngster is startled by Gara's angry outburst, but she stays ...

Author: David Mas

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479740683

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 504

LIFE ON EARTH IS FAR FROM PERFECT. THATS WHY ELDERS OF THE PLANET OGAN, A PERFECT world populated by intelligent trees, have sent Ogos there. His mission is simple; eradicate pain and misery. From his landing spot in a city park, Ogos watches the world go by; creating a zone of peace and comfort around him that touches everyone who steps into his cool shade. A group of park-goers adore the tree that never wilts, and they find themselves consistently drawn to Ogos, who has the power to cure their minds and their bodies. It seems that Ogos can cure everything, from homelessness to illness. But there is one thing that Ogos does not have the power to change, and that is his own isolation, for as a tree, he cannot experience the same life as his newfound friends. On this new, imperfect planet, how can Ogos make a difference and be truly happy? So, he found a way to become human. This is a story about kindness, about selflessness, and togetherness in a world that insists on the opposite.

End of Eternity 4

Bradford West “If I have to tell you how to play that song one more time, you will
find yourself suddenly unable to play anything,” I warn the older man sitting on a
stool behind a concert harp. His gaze fixes on me, his wrinkled lips forming a ...

Author: Loretta Lost

Publisher: Loretta Lost


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 395

This is the fourth and final book in the End of Eternity series! No more cliffhangers. Surrendering herself to the monster that has destroyed her family, Carmen follows his commands while secretly hoping for a moment when she can gain the upper hand. Having reached her final breaking point, she will take no more of watching her loved ones get hurt because of one depraved man's psychotic behavior. Carmen takes matters into her own hands, and lies in wait for the moment when she can make her move and end this. And she will end this: once and for all. In the meantime, Owen is hurt and confused by Carmen's sudden rejection, and considers reconciling with his girlfriend Caroline and getting married to her. He realizes that things might have moved too quickly with Carmen, and that maybe he should rekindle the relationship he has had for several years, instead of diving headfirst into something new and being unsure of the outcome...

Pennsylvania State Reports Containing Cases Decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

It is hardly necessary to tell you that I had a great deal to pay when I failed , for
you know that I have paid off many of ... I have to pay nim one more note which
comes due April 1st 1870 , and after he is paid I will pay you all I owe you , and if I

Author: Pennsylvania. Supreme Court



Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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Saints Herald

Elders can have their home with us as long as they wish to stay , and we would
feel honored by having the privilege of entertaining them . ... in a family to ask our
Father's blessing , where before this we would have to seek some quiet corner for
fear of annoying some one ! ... If I should tell you all of the manifestations of the
power of God that has come under my notice , since that time , you might think it ...




Category: Mormons


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Convention transcripts

Once they finished that , I would assume that most delegates will probably be
assigned to two committees . ... I just want to tell you one more time that if we do
not adopt this rule , the Committee on Committees are going to have difficulty
putting ...

Author: Louisiana. Constitutional Convention



Category: Constitutional conventions


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