If I Have to Tell You One More Time

In this book she provides parents with a virtual toolbox of strategies they can use to give their children the attention and power they crave—and do away with the misbehaving that adults dread.

Author: Amy McCready

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101517603

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

View: 539

The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling Why does it feel sometimes as if our children have special powers that enable them to tune us out completely? You ask your child to do her homework, get ready for school or bedtime. You think she heard you but . . . no response. You’ve tried everything—time-outs, nagging, counting to three—and nothing seems to work. In this invaluable book, Amy McCready, founder of the popular online parenting course Positive Parenting Solutions, presents a nag-and-scream-free program for compassionately yet effectively, correcting your children’s bad behavior. McCready draws on Adlerian psychology and Positive Discipline, which focuses on the central idea that every human being has a basic need to feel connected and empowered—children being no exception to the rule. According to McCready, when this need isn’t met in positive ways, kids resort to negative methods. In this book she provides parents with a virtual toolbox of strategies they can use to give their children the attention and power they crave—and do away with the misbehaving that adults dread.

If I Have to Tell You One More Time

6 Keys to Motivating Your Kids Lawana S. Gladney. J If I Have to tell you L 6 Keys to.

Author: Lawana S. Gladney

Publisher: Brown Books

ISBN: 9780963040312

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 148

View: 844

Do you nag your kids too much? Do you feel overwhelmed, puzzled, and frustrated with yourself and your children when they fail to complete their homework or chores? Do you wish your children would show some initiative of their own? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book isfor you! If I Have to Tell You One More Time . . . is a practical guide that provides parents with the essential tools to help teach children to become self-motivated. By following the 6 key steps featured in the book, you will learn effective communication strategies to propel your children to ACTION.

Speaking is Selling

36 If I Have to Tell You ONE MORE TIME . . . You were told once, twice, a third time, and then from the other room you heard the warning: “If I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME!” At that point you knew it was probably time to do whatever ...

Author: Mark A. Vickers

Publisher: Made For Success Publishing

ISBN: 1613395191

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

View: 900

You are a Speaker and you are a Salesperson. Regardless of your title: Corporate Executive, Sales and Marketing Professional, Salesperson, Teacher, Trainer, or Coach, your success in connecting with your words and selling your ideas and products will determine Your Career Success.

Professional Speaker and Certified Professional Coach, Mark A. Vickers, shares key tips and techniques for success in Speaking and Selling. Each technique that Mark covers is a lesson that your mother taught you by the time you were 16.

There is no magic to becoming an effective speaker or salesperson just two basic requirements: understand the key fundamentals AND apply them every day.

Through simple truths that your mother shared with you, Mark takes a lighthearted but direct look at the issues facing most professionals when they are making presentations and provides simple steps to improve your skills.

Speaking is Selling – 51 Tips Your Mother Taught you is full of reminders and techniques to help you maximize your professional success.

Cat and Nat s Mom Truths

adults can't quite figure out what the friggin' cloud is, so you can imagine how it would confuse a nine-year-old. “If you don't eat your fruits ... If I have to tell you one more time to get dressed, we're not going to the hockey game!

Author: Catherine Belknap

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0525574921

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

View: 474

THE NATIONAL BESTSELLER Hilarious best friends Cat and Nat created a massive online community of moms by sharing their ultra-real and just a bit R-rated dispatches from the mom trenches. From what not to eat a few days after giving birth (chicken wings) to the most effective ways to dodge post-partum sex, Cat & Nat’s Mom Truths shares everything no one will tell you about having kids. Mixing memoir, humor, and advice, Cat and Nat tell never-before-told stories about the stress, guilt, joy, and laundry (oh the laundry!) of being a mom in their first book. With seven kids between them and millions of fans on social media, they get real about the parts of parenting that somehow don’t make the Instagram feed. Sharing their outrageous humor, fearless myth-busting, and genuine comfort on every page, they walk you from pregnancy to the toddler years and beyond. And they dole out ridiculously honest advice, like what you think you need at the hospital when you have your first baby (lip gloss) versus what you actually need (hemorrhoid pillow), and how worried you should really be about germs (less than you are). Fearless crusaders against the perfection myth and all the gluten-free, sugar-free baking it entails, Cat and Nat assure you that you’re already doing a great job, making this an essential companion for moms everywhere.

Anchor Man

If you are a new father, you should know about the “law of juice. ... In other words, if you need one gallon, always buy two. ... Communicate the Rule Clearly, and Enforce It the First TimeIf I have to tell you one more time.

Author: Steve Farrar

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418568643

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 859

If you thought your parenting responsibilities ended after eighteen years per child, you thought wrong. Instead, it's your privilege to lead your family-and influence succeeding generations-for a century...or more. Anchor Man presents the high calling of fatherhood, the traits of a Christian father, the adventures that await him as he interacts with his children, and the significance of his role as a good family man. Steve Farrar presents these roles and responsibilities in a way any man wanting to increase his understanding of his place in the family, and our society, can put into action every day. Anchor Man encourages, exhorts, and demonstrates with biblical concepts how to raise a godly family and how to anchor that family in Christ for the next one hundred years. Farrar's unique teaching style blends humor and practicality with the tools fathers need to become all that God intended them to be as the leaders of their families. "When a man gets serious about following Christ with his whole heart," Farrar says, "God desires to not only pour out His blessing on that man, but on his children, and his children's children.

Making Sense of the Senseless

You could do it if you tried.” His Father would shout, “If I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME I'll ...” But his Father never seemed to finish that line, so Charlie didn't know (for sure) just what to expect if it were to happen that one ...

Author: Ron D. Kingsley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1401068758

Category: Psychology

Page: 370

View: 762

This book represents a culmination of research, thought, and clinical experience collected over the past 15 years. It was written to help those individuals who find themselves in the quandry of not demonstrating symptoms of sufficient intensity and/or severity to be recognized as obsessive and compuslive and yet they are. Such mild-moderate symptoms (Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms; OCS rather than OCD) are nevfertheless life interfering, distressing, anxiety and panic provoking, have secondary and tertiary symptoms causally linked to them such as depression, explosiveness, emotional instability and yet are very treatable. This book is for us all. May the information therein help you as it has been helping others well before the actual book was completed. Ron D. Kingsley

The Me Me Me Epidemic

If you haven't read my previous book, If I Have to Tell You One More Time..., you may be skeptical that this tool will pack much of a punch in improving behavior. This is one time I'm going to ask you to suspend disbelief and trust me.

Author: Amy McCready

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698158717

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 336

View: 326

Cure your kids of the entitlement epidemic so they develop happier, more productive attitudes that will carry them into a successful adulthood. Whenever Amy McCready mentions the "entitlement epidemic" to a group of parents, she is inevitably met with eye rolls, nodding heads, and loaded comments about affected children. It seems everywhere one looks, there are preschoolers who only behave in the grocery store for a treat, narcissistic teenagers posting selfies across all forms of social media, and adult children living off their parents. Parenting expert McCready reveals in this book that the solution is to help kids develop healthy attitudes in life. By setting up limits with consequences and training them in responsible behavior and decision making, parents can rid their homes of the entitlement epidemic and raise confident, resilient, and successful children. Whether parents are starting from scratch with a young toddler or navigating the teen years, they will find in this book proven strategies to effectively quell entitled attitudes in their children.

Making Sense of the Senseless

You could do it if you tried.” His Father would shout, “If I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME I'll...” Buthis Father never seemed to finish that line, so Charlie didn't know (for sure) just whatto expect if it were to happen that one ...

Author: Ron D. Kingsley, MS, PhD, NCSP

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462806422

Category: Psychology

Page: 370

View: 157

This book represents a culmination of research, thought, and clinical experience collected over the past 15 years. It was written to help those individuals who find themselves in the quandry of not demonstrating symptoms of sufficient intensity and/or severity to be recognized as obsessive and compuslive and yet they are. Such mild-moderate symptoms (Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms; OCS rather than OCD) are nevfertheless life interfering, distressing, anxiety and panic provoking, have secondary and tertiary symptoms causally linked to them such as depression, explosiveness, emotional instability and yet are very treatable. This book is for us all. May the information therein help you as it has been helping others well before the actual book was completed. Ron D. Kingsley

When She Makes More

“I finally let go of something I had been resisting for years,” she tells me, “which was to hang on to trying to make our ... Amy McCready is founder of PositiveParentingSolutions.com and author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time .

Author: Farnoosh Torabi

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698156951

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 410

As seen on CNBC's Follow the Leader “Farnoosh’s ground-breaking book will save more relationships than couples counseling ever could.” —Barbara Stanny, author of Secrets of Six-Figure Women Today, a record number of women are their household’s top-earner. But if you’re that woman, you face a much higher risk of burnout, infidelity, and divorce. In this important and timely book, personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi candidly addresses how income imbalances affect relationships and family dynamics, and presents a bold strategy to achieving happiness at work and home. Torabi’s ten essential rules include: • Buy Yourself a Wife: Outsource as many household tasks as possible to bring more peace and happiness to both your lives • Don’t Assume a Mr. Mom is Best: The math might say he should quit his job, but doing so can be dangerous. • Understand the Male Brain: Know how men think and what motivates their behavior to communicate effectively, share responsibilities, and avoid power struggles in your relationship.


You're brainwashing me!” “My dad promised he would never leave when I was first born. ... “I have the right to decide where I live once I turned a certain age. ... “If I have to tell you one more time, I'm really going to get mad.

Author: Linda J. Gottlieb

Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher

ISBN: 0398087377

Category: Medical

Page: 302

View: 220

In this thought-provoking book, Ms. Gottlieb attempts to resolve the controversies surrounding Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) by providing substantial empirical evidence from her treatment cases in support of the eight symptoms which child psychiatrist, Richard Gardner, had identified as occurring in the PAS child, and she further exemplifies the commonality of the alienating maneuvers among the alienating parents. The author redefines the typically-held characterization of the parents’ relationship as portrayed in the pertinent literature and accepted by most PAS-aware professionals. Numerous case examples are explored: horrific tales of manufactured child abuse; referrals to child protective services (CPS) resulting in suspension of visits between targeted parents and their children; meritless reports to police alleging domestic violence in support of orders of protection which slander and stigmatize targeted parents; exclusionary tactics preventing targeted parents’ involvement in their children’s medical, educational, social lives and activities; and depletion of targeted parents’ resources due to legal fees required to defend himself/herself and to obtain judicial enforcement of parental rights. Ms. Gottlieb methodically documents that PAS is a form of emotional child abuse of the severest kind. The author provides an unprecedented number of treatment summaries, which demonstrate the effectiveness of structural family therapy in treating the PAS family. To further elucidate the subject, the author interviewed several matrimonial attorneys, Law Guardians, and forensic evaluators regarding their experiences with PAS, and she incorporated their thoughts into her recommendations as to how the mental health and judicial communities should resolve this situation in the best interests of the child. “New Rules” are suggested which encourage a collaborative rather than an adversarial approach to child custody. This book will be an excellent resource for parents who are divorcing or are in conflict, for adult-child victims of PAS, for mature children of divorcing parents, for judges, for Law Guardians, for matrimonial attorneys, for therapists, for child protective personnel, for law enforcement----and for the professional rescuer who believes that a child must be saved from a parent.

A School Security Officer

When I approached her this time, I started the conversation with, “Miss, if I have to tell you one more time to stay off the floor, I will ask you to leave the building.” She looked at me as though she was confused about what I had said ...

Author: James Puckett

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480811637

Category: Self-Help

Page: 112

View: 118

School security officers face tough challenges. They are charged with the responsibility of protecting children in the schools. In "The School Security Officer: What Makes a Good One?" author James Puckett shares the common challenges you can expect daily on the job and how to deal with them. He will teach you how to improve your relationship with students, administrators, parents, teachers, and faculty. From personal experience gained during eight years as a high school security officer, Puckett goes inside the school and shows firsthand what it's like to work as a school security officer. He focuses not only on the duties and responsibilities of a school security officer but also on what it takes for a school security officer to carry out those duties and responsibilities effectively, including the qualities, traits, and characteristics that many other professions and jobs don't require. Whether you're a young school security officer just starting on the job, or a seasoned one who has been on the job for several years, "The School Security Officer: What Makes a Good One? "communicates how you can best carry out your duties and responsibilities. It can help you become a good school security officer on your way to becoming a better one.


home inspections, 159–160 Hylton, Misa, 128, 151, 158–159, 172–173, 200–201, 203 I identity, personal development needed for, 65–70 If I Have to Tell You One More Time... (McCready), 163 J Jay-Z, 78 Johnson, Emma, 39, 76–77, 150, 151, ...

Author: Mashonda Tifrere

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0525504494

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 256

View: 926

A wise and inspiring guide to creating a happy and healthy blended family by Mashonda Tifrere with contributions from her co-parents--Swizz Beatz and his wife, Grammy-Award winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys. In January 2010, founder of ArtLeadHer Mashonda Tifrere and music producer Swizz Beatz finalized their divorce. When Swizz married award-winning singer/songwriter Alicia Keys, a new dynamic was born--three adults who loved and were deeply committed to raising Mashonda and Swizz's four-year old son Kasseem. In Blend, Tifrere draws on the insights they gained from their journey as well as advice from family therapists, parenting experts, and other blending families, to provide an invaluable resource for blended families. Statistics show that one in three Americans is now a step-parent, stepchild, step-sibling or other member of a blended family. The number of first time marriages or romantic relationships that end in divorce or breakups and the high percentage of remarriages and new relationships that involve children demand a unique, life-affirming approach to processing the end of one relationship and the rebirth of a new familial dynamic with the well-being of children at its center. In this book, Tifrere shares intimate details on how she and her co-parents used communication, patience and love to create an environment where they were able to work as a team and all the children involved could thrive. Blend will inspire a generation of families.

Accidentally Dead

I tried to take some before we left my place, and I think I hacked it up whole. ... “They like me just fine now, thank you very much, and if I have to tell you one more time, I am not, I repeat, not a dog—I swear, Nina, ...

Author: Dakota Cassidy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440629587

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 104

A vampire puts the bite on a dental assistant. It's a lousy first day on the job for Nina Blackman when a patient, loopy from the anesthesia, bites her. At least he was cute. But for real drama she can't beat the next evening. Nina wakes up with a set of razor-sharp fangs, bionic vision, supersonic hearing, and a taste for blood. But there's a good explanation: It's her patient, Long Island vampire Greg Statleon. Actually they're perfect for each other-if Nina's willing to commit to one man for eternity.

Ninja at First Sight

“I promised you, you can play soccer this spring and I will keep my promise.” My gaze flickered to Delores, who was now watching us with dawning comprehension. ... “But—” “If I have to tell you one more time to get in the bath .

Author: Penny Reid

Publisher: Cipher-Naught

ISBN: 1942874138

Category: Fiction

Page: 194

View: 153

What do a cynical former Marine and a sheltered former Olympic contender have in common? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He has a girlfriend and she’s never been kissed. He’s sullenly sarcastic and she’s earnestly empathetic. He can’t stop thinking about her. She knows she should keep her distance. Nevertheless, when opposites attract, the results may be unexpected, but they’re also undeniably magnetic. ‘Ninja at First Sight’ is a standalone, prequel novella (for book 5 of the Knitting in the City Series, ‘Happily Ever Ninja’) and is 40k words.

Developmental Behavioral Disorders

If parents understand that repetition is a part of learning, they will be less likely to become frustrated by the need for ... such as, "If I have to tell you one more time," or "If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times.

Author: Marvin I. Gottlieb

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461309395

Category: Medical

Page: 392

View: 147

"Child development" has always been a traditional component of well child care and a particular area of interest for pediatricians, child neu rologists, and psychologists. However, it was not until the early 1960s that children with developmental disabilities (i. e. , chronic handicapping disorders) became a major focus of public and professional attention. During this period, children with "special needs" were dramatically catapulted into the limelight and "exceptional" became the buzzword of the day. Public and professional awareness of these issues reached new peaks and recognition of the potential psychosocial impairments of chil dren with developmental disabilities created national anxiety. A variety of factors contributed to an unprecedented societal advocacy for chil dren with developmental problems: (1) a national concern generated by President Kennedy'S particular interest in mental retardation; (2) in creased activity and visibility of parent advocacy/lobbying groups (e. g. , the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities); (3) the enact ment of federal legislation designed to protect the rights of the handi capped (e. g. , PL94-142); and (4) the popularization of developmental behavioral disabilities by the various communications media. Cumulatively these events precipitated a redefinition of the real mean ing of "comprehensive health care for children," resulting in an empha sis on the child's neurodevelopmental, educational, psychological, and social needs. For the pediatrician, a myriad of new management respon sibilities were mandated, in addition to the traditional health care con cerns.

How to Stop the Battle with Your Child

Instead of this negative response: "If I have to tell you one more time to clean your room. I'm going to lock it and you'll never get in it again!" a parent can substitute a positive response, saying. "If you clean your room now. we can ...

Author: Don Fleming

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671763490

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 210

View: 966

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. If you are a parent of a child between the ages of three and nine, you know that your child's priorities do not include going to bed at a resonable hour, being on time for school, or letting you talk on the phone for more than three minutes without interruption. Do not despair.Dr.Fleming gives you practical answers to these and other frustratiing day-to-day situations.

Sorting Letters Sorting Lives

... “Would you stop handling the mail this or that way,” or “You cannot listen to your headset on the machine. Put it away.” They also tend to threaten employees by saying things like, “If I have to tell you one more time to do A, ...

Author: Linda B. Benbow

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739134760

Category: Social Science

Page: 266

View: 422

Linda Benbow examines the organizational culture and various levels of diversity found in an urban United States Postal Service mail processing facility. She shows how employee perceptions of social differences and their interactions with coworkers contributes to their identity and work life within the organization. Painting detailed portraits of race, social class, and gender in a mail processing facility, Benbow looks at ways employees from different backgrounds relate to one another, identifying the issues and occasions that provoke conflict, the ways that participants view one another, and the forces and strategies that mitigate and conciliate conflicts.

When Basketball Was Jewish

I was the assistant on the varsity and that is when they gave me credit for the zone starting. We won it by playing a zone. ... Bobby Knight would say, “You bastard, if I have to tell you one more time, you are sitting on the bench.

Author: Douglas Stark

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 1496203135


Page: 328

View: 849

In the 2015–16 NBA season, the Jewish presence in the league was largely confined to Adam Silver, the commissioner; David Blatt, the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers; and Omri Casspi, a player for the Sacramento Kings. Basketball, however, was once referred to as a Jewish sport. Shortly after the game was invented at the end of the nineteenth century, it spread throughout the country and became particularly popular among Jewish immigrant children in northeastern cities because it could easily be played in an urban setting. Many of basketball’s early stars were Jewish, including Shikey Gotthoffer, Sonny Hertzberg, Nat Holman, Red Klotz, Dolph Schayes, Moe Spahn, and Max Zaslofsky. In this oral history collection, Douglas Stark chronicles Jewish basketball throughout the twentieth century, focusing on 1900 to 1960. As told by the prominent voices of twenty people who played, coached, and refereed it, these conversations shed light on what it means to be a Jew and on how the game evolved from its humble origins to the sport enjoyed worldwide by billions of fans today. The game’s development, changes in style, rise in popularity, and national emergence after World War II are narrated by men reliving their youth, when basketball was a game they played for the love of it. When Basketball Was Jewish reveals, as no previous book has, the evolving role of Jews in basketball and illuminates their contributions to American Jewish history as well as basketball history.

The World s Strongest Librarian

If I have to tell you one more time to—hold on, buddy,” he said to me. Incomprehensible yelling in the background. “Okay, it's sorted,” he said. “Go on.” “What happened?” I said. “Is everything okay?” “Someone owed me an apology,” he ...

Author: Josh Hanagarne

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110162177X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

View: 395

A funny and uplifting story of how a Mormon kid with Tourette’s found salvation in books and weight lifting Josh Hanagarne couldn’t be invisible if he tried. Although he wouldn't officially be diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome until his freshman year of high school, Josh was six years old when he first began exhibiting symptoms. When he was twenty and had reached his towering height of 6’7”, his tics escalated to nightmarish levels. Determined to conquer his affliction, Josh tried countless remedies, with dismal results. At last, an eccentric, autistic strongman taught Josh how to “throttle” his tics into submission using increasingly elaborate feats of strength. What started as a hobby became an entire way of life—and an effective way of managing his disorder. Today, Josh is a librarian at Salt Lake City’s public library and founder of a popular blog about books and weight lifting—and the proud father of five-year-old Max. Funny and offbeat, The World’s Strongest Librarian traces this unlikely hero as he attempts to overcome his disability, find love, and create a life worth living.

Devils for a change

Her labour on the costumes had been certainly worthwhile, had involved her with the school, made her part of a ... And if I have to tell you one more time about that spear, Luke Craddock, you'll feel it on the seat of your pants.

Author: Wendy Perriam

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 144722325X

Category: Fiction

Page: 616

View: 516

After more than twenty years confined behind high walls, Sister Mary Hilary runs away, on impulse, from the strict contemplative convent she entered at the age of seventeen; hits the crowds of London on chaotic Christmas Eve. She has been living in strict silence in the rural depths of Norfolk with just a dozen fellow nuns, has never handled money, never dressed in anything but long medieval robes, yet now she is confronted with superstores and towering blocks, confused by noise and neon, jostled by the rude mob battling home. She has no home – nor any plans of prospects; has lived for God alone; has lived for God alone; her chief work prayer, her duty to deny and punish self. But can she survive without a self, in a self-regarding world she barely recognises, a greedy, permissive and amoral world, where media hype runs riot, a celibate priest seduces her, and even a Charismatic Conference seems a hotbed of hysteria? Wendy Perriam takes a sharp look at modern society through the eyes of an innocent outsider, a thirty-nine-year-old adolescent, who knows nothing of life or men, and who – once Christ’s Virgin Bride – now gropes towards as yet untasted pleasures: those of friendship, sensuality and love. Devils, for a Change is the controversial and profoundly disturbing story of a novice in the world, a woman struggling for identity, who ultimately finds healing in a haunting and unexpected finale. It is told with all the wit, verve and uninhibited sexuality which have made Ms Perriam’s name. ‘Start reading it at bedtime and you won’t put it down until dawn. Buy it – even if you have to mortgage the week’s lunch.’ She