If Not Dieting Then What

"Dr Rick Kausman is recognised as the Australian pioneer of the non-dieting approach to healthy weight management.

Author: Rick Kausman

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781741144796

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"Dr Rick Kausman is recognised as the Australian pioneer of the non-dieting approach to healthy weight management. In this straightforward, no-nonsense guide to weight management he shares his, and his clients' experiences with the reader. You can learn how to: enjoy food without feeling guilty, increase your eating awareness, improve how you feel about yourself, fit some sort of activity into your day, and achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight for you, without being deprived of food or quality of life."--BOOK JACKET.

Calm Eating

Offering a quick injection of inspiration, motivation, and willpower for those struggling to have a healthy relationship with food, this book includes tips, advice, and quotes to encourage relaxed and careful eating—calm eating.

Author: Rick Kausman

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 9781865087269

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Offering a quick injection of inspiration, motivation, and willpower for those struggling to have a healthy relationship with food, this book includes tips, advice, and quotes to encourage relaxed and careful eating—calm eating. The compassionate mantras stimulate a gradual change of attitude to establish a long-term commitment to enjoying food without guilt, anger, or pressure. This can be used as a reference within the supermarket, restaurant, or any other situation that might prove difficult in pursuing careful and relaxed eating.

Unapologetic Eating

Intuitive eating is not an intentional weight-loss method. ... Calorie-tracking apps
and “wellness” gurus now claim to “heal your relationship with food” and
encourage you to “stop dieting,” even though the methods they promote rely on
external ...

Author: Alissa Rumsey

Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing

ISBN: 1628604255

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Most women have spent time dieting and trying to change themselves in order to fit into a mold—and a body—that is deemed socially acceptable. Yet it is dieting that is the problem: it disconnects us from our bodies wisdom and holds us back from living life to the fullest. The more time we spend trying to “fix” ourselves, the less time we have for the things that really matter. What presents as a problem about food is, in reality, much deeper and more complex. In her new book, Unapologetic Eating: Make Peace with Food & Transform Your Life, registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor Alissa Rumsey helps you explore your history with food and your body and question societal expectations to get to the bottom of the complexity and find a clear path forward—forever free from diets! Using a relatable four-step approach, Rumsey teaches you how to reconnect with your body using your relationship with food as the entry point. She provides actionable tools you can use to confidently nourish yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ll learn how to make peace with food, improve your body image, trust your intuition, and reclaim the space to eat and live unapologetically. Say goodbye to the constraints of dieting and hello to the freedom and empowerment to live your most fulfilling life.

Happy Gut Healthy Weight

This information is critical to understand since stress is the major driver of the
vicious cycle which soon goes into a ... In his book If Not Dieting, Then What?, Dr.
Rick Kausman mentions that harsh weight loss diets are not a good longterm ...

Author: Dr. Arun Dhir FRCS FRACS MD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504315669

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Perhaps, our processed diet coupled with a highly evolved and increasingly digitalised lifestyle has direct bearing on disrupting our metabolism, which is our weight regulator. Tackling obesity then is not just a calories in-calories-out matter—rather it demands a whole person, integrated approach. If you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to eat more bugs—the trillions of helpful bacteria that live in your gut and play a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy and happy body. In this book, you’ll learn: • how simple dietary changes feed the microbiome and regulate the metabolism; • why detoxifying is a key part of resetting your metabolism; • why understanding the stress-microbiome connection is important; and • how diet can be your best probiotic. The author also explains how exercise and focused breathing can improve gut health and shares tips on how to supercharge your success after weight loss surgery. Join the author as he explores the gut microbiome and its overall effects on health, with a particular focus on obesity and weight.


As my colleague Dr Rick Kausman eloquently put it, 'If not dieting, then what?'
Thinsantidote. 4: Intuitive. eating. You get why I'm not too keen on helping you try
to become one of the 3 per cent who wins the weight loss game. It would be like ...

Author: Glenn Mackintosh

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0733642195

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We are becoming more and more obsessed with being thin ... as we get fatter and fatter! The craziest part is that most weight loss 'solutions' are actually part of the problem. Diet and exercise programs fail 97% of people in the long-term, resulting in short term weight loss, medium term regain, and long-term gain approximately 10 to 15% above starting weight. Scientists have known this reality for decades - the entire diet industry is based on it - yet we keep on falling for promises of fast, easy, permanent weight loss (and other fictional tales), putting ourselves through rebranded versions of the exact same thing ... and expecting different results. Some might call this insanity - weight management psychologist Glenn Mackintosh calls it Thinsanity. Glenn's book, Thinsanity, aims to transform the way we approach weight management of the body, by starting with the mind. New scientific developments are offering insights into a compassionate way to make peace with food, fall in love with physical movement, and learn to LOVE your body healthy. Glenn takes all those new scientific developments and expresses them the way he does with his clients: clearly and with lots of understanding. This book is right for anyone who wants to learn to love their body and be healthy in it.

Guilt Trip

According to Dr Rick Kausman, author of If Not Dieting, Then What?, researchers
have known for decades that weight loss is not a simple matter of choice. 'We don
't need any more studies to show that almost everyone who attempts to lose ...

Author: Kasey Edwards

Publisher: Nero

ISBN: 1863959297

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Stop Dieting start Living

But I am learning to believe , and I am learning to treat food just as if those twenty
- five years of dieting had not happened . ... I have lost more weight from not
dieting than I ever lost by dieting and , more important , I am keeping it off . I lose
it ...

Author: Sharon Greene Patton

Publisher: Dodd Mead

ISBN: 9780396082095

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Argues that diets are ineffective in producing permanent weight loss and can actually encourage weight gain, an obsession with food, and undeserved feelings of guilt and failure

Coronary Heart Disease

Stress is difficult to define, impossible to measure, and deserves treatment only to
make a patient comfortable, not with ... might well be this: “IF NOT DIET, THEN
WHAT2'' I am reasonably comfortable with the National Cholesterol Education ...

Author: George V. Mann

Publisher: Paul & Company Pub Consortium


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In this text, an international group of distinguished scientists expose the fallacy and commercial exploitation that has resulted in the developments of, for example, regulatory agencies turning a blind eye to fraudulent claims by manufacturers of margarine, vegetable oil and crisps.

Rating the Diets

... high to begin with , or if it goes above the normal range after being on the diet :
'39 CONSUMER GUIDER'S EVALUATION If you've been on a low - calorie diet
and then begin to follow the Atkins ' diet , you may think you are not dieting at all .

Author: Theodore Berland

Publisher: Crescent

ISBN: 9780517408391

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Food Allergy

diet is not nutritionally complete and thus should not be used for more than two
weeks ! ) In general , the diet should be undertaken for about one week . At the
end of this time , you should have a fairly clear idea of whether or not foods in the

Author: S. Allan Bock



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Abnormal Psychology 97 98

It is signaling that you have dropped into a range it will not accept. Natural weight
... I believe that bulimia is caused by dieting. The bulimic ... The best estimate is
that 13 percent of adult men and 25 percent of adult women are now on a diet.

Author: Joseph J. Palladino

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin

ISBN: 9780697371966

Category: Mental illness

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Scientific Basis of Athletic Conditioning

But when proper controls are applied , assuring that the subjects are on an
adequate diet before the experiment , the improvements are no longer ... but if the
diet is not well balanced , then mineral supplements might prove beneficial .

Author: Clayne R. Jensen



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Healthy for Life

The problem with these methods is not only that they pose a physical health risk
but also that afterwards most people simply put their old weight back on again.
Dieting, then, is not the answer. The real answer is something people are
reluctant ...

Author: Brian K. Williams

Publisher: Thomson Brooks/Cole

ISBN: 9780534154981

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Everywoman s Diet Handbook

Food & Drink Counter Now that you know how many calories you can safely
consume in a day , all you need to do is keep ... And even if you're not dieting ,
the Counter will help you to plan family meals based on principles of sound
nutrition .

Author: Carol Tiffany



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It s Not What You Eat But What Eats You

Determining what you should eat is more than a physical choice . Choosing what
to eat requires emotional involvement . If you become bored or irritated with your
diet , those are signs telling you that something is not right for you at that ...

Author: Jack Schwarz

Publisher: Celestial Arts


Category: Medical

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Discusses the mind body relationship and its bearing on nutrition, and looks at human energy, health, and wholeness

The Illustrated Weekly of India

If controlled diet alone does not diet cannot be controlled and who need inThis is
misleading and may even do some help ... Even then diet con- . only to take more
of other foods like nately he can now get it from animal pan- trol and frequent ...




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The New American Diet

And you can actually get more iron in this diet than in the typical U.S. diet .
Calcium is also supplied in entirely adequate amounts . What is not yet well -
known , even in medical or nutrition circles , is that there are a number of
advantages to ...

Author: Sonja L. Connor

Publisher: Simon & Schuster


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By gradually phasing in permanent food substitutions, this diet plan provides a simple method of promoting health through good nutrition and features 350 high-carbohydrate, low-fat recipes

Infant Nutrition

If the anti - rachitic factor is fat . rated that the dietetic changes are of prime
importance in soluble A , then it must be ... effect of freedom in the case of dogs
on an image is visible . inadequate diet is what might be expected and is not , in
my ...

Author: Doris H. Merritt


ISBN: 9780879331252

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases in yurveda

Diets for different stages of each disease are described in detail . It is stated , “ If a
patient is on a wholesome diet he does not require any medicine and if he is not
on a wholesome diet then also he does not need any medicine " . In the first ...

Author: Bhagwan Dash



Category: Medicine, Ayurvedic


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A Study of the Origin and Early Development of CH AN Buddhism Based on Documents in the CH IN TING KU CHIN T U SHU CHI CH NG and Sources Primarily Relating to Bodhidharma

The ascetic Gotama is not black , and the ascetic Gotama 18 not brown , the
ascetic Gotama 18 yellow . ' So much , Agl vessana , had the clear , pure color of
my skin been smitten by this scanty diet . " Then , Aggivessâna , this came to me ...

Author: Dryden Linsley Phelps





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