In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities Or The End of the Social

Ironically, sociologist Jean Baudrillard uses this last outburst of ideological terrorism in Europe to showcase the end of the ‘social.’ Once invoked by Marx as the motor of history, the masses have no more sociological ‘reality.’ ...

Author: Jean Baudrillard

Publisher: Semiotext


Category: Philosophy

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"Published one year after Forget Foucault, In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (1983 ; originally published in French in 1978) challenges political representation, mediation and dialectics. It probably is the most important socio-political manifesto of the 20th century (parallel to The Communist Manifesto), because it brought both sociology and politics to rest. Disenfranchized revolutionaries (Red Brigades, Baader-Meinhof) hoped to reach them directly through spectacular actions, but their message merely played in to the hands of the media and the State. In a media society meaning has no meaning anymore, communication merely communicates itself. Ironically, sociologist Jean Baudrillard uses this last outburst of ideological terrorism in Europe to showcase the end of the ‘social.’ Once invoked by Marx as the motor of history, the masses have no more sociological ‘reality.’ In the electronic media society, all the masses can do is merely enjoy the spectacle ; they actively resist any meaning and any injunction by their inherent inertia. In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities takes to its ultimate conclusion the ‘end of ideologies’ experienced in Europe after the Soviet invasion of Hungary and the demise of revolutionary illusions after May 1968. Ideological terrorism doesn’t represent anything anymore, not even itself. It is just the last hysterical reaction to discredited political illusions."--pub. desc.

Inventing the Silent Majority in Western Europe and the United States

The silent majority represented all that “The Thing” was not: upright, white, ... 37 Jean Baudrillard, In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (New York, ...

Author: Anna von der Goltz

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107165423

Category: History

Page: 422

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For historians of social movements, this text explores 1960s and 1970s conservative political activism in the US and Western Europe.

Exiles from Dialogue

Razor-sharp, volatile and capacious, this book will be essential reading for students and scholars of Baudrillard and those interested in the theories and philosophies that currently abound and rebound in the social sciences and humanities.

Author: Jean Baudrillard

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745639909

Category: Philosophy

Page: 142

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Not long ago, two friends Jean Baudrillard and Enrique Valiente Noailles the one having come from Buenos Aires, the other from nowhere, met in Paris. They had a long discussion without any precise aim. It was, rather, a way of rubbing up against metaphysics without risk of contagion. They called it Exiles from Dialogue as a mirrored homage to Bertolt Brecht and shortly afterwards they parted company and went their separate ways. In this remarkable new book based on this gnomic meeting, Baudrillard and Noailles range over the entirety of philosophy and thought underpinning Baudrillards unique work, from In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (1983) to his recent writings on 9/11. Philosophically, the book takes in its breadth Heraclitus to Wittgenstein by way of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Kierkegaard and Nietzche. Its literary sources are diverse: Gracian and Saul Bellow, Hlderlin and Stanislaw Lec; and the theories of Fukuyama, Barthes and Kristeva are weighed, considered and analysed. With his usual incandescent brilliance, Baudrillard discusses the central themes of his writing: thought as (non-prophetic) anticipation; tragic acceptance of the world; the disappearance of the world into simulation; the death of the social (and with it the Left). Vitally, Baudrillard corrects some of the misconceptions that plague his work (about his fatal strategies, for example), qualifies some of his bolder pronouncements (notably softening his position on the question of the virtual) and pushes other lines of thinking further than ever before. Razor-sharp, volatile and capacious, this book will be essential reading for students and scholars of Baudrillard and those interested in the theories and philosophies that currently abound and rebound in the social sciences and humanities.

Jean Baudrillard Art and Artefact

Shadow. of. the. Silent. Majorities. as. an. Allegory of Representation REX BUTLER Is it possible that all of the work of Jean Baudrillard is nothing more ...

Author: Nicholas Zurbrugg, B.A, D.Phil

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446230572

Category: Photographic criticism

Page: 208

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This bookoffers a major reappraisal of Jean Baudrillard's thoughts on the image, radical illusion and media culture. Here for the first time, through a number of highly accessible interviews and recent essays, Baudrillard introduces what he calls the stunning clarity' of the photographic, and fascinatingly outlines his present thoughts on urban reality, aesthetics, virtual reality and new media technologies, in the light of his practice as a photographer. The book is illustrated with eight colour plates of Baudrillard's photographs and includes a number of provocative and illuminating responses to his recent writings from noted Baudrillard scholars. It also includes a definitive bibliography of critical responses to Baudrillard's writings on media culture, art and photography.


Author: Tony Fry

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253325624

Category: Social Science

Page: 125

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Essays explore an ontological theory of television and cultural authorship, employing Heideggerian concepts to understand "the Being" of television.

Politics and Culture Working Hypotheses for a Post Revolutionary Society

In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities is a populist libertarian polemic against the French socialist left. The silent majority or masses are privileged for ...

Author: Michael Ryan

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349070335

Category: Social Science

Page: 250

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A political sociology textbook which examines the impact of political thought on a society's culture, and theorizes on the attitudes a post-revolutionary society would adopt towards such subjects as feminism, the arts and ideology.

Jean Baudrillard

In his 1978 essay In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities Baudrillard uses a blitz of such terms : the masses are full of currents and flows , they are the ...

Author: Mike Gane

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745316352

Category: Philosophy

Page: 118

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Outstanding contributors include Pierre Macherey, Charles Wolfe, Alex Callinicos and Judith Revel

Guns Death Terror

Jean Baudrillard , In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities , New York : Semiotext ( e ) Inc , 1983 p113–114 . cxi Jean Baudrillard , In the Shadow of the ...

Author: Jack Sargeant

Publisher: Creation Books


Category: History

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Cultural Writing. Looking back to the first high-profile plane hijackings, car bombings, kidnappings and assassinations of the 1960's and 70's, this book is the first single volume to explore and contextualize the roots of modern terrorism. From the Baaer-Meinhof gang of Germany, to the Red Army of Japan, the SLA and the Black Panthers of North America, GUNS, DEATH, TERROR covers all these groups and is illustrated with rare photographs and original terror manifestoes, making it a timely and essential study of international terrorism.

The Ecumenist

Jean Baudrillard , In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities , 26-27 . 12. Ibid . 12-15 . 13. Daniel Salee , “ Pour une autopsie de l'imaginaire quebecois ...




Category: Christian union


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Marshall McLuhan Theoretical elaborations

Thus in In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities he rejects the notion that a new source of revolutionary energy can be found in “ micro - desires , small ...

Author: Gary Genosko

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415321716

Category: Cybernetics

Page: 1093

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This collection contains key critical essays and assessments of the writings of Canadian communications thinker Marshall McLuhan selected from the voluminous output of the past forty years. McLuhan's famous aphorisms and uncanny ability to sense megatrends are once again in circulation across and beyond the disciplines. Since his untimely death in 1980, McLuhan's ideas have been rediscovered and redeployed with urgency in the age of information and cybernation.Together the three volumes organise and present some forty years of indispensable critical works for readers and researchers of the McLuhan legacy. The set includes critical introductions to each section by the editor.Forthcoming titles in this series include Walter Benjamin (0-415-32533-1) December 2004, 3 vols, Theodor Adorno (0-415-30464-4) April 2005, 4 vols and Jean-Francois Lyotard (0-415-33819-0) 2005, 3 vols.

Shows of Force

Tracing the Silhouettes from the Shadow of the Silent Majorities Guy Debord in his Society of the Spectacle argued over twenty years ago that the substance ...

Author: Timothy W. Luke

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822311232

Category: Art

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It has long been considered a mark of naïveté to ask of a work of art: What does it say? But as Timothy W. Luke demonstrates in Shows of Force, artwork is capable of saying plenty, and much of the message resides in the way it is exhibited. By critically examining the exhibition of art in contemporary American museums, Luke identifies how art showings are elaborate works of theater that reveal underlying political, social, and economic agendas. The first section, “Envisioning a Past, Imagining the West,” looks at art exhibitions devoted to artworks about or from the American West. Luke shows how these exhibitions—displaying nineteenth- and early-twentieth century works by artists such as George Caleb Bingham, Frederic Remington, Frederic Edwin Church, and Georgia O’Keefe—express contemporary political agendas in the way the portray “the past” and shape new visions of “the West.” In “Developing the Present, Defining a World,” Luke considers artists from the post-1945 era, including Ilya Kabokov, Hans Haacke, Sue Coe, Roger Brown, and Robert Longo. Recent art exhibits, his analysis reveals, attempt to develop politically charged conceptions of the present, which in turn struggle to define the changing contemporary world and art’s various roles within it. Luke brings to light the contradictions encoded in the exhibition of art and, in doing so, illuminates the political realities and cultural ideologies of the present. Shows of Force offers a timely and surely controversial contribution to current discussions of the politics of exhibiting art.

The Anarchist Papers 2

... of silent majorities , but signs are themselves produced as commodities . ... 1983 ) ; In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities ( New York : Semiotext ( e ) ...

Author: Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos

Publisher: Black Rose Books Limited

ISBN: 9780921689379

Category: Political Science

Page: 183

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Michigan Law Review





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Black Silent Majority

University of Chicago Press, 2007); Megan Comfort, Doing Time Together: Love and Family in the Shadow of the Prison (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, ...

Author: Michael Javen Fortner

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674496108

Category: Law

Page: 364

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Aggressive policing and draconian sentencing have disproportionately imprisoned millions of African Americans for drug-related offenses. Michael Javen Fortner shows that in the 1970s these punitive policies toward addicts and pushers enjoyed the support of many working-class and middle-class blacks, angry about the chaos in their own neighborhoods.


57 ( " The Precession of Simulacra " ) and In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities ( passim ) . 16 Alessandro Dal Lago , “ Metamorfosi del sociale e ...




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Applicative Justice

The Silence of the Masses In 1982, Jean Baudrillard's In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities presented a still relevant caricature of the inert democratic ...

Author: Naomi Zack

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442260025

Category: Philosophy

Page: 196

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Naomi Zack pioneers a new theory of justice starting from a correction of current injustices. While the present justice paradigm in political philosophy and related fields begins from John Rawls’s 1970 Theory of Justice, Zack insists that what people in reality care about is not justice as an ideal, but injustice as a correctable ill. For a way to describe real injustice and the society in which it occurs, Zack resurrect Arthur Bentley’s key insight that government and law (or political life) is a constant process of contending interest groups throughout society. Bentley’s main idea allows for a resolution of the contradiction between formal legal equality for U.S. minorities and post-civil rights practical inequality. Just law and unjust practice co-exist as a fact of political life. The correction of injustice in reality requires applicative justice, in a comparison between those who are treated unjustly with those who are treated justly, and the design of effective measures to equalize such treatment. Zack's theory of applicative justice offers a revolutionary reorientation of society's pursuit of justice, seeking to undo injustice in a practical and fully achievable way.

Masculinities in Text and Teaching

Baudrillard, In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities. 19. Michel Foucault, The Order of Things: An Archaelogy of the Human Sciences (London: Routledge, ...

Author: B. Knights

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230592627

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 245

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In a climate of anxiety about boys and reading, this book addresses the gendering of English Studies, drawing on recent research on masculinity. In drawing together the study of text and narrative with insight into the experience of the classroom, this book will be of value to both teachers and students of English Studies.

The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy

... operating in Baudrillard's text In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities. The silent majority—or the masses, depending on one's political orientation—are ...

Author: Gerald F. Gaus

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136202072

Category: Philosophy

Page: 848

View: 607

The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy is a comprehensive, definitive reference work, providing an up-to-date survey of the field, charting its history and key figures and movements, and addressing enduring questions as well as contemporary research. Features unique to the Companion are: an extensive coverage of the history of social and political thought, including separate chapters on the development of political thought in the Islamic world, India, and China as well in modern Germany, France, and Britain a focus on the core concepts and the normative foundations of social and political theory a seven-chapter section devoted exclusively to distributive justice, the central issue of political philosophy since Rawls' Theory of Justice extensive coverage of global justice and international issues, which recently have emerged as vital topics an eight-chapter section on issues in social and political philosophy. The Companion is divided into eight thematic sections: The History of Social and Political Theory; Political Theories and Ideologies; Normative Foundations; The National State and Beyond; Distributive Justice; Political Concepts; Concepts and Methods in Social Philosophy; Issues in Social and Political Philosophy. Comprised of sixty-nine newly commissioned essays by leading scholars from throughout the world, The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy is the most comprehensive and authoritative resource in social and political philosophy for students and scholars.

Between the Lines

In his book , In the Shadow of the Silent Majorities , Baudrillard suggests that contemporary students will never become social activists , let alone ...

Author: John Schilb

Publisher: Boynton/Cook


Category: Education

Page: 247

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John Schilb shows the role composition could play in enabling students to intervene in civic affairs by suggesting ways they can create their own discourses.