Jason Molina

“Songs: Ohia Impala,” CMJ New Music Monthly, July 1998. Jason Molina, letter to Anne Grady, TK date. Jason Molina, handwritten note given to Anne Grady. Jason Molina, as quoted in “Q&A with Jason Molina Summer 2004,” jasonmolina.com, ...

Author: Erin Osmon

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442268689

Category: Music

Page: 240

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Erin Osmon presents a detailed, human account of the Rust Belt–born musician Jason Molina—a visionary, prolific, and at times cantankerous singer-songwriter with an autodidactic style that captivated his devoted fans. The songwriting giant behind the bands Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. had a knack for spinning tales, from the many personal myths he cultivated throughout his life to the poems and ballads he penned and performed. As with too many great musicians, Molina’s complicated relationship with the truth, combined with a secretive relationship with the bottle, ultimately claimed his life. Jason Molina: Riding with the Ghost details Molina’s personal trials and triumphs and reveals for the first time the true story of Molina’s last months and works, including an unpublished album unknown to many of his fans. Offering unfettered access to the mind and artistry of Molina through exclusive interviews with family, friends, and collaborators, the book also explores the Midwest music underground and the development of Bloomington, Indiana–based label Secretly Canadian. As the first authorized and detailed account of this prolific songwriter and self-mythologizer, Jason Molina provides readers with unparalleled insight into Molina’s tormented life and the fascinating Midwest musical underground that birthed him. It’s a story for the ages that speaks volumes to the triumphs and trials of the artistic spirit while exploring the meaningful music that Molina’s creative genius left behind.

Memory Road Trip

There is something about having an excellent soundtrack to accompany a road trip that makes a good trip even better, and for this journey, my stand-out man was a guy named Jason Molina. His band called Songs: Ohia only had two albums ...

Author: Krista Marson

Publisher: Memory Road Press

ISBN: 1737328402

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 316

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MEMORY ROAD TRIP is a collection of travel stories ranging from the sublime to the surreal as recounted by a former travel agent who saw the world on the cheap. The journey down memory road is a heartfelt excursion into the past that takes armchair explorers on an odyssey of life, love, and loneliness. The circuitous path is full of philosophical nooks and crannies, and many stories get told from the bottom of a well. Many of Krista's stories speak to the angst that simmers inside all of us as we confront the many absurdities that exist in this world. Her passion for nature, art, history, and architecture gush across the page, along with her contagious curiosity in life and her pragmatic acceptance of death. MEMORY ROAD TRIP is not only an adventurous journey to certain parts of the globe, but it is also an introspective and witty journey to the mysterious self. For as large as the world is, it has grown infinitely smaller, yet currently exists relatively out of reach. Travel, for the moment, is safer done mentally these days, so now's the time to go on a MEMORY ROAD TRIP with someone who knows the way.

The Melancholia of Class

Jason Molina's Love and Work: Appreciating and Remembering Singer-Songwriter Jason Molina.” The Believer, 19 20 November 23, 2018. Ijzermans. Sparklehorse=Mark Linkous=Southern Man. Perry, Jonathan. “Life After Death (Then & Now): The ...

Author: Cynthia Cruz

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1913462277

Category: Political Science

Page: 220

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What does it mean to be working-class in a middle-class world? Cynthia Cruz shows us how class affects culture and our mental health and what we can do about it -- calling not for assimilation, but for annihilation. To be working-class in a middle-class world is to be a ghost. Excluded, marginalised, and subjected to violence, the working class is also deemed by those in power to not exist. We are left with a choice between assimilation into middle-class values and culture, leaving our working-class origins behind, or total annihilation. In The Melancholia of Class, Cynthia Cruz analyses how this choice between assimilation or annihilation has played out in the lives of working-class musicians, artists, writers, and filmmakers — including Amy Winehouse, Ian Curtis, Jason Molina, Barbara Loden, and many more — and the resultant Freudian melancholia that ensues when the working-class subject leaves their origins to “become someone,” only to find that they lose themselves in the process. Part memoir, part cultural theory, and part polemic, The Melancholia of Class shows us how we can resist assimilation, uplifting and carrying our working-class origins and communities with us, as we break the barriers of the middle-class world. There are so many of us, all of us waiting. If we came together, who knows what we could do.

Blue Light of the Screen

Jason Molina says he saw spirits of the dead and wrote songs about or through them, though he was known to tell tall tales. Jack Spicer says he received messages from what he called “ghosts” or “martians” and stayed up nights turning ...

Author: Claire Cronin

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1913462064

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 232

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Blue Light of the Screen is a memoir about the author's obsession with horror and the supernatural. Blue Light of the Screen is about what it means to be afraid -- about immersion, superstition, delusion, and the things that keep us up at night. A creative-critical memoir of the author's obsession with the horror genre, Blue Light of the Screen embeds its criticism of horror within a larger personal story of growing up in a devoutly Catholic family, overcoming suicidal depression, uncovering intergenerational trauma, and encountering real and imagined ghosts. As Cronin writes, she positions herself as a protagonist who is haunted by what she watches and reads, like an antiquarian in an M.R. James ghost story whose sense of reality unravels through her study of arcane texts and cursed archives. In this way, Blue Light of the Screen tells the story of the author's conversion from skepticism to faith in the supernatural. Part memoir, part ghost story, and part critical theory, Blue Light of the Screen is not just a book about horror, but a work of horror itself.

CMJ New Music Monthly

Smog-like mope-alongs, Songs: Ohia's Jason Molina finally put a little muscle where his mouth was on last year's ... relatively speaking) and submitting Molina's angst-ridden Southern rockers to the knob-twiddling discipline of his ...





Page: 68

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CMJ New Music Monthly, the first consumer magazine to include a bound-in CD sampler, is the leading publication for the emerging music enthusiast. NMM is a monthly magazine with interviews, reviews, and special features. Each magazine comes with a CD of 15-24 songs by well-established bands, unsigned bands and everything in between. It is published by CMJ Network, Inc.

Rock and Roll Baby Names

Jason GREEK: Healer ROCK AND ROLL: Noble, young, loving, articulate RELATED ARTISTS/ SONGS: Jason DeRulo, Jason Molina (Magnolia Electric Co.), Jason Newsted (Metallica), “Jason” by Andy Williams, “Jason” by Atmosphere, “Jason” by Sufj ...

Author: Margaret Eby

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110156153X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 352

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Everything an expectant music-lover needs to know about the lyrics, band trivia, and other rock-and-roll factoids linked to thousands of popular baby names. What do we know about Caroline? Neil Diamond says she's sweet and The Beach Boys say she prefers short hair when she's older. And what about guys named Victor? Prince and Blondie say Victor is possibly a saint, but also flees from the law. Offering the rock-and-roll definitions of these and dozens more popular names, the wildly popular Rock 'n' Roll Baby Name Dictionary post on Flavorwire drew over fifty thousand hits days after it was launched. Now its creator, pop-culture writer Margaret Eby, rolls out the complete encyclopedia, from Alison to Ziggy and everyone in between. Rock and Roll Baby Names lets every music-savvy parent discover a name's role in rock history. Each entry explains a classical definition and a definition of the name from song lyrics, along with fun "liner notes" about the featured song or band. Sidebars include Best Punk Rock Names for Boys and Weirdest Rock Star Children's Names, with quizzes such as Which Rebel Name Should You Give Your Girl? Every modern baby-from the Girl Next Door to the Rebels and Renegades-will find a legendary legacy in these pages.

Long Rules

Lyrics from “Northstar Blues” by Jason Molina from What Comes After the Blues (Magnolia Electric Company). Copyright © 2005 by Autumn Bird Songs. Used by permission of Secretly Canadian Publishing. Lyrics from “Everybody Will Be Happy ...

Author: Nathaniel Perry

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 1496227980

Category: Poetry

Page: 76

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This book-length poem in six sections takes readers to five Trappist monasteries in the southeast United States to consider the intersections of solitude, family, music, and landscape.

A Mad Girl s Love Song

A song called “For the Miner,” written by Crain with Jason Molina in mind, someone she admired, someone she loved for his art, his inspiration. Someone who said goodbye too early, too soon, too much. Reportedly, Crain attempted to mail ...

Author: Suzanne Samples

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1365244768

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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You can't really trust E., the narrator of A Mad Girl's Love Song. Recently released from the hospital for an unknown illness, E. claims to be some version of Esther Greenwood, a contemporary iteration of Sylvia Plath's depressed, neurotic main character. However, this is the least of her problems. As she struggles to find her place in hip West Asheville, E. finds herself obsessed with two things: poetry and electrocution. So much obsessed, in fact, that E. stumbles into Doctor Id's Center for Poetic Dislocation and Disentanglement, where a sexy-but-elusive psychiatrist attempts to rid E. of her Poetry Problem and usher her into the Prosaic Priority, an electroconvulsive-based program designed to help writers benefit monetarily and emotionally from their progress. Central to E.'s journey is Alexx, Doctor Id's assistant who loves the 1990s and often disappears into clouds of fairy glitter, leaving E. and the reader to wonder just what--if anything-- happened at all.

Riding with the Ghost

Jason Molina, the songwriter and bandleader, had a style at once forlorn and anthemic. His work is haunted and haunting. He was from that part of the country where the South and the Midwest mingle like brackish water–Ohio, ...

Author: Justin Taylor

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 059312930X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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An unflinching memoir from a writer reckoning with his relationship with his troubled father and the complicated legacy that each generation hands down to the next “Justin Taylor’s relentless, peripatetic, and tender search for reconciliation with his late troubled father blooms into a full-throated song of joy about his own life lived through music, teaching, travel, and literature.”—Lauren Groff, author of Florida NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY KIRKUS REVIEWS When Justin Taylor was thirty, his father, Larry, drove to the top of the Nashville airport parking garage to take his own life. Thanks to the intervention of family members, he was not successful, but the incident forever transformed how Taylor thinks of his father, and how he thinks of himself as a son. Moving back and forth in time from that day, Riding with the Ghost captures the past’s power to shape, strengthen, and distort our visions of ourselves and one another. We see Larry as the middle child in a chilly Long Island family; as a beloved Little League coach who listens to kids with patience and curiosity; as an unemployed father struggling to keep his marriage together while battling long-term illness and depression. At the same time, Taylor explores how the work of confronting a family member’s story forces a reckoning with your own. We see Taylor as a teacher, modeling himself after his dad’s best qualities; as a caregiver, attempting to provide his father with emotional and financial support, but not always succeeding; as a new husband, with a dawning awareness of his own depressive tendencies. With raw intimacy, Riding with the Ghost lays bare the joys and burdens of loving a troubled family member. It’s a memoir about fathers and sons, teachers and students, faith and illness, and the pieces of our loved ones that we carry with us always.

Music and Coexistence

During the drive there, I realize that the teachers themselves embody the Music and Coexistence theme: Josh Garza is Mexican American, Jason Molina is Guatemalan American, and Madison is American, and yet when they play, it's impossible ...

Author: Osseily Hanna

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442237546

Category: Music

Page: 228

View: 567

Music and Coexistence:A Journey across the World in Search of Musicians Making a Difference is both study and travelogue, as author Osseily Hanna explores the courageous work of musicians who compose and perform with their ostensible enemies or in extraordinary social situations. He documents the political and economic constraints faced by musicians, from the wall that encloses a refugee camp in Jerusalem, to the tensions among KFOR and Carabinieri peacekeepers who keep Serbs and Kosovar Albanians apart, to the cultural and linguistic suppression that afflicts minority communities in Turkey.