The Chairman John J McCloy The Making of the American Establishment

Dean Rusk memorandum of conversation with Mr. John J. McCloy, 6/20/64, LBJ. 6. Endicott Peabody memo to the president, 11/6/67, NSF, Memos to the President, vol.53, box 26, LBJ. 7. McCloy interview, Sept. 14, 1984; McCloy oral history, ...

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“Exhaustively researched and remarkably evenhanded.” —The New York Times “Absorbing…the definitive life story.” —Kirkus Reviews “A fascinating study.” —Los Angeles Times In The Chairman, the authoritative biography of John J. McCloy, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Kai Bird chronicles the life of the man labeled “the most influential private citizen in America.” Against the backgrounds of World War II, the Cold War, the construction of Pax Americana, the Cuban missile crisis, the Kennedy assassination, and Vietnam, Bird shows us McCloy’s astonishing rise from self-described “chore boy” to “chairman of the Establishment.” His powerful circle shaped the postwar globe. But McCloy stood out among them as a towering figure of achievement: as a Wall Street lawyer who earned the confidence of captains of industry and presidents; as Henry Stimson’s right-hand man at the War Department; as president of the World Bank and chairman of the Chase financial empire; and as presidential adviser. Bird captures every facet of this self-made man. We see McCloy’s commercial acumen as the most in-demand lawyer of Wall Street; his dictatorial will as high commissioner of occupied Germany; and his stoic loyalty as adviser to Presidents FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Ford, and Reagan. Bird brilliantly explores how McCloy came to epitomize the American Establishment and the values of a generation that led the United States through bitter war and unparalleled prosperity.

John J McCloy

John Galvin , former Supreme Allied Commander Europe ( SACEUR ) . Several tributes were paid to Senator Mathias , and General Galvin was given a warm welcome by conference delegates . On the U.S. side , speakers included Peter Tarnoff ...

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This book deals with the unique role of the first U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, John Jay McCloy, during the period 1949-1952. The authors not only used printed as well as unpublished sources from archives in the United States and Germany, but they also assembled statements about McCloy's merits, written by prominent German figures from Konrad Adenauer to Richard von Weizsacker. In its main part, the volume presents a day-to-day account of McCloy's activities during those years, based on an Office Journal, which shows his multiple contacts with numerous politicians, business people and media representatives."

Bankers with a Mission

President of the United States to the Secretary of the Treasury , memorandum , August 5 , 1947 , Series 4477 ( Presidents ' papers — John J. McCloy — President J. McCloy correspondence ) , WBGA . 51. Mason and Asher , p . 131 . 52.

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The World Bank has been in business for more than fifty years. Starting from an original - and still relevant - goal of helping reconstruct war-torn economies, it has enlarged its mission to meet the changing needs of developing countries and the challenges of the post-cold war world. Now the World Bank's historian, Jochen Kraske, draws on the Bank's archives and other sources to tell the story of the Bank's first seven presidents and how their personalities, outlook, and managerial styles have affected the institution.

American Inquisition

Delos C. Emmons to John J. McCloy, September 15, 1943, CWRIC Records, reel 1, p. 230. John J. McCloy to Commanding General, WDC, September 15, 1943, CWRIC Records, reel 1, p. 231. The Supreme Court would decide the cases on December 18, ...

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From the author of "Free to Die for Their Country" comes the story of the internment of 70,000 American citizens of Japanese ancestry in 1942, and the administrative tribunals that had been designed to pass judgment on those suspected of being disloyal.

Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States George Bush 1989

Barbara and I extend our sincere condolences to the family and many friends of John J. McCloy. We share your loss. The American people join you in mourning the passing of one of the giants and true heroes of this country. John J. McCloy ...

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Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

George Bush

Statement on the Death of John J. McCloy March 21 , 1989 Barbara and I extend our sincere condo- He was also a pioneer in the field of arms lences to the family and many friends of control . In addition to being President KenJohn J.

Author: United States. President (1989-1993 : Bush)



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The SS Brotherhood of the Bell

We do know what another prominent member of the Warren Commission was up to before the war : John J. McCloy . For those who may have forgotten , John J. McCloy was the post - war American High Commissioner for ( West ) Germany , and was ...

Author: Joseph P. Farrell

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Offers a range of exotic technologies the Nazis researched, and challenges to the conventional views of the end of World War Two, the Roswell incident, and the beginning of MAJIC-12, the government's alleged secret team of UFO investigators.

American Policy and the Reconstruction of West Germany 1945 1955

21 THOMAS ALAN SCHWARTZ On January 31 , 1951 , the U.S. high commissioner for Germany , John J. McCloy , announced his final decisions regarding executive clemency for eighty - nine German war criminals held in Landsberg prison .

Author: Jeffry M. Diefendorf

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This volume of essays by German and American historians discusses key issues of US policy toward Germany in the decade following World War II.

The Bombing of Auschwitz

Harrison A. Gerhardt , to John J. McCloy , 3 July 1944 2.12 J. J. McCloy , War Department , to J.W. Pehle , War Refugee Board , 4 July 1944 4 260 261 262 262 263 264 266 266 3. THE APPEAL TO THE BRITISH 3.1 British Intercept of Cable ...

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Could the Allies have prevented the deaths of tens of thousands of Holocaust victims? Inspired by a conference held to mark the opening of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, this book brings together the key contributions to this debate.