Judas Flowering

Jane Aiken Hodge. JANE AIKEN H. O. D. G. E. Judas o JUDAS FLOWERING Jane Aiken Hodge. Front Cover.

Author: Jane Aiken Hodge

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Set against the background of war-torn Savannah during the Revolution, this enchanting novel unfolds the saga of a family divided – and a beautiful heroine, Mercy Phillips, caught desperately between the passions of Rebel and Tory. Mercy Phillips was a penniless English orphan when Hart Purchis, wealthy young heir to the Winchelsea Plantation rescued her from the mob. Hart did not know it then, but Mercy was to play a part in his life that would shape not only the future of Winchelsea but the whole American Revolution itself.

The Judas Flower

“Can you grow the Judas Tree in Scotland?” said Pereira, now just wanting to get on with it. “Why d'you think I'd know?” “Do florists ever sell the flowers?” “I don't,” he said. “Never have. Don't last for shit the minute you take them ...

Author: Douglas Lindsay


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When a long-suppressed lust for vengeance meets £130 million, death will follow. The Necropolis, Glasgow. A man's body, in the shadow of the city's ancient cathedral, sits propped against a gravestone. Held upright by a length of rope around his neck, blood weeping from his eyes, killed by a small metal cross hammered into his skull, the blossom of the Judas tree in his hands. THE JUDAS FLOWER is the second book in a gripping and realistic new crime series featuring DI Aliya Pereira and DS Marc Bain. Set in a grim, rain-soaked Glasgow, Pereira & Bain find themselves mired in a toxic mix of money, religion and revenge, as they begin the search for the killer of Archie Wilson, recent lottery winner, keeper of secrets, and now ritualistic murder victim.

Scribbling Women the Short Story Form

“ Death's Other Kingdom : Dantesque and Theological Symbolism in ' Flowering Judas . ” “ Flowering Judas . ” Ed . Virginia Spencer Carr . New Brunswick : Rutgers UP , 1993 : 99-120 . Hjelmslev , Louis . Prolegomena to a Theory of ...

Author: Ellen Burton Harrington

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«America is now wholly given over to a d - d mob of scribbling women, and I should have no chance of success while the public taste is occupied with their trash...» Taking Hawthorne's famous 1855 complaint about women writers as a starting point for consideration, Scribbling Women and the Short Story Form is a collection of fourteen critical essays about the short fiction of British and American women writers. This anthology takes a feminist approach, examining the liberating possibilities for women writers of the form of the short story, a genre often associated with alienation or subversion (the writer Frank O'Connor describes the form as marginal or «outlaw»). Covering the work of selected women writers from the 1850s through the late twentieth century, this collection includes essays on well-known authors such as Rebecca Harding Davis, Louisa May Alcott, Kate Chopin, Katherine Anne Porter, Flannery O'Connor, Cynthia Ozick, and Ursula K. Le Guin, alongside essays on Harriett Prescott Spofford, Ruth Stewart, L. T. Meade, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Zitkala-Sa, Sui Sin Far, and Lydia Davis, less-known authors whose stories offer rich ground for consideration.

The Fiction and Criticism of Katherine Anne Porter

Two of these, The Downward Path to Wisdom and A Days Work, appear in the volume, The Leaning Tower; the other eight are from Flowering Judas. These short stories show a much greater range of attitude, tone and substance than the ...

Author: Harry John Mooney

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One of the earliest, and still one of the most perceptive analyses of Katherine Anne Porter, it gives careful interpretation of the style and intent of Porter’s work from 1935 through the publication and critical reception of Ship of Fools.

Open Borders to a Revolution

Porter, Flowering Judas, 9. 15.Porter, Flowering Judas, 15. 16. Porter, Flowering Judas, 15–16. 17. Porter, Flowering Judas, 13. 18. Porter, Flowering Judas, 17. 19. Anexcellent summary of western ideas about nature can be found in ...

Author: Jaime Marroquin Arredondo

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution

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Open Borders to a Revolution is a collective enterprise studying the immediate and long-lasting effects of the Mexican Revolution in the United States in such spheres as diplomacy, politics, and intellectual thought. It marks both the bicentennial of Latin America’s independence from Spain and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, an anniversary with significant relevance for American history. The Smithsonian partnered with several institutions and organized a series of cultural events, among them an academic symposium whose program was envisioned and developed by the editors of this volume: “Creating an Archetype: The Influence of the Mexican Revolution in the United States.” The symposium gathered scholars who engaged in conversation and debate on several aspects of U.S.-Mexico relations, including the Mexican-American experience. This volume consolidates the results of those intellectual exchanges, adding new voices, and providing a wide-ranging exploration of the Mexican Revolution.

A Manual of the Flowering Plants of California

CÉRCIS L. JUDAS TREE Shrubs . Flowers red - purple , in umbel - like fascicles , appearing from winter buds in advance of the simple leaves . Stipules caducous . Calyx in anthesis broader than long , with 5 broad obtuse teeth .

Author: Willis Linn Jepson

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Amerika, Florenwerke, Kalifornien.

Katherine Anne Porter and Mexico

She told an interviewer in 1975 that, after declining Becky Crawford's invitation to bridge, she produced in the space of six hours “Flowering Judas” (I 180). Her account is not true since she mentioned the story to Matthew Josephson ...

Author: Thomas F. Walsh

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 1477305246

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In 1920, an unknown journalist named Katherine Anne Porter first sojourned in Mexico. When she left her "familiar country" for the last time in 1931, she was the celebrated author of Flowering Judas and Other Stories and had accumulated a wealth of experiences and impressions that would inspire numerous short stories, essays, and reviews, as well as the opening section of her only novel, Ship of Fools. In this perceptive study of Porter's Mexican experiences, Thomas Walsh traces the important connections between those events and her literary works. Separating fact from the fictions that Porter constantly created about her life, he follows the active role that she played in Mexican political and intellectual life—even to the discovery of a plot to overthrow the Mexican government, which eventually figured in Flowering Judas. Most important, Walsh discerns how the great swings between depression and elation that characterized Porter's emotional life influenced her alternating visions of Mexico. In such works as "Xochimilco," Porter saw Mexico as an earthly Eden where hopes for a better society could be realized, but in other stories, including "The Fiesta of Guadalupe," she depicts Mexico as a place of hopeless oppression for the native peoples. Mexico, Porter once said, gave her back her Texas past. Given the unhappiness of that past, her feelings toward Mexico would always be ambivalent, but her Mexican experiences influenced all her subsequent works to some degree, even those pieces not specifically Mexican in setting. Walsh's study, then, is an essential key for anyone seeking greater understanding of the life or works of Katherine Anne Porter.

Modern American Women Writers

Shortly after her return to New York at the end of the summer of 1930, she finished her revisions of "The Fig Tree" and completed "Flowering Judas," which was published in Hound and Horn that same year and made her literary reputation.

Author: Elaine Showalter

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Offers essays on forty-one women authors