Kisses Incognito

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Author: Christa Merlin

Publisher: Jove Publications

ISBN: 9780515078152

Category: Fiction

Page: 182

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Prince Incognito

Alec leaned down and, before she could say anything, he kissed her. The move must have caught her by surprise, because she froze a full second before ...

Author: Rachelle McCalla

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459231007

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Injured in an attack on the royal motorcade and missing his memory, Alec has one person he can trust; Lillian Bardici, the woman who rescued him. Lily has a soft heart for any hurt creature, but her family has a bitter grudge against Lydia's ruling family—Alec's family. For once his memory returns, Alec knows the truth. He is Prince Alexander, and his family is in danger. All he wants is to find and help them…but now that Alec's found his purpose, will he lose Lily, who's under orders by her family to betray him?


When I handed Tomas the money, he took my face in his hands and kissed me. Really kissed me. It was one of those good-bye kisses you see in the ...

Author: Andrea Raynor

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476723451

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Filled with humor, insight, and faith, this true story tells how one woman overcame challenges, stereotypes, and personal struggles at Harvard Divinity School and emerged an ordained minister. As a bright young girl from Ohio, Andrea Raynor always wanted to be a doctor. Instead, she landed— almost by accident—at Harvard Divinity School, which, she quickly discovered, was no typical semi­nary. When she attended, in the 1980s, HDS was a place overflowing with creative expression and freedom of thought. Her classmates included two men who were undergoing sex changes and a woman who fancied herself a geisha. There was a lively gay and lesbian caucus, marches on Washington, civil disobedience, and more sexual intrigue than could be found in a stereotypical college fraternity house. Providing a bird’s-eye view of life within the hallowed halls (and beneath the crimson robes), Incognito is a humorous and poignant glimpse inside one of the nation’s most revered institutions. It begins with the long drive from Ohio to Cam­bridge and ends at the bedside of a dying young woman. But the real story is about the challenges, surprises, and ultimately life-changing experi­ences Andrea faced on the road to understanding God’s call for her life. From navigating relation­ships to exploring whether a pretty girl can truly wear a collar, Incognito tackles our assumptions about spirituality, the church, morality, and identity, and affirms that God often works in ways—and in people—we least expect.

Incognito Street

Gradually our kisses grew more timid, our grappling more self-conscious. “Well, this isn't working,” said Laura, retreating. We sat on the bed, ...

Author: Barbara Sjoholm

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1580056067

Category: Travel

Page: 256

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Barbara Sjoholm arrived in London in the winter of 1970 at the age of twenty. Like countless young Americans in that tumultuous time, she wanted to escape a country at war and set out for Europe, where she spent the next three years living in Barcelona and London, hitchhiking around Spain, and studying at the University of Granada. Set on becoming a writer, she read everything from Colette to Borges, learned Norwegian and Spanish, and explored her sexual identity. With the ghosts of a painful childhood at her heels, she looked for a writing voice and subject matter that would reflect her emerging political and artistic vision. Incognito Street is an evocative look at an adventurous, curious young expatriate and the forces that would shape her eventual career as a writer, translator, and publisher. Sjoholm captures the flavor of a time when the feminist and lesbian movements were just beginning, seen from the perspective of a girl searching for a voice and a self to call her own.

Falling for the Secret Princess

But did her kisses, so enthusiastically returned, betray her lack of experience ... to notice the signs of recent passionate kisses on an incognito princess ...

Author: Kandy Shepherd

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488043868

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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A reunion… …fit for a princess in disguise! At his friend’s wedding, millionaire Finn couldn’t take his eyes off the gorgeous stranger whose naivety intrigued his cynical heart…until she suddenly fled! So, while on business in Montovia, he’s shocked to come face-to-face with her — as Princess Natalia! Finn’s once again compelled by their instant connection, but Natalia’s duty makes a future impossible. Unless he can convince her their love is worth breaking a few royal rules for… “Kandy Shepherd is my go-to author for fun, emotional romances and Second Chance with the Single Dad proves once again her skill at weaving memorable, heart-felt stories. Shepherd deserves every award she has received so far in her writing career and a whole lot more.” — Goodreads “Oh wow, Kandy Shepherd knows how to keep a reader hooked! Best Man and the Runaway Bride is a juicy, tantalizing read that will snap your attention from page one. The author’s engaging plot and articulate prose just made reading…pure bliss.” — Goodreads

Harlequin Romance September 2019 Box Set

But did her kisses, so enthusiastically returned, betray her lack of experience ... to notice the signs of recent passionate kisses on an incognito princess ...

Author: Jennifer Faye

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488044082

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Harlequin® Romance brings you a collection of four new titles, available now! Experience the rush of falling in love! This Harlequin® Romance box set includes: #4679 WEARING THE GREEK MILLIONAIRE’S RING Greek Island Brides by Jennifer Faye Aboard a Mediterranean cruise, widow Stasia Marinakos’s chemistry with guarded Greek tycoon Roberto Carrass is a pleasant surprise—until she’s mistaken for his fiancée! Only, as they commit to the charade to stop his family from matchmaking, their fake romance feels ever more real. #4680 A SECRET, A SAFARI, A SECOND CHANCE Destination Brides by Liz Fielding Winning a dream safari holiday, penniless single mom Eve’s delighted. Then she runs into Kit Merchant, with whom she once shared a passionate encounter… Together again in beautiful Africa, how long can Eve keep her four-year-old secret—Kit’s daughter? #4681 FALLING FOR THE SECRET PRINCESS by Kandy Shepherd At his friend’s wedding, millionaire Finn couldn’t take his eyes off the gorgeous stranger whose naivety intrigued his cynical heart… So while visiting Montovia on business, he’s shocked to come face-to-face with her again—as Princess Natalia! #4682 ISLAND FLING WITH THE TYCOON by Therese Beharrie Piper’s sworn off gorgeous but uncompromising men like tycoon Caleb. Yet when her brother flees his own wedding, she must search for the runaway groom—with Caleb’s help! Island hopping around Greece, Piper’s increasingly tempted by the man who’s totally off-limits…

Hypnotized Book 10 of the Incognito Series

Shep would have to gain her full trust before she even offered him a single sweet kiss. Her mouth, all her kisses, belong to me.

Author: Karen Wiesner


ISBN: 1304262057

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Dr. Sherry Mansfield is a talented hypnotist who possesses the ability to use the power of suggestion in an eerie, supernatural way. When she sends the Network a message through a suicide bomber that she wants to escape her abusive husband-the leader of a small terrorist group-they offer her a deal: They'll rescue her from her husband if she'll use her special skill for them in the pursuit of justice. The Network also fears that a rival terrorist faction will target Dr. Mansfield, wanting to use her unusual gift for evil the same way her husband's group does. Network operatives-and former secret lovers-Noah Harlow and Rhiannon Murray must rescue Dr. Mansfield to keep the world at large from falling into jeopardy.

Venice Incognito

Oratio kisses them, and the “young man” caresses him in return. Oratio studies the stranger's face, and praises “his” hair and complexion.

Author: James H. Johnson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520294653

Category: History

Page: 334

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"The entire town is disguised," declared a French tourist of eighteenth-century Venice. And, indeed, maskers of all ranks—nobles, clergy, imposters, seducers, con men—could be found mixing at every level of Venetian society. Even a pious nun donned a mask and male attire for her liaison with the libertine Casanova. In Venice Incognito, James H. Johnson offers a spirited analysis of masking in this carnival-loving city. He draws on a wealth of material to explore the world view of maskers, both during and outside of carnival, and reconstructs their logic: covering the face in public was a uniquely Venetian response to one of the most rigid class hierarchies in European history. This vivid account goes beyond common views that masking was about forgetting the past and minding the muse of pleasure to offer fresh insight into the historical construction of identity.

Inspector Incognito and the Kansas City Kid

( She holds up her gloved hand to be kissed . ) Au revoir . LUTHER : Au revoir , Mrs. Baywater . ( In gallant fashion , he kisses the gloved hand .


Publisher: Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.




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No Ordinary Love Book 1 of the Incognito Series

His kisses on her face roused her. His whispers of love that he was at last complete awakened her fully. “I want you,” he whispered, brushing the hair from ...

Author: Karen Wiesner


ISBN: 1312344199

Category: Fiction

Page: 356

View: 239

Kira Gunn remembers nothing about her life before Vincent Carson. He's been her guardian, her protector, her business partner and her passion for 15 years, yet he remains an enigma who seems to exist solely to give her everything she wants and needs. Who is he? Where did he come from? Who is she and where did she come from? The vague nightmares she's had as long as she can remember--gunshots, utter terror and the gentle eyes of salvation--and Vincent's tender resistance to help her discover the answers of her uncertain past are taking its toll on her body, her heart and her soul. How can she trust a man whose past is as gray as her own? But how can she leave Vincent, the only home she's ever known? Kira has become the sole reason for Vincent's existence. As she struggles with unseen demons, he fiercely guards the truth. To seek out the truth of her past would be to put both of their lives in danger...and could mean losing the only thing in the world that matters to Vincent-Kira's love.

Love With a Proper Stranger

Don't miss this gripping romance written by the author of Kisses Incognito ( # 199
) . For Anglophiles everywhere , Frances Davies's frolicsome pen creates an
unabashedly romantic British drawing - room comedy ( at times it's a little like a ...

Author: Christa Merlin

Publisher: Jove Publications

ISBN: 9780425085172

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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Sweet Splendor

... FOR COMFORT # 198 Liz Grady 07815 - 8 KISSES INCOGNITO # 199 Christa
Merlin 07816 - 6 HEAD OVER HEELS # 200 Nicola Andrews 07817 - 4 BRIEF
ENCHANTMENT # 201 Susanna Collins 07818 - 2 INTO THE WHIRLWIND #
202 ...

Author: Diana Mars

Publisher: Jove Publications

ISBN: 9780515080704

Category: Fiction

Page: 181

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Margaret kisses Henry softly on the lips. Victor Thank you,Henry. I'llthink we'll stopthere. Martha Morning. Patricia Hello Martha. Martha How are you?

Author: Nick Payne

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571317081

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 96

View: 541

The brain builds a narrative to steady us from moment to moment, but it is absolutely an illusion. There is no me, there is no you, and there is certainly no self. Princeton, New Jersey. 1955. Thomas Stoltz Harvey performs the autopsy on Albert Einstein - and then steals his brain. Bath, England. 1953. Henry undergoes pioneering brain surgery. The surgery changes Henry's life, and the history of neuroscience. London, England. The Present. Martha is a clinical neuropsychologist. When her marriage breaks down she starts to make radically different choices. Three interwoven stories exploring the nature of identity and how we are defined by what we remember, Incognito is an exhilarating exploration of what it means to be human. Nick Payne's Incognito premiered at Live Theatre, Newcastle, in April 2014 in a co-production with nabokov and HighTide Festival Theatre.


... first took her hand, their first tentative kisses, the stolen embraces, and the night before Laura left for Europe, the tears she cried at leaving him.

Author: Gregory Murphy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101516569

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 238

An elegant literary mystery set during the Gilded Age. New York City, 1911. Representing the widow of a Wall Street financier, lawyer William Dysart travels to a small Long Island town with a generous offer for Miss Sybil Curtis's cottage and five acres of land. But when Sybil refuses to sell, the widow threatens to use her influence with the state to seize the property. Intrigued by Sybil's defiance and afflicted by a growing affection for her, William develops a desire to help her that becomes an obsession he cannot define, one that tears away the facade of his life, and presents him with truths he's unprepared to face.


When he finished, he waved and raised both hands upward, offering a few flying kisses in between. Ayden then clicked on the Times app icon.

Author: Khaled Talib

Publisher: Newsline Communications

ISBN: 9811807612

Category: Fiction

Page: 273

View: 181

Pope Gregoire XVII was last seen waving to the crowd at Saint Peter’s square from the famous Apostolic Palace window. Despite several layers of tight security, neither the Gendarmerie nor The Entity (the Vatican’s secret service) or the Swiss Guards claim to know anything about his sudden mysterious disappearance. As the world mourns for the pope, a frantic search begins in Italy and beyond its borders amid speculation that the Holy See may know more than they are telling. Ayden Tanner, a former British SAS commando officer — who is officially dead — is dispatched with two other crew members to find the Supreme Pontiff by The League of Invisible Knights, a covert division of Anonymous. But trouble unexpectedly starts from the moment Ayden arrives in the city that winter day...In a gasping chase that races from the snowy mountains of Switzerland to the secret passages under Saint Peter’s Basilica to the hilly terrains of Istanbul to the harsh desert air of Egypt, Ayden and his crew are forced to match wits with lethal assassins as they struggle on a desperate quest to prevent a terrifying tomorrow.

Forever Eden

Other Second Chance at Love books by Christa Merita KISSES INCOGNITO #
199 Christa Merlin is a native Floridian with an enduring love for saltwater and
boats . A former newspaper columnist and editor , she finds romance writing ...

Author: Christa Merlin


ISBN: 9780425079782

Category: Fiction

Page: 181

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Genesis 12 50

5 With subtle Near Eastern indirection, he acts out his forgiveness in tears and kisses. While incognito, he already had proof of their repentance and ...

Author: James Chukwuma Okoye

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532673973

Category: Religion

Page: 520

View: 660

Genesis 12–50: A Narrative-Theological Commentary uses narrative criticism to bring out the theological aspects of the biblical story. While basing itself on the Christian belief that Christ is the goal of all Scripture, it nevertheless allows the Hebrew Bible to speak for itself and to show how its inner message may receive completion in Christ. Hence, it adopts what the author calls a “two-stage” hermeneutics. A particular contribution of this commentary is the comparison and confrontation of patristic and early rabbinic exegesis as Christians and Jews struggled over the same texts, using them to support their diverse beliefs. The discussion is geared towards the average educated reader.

American Incognito

She was a natural lover, a much more warm, passionate bedmate than Catriona, with much more reassuring embraces and kisses and Jock wondered why he was so ...

Author: Donald Armour

Publisher: YEHKRI.COM A.C.C.

ISBN: 147006152X

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

View: 594

Jock Muir, a lone-wolf Scot, the eternal traveller in hope who never arrives, marries an innocent in Montana, concealing his other self as a pulp-fiction best-seller writing under a pen-name. But she accidentally finds novel sketches and mistakes them for murder contracts. Marriage crisis follows. Muir is a wanderer in search of his version of the American Dream. Ultimately he is semi-detached, happier with dreams than with fellow-men. Hollywood was where insincerity was dedicated lifestyle. Montana is where sincerity could be faked. The only relationship he cannot escape is with himself. Betrayals, infatuations, the marriage lottery, false accusations, deceitful masks people hide behind, are the themes of a kind of road novel roaming from New York to Hollywood to San Francisco to Montana.

Undercover Kisses

I think I ' m seeing the real you today , but I keep getting the feeling you ' re
incognito at the office . ” “ Incognito ? ” Kat managed weakly . He couldn ' t
possibly suspect what she was doing at Mark ' s . Could he ? Moss ran a lazy
finger over her ...

Author: Laine Allen

Publisher: Jove Publications

ISBN: 9780425082867

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

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Princess Incognito Nightmare at the Museum

Otherwise, I might have floated over to my beautiful headmistress and planted big, sloppy kisses all over her glowing face. “I'm waiting for your apology, ...

Author: NJ Humphreys

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 9814893021

Category: Juvenile Fiction


View: 438

When Princess Sabrina is sent away from her family, the king and queen of Mulakating, she must hide away in a dull, working-class town, living undercover to keep her blue-blooded identity secret. A school trip to a museum in the big city promises to be a welcome escape from Sabrina’s big fat lie of a life. But when the museum guide hands the students a map, Sabrina’s most terrifying fears are realised: There’s an exhibition on her home country, Mulakating, and its royal family – her family! Her deepest, darkest secret could be revealed! In one long, breathless race around the museum, the secret princess must call upon her devious Uncle Ernie, her dopey friend Charlie and even Awful Agatha to keep the class away from the shocking truth.