Learning Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010 Essentials

Learning Autodesk 3ds Max XXXX Essentials is a superb end-to-end reference that provides users with complete info on all of the features and options available in the latest version of 3ds Max, so that users can learn how to use 3ds Max ...

Author: Autodesk,

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136137416

Category: Art

Page: 640

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Learning Autodesk 3ds Max XXXX Essentials is a superb end-to-end reference that provides users with complete info on all of the features and options available in the latest version of 3ds Max, so that users can learn how to use 3ds Max confidently in a production environment. Each chapter offers a series of lessons - which introduce the functional areas of Max and go over all associated features (with examples), and then a lab (which demonstrates a practical application of the lesson). Together, all of the lessons deliver and sound and complete approach to revealing the functions, features, and principles of 3ds Max XXXX. New Bonus section on MaxScript covering techniques for automating repetitive tasks and customizing 3ds Max to make you more productive. The DVD includes: Project Scene & support files, Free models & texture maps from Turbo Squid, NEW!! HIGH VALUE: Autodesk product Sketchbook Pro (for character development) valued at $199.99 US.

Learning Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010

Focuses on all the core features, with a new bonus section on MaxScript.

Author: Autodesk, Inc

Publisher: Focal Press

ISBN: 0240811933

Category: Computers

Page: 633

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Offers information on the features and options of Autodesk 3ds Max Design. This title helps you learn about lighting a 3D scene in 3ds Max Design and explore the application of various lighting techniques. It lets you discover techniques for a professional design workflow, including how to organize your scenes and objects and 3D workspace.

Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010

This book covers all the software's crucial features, including how to simulate and analyze sun, sky, and artificial light-crucial factors for sustainable design-and how to define and assign realistic materials and work with AutoCAD and ...

Author: Mark Gerhard

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118059418

Category: Computers

Page: 912

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The only comprehensive tutorial/reference exclusively devoted to Autodesk's robust architectural visualization software 3ds Max Design is a powerful real-time 3D design, modeling, and animation tool for architectural visualizations. This book covers all the software's crucial features, including how to simulate and analyze sun, sky, and artificial light-crucial factors for sustainable design-and how to define and assign realistic materials and work with AutoCAD and Revit files. You'll quickly learn how to get the most from this powerful software's 3D modeling, animation, and rendering capabilities. McFarland is an Autodesk Authorized Author with professional experience in creating complex visualizations for a large property development company. His real-world focus means workflows and instructions are professional and proven, and projects will include those that pros work on every day. Uses actual examples from the author's experience, including retail spaces, small offices, residential developments, and more Concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on tutorials teach the basics and fine points of the software Covers all the essential features, such as how to simulate and analyze sun, sky, and artificial light Demonstrates efficient use of the interface; how to work with Revit and AutoCAD files; using data, scene management, and solid modeling tools; rendering real-world surfaces; and setting up animated walkthroughs Mastering 3ds Max Design 2010 provides a practical education in using this powerful architectural visualization tool.

Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011

Whether you're just starting, upgrading, or preparing for the Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011 Certified Associate or Certified Professional exams, this book offers the complete instruction you need to master this indispensable design tool.

Author: Mark Gerhard

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470925591

Category: Computers

Page: 912

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3D Animation Essentials

Learn these 3D animation essentials—and more: Digital imaging and video terms and concepts The production pipeline, start to finish Essential equipment—hardware, software, and more The basics of stories, scripts, and storyboards ...

Author: Andy Beane

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118239059

Category: Computers

Page: 352

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The essential fundamentals of 3D animation for aspiring 3D artists 3D is everywhere--video games, movie and television special effects, mobile devices, etc. Many aspiring artists and animators have grown up with 3D and computers, and naturally gravitate to this field as their area of interest. Bringing a blend of studio and classroom experience to offer you thorough coverage of the 3D animation industry, this must-have book shows you what it takes to create compelling and realistic 3D imagery. Serves as the first step to understanding the language of 3D and computer graphics (CG) Covers 3D animation basics: pre-production, modeling, animation, rendering, and post-production Dissects core 3D concepts including design, film, video, and games Examines what artistic and technical skills are needed to succeed in the industry Offers helpful real-world scenarios and informative interviews with key educators and studio and industry professionals Whether you're considering a career in as a 3D artist or simply wish to expand your understanding of general CG principles, this book will give you a great overview and knowledge of core 3D Animation concepts and the industry.

Rendering with Mental Ray and 3ds Max

This volume provides practical examples to get you using mental ray quickly. It gives a simple explanation of how shaders work, and how to integrate mental ray features including lights and materials.

Author: Joep van der Steen

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0240812379

Category: Computers

Page: 253

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Create stunning renders of your 3ds Max models in mental ray with this concise guide. Learn all of the essential concepts such as indirect illumination, materials, render options, shaders, and lighting. Rendering with mental ray and 3ds Max, Second Edition is now revised to cover Autodesk Revit and special effects. The companion website includes all of the necessary project files from inside the book. *Render beautiful scenes with 3ds Max and the powerful mental ray application *Covers all aspects of rendering including materials, lighting, shaders, indirect illumination, and special effects *Companion website includes tutorial files and sample files

Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011

The Ultimate Real-World Reference for Revit Architecture This comprehensive guide has been completely updated to provide the most modern, detailed, and in-depth coverage of Autodesk's leading building information modeling software.

Author: Eddy Krygiel

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470908228

Category: Computers

Page: 960

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GameSalad Essentials

Originally interested in 3D animation and graphical design, in 2008, he got the
game development "bug" and has been developing ... He now primarily uses
Unity3D, 3D Studio Max, and the Unreal engine for his current and future projects
in an aim to create very high-quality games. ... and IndieCity, and of course on his
website, www.wurdindustries.com. ... but never started using it until January 2010
when he started to develop his third iOS game, iMMUNE 2: Rise of the
Salmonella, ...

Author: Miguel DeQuadros

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1784398462

Category: Computers

Page: 154

View: 741

If you want to create your own game, but don't know where to start, this is the book for you. Whether you've used GameSalad before, or have prior game development experience or not you are sure to learn! Imaging software experience, such as Photoshop, is good to have, but art and assets are provided in the book's resources.

Game Development Essentials

... and animation software : Autodesk 3ds Max ( version 9 ) and Autodesk Maya (
version 8.5 PLE ) Game documentation ... Dragon's Eye Productions ( Furcadia ) ,
Harvey Smith / Witchboy's Cauldron ( game design articles ) , and Barrie Ellis ...

Author: Michael E. Moore

Publisher: Delmar Pub


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 323

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Written in a non-technical manner, Game Development Essentials: Game Industry Career Guide is a valuable asset for anyone looking for a job, not only in the game industry but also in any field requiring technical expertise and creative talent. Not only does it discuss what skills game companies need, it also gives extensive advice and insights on writing a solid r?sum?, building a portfolio that will attract game companies, and preparing for telephone and personal interviews.

AutoCAD 2010

The latest book from Cengage Learning on AUTOCAD 2010: A PROBLEM-SOLVING APPROACH

Author: Sham Tickoo

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Category: Computers

Page: 1472

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The latest book from Cengage Learning on AUTOCAD 2010: A PROBLEM-SOLVING APPROACH

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011

Here you find locations of AutoCAD dealers and training centers as well as
endless information on AutoCAD and other software products and ... This site is
the officially sanctioned user community for Autodesk and its products. ... A well
organized and extensive site for learning AutoCAD that includes some tutorials
on 3ds max, VIZ, Photoshop, and web design. ... This site, while not essential

Author: Elliot Gindis

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780123757166

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 510

View: 433

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011 provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of AutoCAD. The text strips away complexities, both real and perceived, and reduces AutoCAD to easy-to-understand basic concepts. It teaches only what is essential to operating AutoCAD first, thereby immediately building student confidence. All basic commands are documented step-by-step, meaning that what the student needs to type in and how AutoCAD responds is all spelled out in discrete and clear steps with screen shots added as needed. Using the author’s extensive multi-industry knowledge of what is and is not important and widely used in practice, the material is presented by immediately immersing the student in practical, critically essential knowledge, with no padding of text or filler material. All concepts are explained first in theory, and only then is AutoCAD introduced and the actual button pushing discussed. This is one of the key concepts in having students understand exactly what it is they are doing and why, before they do it. Strips away complexities, both real and perceived and reduces AutoCAD to easy-to-understand basic concepts. Explains "why" something is done, not just "how": the theory behind each concept or command is discussed prior to engaging AutoCAD, so the student has a clear idea of what they are attempting to do. All basic commands are documented step-by-step: what the student types in and how AutoCAD responds is spelled out in discrete and clear steps with numerous screen shots. Extensive supporting graphics (screen shots) and a summary with a self-test section and topic specific drawing exercises are included at the end of each chapter. Additional practice is gained through projects that the students work on as they progress through the chapters. Also available in a comprehensive volume that includes coverage of 3D drawing and modeling in AutoCad. ISBN for comprehensive volume is 978-0-12-375717-3

Digital Sculpting with Mudbox

Ifyou are browsing through this book, you are probably interested in computer
graphics, art, design, ortraditional and digital ... The two main goals ofthis book
are to teach you digital sculpting with Autodesk Mudbox and to review the
fundamentals ofthe art of sculpture as applied to digital sculpting. ... The primary
focus ofthis book is, of course, sculpting with Mudbox. ... These workflows may
look something like this: 3ds Max Mudbox 3D metal printing or Mudbox digital
milling or even 3D ...

Author: Mike De la Flor

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0240812034

Category: Computers

Page: 263

View: 116

Provides instructions on using Mudbox 2011 to create digital sculptures.

Manufacturing Engineering Handbook Second Edition

-EOS—3d Printing with Metal, Titanium & Aluminum ... Suppliers 3D Design
Software AutoCAD and Autodesk software, http://www.autodesk.com/products/
3dsmax/overview Blender (open source), ... Carlson, R., Biology is Technology:
The Promise, Peril, and New Business of Engineering Life, Harvard University
Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2010. ... France, A.K., editor, Make: 3D
Printing: The Essential Guide to 3D Printers, Maker Media, Inc, Sebastopol,
California, 2013.

Author: Hwaiyu Geng

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 007183978X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 880

View: 382

The new edition of this professional resource reveals how to optimize all aspects of the global manufacturing process to build the highest quality goods at the lowest price in the shortest possible time. How can one apply technical and business knowledge to develop a strategic plan that delivers increased productivity, quality, sustainability, reliability, agility, resilience, and best practices with rapid time to production and value? The answers are found in the fully updated new edition of Manufacturing Engineering Handbook. The goal of this second edition is to provide the essential knowledge needed to build products with the highest quality at the lowest cost in the least amount of time by optimizing all aspects of the manufacturing process—design, development, tools, processes, quality, speed, output, safety, and sustainability. You will gain access to information on conventional and modern technologies, manufacturing processes, and operations management that will assist you in achieving these goals. The book is written by a team of more than 100 internationally renowned manufacturing engineering experts, and pared down from its original 1200 pages. The new and vastly improved second edition is specifically designed to concisely and succinctly cover traditional manufacturing processes and advanced technologies as well as newer manufacturing software and systems to integrate them into the modern, global manufacturing world. Brand-new chapters on: eco-design and sustainability; nano materials and nano manufacturing; facilities planning; operations research New sections on plastics, composites, and moldmaking; global manufacturing and supply chain management Increased coverage of Design for Six Sigma and adaptive manufacturing Affiliated web site with color illustrations, graphs, charts, discussions on future trends, additional technical papers, and suggestions for further reading

Book of Majors 2010

Author: The College Board

Publisher: College Board

ISBN: 9780874478471

Category: Study Aids

Page: 1300

View: 603

The only book that describes majors in-depth and lists colleges that offer them—four-year, two-year, undergraduate, and graduate programs The Book of Majors 2010 is the most comprehensive guide to academic programs, with in-depth descriptions of 200 of the most popular college majors. This book answers the questions: What’s the major for you? Where can you study it? What can you do with it after graduation? This is also the only guide that shows what degree levels each college offers in a major, whether a certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. More than 900 majors at 3,600 colleges are listed—including four-year, two-year, and technical schools sorted by state! The guide features • insights—from the professors themselves—on how each major is taught, what preparation students will need, career options and employment prospects, and much more • in-depth profiles of several emerging majors such as Homeland Security and Sustainable Agriculture • inside scoop in the descriptions of majors such as questions students should ask when visiting campuses, and also professional societies and accrediting agencies to refer to for more background on the major