Legendary Hawai i and the Politics of Place

Chapter 3 The Production of Legendary Hawai'i: Out of Place Stories I On the
island of Oahu, where legends abound, the one most often spoken of is the
Kahala Hilton. Legendary in its beauty, our grand resort is poised at the edge of
the lazy ...

Author: Cristina Bacchilega

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812201175

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

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Hawaiian legends figure greatly in the image of tropical paradise that has come to represent Hawai'i in popular imagination. But what are we buying into when we read these stories as texts in English-language translations? Cristina Bacchilega poses this question in her examination of the way these stories have been adapted to produce a legendary Hawai'i primarily for non-Hawaiian readers or other audiences. With an understanding of tradition that foregrounds history and change, Bacchilega examines how, following the 1898 annexation of Hawai'i by the United States, the publication of Hawaiian legends in English delegitimized indigenous narratives and traditions and at the same time constructed them as representative of Hawaiian culture. Hawaiian mo'olelo were translated in popular and scholarly English-language publications to market a new cultural product: a space constructed primarily for Euro-Americans as something simultaneously exotic and primitive and beautiful and welcoming. To analyze this representation of Hawaiian traditions, place, and genre, Bacchilega focuses on translation across languages, cultures, and media; on photography, as the technology that contributed to the visual formation of a westernized image of Hawai'i; and on tourism as determining postannexation economic and ideological machinery. In a book with interdisciplinary appeal, Bacchilega demonstrates both how the myth of legendary Hawai'i emerged and how this vision can be unmade and reimagined.

The Legendary Stardust Boys

THE LEGENDARY STARDUST BOYS ACT ONE Stosh ' s basement . It is the
band ' s rehearsal space . Some old , beat - up chairs , a battered refrigerator , a
stereo , tape recorder , an old piano . A stairway , a door leading to the bathroom ,
a ...

Author: D. B. Gilles

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822206507

Category: Drama

Page: 48

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THE STORY: The setting is the basement recreation room where The Stardust Boys, a local Ohio polka band, meet to rehearse. Urged on by their leader Stosh, they are getting ready to make a demo record that Stosh hopes will lead to the fame and for


... came, each with a piece of bark filled with hot coals. They went straight up to
Dinewan, 97. Australian. Legendary. Tales. Dinewan the Emu and Wahn the

Author: Various

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1907256415

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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This first book by K. Langloh Parker is still one of the best available collections of Australian Aboriginal folklore. It was written for a popular audience, but the stories are retold with integrity, and not filtered, as was the case with similar books from this period. That said, the style of this book reflects Victorian sentimentality and, an occasional tinge of racism that was apparent in those times. However, this volume does contain 31 uniquely Australian tales like: The Galah, and Oolah the Lizard, Bahloo the Moon and the Daens, The Origin of the Narran Lake, Gooloo the Magpie, and the Wahroogah and many more tales with distinctly Aboriginal titles. The texts, with their sentient animals and mythic transformations, have a somnambulistic and chaotic narrative that mark them as authentic dreamtime lore. The mere fact that she cared to write down these stories places her far ahead of her contemporaries, who, at the time, barely regarded native Australians as human. However, children will find here the Jungle Book of Australia, but there is no Mowgli, set apart as a man. For man, bird, and beast are all blended in the Aboriginal psyche. All are of one kindred, all shade into each other; all obey the Bush Law. Unlike any European Marchen, these stories do not have the dramatic turns of Western folk-lore. There are no distinctions of wealth and rank, no Cinderella nor a Puss in Boots. The struggle for food and water is the perpetual theme, and no wonder, for the narrators dwell in a dry and thirsty land. Parker has some odd connections with modern popular culture. She was rescued from drowning by an aborigine at an early age. This incident was portrayed in the film 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'. The song "They Call the Wind Mariah" was based on a story from this book and the pop singer Mariah Cary was reputedly named after this song. 33% of the net profit from this book will be donated to schools, charities and special causes. Yesterday's Books for Tomorrow's Educations"

Mythical Journeys Legendary Quests

Author: Moyra Caldecott

Publisher: Bladud Books

ISBN: 1843195232

Category: Fiction

Page: 196

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Get ready for adventure! From great literary masterpieces to those anonymous stories passed down by word of mouth during generations of tribal gatherings, here are some of the greatest stories ever told. Now you can stir your imagination with legends and myths from across the world. From old favorites like the Grecian Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece to those sure to be new favorites, like the Vietnamese Journey to the Dragon Emperor's Palace, these tales and the gorgeous color paintings that accompany them are sure to send you on a flight of fancy. 176 pages (16 in color), 20 b/w illus., 7 1/2 x 9 3/4.

South English Legendary I

FOREWORD THE present edition of The South English Legendary is the
outcome of a plan initiated some years ago by the Committee on editing Middle
English Texts ( John Edwin Wells , Chairman , Carleton Brown , Sir William
Craigie ...

Author: Charlotte D'evelyn

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 9781843840404

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 368

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Rapala Legendary Fishing Lures

Author: John E. Mitchell


ISBN: 9781610604932

Category: Sports & Recreation


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Rapala - the very name evokes quiet mornings on a mist-shrouded lake, family expeditions in a well-worn rowboat, and - best of all- the thrilling moment when a fish explodes out of the water. This richly illustrated book tells the story of a remarkable company and the iconic angling products they produce. Rapala lures are now sold in 140 countries and are more world-record fish than any other lure. It is the dominant company in a hugely popular sport enjoyed by 44 million recreation anglers in the U.S. alone - more people than play golf or tennis combined.

A Legend for the Legendary

Author: James A. Vlasich

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 9780879724948

Category: Social Science

Page: 266

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The origins of baseball are controversial. James A. Vlasich discusses the debates between two men intimately involved in nineteenth-century baseball, Henry Chadwick and Albert G. Spalding. Abner Graves of the Mills Commission claimed that Abner Doubleday had invented the game and he had done it in Cooperstown, New York. This claim was scrutinized at the time but the myth became etched into baseball history. Through the years, however, some critics have questioned the Mills Commission report. The problem is that the Baseball Hall of Fame is built on this shaky foundation. The lack of diligence on the part of Spalding’s self-appointed committee has led to a credibility gap for the baseball shrine that continues a half century after its dedication. Indeed, the story of the building of the Baseball Hall of Fame is filled with intrigue worthy of a political thriller.


He shared the same icy blonde hair which was always perfectly cropped, his skin
was as flawless as hers, and his body was something straight off of a runway.
The only difference they did have was _29_ Legendary: 77% Genesis.

Author: Kourtney Cooper

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 142692190X

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Found wandering along the roadside as a child, Kayden Pruitt was rescued by an angelic woman and her husband and grew up knowing a life of love and laughter. Now a student at the University of Oregon, Kayden hopes to make his foster mother proud of him through hard work and dedication. But always, at the back of his mind, is a nagging question of just who he really is and where he came from. When Kayden becomes entranced with a legend involving a long lost war between angels and demons and the rise of half-breeds, a multitude of inconceivable events begin to occur. But what was once just a need for answers quickly turns into a quest for survival for Kayden. As Kayden digs deeper into his own past and into the legend, a hidden world will come to light, secrets will be revealed, enemies will be made, and a race to save all of mankind from extinction will be set in motion. If that wasn't hard enough for Kayden to handle, discovering he is something that isn't supposed to exist, a..."unique" kind of half-breed, should really prove to complicate matters. And so, The Genesis begins.

The Legendary Past

... is an 'evoked past, a work of art,a legendof past which has to becreated,
learned, cared for and cultivated.And to call ita “legendary” past is to distinguish,
not to denigrate it'. [242]A past concerned with action, then, is a constructed
legendary ...

Author: Natalie Riendeau

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1845407830

Category: Philosophy

Page: 307

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The book explores Oakeshott's thought on the key role human imagination plays in relation to the political. It addresses four main themes: imagination, foundational narratives, the question of political societies' identities as well as that of human living-together, to use Hannah Arendt's expression. The book's main objective is to show that Oakeshott may be rightfully understood to be a philosopher of the imagination as well as a foundationalist thinker in the Arendtian narrative constructivist tradition.

Legendary Locals of the Mendonoma Coast

Some Legendary Locals are humanitarians—others are just colorful characters.
Some legends are not even people. The Sea Foam, until it wrecked, was the
legendary schooner that brought people to and from San Francisco in the early
part ...

Author: Tammy Durston

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467100137

Category: History

Page: 127

View: 469

The Sonoma Mendocino coastline, famous for jagged cliffs, timber-filled ridges, and pounding surf, has been home to many people from varying histories and backgrounds. Pomo tribes, renowned for basketmaking, who were the first settlers and descendants, still live in the area. From early pioneers such as George Call, H.A. Richardson, Cyrus Robinson, J.A. Hamilton, and Antonio Stornetta to Pomo spiritual leader Essie Parrish and the founders of Sea Ranch (Al Boeke, and the team of designers and architects Lawrence Halprin, Charles Moore, William Turnbull, Donlyn Lyndon, and Richard Whitaker), the Sonoma Mendocino coast has many legendary locals. This area also has been home to renowned artists, musicians, writers, scientists, educators, and business leaders. Community services are especially vital to rural areas. Dedicated volunteers created Gualala Arts, services for seniors and youth, the Coast Library, theater groups, and restored historic buildings such as the famous Point Arena Lighthouse. These unsung heroes have brought new meaning to this vibrant community.

Legendary Lawman

Johannes F. Spreen Dr. Diane Holloway. Legendary Lawman: Johannes F.
Spreen Legendary Lawman: Johannes F. Spreen DR. DIANE HOLLOWAY
Legendary Lawman:

Author: Dr. Diane Holloway

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440115184

Category: Law

Page: 248

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Michigan Sheriff Johannes Spreen went to jail today to defend his beliefs and actions saying Id rather be right than free. Walter Cronkite, CBS News, May 7, 1977. Im inspired by legendary police commissioner and former sheriff Johannes Spreen, whose community-partnership approach encouraged people to work together, and it was successful. Arizona Police Chief Dan Saban. Johannes Spreen was a police officer extraordinary; a man who helped restructure and develop New York City Police Academy training leading to a college program, a West Point for police officersnow John Jay College for Criminal Justice. Johannes Spreen is a man of enthusiasm, indeed a prophet; always ahead of his time. Rudolph P. Blaum, retired NYPD and co-developer of John Jay College courses. This intimate portrait of former Detroit Police Commissioner and Michigan Sheriff Johannes F. Spreen, forming his attitudes against the rugged tides of experience and events, is a delight to read. The revealing rise of a German immigrant through New York and Michigan police hierarchies adds to our understanding of policing, competitive police turf battles and the criminal forces that drive our nation to the brink in attempting to maintain freedom and peace. Spreens innovations re-shaped American law enforcement thinking.

Legendary Locals of Princeton

So it is my great pleasure as the author of Legendary Locals ofPrinceton to
present not only nationally and internationally famous Princeton residents—
persons whose names have become household words, pioneers in the historic
panorama, ...

Author: Richard D. Smith

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467100498

Category: History

Page: 127

View: 641

Princeton grew along a Leni Lenape Indian trail that was widened in the 1700s and eventually became part of the King s Highway through New Jersey. Right from its beginning, Princeton s history has been truly American. So have its inhabitants, both great and humble. George Washington won a crucial victory here and returned when Princeton was briefly de facto capital of the fledgling United States. George Gallup pioneered modern opinion polling here. Albert Einstein and other European refugees transformed the region scientifically and intellectually. Internationally famous actors and musicians, including Paul Robeson, Bebe Neuwirth, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Ethan Hawke, have called Princeton home. Resident writers have ranged from Sinclair Lewis to Peter Benchley. Locally beloved were small business persons such as country store owner Mary Watts and public servants like mayor and unabashed cancer battler Barbara Boggs Sigmund. And among the good and great have been a few real rogues. They are all part of Princeton s colorful saga."

Legendary Figures

The past is desirable in part precisely because it must be read . Salammbo
understands the past as something “ legendary . ” I use this term both in its
common meaning of “ belonging to myth ” and in a meaning derived from its Latin
etymology ...

Author: Clayton Koelb

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803227392

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 186

View: 172

Legendary Figures examines revolutionary views of the past that have played a crucial role in European and American literature of the last 150 years. Clayton Koelb traces these new approaches to history through an impressive range of novels,øfrom Flaubert?s Salammb– to Christa Wolf?s Cassandra. Koelb argues that this new ?historical sense,? which arose in the mid?nineteenth century, gained eloquent expression in Flaubert?s writings. What is crucial about the new historical sense is that it views the past as essentially ?alien? and ?other.? The connection between past and present may be powerful, but it is always indirect and difficult to negotiate. As a result, the past seems exotic and unattainable, the object of nostalgia and desire. Koelb distinguishes this sense of history, with its persistent discontinuities between past and present, from the more continuous and progressive views of history of novelists like Sir Walter Scott and such philosophers as Hegel, Marx, and Luk¾cs. In their writings, history ?proceeds according to the laws of cause and effect, and each epoch can be understood as both the result of the previous one and the cause of the next.? In contrast, the modernist writers that Koelb examines?Flaubert, Pater, Mann, Broch, Wilder, Yourcenar, and Wolf?imagine a past that is ?mythic? and ?legendary? and thus a metaphor for everything distant, complicated, unattainable, and unknowable.

Tank Trail T13 Life Is Legendary

TANK TRAIL T13 Life Is Legendary! Niels Tromp (Written in poor but legendary
English) © 2012 Niels Tromp and Lulu Press, Inc Second Edition, 2013 All rights
reserved Title: Tank Trail T13 Subtitle: Life Is Legendary! Cover design: Niels ...

Author: Niels Tromp

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1471601250

Category: Travel

Page: 151

View: 220

Tiger I tank Nena is heading for Cape Saint-Vincent. Her crew: Franz Knoblich (a German army deserter), Igor Niks (a Dutch new school caveman) and Captain Barbebleu (a French insane pirate), try their best to find the source. The what? Well, they pretty much don’t know themselves what the hell they are looking for. It makes a rather legendary adventure though! Meeting some of the weirdest characters society produced they enjoy their trip to the south of Portugal. Life truly is legendary! Original book of the trail: T13 This book is part of the legendary lifestyle propaganda!

Legendary Motorcycles

INTRODUCTION The idea for Legendary Motorcycles grew out of a telephone
conversation with Zack Miller, and like many great concepts, it developed from
one simple thought: "What if we made a book about the most historically
significant ...

Author: Basem Wasef, Jay Leno


ISBN: 9781610590648

Category: Transportation


View: 254

Motorcycles are mythic, far more than mere transportation, but some are in a class of their own, truly legendary machines. There are the Triumphs: James Dean’s, Marlon Brando’s in The Wild Ones, the one Steve McQueen took over the fence in The Great Escape. There are Evel Knievel’s and Elvis’s Harleys, the Easy Rider Stars ‘n’ Stripes bike, and T. E. Lawrence’s Brough Superior SS100; Von Dutch’s Condor, Craig Vetter’s Mystery Ship, and Mike Hailwood’s Honda RC162. These are just some of the machines that have made motorcycle history, and that make this book a feast for the eyes and a fact-filled odyssey for the motorcycle aficionado. Illustrated with commissioned photographs and historical images, the book profiles the bikes--not just the models but the actual motorcycles--that have achieved legendary status in the last century. Their stories, told here in detail for the first time, make up the story of the motorcycle in American culture. See Motorbooks author Basem Wasef interviewed by Jay Leno on JayLenosGarage.com: http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/video/jays-book-club-basem-wasef/1168295/

Legendary Locals of Dover

I know there are a few I have missed, and there are others who are working today
to become legendary locals of tomorrow. For anyone I left out, I sincerely
apologize. In a perfect book, the number of pages would be doubled. Alas, there
are ...

Author: Matthew S. Lautzenheiser

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467100994

Category: History

Page: 127

View: 525

In 1807, Dover s founders, Christian Deardorff and Jesse Slingluff, carved their dream out of Ohio s rugged wilderness. Their choice of location on the Tuscarawas River would prove wise as local industry benefited from the proximity to a water source. Progress was slow at first, but the advent of the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1827 and the steel industry, helped the small town on the river grow into a thriving city. Over time, the city developed its own niche with an opera house, community theater, great museums, and wonderful schools. Out of this uniquely American setting came a cast of interesting and enterprising characters. These include industrialist Jeremiah Reeves, Rear Adm. Herald Stout, Broadway actors Elliot and J.C. Nugent, and Pixar Animation Studios writer and director Bob Peterson. Inspired, yet not defined by their small-town roots, the men and women chronicled in this book represent true Americana and the American dream realized."

Sacred and Legendary Art

The Legendary Art of the Middle Ages sprang out of the legendary literature of
the preceding ages . For three centuries at least this literature , the only literature
which existed at the time , formed the sole mental and moral nourishment of the ...

Author: Mrs. Jameson (Anna)



Category: Christian art and symbolism


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Legendary Locals of Jacksonville

This book represents a synthesis of the efforts of many friends and acquaintances
, old and new, who shared their memories, stories, and photographs about
Jacksonville's Legendary Locals. Casual conversations with friends turned into ...

Author: Laura Jo Brunson

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1439648166

Category: Photography

Page: 128

View: 816

Since Europeans first settled along Jacksonville’s riverbanks in the 16th century, the area has been a diverse community that thrives not only on commerce, music, and the arts but also on the advantages of a subtropical climate and waterside lifestyle. The city grew up around a crossing point for cattle in the St. Johns River and first became known as Cowford. The Great Fire of 1901 left 10,000 people homeless but not defeated. The ashes gave birth to a new era with strong architecture and a new resolve. Considered a friendly town for African Americans, Jacksonville was home to Harlem Renaissance artists as well as civil rights leaders. A bit laid back, the city has still managed to be on the cutting edge—it was the home of the Navy’s Blue Angels as well as Southern rock and one of the country’s first skateboard parks.

Legendary Locals of Brookline

It would be possible to dedicate a whole volume of Legendary Locals of
Brookline just to local authors. Perhaps the reason can be found in the
surrounding city. Boston's many universities are brimming with students who feel
passionate about ...

Author: Jennifer Campaniolo

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467101370

Category: HISTORY

Page: 128

View: 908

For its first 75 years, Brookline was a bucolic area of Boston, with rolling hills and low-lying salt marshes. Named "Muddy River" by its residents after a shallow tidal estuary bordering Roxbury, Brookline had no more than 50 families inhabiting it when it was incorporated as an independent town on November 13, 1705. Long regarded as a liberal, progressive community, Brookline is a model of how an effective town government can positively impact the life of its citizens. Brookline boasts numerous Nobel Prize winners--doctors, scientists, and researchers who have made enormous strides in their fields. Brookline shares Boston's strong literary tradition, with residents like poet Amy Lowell and mystery writer Dennis Lehane. Brookline's pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, with many residents who eschew cars and shop locally, attracts many small-business owners such as Dana Brigham and Seth Barrett. Brookline has been home to a number of sports luminaries like Larry Bird, Terry Francona, and Robert Kraft. Famous politicians include the 35th president, John F. Kennedy, who was born in Brookline; former governor Michael Dukakis; and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Legendary Locals of Brookline tells their stories, as well as the stories of some of the lesser-known heroes and humanitarians who make Brookline a great place to call home.

Legendary Locals of Portsmouth

While mindful of the past, Legendary Locals of Portsmouth focuses heavily on the
city's contemporaries. Today's legendary locals include the likes of Frank
Catalino, a local businessman whose love for pizza and people earned him a
slice of ...

Author: Charles McMahon

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467100765

Category: History

Page: 125

View: 550

From its beginnings as an English settlement to its evolution into a postwar tourist destination..., Portsmouth has seen its fair share of famous residents and local legends. ... While mindful of the past, Legendary Locals of Portsmouth focuses heavily on the city's contemporaries.