Atomic Structure and Lifetimes

For lifetimes , transition probabilities , and oscillator strengths , extraordinary
effort is required to achieve accuracies better than one percent . For cross section
measurements , one must often be content with order - of - magnitude ...

Author: Lorenzo J. Curtis

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521536356

Category: Science

Page: 267

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This book presents a new approach to introductory graduate courses on atomic structure. The author s approach utilizes conceptually powerful semiclassical modeling methods, and demonstrates the degree to which the Maslov-indexed EBK quantization elucidates the quantum mechanical formulation of level energies and lifetimes. It merges this with an update and extension of semiempirical data systematizations developed by Bengt Edlén to describe complex atoms, and adapts them to include the specification of lifetimes. The text emphasizes the historical basis of the nomenclature and methodologies of spectroscopy. However, interaction mechanisms are presented deductively, based on quantum mechanical and field theoretical models, rather than tracing their indirect paths of discovery. Many worked examples provide applications to areas such as astrophysics, hyperfine structure, and coherent anisotropic excitation. The book presents a firm foundation for specialists in atomic physics, as well as a capstone application for specialists in astrophysics, chemistry, condensed matter, and other related fields.


The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children Bryan Mellonie. 771:2 beauzgfizl
Way to explain death vtq c/dldren B13/an Mcliome A beautiful way to explain
death to children LIFETIMES A. ~ Lfiames.

Author: Bryan Mellonie

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307569683

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 40

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A pet . . . a friend . . . or a relative dies, and it must be explained to a child. This sensitive book is a useful tool in explaining to children that death is a part of life and that, eventually, all living things reach the end of their own special lifetimes.

Subjective Probability Models for Lifetimes

In this chapter we shall be dealing with basic aspects of the distribution of n non-
negative exchangeable random quantities that will be denoted by T1 ::: Tn. T1 :::
Tn can be interpreted as lifetimes either of elements in a biological population or

Author: Fabio Spizzichino

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420036130

Category: Mathematics

Page: 272

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Bayesian methods in reliability cannot be fully utilized and understood without full comprehension of the essential differences that exist between frequentist probability and subjective probability. Switching from the frequentist to the subjective approach requires that some fundamental concepts be rethought and suitably redefined. Subjective Probability Models for Lifetimes details those differences and clarifies aspects of subjective probability that have a direct influence on modeling and drawing inference from failure and survival data. In particular, within a framework of Bayesian theory, the author considers the effects of different levels of information in the analysis of the phenomena of positive and negative aging. The author coherently reviews and compares the various definitions and results concerning stochastic ordering, statistical dependence, reliability, and decision theory. He offers a detailed but accessible mathematical treatment of different aspects of probability distributions for exchangeable vectors of lifetimes that imparts a clear understanding of what the "probabilistic description of aging" really is, and why it is important to analyzing survival and failure data.

Parallel Lifetimes

Can we do that in one lifetime? Do we have the ability, the properties, to keep
shifting life, that the more we shift, the younger we get, or we stop aging
altogether, and that these shifts can last as long as two hundred years, and that
we keep ...

Author: Ramtha Ramtha

Publisher: Ramtha's School of the Mind

ISBN: 9781578731152

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 111

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Part of Ramtha's Fireside Series collection library on the topic of parallel universes and creating dramatic change in our life using the principles of quantum physics. A shift in quantum state brings a parallel lifetime, and now everything in that lifetime is different. The relationship to you and your environment is lifted, for what compelled you before is not a compelling influence in the new shift. You are now in a parallel existence. In the parallel existence our mind does not leave our body behind in the old state but rather the body can also live in parallel existences because it is made of quantum material. It is now shifted into the new hall, the new life, and everything is different. What becomes apparent is that the climax that governed your life once before is now at rest. The old climax is not apparent in the new life and its influences are not seen in people, places, things, times, and events. That is the truth. This knowledge is the key to the kingdom of heaven. Ramtha

India Lifetimes

... she could set up a practice of her own in Calcutta , perhaps not immediately
but after a year or so . The European organisation that funded her health centre
earlier had quit . She said that she learnt a lot from 267 INDIA LIFETIMES PART

Author: Tanmay Datta

Publisher: Tanmay Datta

ISBN: 9788187853848

Category: Indic fiction (English)

Page: 461

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Lifetimes the Life Experiences Journal

... 191 193 195 197 198 199 200 202 205 206 215 216 225 226 227 228 231
232 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 ELABORATION PAGES 243 INDEX 287
Introduction LifeTimes is the ongoing journal about a very important CEREBRAL .

Author: Norm Ray

Publisher: Rayve Productions

ISBN: 1877810347


Page: 288

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World's easiest, most fun & useful personal journal. Handsome heirloom quality with gilt-edged pages. Over 150 information categories to record your life experiences. The perfect companion to the old family Bible, preserving your unique life story for yourself & your family.

A Whirlwind of Passed Lifetimes

Author: Kimberly Vogel


ISBN: 1300146699

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

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Time passes by too quickly for Rune's tastes. Her time might be frozen, but her mortal friends continue to age. The spirits she works with don't have the same sense of time. Her timeline becomes theirs, but the extra time doesn't bring her any closer to stopping her brother. With him protected by his master, how many lives will it take before Rune can stop him? (The third book in Rune's story)

The Opportunities of a Lifetime

Holding policy constant over a lifetime thus enables us to take policy makers'
assumptions about now and the future and join them up. The approach allows us
to emulate the perspective of a modern-day Beveridge – to stand back and
assess ...

Author: Evans, Martin

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1861346514

Category: Political Science

Page: 91

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This report uses a revolutionary new research tool, LOIS (the Lifetime Opportunity and Incentives Simulation programme), to assess the impact of current government social policy on our lives from cradle to grave. The strengths and weaknesses of the British benefit, pension and taxation systems are analysed in terms of how well they meet, or are likely to meet, the needs of individuals throughout their lifetimes. Specific government promises, such as those to end child and pensioner poverty and to reward those who work, are also reassessed in this context. The opportunities of a lifetime is compulsory reading for social policy academics, researchers, analysts, students and policy makers who will find the innovative lifetime analysis invaluable. With brief and clear descriptions of the technical aspects of taxation, pensions and benefits, the report is also accessible to a wider readership.

Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy and Imaging

The use of Kerr cells for fluorescence lifetime measurements, however, was
implemented only later on by Robert W. Wood ofJohn Hopkins University. In his
paper entitled “The Time Interval Between Absorption and Emission of Light in ...

Author: Laura Marcu

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439861676

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 570

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During the past two decades, there has been an increasing appreciation of the significant value that lifetime-based techniques can add to biomedical studies and applications of fluorescence. Bringing together perspectives of different research communities, Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy and Imaging: Principles and Applications in Biomedical Diagnostics explores the remarkable advances in time-resolved fluorescence techniques and their role in a wide range of biological and clinical applications. Broadly accessible, the book captures the state-of-the-art of fluorescence lifetime metrology and imaging and provides current perspectives on their applications to biomedical studies of intact tissues and medical diagnosis. The text introduces these techniques within the wider context of fluorescence spectroscopy and describes basic principles underlying current instrumentation for fluorescence lifetime imaging and metrology (FLIM). It also covers the wide range of methods, including single channel (point) spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, and single- and multi-photon excitation. Edited by pioneers in this field, with contributions from leading experts, the book includes an overview of complementary techniques that help researchers beginning FLIM research. It offers a comprehensive treatment of fundamental principles, instrumentation, analytical methods, and applications. It also provides an overview of the label-free contrast available from lifetime measurements of tissue autofluorescence and the prospects for exploiting this for clinical applications and biomedical research including drug discovery.

Multiphoton Microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

Fitting the measurements to a single exponential decay model allows the
extraction of lifetimes tabulated in Fig. 6.23 (left). The lifetime measurements
obtained by the temporal focusing FLIM were in good agreement with literature
values ...

Author: Karsten König

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110429985

Category: Science

Page: 450

View: 190

This monograph focuses on modern femtosecond laser microscopes for two photon imaging and nanoprocessing, on laser tweezers for cell micromanipulation as well as on fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) in Life Sciences. The book starts with an introduction by Dr. Wolfgang Kaiser, pioneer of nonlinear optics and ends with the chapter on clinical multiphoton tomography, the novel high resolution imaging technique. It includes a foreword by the nonlinear microscopy expert Dr. Colin Sheppard. Contents Part I: Basics Brief history of fluorescence lifetime imaging The long journey to the laser and its use for nonlinear optics Advanced TCSPC-FLIM techniques Ultrafast lasers in biophotonics Part II: Modern nonlinear microscopy of live cells STED microscopy: exploring fluorescence lifetime gradients for super-resolution at reduced illumination intensities Principles and applications of temporal-focusing wide-field two-photon microscopy FLIM-FRET microscopy TCSPC FLIM and PLIM for metabolic imaging and oxygen sensing Laser tweezers are sources of two-photon effects Metabolic shifts in cell proliferation and differentiation Femtosecond laser nanoprocessing Cryomultiphoton imaging Part III: Nonlinear tissue imaging Multiphoton Tomography (MPT) Clinical multimodal CARS imaging In vivo multiphoton microscopy of human skin Two-photon microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging of the cornea Multiscale correlative imaging of the brain Revealing interaction of dyes and nanomaterials by multiphoton imaging Multiphoton FLIM in cosmetic clinical research Multiphoton microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging for resection guidance in malignant glioma surgery Non-invasive single-photon and multi-photon imaging of stem cells and cancer cells in mouse models Bedside assessment of multiphoton tomography

Excited State Lifetime Measurements

Crosby and co-workers (Harrigan and Crosby, 1973) have reported dramatic
lifetime changes in ruthenium(II) complexes dispersed in plexiglass at
temperatures below 20°K. Such systems show considerable promise as
cryogenic ...

Author: J Demas

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0323157548

Category: Science

Page: 288

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Excited State Lifetime Measurements attempts to assist in clarifying and unifying the many characteristics and definitions of excited state lifetime measurements. The contents of this book are derived from a series of lectures presented to a research group in the University of New Mexico in 1967. The relevance as well as the methods and measurements of data treatment of excited state lifetimes are featured in this book. The first three chapters provide a brief discussion on concepts and applications of excited state lifetime measurements. Experimental methods and systems are also introduced in these chapters. Chapter 4 delves into more complex systems (serial decay kinetics and resonance energy transfer) while Chapter 5 focuses on the method of least squares fitting, its uses, and misuses. Chapters 6 to 8 mainly discuss the convolution integral and its different applications while Chapter 9 gives a more detailed presentation of instrumentation. The last two chapters discuss special errors and approaches to new methodologies regarding the study of the excited state lifetime measurements. The book will be useful to students and scientists including analytical chemists, photochemists, photobiologists, spectroscopists, and physicists.

Precision Lifetime Measurements Using the Recoil Distance Method

At the same time the precision for lifetimes in strongly populated structures , such
as states on the YRAST line , has improved dramatically . In this section a few
recent cases are reviewed as examples where RDM experiments have had ...


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781422318805



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Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in Between

Have you ever wondered why a butterfly lives for only a few weeks?

Author: Bryan Mellonie



Category: Death

Page: 37

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Have you ever wondered why a butterfly lives for only a few weeks? Or why a tree lives for hundreds of year? You may have been sad when someone in your family, or a favourite pet became sick and died. There is a beginning and an ending to everything that is alive. In between is a lifetime. Dying is a much a part of living as being born.

Lifetime Factors in Silicon

Bernd Ross 1 Survey of Literature on Minority Carrier Lifetimes in Silicon and
Related Topics REFERENCE: Ross, Bernd, “Survey of Literature on Minority
Carrier Lifetimes in Silicon and Related Topics,” Lifetime Factors in Silicon, ASTM
STP ...

Author: R. D. Westbrook

Publisher: ASTM International

ISBN: 9780803103900

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 258

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The Lifetime of a Durable Good

The si in the figure denote completed lifetimes (in Salant 1977, the si refer to
completed spells of unemployment), ... economic conditions, the average
expectation of age at the time of the survey, given s, is half of the lifetime (E(t|s) =
1/2 s).

Author: G. Antonides

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400919387

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 254

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As a psychologist by education, my interest is in how people solve problems. At the Economic Institute of Leyden Universi ty, I learned that economists study human behavior too, although their studies are limited to economic affairs. At the Institute of Scientific Research on Consumer Affairs became (SWOKA), I aware of the needs of consumer organizations and the government for consumer research to base their policy on. At Erasmus University Rotterdam, I got the opportunity to integrate my interests and knowledge into this book. The first part of the book attempts to integrate psychological theories of attitude, perception, motivation and decision into economics. Both disciplines are concerned with human behavior, and the economic paradigm of demand, subj ect to restrictions, is combined with the psychological tradition of direct measurements of perceptions and motivations. This results in a micro-model of economic choice that can be tested by means of information obtained directly from consumers. The empirical study deals with the problem of scrapping a durable consumption good. By means of a consumer survey, the micro-model of choice is applied to the decision to scrap a durable good, or to repair the good in case of a defect. This individual decision obviously is connected with the large scale problem of waste, and with the manufacturer's problem of producing durable goods with a certain quality and durabili ty.

Lifetime Factors in Silicon

Bernd Ross l Survey of Literature on Minority Carrier Lifetimes in Silicon and
Related Topics REFERENCE: Ross, Bernd, "Survey of Literature on Minority
Carrier Lifetimes in Silicon and Related Topics," Lifetime Factors in Silicon, ASTM
STP ...

Author: R. D. Westbrook

Publisher: ASTM International


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 258

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