Little Boat Big Ocean

This is the true account of a young man's journey, sailing his 21 foot, wooden boat single-handed over 7,000 miles.

Author: Alan Rush

Publisher: Alan Rush

ISBN: 1907652469

Category: Ocean travel

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This is the true account of a young man's journey, sailing his 21 foot, wooden boat single-handed over 7,000 miles. Over a period of seven years, he set off from British Columbia in the spring of 1979 and sailed first to San Francisco, then the Hawaiian Islands and on to a remote Pacific coral atoll called Fanning Island. It was here that he was offered the position of Relief Manager of a coconut plantation for a few months and ended up staying for six years. The book is part sailing log and part travelogue and expertly describes the conditions he endured, the power of the elements and his experience of living and working thousands of miles from home.

Little Boat

The ocean is a big place for a little boat, full of dangers like terrible storms and giant sea monsters. But the little boat's big adventure is made easier when he finds his friends. Suggested level: junior.

Author: Thomas Docherty

Publisher: Templar Books

ISBN: 9781840118261

Category: Boats and boating

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The inspiring story of a little boat on a big adventure. This little boat struggles through terrible storms, past giant sea monsters and around treacherous rocks, meeting friends along the way.

Big City Fun

Behind them you can see some of the big buildings on Manhattan Island . The
children saw all kinds of boats and ships in the harbor . They saw big ocean
liners , little fugboats , and barges with railroad cars on them . They saw big
ferryboats ...

Author: Catherine Urell



Category: Recreation

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The Bobbsey Twins on the Deep Blue Sea

“When there's a shipwreck,” said Freddie, who seemed to have been thinking
about it, “they have to get in the little boats, like this one,” and he pointed to a
lifeboat not far away. “That's an awful little boat to go on the big ocean in,” said

Author: Laura Lee Hope

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1625589174

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 120

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The Bobbsey Twins are the principal characters of what was, for many years, the longest-running series of children's novels. The books related the adventures of the children of the middle-class Bobbsey family, which included two sets of fraternal twins: Bert and Nan, who where 12 years old, and Flossie and Freddie, who where six. Share the stories of your childhood with your children and grandchildren! Here are the original Bobbsey Twin adventures.

A Guide to Small Boat Emergencies

A boat running before the storm can be broached by a big sea and knocked
down while in this vulnerable beam - on position . The risk is even greater for the
boat that has deliberately been placed beam to the seas while heaved to or lying
hull ...

Author: John M. Waters

Publisher: Naval Inst Press

ISBN: 9781557509130

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 333

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Offers advice for preventing accidents, identifies common hazards, and discusses emergency communications, abandoning ship, and search and rescue procedures

The Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives

How disconcerted and alone we feel at times in our little boat , when we see the
big ocean liners with their clearly set course sail by , and the captain on deck is
giving us a friendly wave . We should not doubt that things are being worked out






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In Search of Tusitala

In our case it was more like a ghostly army battering our little craft with gusts of
wind, sheets of rain, and confused seas. ... of no more concern than a passing
shower to a hill-walker, but for a landlubber in a small boat on a big ocean, it is

Author: Gavin Bell



Category: Islands of the Pacific

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The Rudder

The Wonderful World of Little Boats WOOLSEY ULTIMATE " TOOSIDES , DECKS
, CABINS AND INTERIORS ... Now they have a device that lets you go water
skiing in the backyard , the parlor , or anywhere large enough to accommodate a
new 15- by ... home : Well - designed little fiberglass windjammers are
demonstrating their stout ( plastic ) hearts by scampering along on awesome
ocean passages .






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Small Boats and Big Seas

At the beauty of the little ship in the great sea , he said , and how bravely she ran
- brave and buoyant and almost dry . This would confound the woebegones in
Denmark who had said she was afraid to go beyond the North Sea . Afraid !

Author: Ralph Stephenson


ISBN: 9780679513520

Category: Sailing

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A First Geography of Burma

Lastly , we have little boats which are driven by petrol just like a motor - car .
These are ... So we see that there are three new ways of travelling by water -
namely , by river steamers , by big ocean steamers , and by small motor - boats .
There is ...

Author: Elsa Clara Rea Stamp



Category: Burma

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The Vedanta Kesari

A intention and have sincerity of purpose , it will little boat , drifted and tossed
about on the lead you towards higher and higher stages of ocean , is picked up
by a big ocean liner and realization . The sheer force of sincere prac- is tied fast
to it .




Category: Hindu philosophy


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The Littlest Boat In The Big Sea

The Littlest Boat In The Big Sea is a whimsical bedtime story of a little boat sailing in the ocean and the wonderful surprises along the way.

Author: R H Carrier


ISBN: 9781088403150


Page: 40

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The Littlest Boat In The Big Sea is a whimsical bedtime story of a little boat sailing in the ocean and the wonderful surprises along the way.

The Atlantic

pleasures and places 2 11 clump homeward stiffly , in heavy black hip boots , still
balancing against the heave and toss of a little boat on a big sea . All of the
buildings are on the inland side , facing across to tiny , barren Manana Island 400




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The Bookmark

Colfisherman who sailed their boats on the ored end papers . very big ocean .
For seven days the Denney , Diana ( Diana Ross , pseud . ) . big fisherman , in
his big boat with big nets , caught big fish and the little The little red engine gets a

Author: New York State Library



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"Children's books of 1939- " in August issue 1940-


Bob described his father's boat and the course he had probably taken and then
swallowed hard . " I don't ... After a while no one could think of anything to talk
about , for all thoughts were with the lonely man and his small boat in the big
ocean .

Author: Elspeth Bragdon



Category: Children

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Until the Phoenix

What are you laughing at ? " she asked . “ Do you think the ocean is smaller than
this lake ? ” “ Smaller ! The ocean is as big as the blue sky . If we try to cross it in a
little boat , we will miss the way , and we shall be starving to death before we ...

Author: Fa-shun Chang



Category: China

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He was still not able to move his head around to look at the speaker . He did not
regret coming out to try a skin dive . It was just that the unfamiliar sensations of
heaving , sliding out of control in a small boat on a big ocean terrified his
untrained ...

Author: Helen Morgan Brooks



Category: American literature


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Fair Winds and Far Places

If you have no interest in taking a little boat out into a great big ocean , then
maybe this book will inspire you to do whatever that secret desire is that you have
locked away . Whatever you decide , remember the last lines of Huckleberry Finn

Author: Zane B. Mann


ISBN: 9780875181592

Category: West Indies

Page: 272

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