Lizzie Zipmouth

Lizzie refuses to speak.

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407043285

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 80

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Lizzie refuses to speak. She doesn't want to talk to Rory or Jake, her new stepbrothers. Or to Sam, their dad. Or even to her mum. She's completely fed up with having to join a new family, and nothing can convince her to speak to them. Not football, not pizza, not a new bedroom. That is, until she meets Great-Gran - a member of the new family who is even more stubborn than she is . . .

Black Queen

LIZZIE ZIPMOUTH jacqueline Wilson “My don't you ever say anything, Lizzie?”
said Rory. “It's like you 'ue got a zip across your mouth.” LIZZIE ZIPMOUTH
jacqueline Wilson “I/Vhy don't you ever say anything,. Lizzie has zipped up her

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409025748

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 96

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The 'Black Queen' is what Billy calls his shadowy next-door neighbour. She always wears a black cloak and a wide-brimmed black hat. She lurks about her garden, alone except for her black cat. Scarily for Billy, the Black Queen befriends him and asks him to look after her cat while she's away. Billy can't resist the opportunity to peek inside her house. There are chessboards scattered everywhere. Who is the Black Queen and what sort of game is she playing? Billy thinks he knows...

Jacky Daydream

It's Lizzie Zipmouth. Dolls! Old china dolls in cream frocks and pinafores and little
button boots, soft plush dolls with rosy cheeks and curls, baby dolls in long white
christening robes, lady dolls with tiny umbrellas and high heels, a Japanese ...

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407043242

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 368

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Lots of Jacqueline Wilson's characters are well-known and well-loved by thousands of readers: Hetty Feather, Ruby and Garnet, Pearl and Jodie, Elsa, Lily and, of course, the brilliant Tracy Beaker! But how much do you know about Jacqueline herself? Jacqueline takes a look back at her own childhood and teenage years in this captivating story of friendships, loneliness, books, family life and much more. She explores her past with the same warmth and lightness of touch that make her novels so special. Best of all, she reveals how she was always determined to be a writer; from the very first story she wrote, it was clear that this little girl had a very vivid imagination! But who would've guessed that she would grow up to be the mega-bestselling, award-winning Jacqueline Wilson? With original photographs and new illustrations by Nick Sharratt, this book is a delight for all of Jacky's fans, and a treat for any new readers too.

Parents and Carers Guide for Able and Talented Children

There are also books for younger readers like Lizzie Zipmouth and The
Werepuppy. For older children there is the series Girls in Love, Girls Under
Pressure and Girls Out Late. One could go on and on about this multi-award
winning author.

Author: Barry Teare

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1855396440

Category: Education

Page: 114

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sound strategies for identifying and supporting highly able children advice on how to develop a meaningful dialogue with school extensive lists of recommended fiction information on where to find additional help, and what activities are available a wealth of practical advice under separate subject headings Able and Talented specialist Barry Teare brings parents and carers right up to date with new developments on the thinking and provision for gifted children. He advises how you can provide able children with the very best opportunities by working in partnership with schools and specialist organizations. There are masses of imaginative activities to challenge and stimulate able and talented children - fans of Barry Teare's resources will not be disappointed! Brilliant for teachers too helps you to see the issues from a parents' viewpoint enables you to advise parents and carers provides extensive advice on subject provision helps you to strengthen home-school partnerships.

Help Your Talented Child

There are also books for younger readers like Lizzie Zipmouth and The
Werepuppy. For older children there is the series Girls in Love, Girls Under
Pressure and Girls Out Late. One could go on and on about this multi-award
winning author.

Author: Barry Teare

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1855393514

Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 855

An up-to-date guide on the developments on the provision for gifted children complete with imaginative activities to challenge and stimulate able and talented childen.

Puffin good reading guide for children

Read more by Wilson Video Rose The Mum-Minder The Illustrated Mum The
Lottie Project Buried Alive Lizzie Zipmouth Take a Good Look My Brother
Bernadette How to Survive a Summer Camp The Worry Web Site See also Part II:
Science ...


Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9351187454

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 278

View: 284

A comprehensive guide to fiction in English for readers aged four to sixteen The Good Reading Guide for Children is divided into three sections to suit every age group has entries listing over 1000 books is divided into categories with cross-references so that children can read more in genres they like includes both classics as well as the best of contemporary works includes books from all over the world. With an introduction by Ruskin Bond, India's best known children's writer in English, The Good Reading Guide is an invaluable resource for children who love books, as well as for parents and friends looking for the right book for the young people in their lives.

The Dare Game


Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407045288

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 110

I'M TRACY BEAKER, THE GREAT INVENTOR OF EXTREMELY OUTRAGEOUS DARES - AND I DARE YOU TO READ A MORE BRILLIANT STORY THAN THIS! I've bought a big fat purple notebook for writing down all my mega-manic ultra-scary stories in. But especially for my own story. Of how my foster-mum, Cam, has turned out to be a real meanie. No designer clothes, when I really need them. A pokey flat, and a horrible new school. No wonder I bunk off . . . Still, it will have to do until my real mum comes and gets me. And until then, no-one is going to be better at the Dare Game than Tracy Beaker!

The Jacqueline Wilson Treasury

A wonderful treasury featuring some of Jacqueline Wilson's best-loved stories -- the perfect gift for any fan.

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Doubleday Children's

ISBN: 9780857534224

Category: Children's stories, English

Page: 304

View: 692

A wonderful treasury featuring some of Jacqueline Wilson's best-loved stories -- the perfect gift for any fan. A fantastic collection of stories from bestselling author, Jacqueline Wilson, including favourites such as Sleepovers, Lizzie Zipmouth and The Cat Mummy. With gorgeous full-colour artwork from Nick Sharratt, this treasury will make a perfect gift for any Jacqueline Wilson fan, and is also the ideal introduction to her books for newly confident readers.

School Library Journal

He gets a command to put Gr 3-5 - Lizzie Zipmouth gets her name does not
demonstrate any real growth or the red spike that he finds on the floor into when
she refuses to speak to anyone after her character development for either Midget
or ...




Category: Children's libraries


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An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord

... Max Age 6-8 -Jacqueline Wilson, Lizzie Zipmouth Age 9-1 1 - William
Nicholson, The Wind Singer Crime Writers Association 2000: Gold Dagger (
fiction) -Jonathan Lethem, Motherless Brooklyn Gold Dagger (non-fiction) -
Edward Bunker, ...

Author: Joseph Whitaker



Category: Almanacs, English


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The Story of Tracy Beaker

... Available from Corgi Pups , for younger readers : THE DINOSAUR'S PACKED
LUNCH THE MONSTER STORY - TELLER Available from Doubleday / Young
Corgi Books : LIZZIE ZIPMOUTH SLEEPOVERS Available from Doubleday /
Corgi ...

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Corgi

ISBN: 9780440862796

Category: Abandoned children

Page: 157

View: 408

Tracy is ten years old and lives in a Children's Home. One day she would like a real home with a real family. Meet Tracy and follow her story.

The Reading Bug and how You Can Help Your Child to Catch it

Lizzie Zipmouth by Jacqueline Wilson , RANDOM HOUSE To talk or not to talk is
the dilemma in this terrific little book . It's great for young readers to meet the work
of this popular author . Mr Majeika by Humphrey Carpenter , PUFFIN Class 3 ...

Author: Paul Jennings

Publisher: Penguin Australia


Category: Children

Page: 246

View: 451

In a clear and humorous style this book explains how you can open the world through a love of books. The author has cut through the jargon and the controversies to reveal the simple truths which will enable every parent to infect their child with the reading bug. Originally published: Australia: Penguin, 2003.


teeth into Books too to get your et into to get your urteet Books to YOUNG CORGI
Illustrated by Nick Shasratt oct your te Books to Books TO 152 YOUNG CORGI ...

Author: Helen Cooper

Publisher: Corgi Books

ISBN: 9780552547178

Category: Children's stories

Page: 75

View: 946

A story about a horse, drawn by a little girl in the sand, who wants to fly.

The Bookseller s Pocket Yearbook

... JK Rowling 2 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , JK Rowling 3 The
Story of Tracy Beaker , Jacqueline Wilson ( illus Nick Sharratt ) Lizzie Zipmouth ,
Jacqueline Wilson ( illus Nick Sharratt ) 5 Sleepovers , Jacqueline Wilson ( illus
Nick ...




Category: Book industries and trade


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Kaapse bibliotekaris

... Author * 2000 Ana Maria Machado ( Brazil ) Illustrator * 2000 Anthony Browne (
United Kingdom ) Eat your peas Lizzie Zipmouth Shorter novel 2001 Jacqueline
Wilson Longer novel 2001 JK Rowling Children's Laureate 2001 Anne Fine For ...




Category: Libraries


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Issues for Nov. 1957- include section: Accessions. Aanwinste, Sept. 1957- (also published separately)

100 Essential Lists for Teachers

... Double Act ; Lizzie Zipmouth ; Girls in Love ; Lottie ; Twin Trouble ; Clubbslyme
; The Illustrated Mum ; Sleepovers ; Girls Under Pressure ; Vicky Angel ; Girls Out
Late – Jacqueline Wilson O Princess Diaries ; Princess Diaries Take Two - Meg ...

Author: Duncan Grey

Publisher: Burns & Oates


Category: Education

Page: 134

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A new and improved edition of this unique reference guide containing all manner of lists - from the wacky and innovative to the thoughtful and helpful. Teachers will find a list for every occasion; preparing for the start of term, dealing with bad behaviour, the perils of ICT, surviving bureaucracy, coping with medical emergencies and - of course - getting out of teaching! '100 Essential Lists for Teachers' will provide inspiration for an idle moment or offer comfort when calamity strikes. It will be a godsend to busy teachers everywhere.

Why Siblings Matter

... 1995 Mooney , Bel , I'm Bored , Methuen , 1997 Simon , Francesca , Horrid
Henry , Dolphin , 2000 Wilson , Jacqueline , Lizzie Zipmouth , Corgi , 2000
OLDER READERS Bawden , Nina , Carrie's War , Puffin , 1974 Fine , Anne ,
Goggle Eyes ...

Author: Anna Brooker

Publisher: Barnabas


Category: Brothers and sisters

Page: 174

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