101 Interesting Facts on London

There are more than 300 different languages spoken in London, more than any other city in the world. 3. The world's first traffic lights were erected outside of the House of Commons in 1868. 4. London's main airport Heathrow is the ...

Author: Kevin Snelgrove

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1909949582

Category: History

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Do you love London? Were you born there or do you commute to the city for work? Maybe are you one of the millions of tourists who flock to the UK’s capital city every year? Whatever your reason for visiting, if you would like to find out more about England’s capital, you won’t want to be without 101 Interesting Facts on London. What percentage of the UK’s population lives in London? What ‘first’ did the UK’s capital city achieve when it hosted the London 2012 Olympic Games? What unexpected event happened in England’s capital on 8 March 1750? The answers to these brain-teasers and more can all be found in this new book. If you enjoy spending time in London, walking around its famous streets, sightseeing, or visiting one of the capital’s many historic landmarks and monuments, make sure that you are never without this informative little book. Whether you come to live, work or visit the diverse and fascinating city of London, you are guaranteed to enjoy this fascinating book.

The Little Black Book of London 2016 Edition

London Central Meat Market.......... here London Central Mosque......... here, here London Coliseum.................... here, here, here London Dungeon..... here, here London Eye......... here, here, here, here London Film ...

Author: Vesna Neskow

Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.

ISBN: 1441321926

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2016 Edition. With insider recommendations and full-color neighborhood maps that pinpoint landmarks, museums, entertainment, pubs, clubs, and hotels, this fab city guide walks you through the best of the Royal Capital, with excursions outside London as well. * Organized by district * Color-coded, numbered entries in the text are linked to full-color area maps in each chapter. * Quick-reference subsections describe landmarks, arts and culture, dining, nightlife, shopping, and hotels * Easy-to-understand explanations of transportation, customs, currency, telephone procedures, business hours, and etiquette * Lists London's biggest seasonal events * ''Top Picks'' direct you to not-to-be-missed attractions * Spot illustrations throughout liven the text * Nine full-color maps, including overview map, area-detail maps, and transport map Best Travel Series of the Year, 2008. Hooper, Brad (author). FEATURE. First published September 15, 2008 (Booklist). We select the Little Black Travel Books as our travel guide series of the year. The main reasons for designating these guides as best of the year are their portability and user friendliness....each volume has a neat, tidy, and nicely detailed foldout map to the particular area under discussion. The chapters in each volume correspond to the geographical areas into which the authors divide the city for the tourist. Each chapter gives basics on places to see, available art, and entertainment venues, places to eat and drink, where to shop, and where to stay. You can study a range of guides before your actual trip, but this is definitely a commendable candidate for carrying with you on site. --Booklist (American Library Association)

Life in 1940s London

London in 1939 was the greatest city in the world, both in size and influence. It was growing greedily as it pushed its borders ever deeper with the creation of new, leafy suburbs. Its population was in excess of 8 million, dwarfing all ...

Author: Mike Hutton

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445635372

Category: History

Page: 224

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The story of a turbulent decade for our iconic capital

London Graffiti and Street Art

London stands up as one of the greatest cities to embrace and cultivate this culture, which we have made ours for the last 30+ years. Graffiti. Over the last three decades London has produced some of the best graffiti writers in the ...

Author: Joe Epstein LDNGraffiti

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473502578

Category: Art

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Over the decades, London has become a diverse landscape for all forms of graffiti and street art. From the better-known artists, down to the constant stream of fresh new talent attracted to the streets, London is a graffiti artist’s paradise and the images represent a London simmering with artistic flair. Featuring glossy photos of ground-breaking graffiti, London Graffiti and Street Art is the perfect companion for anyone excited by this most vibrant and changing of art form, and aims to give an insight into the creative output lost and found in and around the capital.

The City Of London Volume 4

During this tumultuous week so much gold had to be flown from Fort Knox to London that the floor of the Bank of England's weighing room finally collapsed. Martin realised by the Thursday that the game was up, asked O'Brien to close the ...

Author: David Kynaston

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 144811232X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 896

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The City of London. Vol IV: A Club No More is the fourth and final volume of David Kynaston's epic history of the square mile in the modern era. This lively and informative book takes the story from the post-war era, when the City was hemmed in by bombsites and austere Chancellors, through to very recent developments, such as the "Big-Bang" deregulation of 1986. This is as much a social history as a financial study, with interesting discussions of the changing class and complexion of the City, and with fascinating details on the early computerisation of the big companies. As with earlier volumes Kynaston's style is that of an anecdotal storyteller. Colourful characters, dramatic boardroom struggles and heated exchanges between politicians and bankers dominate the pages.

London Night and Day 1951

The 20th century, in trying to conveyor-belt us all, has made a big effort to standardise London. But the essential London is only half standardised, and may beat the conveyor-belt yet. If you have eyes to see and a soul to love it, ...

Author: Old House Books

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1783660325

Category: History

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Illustrated by Osbert Lancaster, according to the Guardian 'one of the great English comic artists of the twentieth century', this is an unmissable treasure for lovers of London and of design. Arranged by hour of the day, it guides the reader around 1950s London, from morning walk to evening visit to a Turkish bath and late-night taxi home, including many stately homes and restaurants.

St James Guide to Horror Ghost Gothic Writers

Career: Journalist: covered the underworld in London's Limehouse; wrote songs and sketches for entertainers. Later lived in New York City. Died: 1 June 1959. Horror, Ghost and Gothic Publications Novels The Brood of the Witch-Queen.

Author: St James Press

Publisher: St. James Guide to Writers Ser


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 746

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Provides background information and a critical evaluation of authors of horror, ghost and gothic fiction, and lists each author's works in these fields and in other genres.