A Mother s Love

Stella's tenderness and passion eased his self-conscious state; her love restored him, making him feel like a whole man again, which (if that were possible) made him love and desire her even more than before.

Author: Daisy Styles

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1405950447

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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The heartwarming and joyful new Wartime Midwives story of three struggling mothers pulling together in the heart of WWII Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn, Nancy Revell and Call the Midwife ________ Three mothers. Three very different backgrounds. And a bond they will never forget . . . The Lake District, 1942, and spring is in the air for the women at Mary Vale Mother and Baby Home. Beautiful Stella, the head-turning cook of a munitions factory, has been swept off her feet by a handsome GI. He proposes when she falls pregnant, but soon his letters stop arriving . . . Then there is Lillian, who is deeply unimpressed when she is conscripted as a Land Girl miles from her home, but then she meets a charming, married vet . . . Meanwhile, midwife Ada is getting used to being back at work after the birth of her own beautiful baby girl. But she faces the biggest challenge of her life when the home is engulfed in an outbreak of whooping cough. Though each woman is from a different walk of life, only together can they help Mary Vale come through this crisis . . . ________ Praise for Daisy Styles 'An absolute joy to read' Kate Thompson 'Will tug at the heart strings of readers everywhere!' Fiona Ford 'Truly endearing characters' Annie Murray

Dramatic Letters

“ Love the Cause and Cure of Grief ” is not “ Love's Last Shift , ” for “ Love makes a Man , " whether it be “ Love in ... and “ Love in Ruins , " are all phases that will end in “ Love Restored ” and in establishing “ Love's Empire .

Author: Henry Thomas Hall





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Ben Jonson. er fuck muct : art . 0 ? xbr / OPT ఒకటి LOVE RESTORED , IN A MASQUE AT COURT , By GENTLEMEN , THE KING's SERVANTS . porro Love RESTORED . ] From the folio , 1616. This CLV . LOVE RESTORED.

Author: Ben Jonson





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Be Restored

How did God express the width , depth , height , and length of His love ? ( See John 3:16 . ) Lesson Eight The Love of God Restores How will you share your knowledge of God's love and joy with those who need restoration ?

Author: Debra Berry

Publisher: New Hope Publishers

ISBN: 9781596690073

Category: Religion

Page: 142

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This eightweek Bible study for African American women takes a closer look at the Book of Nehemiah to reveal parallels between the lives of Gods people rebuilding Jerusalem and the lives of presentday African Americans. Speaking directly to the presentday concerns of African American women, Berrys message is one of power and hope. This is a book, she says, to assist African American Christian women in uncovering the spiritual might to experience restoration and change their world for Christ.

Zap Happy

Love Can make the blind to see Love Set Paul and Silas free Love Restored, renewed Job And fed five thousand souls Love, we all should have it Own it; you'll be glad you've got it Very often we don't share it Every church of God is ...

Author: Jean Skinner

Publisher: Inspiring Voices

ISBN: 1462411517

Category: Poetry

Page: 26

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Exposure The devil wears many hats So we dare not shift our gaze Our attention must be focused Lest he slithers in other ways And be aware always Of his sinister surprises Sickness, fear, poverty All ungodly disguises The devil wears many hats Takes the calm from sunny sky He conjures blustering hurricanes Cyclones, tornados besides Im your friend, reads his top hat The inscriptions grand and bold But without a doubt The thief is out To trick and swindle your soul So be proactive guard your headdress Keep watch that your feet keep him, down That way hell never possess Gods best, Gods best is when your crowned.

The Joy of Salvation

( love is just as fervent as at first there will be no disposition to do so . Really it is the joy and the peace that we miss . These can be restored only by having our love restored . This is what the Psalmist means when he prays ...

Author: Thomas Johnston Lamont



Category: Salvation

Page: 128

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The Lamb s Book of Life

A heart of love is subject to being broken by man, but a heart of love can only be healed by its maker, whose ways are past finding out. The word resurrection could very well be transposed to the word restoration. A God of love restored ...

Author: Wesley Dabney

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1643507656

Category: Fiction

Page: 156

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The Lamb’s Book of Life is a revealing of the hidden meaning of the Revelation. It explains the new birth from the conception to the birth of the born-again creature. It clarifies the mystery of the resurrection. It details the function of the various denominations. It actually sets in motion the events of the end of age.