Global outlook on climate services in agriculture

Heat waves ☐ Frost waves ☐ Monthly ☐ Quarterly ☐ Yearly ☐ Lustrum ☐ Precipitation ☐ Monthly ☐ Quarterly ☐ Yearly ☐ Lustrum ☐ ☐ Drought (including dry spells) Monthly ☐ Quarterly ☐Yearly ☐ Lustrum ☐ Hail ☐Monthly ...

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Climate change and extreme weather events are heightening levels of acute food insecurity and food crises around the world. As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and deals with other drivers of food security, poverty and inequality, the international community is calling for a climate-resilient and sustainable recovery. Supporting the shift away from disaster response toward preventative and anticipatory action is fundamental to address the growing challenges faced by agriculture and food systems. Climate services highlight the role of science and technology in providing innovative solutions for risk reduction, effective resilience policies and adaptation planning. Underpinned by robust science and agrometeorological data, climate services and digital advisories bring tailored climate information to agricultural producers and value chain actors. But despite increasing evidence of the benefits of climate services, there are still major gaps in their development worldwide. This global assessment points to a significant gap in investment in climate services for the last mile – the small-scale farmers and most marginalized communities. Bridging this gap and scaling climate services is essential if actionable information is to be communicated in an equitable and effective manner to users, making sure no one is left behind. The report presents the latest data on the state of climate services for agricultural users with surveys from 36 countries across all FAO regions. The report’s findings have major implications for institutional frameworks to effectively target investments in resilience, preparedness and recovery. Case studies highlight additional challenges, opportunities and lessons learned from specific interventions across the climate services provision framework. Despite many challenges, climate services have demonstrable benefits to agriculture and food security by navigating agricultural producers around unpredictable and changing weather patterns. The report presents a blueprint for targeted investments to ensure that finance is effectively allocated not only to enhance the production of climate services, but also their provision, engagement and application by agricultural communities.

California studies in classical antiquity

Given this situation , it is an easy hypothesis to suppose that in the colonial procedure , the ceremonial purification ( lustrum ) of the newly constituted town population occurred between the original drawing up of the list of members ...

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Livius giebt im Allgemeinen bei den Schatzungen , die er berichtet , die Ziffer des Lustrum nicht an ; eine Ausnahme machen , so weit die uns erhaltenen Bücher reichen , nur die folgenden zwei Stellen : 3 , 24 bei dem J. 295 : census ...

Author: Ernst Willibald Emil Hübner



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Fasti Hellenici by Henry Fynes Clinton

93. b . collects that the lustrum was held in B.C. 130 . 125. Hypsæo et Flacco . Frontin . de Aquæd . c . 8. Cn . Servilius Cæpio et L. Cassius Longinus , qui Ravilla appellatus ests , censores anno post urbem conditam DCXXVII M.





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Ushering in a New Republic

fantrymen, each in his own century, should come to the Campus Martius at dawn”).89 The law was designed to get all Roman citizens gathered at dawn on the field of Mars to participate in the ritual purification, or lustrum, that closed ...

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Exploring the theological framing of Republican leaders’ arrivals in Rome


Hence · lustrum ' was used to denote a space of five years , ' and the Censors in performing the sacrifice were said , " condere lustrum , ' to bring the · lustrum ' to a close . Varro , in explaining the term , derives it from · luere ...

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