Manufacture of Fine Chemicals from Acetylene

The book gives a complete overview on today’s research, development and industrialization of fine chemicals from acetylene.

Author: Sifang Li

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110715015

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The book gives a complete overview on today’s research, development and industrialization of fine chemicals from acetylene. The author provides a comprehensive methodology by covering derivatives from acetylene reacting with formaldehyde, alcohol, ketone, halogen and acetic acid. The book offers extensive and practical reference work for chemists and chemical engineers as well as university teachers and students.

Organic Building Blocks of the Chemical Industry

The production of vinyl chloride still consumes about 40 % of the demand for acetylene , but this situation is not ... for acetylene , and the remaining 25 % is converted into a series of interesting fine chemicals mentioned below .

Author: Harry H. Szmant

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471855453

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A comprehensive survey of industrial organic chemicals, their useful properties, and the economic rationale for the dominant synthetic pathways. This practical guide explains where these organic building blocks of the chemical industry come from, how to make them on a commercial scale, how to price them, and how to analyze trends in demand and production of any given material. Coverage ranges from how and why different processes originated to the latest developments in high-value-added specialty chemicals.

Fine Chemicals Manufacture

This enables the manufacture of the required quantities using a small reactor in which the amount of product is rather small ( Gygax , 1988 ) . The reaction between a , ß - unsaturated ketone and acetylene in the presence of lithium in ...

Author: Andrzej Cybulski

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780444822024

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The sector of fine chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyes and pigments, fragrances and flavours, intermediates, and performance chemicals is growing fast. For obvious reasons chemistry is a key to the success in developing new processes for fine chemicals. However, as a rule, chemists formulate results of their work as recipes, which usually lack important information for process development. Fine Chemicals Manufacture, Technology and Engineering is intended to show what is needed to make the recipe more useful for process development purposes and to transform the recipe into an industrial process that will be safe, environmentally friendly, and profitable. The goal of this book is to form a bridge between chemists and specialists of all other branches involved in the scale-up of new processes or modification of existing processes with both a minimum effort and risk and maximum profit when commercializing the process. New techniques for scale-up and optimization of existing processes and improvements in the utilization of process equipment that have been developed in recent years are presented in the book.

Industrial Hazard and Safety Handbook

Acetylene. This is a gas used widely for welding and cutting. Alone, it can be detonated at pressures of about 2 atm ... These compounds which are made as intermediates in the manufacture of fine chemicals decompose explosively under a ...

Author: Ralph W King

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 148310219X

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Industrial Hazard and Safety Handbook (Revised Impression) describes and exposes the main hazards found in industry, with emphasis on how these hazards arise, are ignored, are identified, are eliminated, or are controlled. These hazard conditions can be due to human stresses (for example, insomnia), unsatisfactory working environments, as well as secret industrial processes. The book reviews the cost of accidents, human factors, inspections, insurance, legal aspects, planning for major emergencies, organization, and safety measures. The text discusses regulations, codes of practice, site layout, causes of building failure, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, hazard analysis, and equipment design. The working environment of employees covers air and breathing, lighting and vision, noise and hearing, heat and comfort, fatigue and rest breaks, industrial hygiene and toxicology, or personal protective clothing and devices. The text also points out that some common industrial hazards are due to poor housekeeping (greasy floors, scattered tools), slipped disc (due to wrong handling of heavy loads), falls, falling objects, static electricity, lifting tackles, and wheeled transport inside factories. The book is intended for safety specialists, managers, and engineers responsible for design, production, inspection and maintenance in industry. The book will also be helpful for insurers or lawyers whose work is concerned with industrial accidents and their consequences.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Chemical engineering studies were carried out to develop a commercial production process and the drug was evaluated ... then to produce acetylene , the starting point for a variety of organic chemicals , synthetic resins and plastics .

Author: James H. Marsh

Publisher: The Canadian Encyclopedia

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This edition of "The Canadian Encyclopedia is the largest, most comprehensive book ever published in Canada for the general reader. It is COMPLETE: every aspect of Canada, from its rock formations to its rock bands, is represented here. It is UNABRIDGED: all of the information in the four red volumes of the famous 1988 edition is contained here in this single volume. It has been EXPANDED: since 1988 teams of researchers have been diligently fleshing out old entries and recording new ones; as a result, the text from 1988 has grown by 50% to over 4,000,000 words. It has been UPDATED: the researchers and contributors worked hard to make the information as current as possible. Other words apply to this extraordinary work of scholarship: AUTHORITATIVE, RELIABLE and READABLE. Every entry is compiled by an expert. Equally important, every entry is written for a Canadian reader, from the Canadian point of view. The finished work - many years in the making, and the equivalent of forty average-sized books - is an extraordinary storehouse of information about our country. This book deserves pride of place on the bookshelf in every Canadian Home. It is no accident that the cover of this book is based on the Canadian flag. For the proud truth is that this volume represents a great national achievement. From its formal inception in 1979, this encyclopedia has always represented a vote of faith in Canada; in Canada as a separate place whose natural worlds and whose peoples and their achievements deserve to be recorded and celebrated. At the start of a new century and a new millennium, in an increasingly borderless corporate world that seems ever more hostile to nationaldistinctions and aspirations, this "Canadian Encyclopedia is offered in a spirit of defiance and of faith in our future. The statistics behind this volume are staggering. The opening sixty pages list the 250 Consultants, the roughly 4,000 Contributors (all experts in the field they describe) and the scores of researchers, editors, typesetters, proofreaders and others who contributed their skills to this massive project. The 2,640 pages incorporate over 10,000 articles and over 4,000,000 words, making it the largest - some might say the greatest - Canadian book ever published. There are, of course, many special features. These include a map of Canada, a special page comparing the key statistics of the 23 major Canadian cities, maps of our cities, a variety of tables and photographs, and finely detailed illustrations of our wildlife, not to mention the colourful, informative endpapers. But above all the book is "encyclopedic" - which the "Canadian Oxford Dictionary describes as "embracing all branches of learning." This means that (with rare exceptions) there is satisfaction for the reader who seeks information on any Canadian subject. From the first entry "A mari usque ad mare - "from sea to sea" (which is Canada's motto, and a good description of this volume's range) to the "Zouaves (who mustered in Quebec to fight for the beleaguered Papacy) there is the required summary of information, clearly and accurately presented. For the browser the constant variety of entries and the lure of regular cross-references will provide hours of fasination. The word "encyclopedia" derives from Greek expressions alluding to a grand "circle of knowledge." Our knowledge has expandedimmeasurably since the time that one mnd could encompass all that was known.Yet now Canada's finest scientists, academics and specialists have distilled their knowledge of our country between the covers of one volume. The result is a book for every Canadian who values learning, and values Canada.

Domestic Commerce

Demands for acetone went up during the war years as a result of its use in the manufacture of other chemicals , as a solvent for acetylene , and in the processing of coated fabrics and rayon . Courtesy Dow Chemical Co. A view of fine ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce



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Chemical Age

A portion of the company's output will be used captively for the production of fine chemicals in its own factory which is nearing completion ... The acetylene unit is still under construction and will be ready by September this year .




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Biotechnology in a Global Economy

In addition , there are also limited applications to the production of fine chemicals currently produced ... through a complex series of interlocking steps into intermediate chemicals ( e.g. , benzene and acetylene ) and eventually into ...

Author: DIANE Publishing Company

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International Resources Guide to Hazardous Chemicals

... (Germany) BP Chemicals (UK) GFS Chemicals Herdillia Chemicals (India) Honeywell Performance P & C Indofine Chemical Mallinckrodt Baker Merck (Germany) Mitsui Chemicals (Japan) Montedison (Italy) Penta Manufacturing Phenolchemie ...

Author: Stanley A. Greene

Publisher: William Andrew

ISBN: 0815518153

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This book is a direct companion to Sittig's Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens in that the hazardous chemicals listed in Sittig's Handbook are the source for this guide. With more than 7,500 entries highlighting chemical producers worldwide, this international directory is a source of complete contact information for manufacturers, agencies, organizations, and useful sources of information regarding hazardous chemicals.

Manufactures 1905

Value , pressed acetylene , is found in the compound blowpipes TABLE 133. – Fine chemicals -- comparative summary , with amount used in cutting or perforating metals , which enable one and per cent of increase : 1905 and 1900 . to cut ...

Author: United States. Bureau of the Census



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