Martin Parr

Martin Parr Nato nel 1952 a Epsom , nel Surrey , Martin Parr studia fotografia al Politecnico di Manchester ( 1970-73 ) e conquista una rapida fama vincendo per tre volte consecutive , alla fine degli anni Settanta , il premio dell'Arts ...

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Photographs of tourists in Rome.

Thinking Northern

Constructing an Emblematic Northern Space under Thatcherism: The New Brighton Photographs of Martin Parr and Tom Wood Merle Tönnies Abstract: In the 1980s the English photographers Martin Parr and Tom Wood each started to document the ...

Author: Christoph Ehland

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Thinking Northern offers new approaches to the processes of identity formation which are taking place in the diverse fields of cultural, economic and social activity in contemporary Britain. The essays collected in this volume discuss the changing physiognomy of Northern England and provide a mosaic of recent thought and new critical thinking about the textures of regional identity in Britain. Looking at the historical origin of Northern identities and at current attitudes to them, the book explores the way received mental images about the North are re-deployed and re-contained in the ever-changing socio-cultural set-up of society in Northern England. The contributors address representation of Northernness in such diverse fields as the music scene, multicultural spaces, the heritage industries, new architecture, the arts, literature and film.

The Photograph

Martin Parr's ( 1952– ) work , for example , is consistently ambivalent about , and critical of , England and Englishness . A landscape , for Parr , is as much a social map of attitude and life - style as it is a supposedly rural area .

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Provides a history of photography through essays on its major themes and genres

Revealing Art

By contrast , if you know their work , it is easy enough to pick out photographers such as Man Ray , Blumenfeld , Irving Penn , Cartier - Bresson , Bill Brandt or Martin Parr . Take Penn's distinctive The Harlequin Dress ( Lisa ...

Author: Matthew Kieran

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Many individuals agree that art is important even if they don't know what it is. Most agree that art matters and has value but are unable to provide a reasoned argument in its favour. Kieran considers the problems faced by ordinary folk when confronted by vexing question on art's value and place in society.

New Book Design

Produced in standard and limited editions , Martin Parr exploits the kitsch qualities typical of the photographer's images of working - class domesticity . The special limited - edition version comes in an elaborate presentation box ...

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New Book Design showcases the most interesting, influential, and accomplished book designs from the last ten years.It features over 100 titles published around the world, each chosen for their outstanding design qualities, from the publications of large mainstream publishers to those of small independent companies -- and even those from individual artists. Included in its pages are lavishly produced books with unconventional formats and unusual print techniques as well as less flamboyant publications produced for various different markets. A wide variety of books are featured, from paperback novels to architectural monographs, from text-based to profusely-illustrated books. Divided into four main sections -- "Packaging," "Navigation," "Layout," and "Specification" -- the book examines each facet of book design: cover design; contents and structure; image usage; grids; typography; paper; printing; and binding. Clear photography captures each featured book, and interviews with prominent book designers, art directors, and publishers provide extra insight. New Book Design is sure to provide a rich source of inspiration to book designers and bibliophiles alike.

Photography and Collaboration

10 " In September 2009 Martin Parr sent me his VIP pass to the Berlin Art Forum , that he had recently received . He thought nothing of this , as he was sending Joachim something else anyway and knew full well he would be unable to ...

Author: Daniel Palmer

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Photography and Collaboration offers a fresh perspective on existing debates in art photography and on the act of photography in general. Unlike conventional accounts that celebrate individual photographers and their personal visions, this book investigates the idea that authorship in photography is often more complex and multiple than we imagine – involving not only various forms of partnership between photographers, but also an astonishing array of relationships with photographed subjects and viewers. Thematic chapters explore the increasing prevalence of collaborative approaches to photography among a broad range of international artists – from conceptual practices in the 1960s to the most recent digital manifestations. Positioning contemporary work in a broader historical and theoretical context, the book reveals that collaboration is an overlooked but essential dimension of the medium’s development and potential.

Doing Identity in Luxembourg

89 | Even though Martin Parr stated his interest for the Family of Man exhibition, his own artistic stance is quite distinctive in that he emphasises, through the framing, the colours and the lighting, the ironic and caustic side of his ...

Author: IPSE - Identités Politiques Sociétés Espaces

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Luxembourg - international financial center, European administrative center, destination country for immigration? This empirical study provides insights about a society that has hitherto largely eluded scientific investigation and observes the processes of identity construction in globalised conditions. The interdisciplinary team of authors exposes the processes of subjective appropriations and institutional attributions at work in the fields of languages, spaces, perceptions of self and others as well as everyday cultures, and identifies for the first time socio-cultural milieus in the Grand Duchy. The findings of the three-year research project uncover the ambivalences and dynamics of a multicultural and multilingual society.


Parrworld: Objects By Martin Parr Photographs Shamil Tanna Project Manager Florence Halle« Design Untitled The staff for the Aperture edition of Objects includes: Losiey A. Martin, Publisher, Books; Susan Ciccotti, Managing Editor, ...

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A Companion to Photography

I wanted to ask you about the project with Martin Parr [the 2009 book Joachim Schmid is Martin Parr, Martin Parr is Joachim Schmid ̧ where each practitioner mimicked the other's techniques—with Parr appropriating existing images and ...

Author: Stephen Bull

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"A Companion to Photography presents a contemporary approach to the subject, advancing the critical ideas that inform the study of photography in the 21st century. Features a collection of original, up-to-date essays relating to contemporary photography Introduces several new ideas that expand current photographic theory Combines essays by established and emerging writers, providing a dynamic and engaging discussion Essays are organized in thematic sections: photographic interpretation, markets, popular photography, documents, and fine art Seamlessly incorporates discussion of digital photography throughout"--

ICT4Ag ICT Update 79

The initiative -- a global partnership of 100 governments, international organisations, research organisations, universities, private sector -- is a follow up process to the G8 meeting in June 2013 on open Martin Parr is Programme Head ...


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ICT Update is a bimonthly printed and on line magazine ( and an accompanying email newsletter published by CTA. This issue focuses on data revolution for agriculture.