Mary Poppins the Complete Collection

This fantastic omnibus edition contains all six original Mary Poppins stories: Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Comes Back, Mary Poppins Opens the Door, Mary Poppins in the Park, Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane / Mary Poppins and the House Next ...

Author: P.L. Travers

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 000755267X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 768

View: 816

Discover the joy and wonder of Mary Poppins in the classic adventures! This fantastic omnibus edition contains all six original Mary Poppins stories: Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Comes Back, Mary Poppins Opens the Door, Mary Poppins in the Park, Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane / Mary Poppins and the House Next Door (2-in-1 edition).

Mary Poppins

Describes the many adventures of the extraordinary English nanny and her charges, Jane and Michael.

Author: P. L. Travers

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0544340477

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 1024

View: 244

Describes the many adventures of the extraordinary English nanny and her charges, Jane and Michael.

Mary Poppins

The Complete Collection P. L. TRAVERS. Mary Poppins P. L.TRAVERS THE COMPLETE COLLECTION HarperCollins Children's Books Why You'll Love This Book by Cameron ...

Author: P. L. TRAVERS

Publisher: P. L. Travers


Category: Fiction


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This fantastic omnibus edition contains all six original Mary Poppins stories: Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Comes Back, Mary Poppins Opens the Door, Mary Poppins in the Park, Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane / Mary Poppins and the House Next Door (2-in-1 edition). All magical children's classics, it's the perfect gift.When their new nanny, Mary Poppins, arrives on a gust of the East Wind, greets their mother, and slides up the banister, Jane and Michael's lives are turned magically upside down.Familiar to anyone who has seen the film or the West End adaptation, you can now read all six of these wonderfully original tales about Jane and Michael's adventures with the magical Mary Poppins. In each book Mary takes the children on the most extraordinary outings: to a fun fair inside a pavement picture; to visit Uncle Andrew who floats up to the ceiling when he laughs; on a spectacular trip to see the Man-in-the-Moon! With her strict but fair, no-nonsense attitude, combined with amazing magical powers, things are never straightforward with Mary Poppins! But she has only promised to stay until the wind changes...Titles include:* Mary Poppins* Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane* Mary Poppins and the House Next Door* Mary Poppins Opens the Door* Mary Poppins in the Park* Mary Poppins Comes Back

Chase Brothers Complete Collection

We made cookies and had popcorn and watched Mary Poppins a few times over.” “We still pretending you watched that one for the kids?

Author: Lauren Dane

Publisher: Carina Press

ISBN: 148807416X

Category: Fiction


View: 411

New York Times bestselling author Lauren Dane brings you the Chase Brothers: ridiculously hot, notoriously single. Read all four classic Chase Brothers novels in this collection! Giving Chase When landscaper Kyle Chase takes notice of Maggie Wright, all of Petal, Georgia, wonders what the quiet schoolteacher is hiding underneath her tight bun and boring blouses. Even Maggie doesn’t quite get it: she’s no match against the famous Chase charm, and Kyle has it in spades. Kyle wants Maggie in his life—and in his bed—and he doesn’t mind getting down and dirty to prove it. For years he’s avoided the kind of trouble that comes with “good girls” like her, but Maggie’s the best trouble he’s ever been in. He craves more of it. More of her. But even as their love grows into thoughts of forever, a hidden danger from Maggie’s past threatens to tear them apart… Taking Chase Sheriff Shane Chase is drawn to the new girl in town from the moment he lays eyes on her. Not only is she gorgeous, but years on the job have taught him to know when someone is hiding something. And Cassie Gambol is hiding something big. He’s willing to take it slow to find out her secrets, no matter how much he burns to make her his. Cassie Gambol needs a fresh start, and she gets it by reinventing herself in the small town of Petal, Georgia. A new romance is the last thing on Cassie’s mind, but the impossibly hot town sheriff has her reconsidering her priorities. But when Cassie and Shane come face-to-face with the reason Cassie’s on the run, only her determination and his instincts can keep her safe from the past—and keep their future from ending before it can even begin. Chased Marc Chase is known in the small town of Petal, Georgia, for being the youngest—and some would say wildest—Chase brother. But when longtime family friend Liv Davis signs up for some personal training sessions, Marc realizes the only woman he wants has been right in front of him all along. Mayor’s assistant Liv has been hurt too many times to let a Chase brother into her life—or into her bed. She’s ready for something more. Something she doesn’t think the six-years-younger Marc is ready to give. Knowing he’ll need more than pretty words to break through Liv’s wall of heartbreak, Marc takes the gamble of his life to prove his love: two days away, full of hot sex and bared souls. But will this bet be enough to win her heart forever? Making Chase All of Petal, Georgia, is waiting for the last Chase brother to fall. At least, that’s how it feels to firefighter Matt Chase, who’s getting a little anxious himself. His brothers have all found love—why hasn’t he? But fate, in the form of a curvaceous hairdresser, is about to change that. Salon owner Tate Murphy has come a long way from her trailer-park roots. Even though she’s put the past behind her, she knows someone like Matt Chase is way out of her league. But that doesn’t stop her from getting a good eyeful every chance she gets. When a car accident throws them together, Tate gets more than an eyeful—she gets the whole package. Not that she’s complaining. But when small-town bias and her own insecurities get in the way of their relationship, Matt will have to prove he doesn’t care where she came from…only where she goes. Originally published in 2006, 2007, 2008

The Wedding Series The Complete Collection

I just wish I knew if I'm about to watch Bonnie and Clyde getting hitched, or Mary Poppins being tied to Al Capone. She wasn't Bonnie, so that made her Mary ...

Author: Patricia McLinn

Publisher: Craig Place Books

ISBN: 1944126171

Category: Fiction

Page: 1190

View: 944

“Love this series ... so many twists and turns that take you all over the world!” – 5-star review The Wedding Series starts with the stories of three college friends in suburban Chicago embarking on the greatest education of all — falling in love, finding the perfect bride and becoming the happiest grooms around. Book 1: Paul Monroe, the free spirit Book 2: Michael Dickinson, the best man Book 3: Grady Roberts, the last bachelor In Book 4, The Wedding Series shifts as Paul’s little sister, Judi, leaves her groom at the altar in and runs off to Wyoming. The series takes another turn in Book 5 as April leaves Illinois, the Roberts family and their circle of friends to strike out on her own in Washington, D.C. She winds up alone for the holidays – and wrapped up in royal intrigue. In the final two books of The Wedding Series, King Jozef of Bariavak continues his search for his long-missing granddaughter, while also facing threats to his country. His royal matchmaking roils a college basketball community in small-town Wisconsin and upends a Wyoming rancher who finds out he may be destined for a crown instead of cowboy hat. The Wedding Series Prelude to a Wedding Wedding Party Grady’s Wedding The Runaway Bride The Christmas Princess -- Hoops (prequel to The Surprise Princess) The Surprise Princess -- Not a Family Man (prequel to The Forgotten Prince) The Forgotten Prince Bonus short story: The Soldier’s Kiss (a romantic comedy prequel to The Forgotten Prince) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Wedding Series: The Complete Collection is a seven-book series, with two prequels and a short story, containing passionate, heart-warming contemporary romances that will captivate fans of Bella Andre, Susan Mallery and Sarah Wilson. Praise for The Wedding Series: “The Christmas Princess holds all the coziness of the holiday spirit. … McLinn is an expert at revealing the layers enveloping her characters. With each reveal, sometimes exquisitely subtle, we are pulled in deeper to be active participants in the emotionally charged, yet heart-melting romance.” — USA Today “Full of warmth, understanding of human nature, and great characters.” — 5-star review “Loyal readers know what to expect from a Patricia McLinn book — a strong, emotional story, a solid plot, and characters so real you miss them when the story ends. ‘The Runaway Bride’ is no exception.” — 5-star review “A fun quick read that's filled with tenderness and passion. … Thomas Vance is sexy and heroic and Judi is lovely.” — Goodreads “While the story of King Jozef's search for a willing heir will keep readers engaged, the real beauty in [The Forgotten Prince] is found in the many and varied relationships of the characters. Their hopes, their fears, their sacrifices, their loves, will so draw one into the story that when it is done you can't help but feel you really know these people.” — 5-star review Clear your calendar to start binge-reading USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's Wyoming Wildflowers: The Complete Collection today! More romance from Patricia McLinn Marry Me series Wedding of the Century The Unexpected Wedding Guest A Most Unlikely Wedding Baby Blues and Wedding Bells Seasons in a Small Town What Are Friends For? (Spring) The Right Brother (Summer) Falling for Her (Autumn) Warm Front (Winter) Wyoming Wildflowers Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning (a prequel) Almost a Bride Match Made in Wyoming My Heart Remembers -- A New World (prequel to Jack’s Heart) Jack’s Heart -- Rodeo Nights (prequel to Where Love Lives) Where Love Lives A Cowboy Wedding A Place Called Home Lost and Found Groom At the Heart’s Command Hidden in a Heartbeat

Time Served Complete Collection

“Look at you, Mary Poppins.” “I'm the best.” “I think it's time you showed me your place,” he says. He's still got his shades on, and though he's smiling, ...

Author: Julianna Keyes

Publisher: Carina Press

ISBN: 1488036144

Category: Fiction


View: 184

“If you’re looking for a gritty story with a lot of heat (and I mean a lot) and real characters, I’d definitely recommend Time Served.”— Julianna Keyes’s entire Time Served trilogy available now! Time Served I’ve never forgotten how it felt to follow Dean Barclay—dangerous, daring, determined—away from the crowd and climb into his beat-up old Trans Am. I was sixteen and gloriously alive for the first time. I was his. Forever. Until I left. Him, my mom, and the trailer park. Without so much as a goodbye. Now Dean’s back, crashing uninvited into neat little lawyerly life. Eight years behind bars have turned him rougher and bigger—and more sexually demanding than any man I’ve ever met. I can’t deny him anything…and that just might end up costing me everything. In Her Defense Caitlin Dufresne has never loved anyone as much as she loves winning. A ruthless fifth-year associate at an elite Chicago firm, she’s on the fast track to partner…until a stupid, serious error enrages her bosses. Caitlin’s continued refusal to share work—or credit—lands her a forced two-week vacation. When she meets Eli Grant, head of the firm’s IT department, Caitlin knows the overgrown frat boy isn’t her type. But too much alcohol and a very public game of Truth or Dare turn into a dirty, breathless one-night stand. Which turns into a (mostly naked) two-week fling. Which turns into something that makes Caitlin incredibly nervous, despite the great sex. The Good Fight I was born a fighter. You had to be, to survive in Camden. Lucky for me, I loved it. Until one night things went too far and I almost lost my ticket out. I went to college. Got a degree. A job on Wall Street. Yet I still wasn’t smart enough to stay away. So now I’m back. And it’s just as bad as I remember. Enter Dr. Susan Jones. She’s brilliant, she’s sexy and she’s a pain in my ass. She wants to hook up, get off, go home. She doesn’t have time for a thug from Camden. But she keeps coming back. FREE BONUS STORY INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! Bail Out by Jade Chandler These bonds don’t break ELLE Bounty hunting is in my blood. But my father would much rather see a ring on my finger than a pair of cuffs in my hands, and now I have thirty days to either tie the knot or come up with five hundred grand. Daddy doesn’t know best. Nothing’s going to stand in the way of claiming what’s mine—not even a sexy bounty-hunting biker. REBEL Bonds are my business. I live for the hunt, and if it makes a hefty chunk of change, all the better. I swore there’d never be a woman on the back of my bike…until I watched Elle Jackson take down a thug with a smile and a Taser. When a woman like that asks for your help, you f*ing deliver. Originally published in 2017

The Penderwicks Complete Collection

Mary Poppins! It wasn't unpleasant, the sleepy, foggy feeling, as Rosalind described it later to Anna. Still, she was glad when they reached the soccer ...

Author: Jeanne Birdsall

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 0593432827

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 1600

View: 321

This collection features all five New York Times bestselling Penderwicks adventures by National Book Award-winning author Jeanne Birdsall! Follow the Penderwicks' adventures, from a bunny-raising hobby to a dog-walking business, from summer breaks to school days, from unforgettable hijinks to chaotic misadventures--and always, with sisterhood through and through--in this exciting collection: The Penderwicks: This summer the Penderwick sisters discover the magic of a beautiful estate called Arundel. But the best discovery of all is Jeffrey Tifton, son of Arundel's owner, who becomes the perfect companion for their adventures. The Penderwicks on Gardam Street: When Mr. Penderwick's sister decides it's time for him to start dating, the girls come up with the Save-Daddy Plan--a plot so brilliant, so bold, so funny, that only the Penderwick girls could have come up with it. The Penderwicks at Point Mouette: When summer comes around, it's off to the beach for Rosalind . . . and off to Maine for the rest of the Penderwick girls and their old friend, Jeffrey. That leaves Skye as the oldest available Penderwick--a terrifying notion for all, but for Skye especially. The Penderwicks in Spring: Batty is saving up her dog-walking money for an extra-special surprise for her family, which she plans to present on her upcoming birthday. But when some unwelcome surprises make themselves known, the best-laid plans fall apart. The Penderwicks at Last: The Penderwicks return to Arundel this summer, the place where it all began. And better still is the occasion: a good old-fashioned, homemade-by-Penderwicks wedding.

The Descent Series Complete Collection

Mary Poppins would love this,” Betty said. Elise shoved the box cutter into the neck hole. Her face went slack with concentration as her back muscles ...

Author: SM Reine

Publisher: Red Iris Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 1500

View: 108

She was destined to be a weapon. Elise Kavanagh is good at one thing: killing demons, angels, and gods. For years, she was the death that supernatural creatures feared. More myth than woman, she walked the Earth as the embodiment of vengeance. But Elise doesn't want anything to do with destiny. She wants time off to spend with the man who has long protected her body and mind. James Faulkner is a powerful witch, and the only one she trusts to protect her identity. Together, they try to become normal people...whatever that means. Destiny hasn't forgotten her. It's not easy to retire when you were born to be a killing machine. Old enemies still hold bitter grudges against Elise. The demon overlord of her new home isn't happy to have the Godslayer hiding out in her territory. And there are still gods that need to be killed... There's only one way out of this. Elise must descend into the infernal to become the very thing she's spent most of her life fighting: a powerful demon that feeds upon human flesh. A creature that might survive slaying God. This collection contains all seven books of The Descent Series, as well as three short stories interspersed with the books. THE COMPLETE SERIES Death's HandThe Darkest GateDeadly HeartsDark UnionDamnation MarkedDeath ScreamDire BloodDefying FateDying NightParadise Damned

Puffin Island Series Complete Collection

“Well, she wasn't Mary Poppins, if that's what you're asking me. I think she forgot she had a kid except for the few occasions when it suited her to show ...

Author: Sarah Morgan

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488095515

Category: Fiction


View: 594

USA TODAY bestselling author Sarah Morgan will sweep you away with her Puffin Island series! In a town where anything can happen, sometimes love can be found in the most unlikely place of all… FIRST TIME IN FOREVER Emily Donovan’s been too swept up in a challenging year of firsts—becoming a stand-in mum to her niece Lizzy and moving to remote, beautiful Puffin Island—to think about love. But that’s before charismatic Ryan Cooper kisses her… Ryan makes it his mission to help Emily unwind and enjoy the chemistry they share. Can Emily take her biggest leap of trust yet—putting her heart in someone else’s hands? PLAYING BY THE GREEK’S RULES Idealistic Lily Rose craves a fairy-tale love, but it always ends in heartbreak. So Lily’s trying a different approach—a fling with her boss, infamous Greek playboy Nik Zervakis! Nik lives by his own set of rules, but he has dark shadows in his heart… There’s no one better to teach Lily how to separate sizzling sex from deep emotions! It starts as a sensual game, but can Lily stick to Nik’s rules? And what’s more, can he? SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL Puffin Islander Brittany Forrest has always dreamed of adventure. And at eighteen, she thought she’d found it in bad boy Zachary Flynn. But after just ten tempestuous, smoldering days, their whirlwind marriage went up in smoke. Zach knows he let Brittany down, but seeing her again stirs up long-buried emotions. He’s never felt worthy of her, yet he can’t stay away... Could their dreams of a happy-ever-after finally come true? ONE ENCHANTED MOMENT Life has just thrown Skylar Tempest a serious curveball. So she’s returned home to Puffin Island to regroup among friends. Unfortunately, that means seeing Alec Hunter, who’s become a big-deal TV historian. Sky’s never liked the cynical Alec, and the feeling was mutual. But maybe that was then. And this is now…

Hunted Witch Agency Complete Collection

The accused grunted as he took something else out of his Mary Poppins jacket and brought it to his face. “He's putting on a mask or something now.

Author: Rachel Medhurst

Publisher: Rachel Medhurst


Category: Fiction


View: 479

Witch, Warlock, Whatever… My name’s Devon Jinx, and, yes, I’m half warlock, half witch. But I couldn't care less about which kind of magic is better. All I want to do is keep my head down and get on with my new job as an investigator at the Hunted Witch Agency. A recent, shall we say, mistake, has put me in place to inherit the leadership of the warlocks. Which means only one thing. I have a choice to make: Leave behind my life of witchery to become a warlock, or lose my warlock magic forever. Complicating my choice is the fact that someone is trying to destroy the warlock coven. If I don't stop them, the warlocks will be annihilated. The task seems impossible until Gerard Freshwater, a distractingly handsome witch, explodes into my life. He's determined to make me see that being a witch isn't just the best option, but the only option. witch, warlock, shifters, vampires, paranormal, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy, young adult fantasy.

Love In Santa Lena The Complete Collection

No sorry old witch is allowed to can Mary Poppins' ass. What kind of a monster is she?” Audrey asked, leaning forward, a bit quieter this time.

Author: Jessa York

Publisher: Jessa York


Category: Fiction

Page: 1069

View: 544

The COMPLETE COLLECTION of the Love In Santa Lena series all in one place!! FALLING FOR JACK: When your heart has been broken, the last thing you should do is fall into another man's arms, let alone his bed. Yet that's exactly what I did. And then I ran like a thief in the night. If I never see Jack again, it will be too soon. But I guess fate has a sense of humor, because the sexy chef who saw me at my worst is my new client. *** The beautiful creature stumbled into my life and fled just as quickly. Harper's disappearance left me confused and frustrated. But when she appears, flustered and gorgeous in my morning meeting, I can't resist the chance to see if I can rekindle the spark we had. Another relationship is the last thing I need, but I can't resist the flame Harper ignites inside me. No one said love was easy, but why does it have to be so damn hard? CONVINCING HARPER: Sometimes love means walking away...and that's exactly what I did. I swore off men and then I met Jack. Consumed with desire, I fell hard and fast. Maybe he would be different? Turns out he was keeping a secret... a big one. I was hoping I was wrong about love, but he just proved me right. And he's going to have a heck of a time convincing me otherwise. WAITING ON JASON: I've been waiting for the right man to come along my whole life...Screw that. I'm done desperately watching my biological clock tick down, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Or the hands of a turkey baster. But then Jason drove into my life and my resolve nearly crumbled. One night is all I can give him. It's all he wants. At least, that's what I thought. I made the mistake of assuming he wasn't a forever kind of guy. Turns out Jason just might be the one I've been waiting for. HEALED BY CHELSEA: I never thought I'd fall for an older man. He's smart. Sexy. Irresistible. Everything I've ever wanted, but I can't have him. He's broken. Guarded. He'll never give me what I need. So why do I still want him? Because I am going to show him how to live again... and how to love. At least, that was the plan

The Adult Baby Identity the Complete Collection

Parents are not perfect and Mary Poppins is not real. Life is full of mistakes, failings and weakness, even in the best of people.

Author: Dylan Lewis

Publisher: AB Discovery




View: 484

Knowing who you are and what your personal identity is will always be a powerful and important goal. For diaper wearers and adult babies of course, this is complicated by the duality of nature - part infant and part adult. Understanding that is terribly difficult and for most, we end up staggering through life, not really sure who we are, how we came to be and how to feel good about ourselves. These FOURbooks in one volume lay a great psychological foundation on the issues of Adult Regression and a worthy read for anyone interested in the topic, either as an observer or as a participant. If you are an adult baby or related to one, this book will give you a deeper understanding of just why ABDLs exists and how to understand why it is not something you can just decided to give up or stop doing. It is part of the identity and therefore, part of who we truly are.

The Freya Snow Complete Collection Books One to Fifteen

She referred to it as the Mary Poppins charm, mostly because doing so annoyed Amber. “Myrcella's Goods. She's always had good prices.

Author: L.C. Mawson

Publisher: L.C. Mawson


Category: Fiction


View: 759

Freya has been alone as long as she can remember. 15 books. Thousands of pages of magical adventures, kick-ass heroines, and forbidden romance. She was always moving from foster home to foster home, never finding a permanent family. With her mother dead and no leads on her father, the first clue to her heritage comes in the most unlikely form. An outburst of impossible magic, and the appearance of a ghostly guardian Freya's mother tasked with watching over her. With her newfound abilities, finding her father should finally be within Freya's reach, but her new guardian cautions restraint. Freya still doesn't understand the magical world, she claims, or its dangers. If Freya wants the truth, it may mean going it alone once more. And putting her guardian's warnings to the test. The Complete Collection collects together all fifteen books in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series, which starts out as YA and follows Freya's magical adventures into adulthood. If you like kick-ass, sarcastic heroines, immersive magical worlds beneath our own, and love that crosses the lines of magical feuds, then you'll be instantly hooked on L.C. Mawson's fast-paced urban fantasy series. Buy the boxset to get your exciting urban fantasy fix today!

Ruined The Complete Series

Mary Poppins? You gonna pull a lamp out of that thing next?” “Shut your trap and make me another banana milkshake,” she demands. “Aren't you feeling sick ...

Author: Tracy Lorraine

Publisher: Tracy Lorraine


Category: Fiction


View: 949

Ruined Plans This sexy single daddy is going to ruin her...for all the right reasons. My focus is my daughter, always. I've built a solid, simple life for her. When Addison shows up in town, my attraction to her is too tempting--I seek her out, despite my fear of shattering the life I've built. She's got plans, and so do I. She wants to start over here in Ireland, get over the heartbreak of her cheating prick of a husband. I just want a secure family life for my daughter. But I didn't plan on this--an ignited passion I’ve never felt before, a need to possess her completely. Neither did she. And when Addison's ex drops one last bombshell, it puts everything we feel for each other in jeopardy. There's a choice to make--run, or fight for what could be. And if she won't fight for us, I will. Ruined By Lies Lies and betrayal litter her past. And that past is about to crash into the present. Addison is mine. I may not be able to offer her the glamorous life she once knew, but I want to give her everything she could ever want. I want to be the one she needs. I crave to be that man. That's why I know it's time to reveal the secret I've been keeping from her. It's nothing like the lies she's escaped from, but it's a secret just the same. I can make all her dreams come true, make her smile that smile that makes me feel things I never thought I'd experience again. Unfortunately, my secret has the potential to ruin us, utterly and completely. Addison is about to discover everything. Will our love survive the truth? Ruined Promises I’ve broken promises and caused her pain, but I will fix this. Fix us. I promised Addison I'd never hurt her. Swore to her I'd protect her. But I caused the pain in Addison's eyes. Broke her heart with my secrets and lies. I need to fix what I've done, and prove to her what she means to me. I need to fight for her. Not just for myself, but for my daughter as well. And I will fight. Because Addison is mine. But while I'm hell-bent on reminding her of the man I really am, she's busy harboring her own secret. One that could make or break the family we've fought to become. In the end, there will only be one thing left to fight for--us. Ruined is the complete collection of Tracy Lorraine’s steamy, Irish, single dad serial.

Bounty Bay The Complete Series

Wondered if any childhood imagination remained inside him so that upon opening his eyes, he'd see Mary Poppins parachuting down with her umbrella, ...

Author: Tracey Alvarez

Publisher: Icon Publishing Limited

ISBN: 0473536773

Category: Fiction


View: 446

Bounty Bay The Complete Series contains seven full-length novels from Tracey Alvarez's best-selling series set against the stunning backdrop of Aotearoa, New Zealand. If you like heartwarming, sensual and sweet small-town romances with a touch of comedy, you'll love sharing the journey with these authentic men and women struggling to find their special someone. The Bounty Bay books included in this bundle are: Hide Your Heart (Book #1) Hiding in plain sight just got complicated… Lauren Taylor and her young son fled back to her hometown to escape fame's cruel spotlight, and all she wants to do is start over. No press, no pictures, no problem. She thought she'd be safe in the middle-of-nowhere, but her sexy new neighbor is about to ruin everything… Know Your Heart (Book #2) When the landlady from hell becomes the one woman he can't live without… Kicked off a movie set, actress Savannah Payne flees to her vacation house in Bounty Bay to prepare for the audition of a lifetime. Only a stubborn, sexy lawyer is currently renting it and he won't budge an inch. But all's fair in love and war, including his kisses that make her want to surrender. Teach Your Heart (Book #3) Some men need to learn the hard way… Doctor O-for-Awesome Owen Bennett is all about being responsible. But when he's temporarily put in charge of three precocious kids, chaos reigns and his list of household rules gets tossed out the window. Except one. Under no circumstance will he get involved with the kids' tempting new nanny, Gracie Cooper. Some rules are made to be broken. Mend Your Heart (Book #4) An idiot’s guide to falling for your best friend’s widow… Former rugby star Isaac Ngata was New Zealand’s golden boy until five years ago when a tragic accident took the life of his friend and team mate. Now he’s got a screwed up knee and a burden of guilt toward his friend’s wife, Natalie Fisher. Natalie’s teenage daughter’s rugby team needs a coach and the man she can’t stand has volunteered… Break Your Heart (Book #5) Fake girlfriend. Real sizzle. What could possibly go wrong? Single mum Vee Sullivan has a little girl to provide for and an eye on Bounty Bay's newest shopping center to expand her clothing business-if only she could afford it. So when Sam Ngata offers her a fake girlfriend deal in exchange for his retail space, Vee is tempted. But saying yes might mean risking a broken heart… Tame Your Heart (Book #6) Loving your enemy is harder than you’d think… Tui Ngata loathes the Griffin family after a wildfire tore through her family farm 17 years ago and her father was accused of starting it. While on vacation she’s able to forget the bone-deep feud with her neighbors and find one night of pleasure in the arms of a handsome stranger. Until she finds out this stranger isn’t who she thought he was... Trust Your Heart (Book #7) What if everyone witnessed your most humiliating moment? For teenager Allison Moore, caught making out with her BFF’s brother, Tanner Armstrong, was embarrassing enough…having it become a viral internet sensation was much, much worse. Years later, a chance meeting opens old wounds but reignites a passion neither is prepared for. Can The Ugly Duckling Virgin give Tanner a shot at winning her heart? Praise for the Bounty Bay series! It's official…I'm hooked on this series! I want to jump on a plane and fly to this island, because apparently they grow them big and HOT in New Zealand…men that is!!!" ~ Swept Away By Romance "Perfection comes in many shapes and forms, and Ms Alvarez delivers in her contemporary voice and quirky character traits that make a distinctive difference between average and stellar storytelling." ~ InD'Tale Magazine Keywords: small town romance, romance series, romance bundle, boxed set romance, New Zealand romance, contemporary romance, sexy romance, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, reunion, second chance romance, small town romance, single mom, single dad, single parent, unexpected pregnancy, workplace romance, beach romance, coastal romance, romance with kids, family saga, boy next door, heart-warming, sensual, escape down under, friendship, workplace relationship, family life, short reads, happily ever after, heartwarming romance, island romance series, sweet and sexy romance, exotic foreign romance, vacation romance, beach reads, summer reads

The Collectors The Complete Series

... father in Mary Poppins.” “Right you are, my dear.” He grinned, his eyes almost disappearing behind the wrinkles creasing his skin.

Author: Autumn Reed

Publisher: Autumn Reed


Category: Fiction


View: 533

With a single touch, I’ve unlocked a piece of history that will irrevocably alter my future. For years, I’ve been hiding in plain sight, pretending to be an average young woman by running my mother’s antique shop and dating cute, ordinary guys. But an accidental vision of the past has set events in motion that expose my secret—I’m anything but normal. I see memories through touch, and my abilities make me a target. As I’m thrust into a world I never knew existed, an organization built on secrecy and coercion threatens everyone and everything I care about. A group of fellow psychics may be my one saving grace...or they’ll drive me toward my deepest regrets. My name is Adele Rose, and it’s time to embrace my fate. **The Collectors is a slow-burn reverse harem series. The Collectors: The Complete Series includes... #1 Touch of Regret #2 Touch of Wrath #3 Touch of Promise #4 Touch of Fate Exclusive Bonus Scenes

Single Dads Club The Complete Series

Lily's entire face droops. I know tears are on the horizon. ... “Mary Poppins got the kid?” Dane asks when I open the back door and climb into the quad cab ...

Author: Piper Rayne

Publisher: Piper Rayne, Inc.


Category: Fiction


View: 992

In a small town called CLIMAX COVE lives a bunch of SINGLE DADS. THIS BOX SET INCLUDES: Jailbait (Single Dads Club #0.5) Who is Marcus Kent other than the first single dad to find his one true love? This is a prequel to Real Deal where Marcus first meets Caterina which spurred their enemies-to-lovers relationship six years before. Real Deal (Single Dads Club #1) She’s too young. She’s my client’s daughter. She’s my five-year old’s camp counselor. When we’re together all the complications fade away and I have to keep reminding myself, even if I can have her— I can’t keep her. Dirty Talker (Single Dads Club #2) She might say she can handle being friends-with-benefits, but I’m not sure she can. Unfortunately for her, I’m too selfish of a prick to care—until I do. Sexy Beast (Single Dads Club #3) There’s a list of reasons why I shouldn’t give into what I feel—she’s my best friend’s little sister, she’s seen me at my most vulnerable, and the biggest one—she’s the first person in eleven years who has the potential to break me. Sex Weeks (Single Dads Club #3.5) Get a glimpse into Charlie and Garrett’s life years after we left them. Now a family of five, they’ve waited the dreaded six weeks since their last blessing entered the world. Too bad nothing goes as planned when you have a house full of kids. PLUS a Halloween BONUS SCENE in DANE’S POV! But you get a snapshot to where all the single no more dads are now! "Piper Rayne completely blew me away.” ~ The Romance Bibliophile “ Ava and Dane are on fire together!! I mean I was sitting by the pool reading this beauty and I was getting hotter than just having the sun beating down on me!” ~ Amazon Reviewer " Piper Rayne is just awesome! These two authors have come up with a magical formula for marvelous books.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

The Ruthless Nakamuras The Complete Series

Her blond hair, rosy cheeks, and posh British accent always put Lilli in mind of Mary Poppins. So much so that she half expected the young woman to burst ...

Author: Theodora Taylor

Publisher: Theodora Taylor

ISBN: 1942167245

Category: Fiction

Page: 619

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The fan favorite Nakamura brothers have finally been collected into one crazy hot AMBW boxset! This limited time only set includes HIS ENDURING LOVE, HIS REVENGE BABY, and a sneak peak at Hayato Nakamura's long-awaited novel, 12 MONTHS OF KRISTAL. HIS ENDURING LOVE I’ve been hiding nearly all my adult life to protect myself and my autistic daughter from the mob boss who wants me dead. For those reasons, I’ve sworn off relationships and vowed never to fall in love again. Suro Nakamura gives exactly zero f-words about my vows. I’ve become the dangerous hitman’s sole obsession, and he’ll stop at nothing to make me his. Is there any way for me to escape him…or resist him? HIS REVENGE BABY When travel nurse Lilliana Tucker is coerced by a mysterious stranger into “interviewing” to become Norio Nakamura’s next mistress, she’s pretty sure there’s no way she’ll get the job. Lilli is awkward, unrefined, and not at all cut out to be a spy–or the lover of a smoking hot Japanese billionaire. But then—WTH!—she does get the job. And soon her arrangement with Norio goes from a role she must play, to a passionate, barely contained affair. Lilli knows there’s no way her clandestine relationship with Norio will end in unicorns and rainbows. But there are two things she doesn’t see coming: 1. Falling for the man she’s been hired to betray …and 2. What he does when he discovers her true identity PLUS, a very special preview for 12 MONTHS OF KRISTAL On the eleventh day of Christmas, a Japanese billionaire's date is completely disrupted by a curvy woman, claiming to be an elf. What could possibly go wrong when he challenges her to replace the date she lost him? Or very, very sexy? This tale is perfect for fans of omakase sushi experiences, PEOPLE magazine, and watching magical love stories unfold.

Beautiful Creatures The Complete Series Books 1 2 3 4

It's always Mary Poppins. Is she the only British character Americans have ever heard of?” “I don't believe we've been properly introduced, although I keep ...

Author: Kami Garcia

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141349255

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 2096

View: 602

Beautiful Creatures The Complete Series includes all four novels in the bestselling, spellbinding love story: Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption. Is falling in love the beginning . . . Or the end? In Ethan Wate's hometown there lies the darkest of secrets. There is a girl. Slowly, she pulled the hood from her head. Green eyes, black hair. Lena Duchannes. There is a curse. On the Sixteenth Moon, the Sixteenth Year, the Book will take what it's been promised. And no one can stop it. In the end, there is a grave. Lena and Ethan become bound together by a deep, powerful love. But Lena is cursed and on her sixteenth birthday, her fate will be decided. Ethan never even saw it coming. * Don't miss the Warner Brothers and Alcon Entertainment blockbuster movie of Beautiful Creatures directed by Richard LaGravenese (P.S. I Love You) and featuring an all star cast including Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davies and hot young Hollywood talent Alice Englert, Alden Ehrenreich and Emmy Rossum. Praise for Beautiful Creatures: 'Watch out Twilight and Hunger Games' - The Guardian 'Move over Twilight, there's a new supernatural saga in town.' - E! About the authors: @kamigarcia is a superstitious American southerner who can make biscuits by hand and pies from scratch! She attended George Washington University and is a teacher and reading specialist. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her family. @mstohl has written and designed many successful video games, which is why her two beagles are named Zelda and Kirby. She has degrees from Yale and Stanford Universities in the US and has also studied in the prestigious creative writing department at UEA, Norwich. She lives in Santa Monica, California with her family.