Practical Percussion

Thea MUSGRAVE Five Ages of Man T 3 perc 1. xylo, TT 2. ... WBs NIELSEN Clarinet Concerto 1 perc SD Flute Concerto Timps only Overture Maskerade T 2 perc BD, ...

Author: James Holland

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 1461670632

Category: Music

Page: 216

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If you have ever felt the pulsating beat of the timbales, those electrifying steel drums native to Puerto Rico, or the reverberating sound of the djembe, the wooden hand drum born in Africa, then you know the power of percussive instruments. One shake of a rain stick or a few scratches on a washboard has the ability to turn an ordinary song into something far more profound. The intent of this volume is to guide researchers, students, and those with a general curiosity about percussion instruments in their efforts to expand their understanding of this dynamic and wide-ranging group of instruments. This revised edition of Practical Percussion includes a revised and expanded list of manufacturers and suppliers, additional entries and photographs, and an index.

The Unseen University Challenge

Eight pints of Turbot's Really Odd. (Maskerade) 2. Sherbet.(The Light Fantastic) 3. Orakh, a virulently alcoholic Klatchian beverage. (Sourcery) 4. Scumble.

Author: David Langford

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473208343

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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University Challenge is one of the world's top quiz shows, enjoyed by millions, both participants and observers. But Discworld fans may feel that not many questions cover the real questions in Life, for example, Who or what could be seen as the inspiration for the near-tragic accident from which nanny Ogg is saved only be a special willow-reinforced hat made for her by Mr Vernissage of Slice? And give a plausible origin for Mrs Rosie Palm, proprietor of the famous House of Negotiable Affection in the Shades. Each Faculty at the Unseen University has provided a set of questions, and answers are included for those who are not sure how the poisonous effects of quicksilver fumes are an occupational hazard of magic-users. The questions have been compiled by Mr David Langford, who knows quite as much - and arguably more - about the Discworld as its Creator, and Terry Pratchett has provided an Introduction.