Tape Measure Murder A Miss Marple Short Story

Agatha Christie. Contents Cover Title Page Tape-Measure Murder Related Products Copyright About the Publisher Tape-Measure Murder 'Tape-Measure Murder' was first published in the USA.

Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007452047

Category: Fiction

Page: 40

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A classic Agatha Christie short story, available individually for the first time as an ebook.

Black Earth

In some considerable measure, the murder of Jews for their supposed communism was carried out by communists. By murdering the Jews, the local people of Stalino, like local people elsewhere, partook in a lie that emptied their own pasts ...

Author: Timothy Snyder

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473522706

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LONGLISTED FOR THE 2015 SAMUEL JOHNSON PRIZE We have come to see the Holocaust as a factory of death, organised by bureaucrats. Yet by the time the gas chambers became operation more than a million European Jews were already dead: shot at close range over pits and ravines. They had been murdered in the lawless killing zones created by the German colonial war in the East, many on the fertile black earth that the Nazis believed would feed the German people. It comforts us to believe that the Holocaust was a unique event. But as Timothy Snyder shows, we have missed basic lessons of the history of the Holocaust, and some of our beliefs are frighteningly close to the ecological panic that Hitler expressed in the 1920s. As ideological and environmental challenges to the world order mount, our societies might be more vulnerable than we would like to think. Timothy Snyder’s Bloodlands was an acclaimed exploration of what happened in eastern Europe between 1933 and 1945, when Nazi and Soviet policy brought death to some 14 million people. Black Earth is a deep exploration of the ideas and politics that enabled the worst of these policies, the Nazi extermination of the Jews. Its pioneering treatment of this unprecedented crime makes the Holocaust intelligible, and thus all the more terrifying.

Measure for Murder

It seems that this story had its roots in a real live production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure (1604), which Witting saw in May 1939. at the Bromley Little Theatre in Kent.

Author: Clifford Witting

Publisher: Galileo Publishers

ISBN: 9781912916528


Page: 256

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It is 1940 and Mrs Mudge, the cleaning lady is busy tidying the Little Theatre in Lulverton, which is run by the local amateur dramatics' society. But she is in for a surprise when she finds a corpse in the ticket office, stabbed with a dagger - a prop from the society's latest play, Measure for Measure. The novel is in two sections. In the first, the narrator, Vaughn Tudor, describes the formation of the small amateur theatre group, in a sleepy village on the South Coast in the period leading up to the Second World War. But then in the second half, after the revelation of the identity of the victim and the calling in of Witting's series detective Inspector Charlton to investigate, the reader finds out that there were rather a lot of people who had cause to visit that little theatre on the night of the murder.... But can the police disentangle the complicated relationships to discover the real killer? It seems that this story had its roots in a real live production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure (1604), which Witting saw in May 1939. at the Bromley Little Theatre in Kent. First published in 1941, it was the fifth of Witting's novels which were written over a period of 30 years and excels both in the plot but also, and notably in his extraordinary characterisation skills. The author died in 1968 having completed 12 books. This is the third of Galileo's reissues of Witting's oeuvre. The first, published October 2021, Catt out of the Bag, was received with great enthusiasm by Golden Age crime fiction fans and is already in its third printing (as of March 2021). The second, Murder in Blue will also be published during Autumn 2021.


negligent manslaughter as “the killing of another person through negligence, with no willful intent. Included in this offense are ... However, in the United States, there are a few methods for measuring murder. They include the Uniform ...

Author: Leah E. Daigle

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483359026

Category: Social Science

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Drawing from the most up-to-date research, Victimology is an accessible, student-friendly text that provides students with an overview of the field of Victimology. Renowned authors and researchers Leah E. Daigle and Lisa R. Muftic expertly relay the history and development in this growing field to equip students with a strong foundation from which to build. Students will develop an understanding for why people are victimized, as well as how the Criminal Justice system and other social services interact with victims and each other. Students will also receive information about specific types of victimization, including contemporary issues such as stalking, hate crimes, human trafficking, terrorism, and more!

The Sexual Murderer

While most studies have conceptualized criminal mobility as a measure of distance, the “journey to murder” may also be ... Findings Distances traveled Measurements were obtained of the distance(s) traveled by the offender for each ...

Author: Eric Beauregard

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1317407156

Category: Social Science

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Sexual homicide continues to be one of the most widely reported and sensationalised forms of murder, attracting fascination from the public and scholars alike. Despite this continued interest, few empirical studies have been conducted on this particular form of sexual crime. The Sexual Murderer provides an analytical review of the state of knowledge on the sexual murderer and his offense, and presents new data that confronts some of the accepted ideas and myths surrounding this type of homicide. The authors draw on original data stemming from both offenders and the police to present an exhaustive and accurate picture of the sexual murderer and his offense, and compare the sex offenders who do kill with sex offenders who, despite being very violent, do not. Each chapter includes a section on the practical implications of the findings, and what the findings mean for professionals working with these cases and for the criminal justice system. This book explores themes including the role of fantasies, paraphilias, and personality; criminal career; context of the crime; journey to murder; modus operandi and crime scene; sex trade workers; avoiding detection; body disposal pathways; and whether we can predict sexual homicide occurrence. This book is a comprehensive resource for academic and professionals involved in sexual homicide cases, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, investigators and profilers, as well as individuals working in the field of sexual violence. This book will also be of interest to students taking courses on homicide, sexual homicide, and serial homicide.

The Theatrical Inquisitor Or Monthly Mirror

8 , Measure for Measure , ( Isabella , Miss O'Neill , first time ) ; Killing no Murder . 9 , A Midsummer Night's Dream ; Miller and his Men . 10 , Measure for Measure ; The Portfolio . qindr 12 , Cymon ; The Portfolio ; Harlequin and ...




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Geological Survey Water supply Paper

92 measurement of .. 353 lateral to west , discharge ... 350 measurements of .. .346-347 Noxapa ter Creek , Miss . , discharge near Athens , Ga . ... 347 Okahumpka , Pla . , Palatlakaha Creek Murder Creek ( Escambia River basin ) near .




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Performance Measurement and the Criminal Justice System

Certain criticisms can be ( and have been ) raised against providing murder statistics in the form suggested above . The homicide probabilities obtained would indicate only a macroscopic " average " risk , and not reflect the great ...

Author: National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice



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The English Encyclop dia

See Corus and MEASURE . such homicide were committed : otherwise , without such abHOMESOKEN . ... If any person attempts a robbery or thadow of blame ; as , for instance , by virtue of such an office murder of another , or attempts to ...




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