The Modern Practical Bread Baker

I consider every skilful practical baker who receives a thorough technical training, a valuable acquisition to the trade. But I am speaking of inefficient workmen — men whom all managers or foremen have to contend with.

Author: Robert Wells

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429012536

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Published in the early 1900s, Robert Wells's ""Modern Practical Bread Baker"" is a complete reference to all aspects of bread baking, providing useful information on the key ingredients of bread, such as yeast, flour, and ovens, as well as recipes for all types of bread, including plain and fancy breads, brown breads, and breads using wheat substitutes.

Vocational Rehabilitation Series

William H. Brooks Modern Practical Cake Baking , published by the Times Publishing Co. , Palo Alto , Calif . Fritz L. Gienandt . The Twentieth Century Book for the Progressive BakerConfectioner , published by the author , in Boston .

Author: United States. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. Vocational Rehabilitation Administration



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Opportunity Monograph

Modern Practical Cake Baking , published by the Times Publishing Co. , Palo Alto , Calif . Fritz L. Gienandt . The Twentieth Century Book for the Progressive BakerConfectioner , published by the author , in Boston . Emil Braun .

Author: United States. Federal Board for Vocational Education



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One Thousand Ways to Make a Living or An Encyclop dia of Plans to Make Money

The American Cake Baker, published by the Richmond Borough Publishing Printing Co., New York. Amy L. Handy. War-Time Bread and Cake, published by Houghton & Mifflin Co., Boston, Mass. William H. Brooks. Modern Practical Cake Baking, ...

Author: Harold Morse Dunphy

Publisher: DigiCat


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This is not a "get-rich-quick" book. It is a work to teach people how to get a livelihood. Of course, a great many people who commence in business through reading this book, and adopting one or more of the plans, will naturally push ahead and accumulate wealth. That, however, is not the object of the book. The author maintains, as all decent citizens must believe, that every soul on this planet has a right to a decent existence. But it grieves him to see so many people, young and old, foot-sick, walking about looking for a "job," which employers of labor are unable to offer. There is work everywhere to be done, and this book tells how to go about it. It is a book that should be in every public reference library in the country, for the use of those who are unable to buy it.

English Language Cookbooks 1600 1973

The Bakers ' Manual for Quantity Baking . The Baker's Repository of Recipes . ... Baxter's Practical Up - to - Date Receipt Book for Bakers . The Best of Swedish Cooking and Baking . ... Modern Practical Baking . Natural Baking the Old ...

Author: Lavonne B. Axford

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning


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Lateral Cooking

In its recipe for apple bread The Modern Practical Bread Baker suggests replacing one third of the weight of flour with the same of warm apple purée, and using only enough warm water to bring the dough together. I gave it a whirl.

Author: Niki Segnit

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1526604140

Category: Cooking

Page: 640

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'You could cook from it over a whole lifetime, and still be learning' Nigella Lawson 'A rigorous, nuts-and-bolts bible of a book' Jay Rayner, Observer 'Lateral Cooking...uncovers the very syntax of cookery' Yotam Ottolenghi 'Astonishing and totally addictive' Brian Eno The groundbreaking new book that reveals the principles underpinning all recipe creation, from the author of the bestselling The Flavour Thesaurus Do you feel you that you follow recipes slavishly without understanding how they actually work? Would you like to feel freer to adapt, to experiment, to play with flavours? Niki Segnit, author of the landmark book The Flavour Thesaurus, gives you the tools to do just that. Lateral Cooking is organised into 77 'starting-point' recipes, reducing the phenomenal variety of world cuisine down to its bare essentials – and then building it back up again. So, under 'Bread', we learn that flatbreads, oatcakes, buckwheat noodles, chapattis and tortillas are all variations on one theme. A few simple tweaks and you can make soda bread, scones or cobbler. And so on, through breads and batters, broths, stews and dals, one dish leading to another. Lateral Cooking is as inspirational and entertaining a read as it is a practical guide. Once you have the hang of each starting point, a wealth of flavour possibilities awaits, each related in Niki's signature combination of culinary science, history, chefs' wisdom and personal anecdote. You will realise that recipes that you had thought were outside of your experience are reassuringly similar to things you've made a dozen times before. It will give you the confidence to experiment with flavour, and adapt with the seasons or the contents of your fridge. You will, in short, learn to cook 'by heart'– and that's where the fun really begins.

The Classic Guide to Breadmaking

... Robert Wells' The Modern Practical Baker, the author takes a different tact. Nearly forty years had passed since Sylvester Graham encouraged American homesteads to rise up and bake their own, but Wells attempted to slice the issue ...

Author: Sylvester Graham

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445652102

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

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Sylvester Graham provides the classic guide to breadmaking.

Management of Dynamos

Bread and Biscuit Baking . THE BREAD AND BISCUIT BAKER'S AND SUGARBOILER'S ASSISTANT . Including a large variety of Modern Recipes . By ROBERT WELLS , Practical Baker . Crown 8vo , 2s . cloth . " A large number of wrinkles for the ...

Author: G. W. Lummis Paterson



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