Mommy Loves

Delight Your Little One with Words of Love and Enjoy a Ritual That Will Forever Connect Mother and Child. ... No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written ...

Author: KC Lippmann, Ph.D

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 149186575X

Category: Psychology

Page: 24

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This poem originated with the birth of my eldest son. As a first time mom, I made it up as I went along, naming all of his adorable little parts with which I was so enamored. I remember how he delighted in hearing it, even more so as it became familiar to him and he grinned at hearing about all that ‘mommy loves.’ The poem expanded when my second son was born, and I added parts made up special just for him. As my first son did, my second quickly learned his parts and was able to name them all as a small toddler. Most recently my daughter has come along and blessed our family, and of course, I thought of even more things ‘mommy loves.’ I am sharing our poem in hopes that it will bring each of you the same smiles, laughter, recovery from tears, and special moments that it has brought to us. Enjoy learning it with all of your little ‘mommy loves.’ This poem created a special ritual that brought tremendous joy to my children and I. It provides a unique opportunity for promoting attunement, attachment, and bonding. It is a fun and easy way to teach your infant and toddler his or her body parts, in a way that provides a sense of consistency, familiarity, and love.


He did not want to talk but was content with me rubbing his back. I gave him a kiss, but he made no motion to give me one back. “Good night, Alex, Mommy loves you.” I received no response back. I pulled the door about three quarters of ...

Author: TJ Olander

Publisher:, Inc.

ISBN: 164718715X

Category: Fiction

Page: 492

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In a state of desperation, Mary released her children into God’s hands, for she’d rather know they were dead than to never know where they were. She had run out of money and the investigators had run out of leads; all she had left was hope with God to find her missing children. Following a disparaging marriage, she filed for divorce and relocated with her children from Texas to Nebraska to be close to her family. Shortly after the move, her ex-husband, Donnie, demanded the children return to Texas with him for a two-week visit. The thought of a two-week visit made Mary incredibly anxious given the very young ages of the children coupled with Donnie’s erratic behavior towards them. However, Donnie convinced her the children would be just fine, after all, he was their father. The reluctantly agreed upon 14-day visit turned into a 31-day nightmare. Upon their return, the mental state of her children was haunting: lifeless expressions, fear to be alone at night, nightmares, distant stares, nervous habits and anxieties. The children had clearly suffered trauma at the hands of their father. Because of their changed demeanors, Mary did everything possible to keep from sending her children again. After an 18-month legal battle between Texas and Nebraska, Mary came up short. Mary had no choice but to follow the Texas-mandated visitation schedule, despite knowing she was sending her children into harm’s way. This time, Donnie did everything to keep Mary from ever seeing her children again, including the unthinkable measure of disappearing without a trace.

Freedom From Fear

Ah! Mommy loves me. If not, mommy has turned her back on me. You are asking mommy to prove her love for you by making you money, and this is where we get back to the relationship between food and money, between food and mommy.

Author: John Diamond

Publisher: Enhancement Books

ISBN: 189099572X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 59

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Essential reading by one of the world’s leading holistic healers, this remarkable book shows us how to rise above the fear that is both the cause and the consequence of economic instability. Psychological and emotional factors such as greed, selfishness, and materialism are explored with depth and great original insight, so helping us to overcome them. The full solution to transcending these problems, however, is through the actuation of our Life Energy, the Healing Power within. At its heart lie three concepts. First, the practice of altruism: to freely give to others, so that “their Life Energy, their desire to embrace all of their life, may be enhanced,” as Dr. Diamond puts it. Second, Tariki, the realization that there is no self-power, only Other Power acting through us. And third, Belovedness, the feeling of feeling loved, especially by the mother, which is the basis of all healing. Written in response to the global financial crisis that began in 2007, this book is at once a brilliant examination of the psycho-pathology of such crises and an inspirational guide, powerfully showing us how to transcend their effects at both a personal and societal level.

A Touch of Inspiration through Poems

My Mommy loves me She hugs me a lot My Mommy loves me Because I'm a little tot My Mommy loves me She tells me to be good My Mommy loves me When I don't do as I should My Mommy loves me No matter what I do or say My Mommy loves me That ...

Author: Linda Glasper King

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1645695085

Category: Religion

Page: 62

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A Touch of Inspiration through Poems is a down-to-earth book of poetry centered around Christian values and faith. It touches life lessons, everyday living, and useful hints that will help you on your journey in life. It gives inspiration for tributes to pastors, patriotism, history, and those seeking God to honor women and mothers. There is a little something for everyone, who seek to find inspiration for life lessons through poems.

Thanks for Love

No! No, you are not allowed to be a mother to my children!” “Mommy?” She hadn't notice Grady step into the room. ... Amanda screamed through the phone. “Mommy loves you! Not Sarah. Sarah doesn't love you! She's hiding you from me.

Author: Maggie Lynch

Publisher: Windtree Press

ISBN: 194360164X

Category: Fiction

Page: 130

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The Parting Glass

Happiest when he was alone, with no one asking more of him, no one expecting recognition or, worse, love. ... “Mommy loves you, and she's here. Mommy's not going anywhere, sweetheart. Kieran. Love.” He didn't lift his arms.

Author: Emilie Richards

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460302990

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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USA TODAY bestselling author Emilie Richards continues the journey begun in her beloved novel Whiskey Island with this unforgettable tale of star-crossed lovers, murder and three sisters who discover a hidden legacy that will lead them home at last to Ireland. Megan, who is feeling hopelessly unprepared in her new marriage, has no idea how to fix the problems already facing her relationship. Casey, who is happily married to her high school sweetheart, is facing a new challenge: motherhood. And Peggy, who always dreamed of becoming a doctor, has put medical school on hold with the discovery that her young son is autistic. Each facing her own difficulties, the Donaghue sisters are brought to the remote Irish village of Shanmullin by Irene Tierney, a distant relative who hopes that they will be able to help her learn the truth about her father's death in Cleveland more than seventy-five years ago. As a stunning tale of secrets and self-sacrifice, greed and hidden passions unfolds, the life of each sister will be changed forever.

My Mommy Loves Me

My mommy is making apple slices and peanut butter dipping for my snack. She is a sweet mommy. My mommy and I are watching cartoons together. My mommy loves to spend time with me. I love her and she loves me. ... Mommy says no running.

Author: April Seldon

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3748782055

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 10

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This is a very special children's book to read to your little one. This book was guided by my granddaughter Angel Lee Gibson. This book is family-oriented and illustrates the knitted network of family and friends. We all are special treasures of the lives of each other, and we add the love that we have to give to each other's lives. When children are surrounded by a host of positive family and friends it helps them in their growth and defines who they are. They learn to uphold the same values that you promote and carry those values on.

Living in the One Percentile

“What's a mommy?” asked Baby C. “Mommy is someone who loves us very much. Mommy loves us like no one else can. Mommy is very special to us and we are very special to her. We are growing in her tummy!” Baby A responded, though he had no ...

Author: Melissa Pagitt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499036604

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 104

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I grew up in a pretty strict Catholic household where religion was always really important. My parents always taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to if I worked hard enough for it and that I should always be good and kind because what goes around comes around. I brought all these ideals with me into adulthood, and it seemed to be working well for me?until my husband and I decided to try to start a family. After a year of trying to get pregnant, my faith was shaken. Why didn't God want me to have a baby? Am I really that bad of a person that God doesn't think I should have such a gift? Finally, my pregnancy test came back positive, and I thought my tests and trials were over. Oh, I knew there would be small hurdles to get over; all young families experience that?I was just glad the worst was over. I missed feeling like I could depend on God. Little did I know my fertility issues were just a small blip compared to the trials we would experience after becoming pregnant. I originally wrote this book for my babies as they approach their first birthday. I wanted them to know how much they were loved and wanted from the beginning and for them to know their story. After having a few family members read the book, they agreed that I should publish it, as it has the potential to touch many lives. I hope it does.

Dupatta Veil

Father's Day was a fortnight ago and still today no call, no e-mail, no contact whatsoever from Josh. The last time he had complained that there was bad service in the areas he was visiting. ... Did he not love her and her mommy?

Author: Amrita Gaji Sharma


ISBN: 1300895101



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Harlequin Western Romance February 2017 Box Set

deserves, and nothing and no one is going to jeopardize that, not even you...especially not you. I thought it would be different ... “No, baby. Heaven is a beautiful place with trees and flowers and all the things that your mommy loves.

Author: Cathy Gillen Thacker

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488013853

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Romance—the Western way! Harlequin Western Romance brings you a collection of four new heartwarming contemporary romances of everyday women finding love. Available now! This box set includes: THE TEXAS VALENTINE TWINS Texas Legacies: The Lockharts • by Cathy Gillen Thacker Estranged lovers Wyatt Lockhart and Adelaide Smyth have a onenight stand resulting in twin babies. While figuring out how to coparent they discover they are already married! HER COWBOY LAWMAN Cowboys in Uniform • by Pamela Britton Sheriff Brennan Connelly, champion former bull rider, reluctantly agrees to help Lauren Danners’s son learn to ride bulls. But his attraction to the much younger single mom is a distraction he doesn’t need! THE COWBOY'S VALENTINE BRIDE Hope, Montana • by Patricia Johns An IED sent Brody Mason home from Afghanistan, but he’s determined to go back. There’s nothing for him in Hope, Montana…except maybe Kaitlyn Harpe, the nurse who’s helping him to walk again, ride again and maybe even love again. A COWBOY IN HER ARMS by Mary Leo Callie Grant is stunned—the daughter of her ex and former best friend is in her kindergarten class!Widower Joel Darwood thinks what might be best for him and his child is Callie, if only he can convince her he’s changed…