Getting Your Money s Worth

And to lawyers and most clients , “ important ” means involving a lot of money . When the stakes are high , most lawyers feel there ' s a greater responsibility to their clients , that more skill is required and that results are more ...

Author: Herbert S. Denenberg



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Our Money s Worth

The Report of the Governor's Task Force on Pension Fund Investment New York (State). Governor's Task Force on Pension Fund Investment. ᄀ OUR MONEY ' S WORTH The Report of the Governor.

Author: New York (State). Governor's Task Force on Pension Fund Investment



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Getting Your Money s Worth from Home Contractors

Michael McClintock. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GETTING YOUR MONEY ' S WORTH FROM HOME CONTRACTORS by. _ _ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - .

Author: Michael McClintock

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ISBN: 9780517543535

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Advice on how to deal with home repair and improvement contractors includes discussions of the evaluation of professional qualifications and services of carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, and other contractors

Recent inflation

Let us now allow for the possibility that nonmonetary liquid assets may not be perfect subsitututes for money. If these assets are imperfect substitutes for money, an increase in their supply reduces the demand for money less than ...






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Women Around the World

Teigen contends that through member- bank borrowing, the demand for money is at least partly endogenous, while "transactions requirements form the only rational basis for demanding cash balances" and that this is "interest- responsive" ...




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Essentials of Economics

The social custom of using money for transactions is extraordinarily useful in a large, complex society. Imagine, for a moment, that there was no item in the economy widely accepted in exchange for goods and services.

Author: N. Gregory Mankiw

Publisher: South Western Educational Publishing

ISBN: 9780030292712

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For the one-semester survey of economics course, Mankiw now provides an excellent resource for students who are seeing economics for the first time. His two-semester version of the text has received such praise as "perhaps the best ever" textbook in economic principles. Its no wonder Mankiw's prize project has quickly become one of the most successful books ever to be published in the college marketplace. The author's conversational writing style is superb for presenting the politics and science of economic theories to tomorrow's decision-makers. Because Mankiw wrote it for the students, the book stands out among all other texts by intriguing students to apply an economic way of thinking in their daily lives.


THEORIES OF THE DEMAND FOR MONEY As discussed above, the most important function of money is to serve as a medium of exchange, and this function of money gives rise to a "transactions demand" for money balances.

Author: Steven M. Sheffrin

Publisher: South-Western Pub


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Information Bulletin

Composition of the money supply The value of money stocks as of the end of June 2000 amounted to 284,879.9m zloty and was by 22,907.0m zloty higher than at the end of March this year and by 21,341.3m compared to December of the previous ...




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