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“I know,” she said. “Physically, I take after my father, not mom. I don't like my father very much. Do you think twenty—five is a good age?” “It's less than forty, or in your mother's case, less MORE WEIRD STORIES 49.

Author: Stanford E. Hoffman

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Like a Demon The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper

You know, maybe, there really is nothing more to this than some...super rare case of a woman's heart literally exploding.” He paused and shook his head. “Crap. That made more sense in my head.” Galatea snickered. “See.

Author: Roxanne Rue


ISBN: 0999847627


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Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca ProsperGalatea is stunningly beautiful, fiercely intelligent and the best private detective in New Orleans. With her brother at her side, it seems that her new business can't go anywhere but up...until trouble comes right up to her front door.Enter Cee. Handsome, successful, and mysterious. When he shows up on her doorstep as she tries to solve a case surrounding the strange death of a client, she finds it hard to keep her mind on her job. Cee is her match in every way, especially in the bedroom.As their romance blossoms, a sinister wind blows in and encircles her. Something from the darkness watches and waits, lusting after her. As Galatea falls under Cee's irresistible spell, she begins to uncover pieces of a darker world.

Extinct Monsters

In the far and wild West a host of strange reptiles and quadrupeds have been unearthed from their rocky sepulchres , often of incredibly huge proportions , and , in many cases , more weird and strange than the imagination could conceive ...

Author: Henry Neville Hutchinson



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Extinct Monsters and Creatures of Other Days

< proportions , and , in many cases , more weird and strange than the imagination could conceive ; and yet the public have never heard of these discoveries , by the side of which the now wellknown “ lost creations ” of Cuvier , Buckland ...

Author: Henry Neville Hutchinson



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University Lectures

... time in the daily press ; but " The Case of Becky " is one of dual personality , and the conceptions of the author are well founded in histories of cases in life which are even more weird and interesting , and seemingly improbable .

Author: University of Pennsylvania



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Double Truffle

Are you telling me you have worked on cases, even more weird than this one?" "Well," Nick said then, hesitating, "not lately but. . . . I'll tell you what. I'll give you some homework to do." Terri rolled her eyes at that one.

Author: S. Kay Weber

Publisher: AuthorHouse

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In The Rise and Fall of Dr. Mom, Angela Lowe Heider describes in raw detail her short career as an obstetrician and gynecologist. She highlights the many challenges female physicians and their families face and draws attention to the delicate balance all working women must achieve to ensure peace on the home front while allowing for professional pursuits outside the home. Through vivid personal accounts, Dr. Heider invites the reader into the mind and emotions of one physician struggling to maintain that balance. The reasons for her decision to retire from the practice of medicine at the young age of thirty-two are frankly defined with compelling honesty. The Rise and Fall goes on to more briefly describe the lives and careers of six other female physicians, all of whom have faced similar obstacles. Some, like Dr. Heider, have decided to retire from the practice of medicine. Others have found ways to make medical careers work for their families. Each story provides further insight. All women, working or otherwise, will identify with the emotionally charged decisions every woman must make about the type of mother she will be. Dr. Heider then delineates the many problems our American health care system currently faces. Specifically, she cites antiquated training programs, unaffordable medical care, a health care delivery system mired in bureaucracy, and the ongoing medical malpractice crisis. The Rise and Fall of Dr. Mom offers thoughtful solutions, professional insights, and an optimistic plan for the future.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde second edition

We will not do so much injustice to any possible reader of this weird tale as to describe its motif, but we blunt no ... from a different and perhaps an opposite point of view, and has dealt with it with more vigour if with less grace.

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 1770480129

Category: Fiction

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First published in 1886 as a "shilling shocker," Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde takes the basic struggle between good and evil and adds to the mix bourgeois respectability, urban violence, and class conflict. The result is a tale that has taken on the force of myth in the popular imagination. This Broadview edition provides a fascinating selection of contextual material, including contemporary reviews of the novel, Stevenson's essay "A Chapter on Dreams," and excerpts from the 1887 stage version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Also included are historical documents on criminality and degeneracy, the "Jack the Ripper" murders, and London in the 1880s. New to this second edition are an updated critical introduction and, in the appendices, writings on Victorian psychology by Thomas Carlyle, Richard Krafft-Ebing, and Henry Maudsley, among others.

Time Travel

... in cases where I fail to prevent exozo, it's unreasonable to believe exozo caused exois; far more reasonable, they say, is that exois caused exozo and we're in a case of weird forward causation but with no time travel.

Author: Nikk Effingham

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198842503

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There are various arguments for the metaphysical impossibility of time travel. Is it impossible because objects could then be in two places at once? Or is it impossible because some objects could bring about their own existence? In this book, Nikk Effingham contends that no such argument is sound and that time travel is metaphysically possible. His main focus is on the Grandfather Paradox: the position that time travel is impossible because someone could not go back in time and kill their own grandfather before he met their grandmother. In such a case, Effingham argues that the time traveller would have the ability to do the impossible (so they could kill their grandfather) even though those impossibilities will never come about (so they won't kill their grandfather). He then explores the ramifications of this view, discussing issues in probability and decision theory. The book ends by laying out the dangers of time travel and why, even though no time machines currently exist, we should pay extra special care ensuring that nothing, no matter how small or microscopic, ever travels in time.

The Strange Case of Hellish Nell

No agent could have been more responsive, ethical, and professional. ... Not only did she recommend my agent Jim Levine, but she read a very rough early version of The Strange Case of Hellish Nell and edited it with gentle candor.

Author: Nina Shandler

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0786732849

Category: History

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On March 23, 1944, as the Allied Forces were preparing for D-Day, Helen Duncan -- "Nell" to her six children and four grandchildren and "Hellish Nell" to her detractors -- stood in the dock of Britain's highest criminal court accused of witchcraft! At the time of her arrest, Helen Duncan was Britain's most controversial psychic, a celebrity medium with a notorious reputation. During her seances, she channeled spirits who spoke from the world beyond, and on a few occasions, her "spirit" seemed to know too much: Helen's seances were accurately revealing top-secret British ship movements. Intelligence authorities wanted "Hellish Nell" silenced. Using diaries, personal papers, interviews, and declassified documents, Nina Shandler resurrects this strange episode and explores the unanswered questions surrounding the trial: Did "Hellish Nell" channel spirits of the dead who gave away wartime secrets? Was she a calculating charlatan or the innocent target of obsessive wartime secrecy? Why did the Director of Public Prosecutions try her as a witch, and not a spy? Sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, The Strange Case of Hellish Nell is a true crime tale laced with psychic phenomena and wartime intrigue.