Poems for My Dad

I wrote this poem for my father's 80th Birthday in November 2002. My youngest
sister, Mavine (a place in Shetland) was born on my Dad's 40th Birthday. All the
family were there apart from my sister Gladys, who, as she lives in Shetland, the ...

Author: Sylvia Harries

Publisher: PublishAmerica LLLP

ISBN: 1413799256

Category: Poetry

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I was always "Daddy's Girl," and I missed him so much when he went away on his many trips with the British Merchant Navy. As I grew up, our close bond continued. While he was away I started writing him wee poems, letting him know what was happening in my life. On a recent visit with him, almost 30 years later, he went upstairs and returned with a bundle of papers in his hands. When he handed it to me, I saw the poems I had sent to him all those years before. He said he would like me to have them. I know these poems aren't the workings of a great laureate. They are just a window into my life as it was nearly 30 years ago, a little effort to let my dad know that he was always in my thoughts even though he was so far away.

Things I Learned about My Dad

My Father Makes Sense , and Other Harsh Realities of Adulthood Heather B.
Armstrong The " he phone rings , and when I answer it , I hear my father's gloomy
Southern voice on the other end . “ Feather , ” he says , calling me by the
nickname ...

Author: Heather B. Armstrong

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 9780758216595

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 230

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Perfectly timed for Father's Day, this collection of hilarious stories by some of the brightest and most outrageous bloggers celebrates the joys (and otherwise) of fatherhood.

That s My Dad

The confidence to engage successfully in all these areas goes back to a secure
and loving family in her home state of Minnesota. Her father was a major factor in
that equation. “My best description for my father would be a man of integrity,” she

Author: Joe Battaglia

Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC

ISBN: 1424552214

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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To succeed at the highest level of any profession requires not just skill, but also confidence and mental toughness. Many men and women have natural skills, but many would also be the first to say that without the affirming love and support from their fathers or a father figure, they would not have made it to the top of their fields. In That’s My Dad! authors Joe Pellegrino and Joe Battaglia look at father models, both positive and negative, that helped to shape the lives of successful men and women in the competitive worlds of media, arts and entertainment, and professional sports. Included are: • Joe Girardi, Manager, New York Yankees • Allan Houston, former NBA all-star and Assistant GM, New York Knicks • Gretchen Carlson, Author and Fox News commentator and host of “The Real Story” with Gretchen Carlson • Jeff Kemp, former NFL quarterback • Lee Rouson, former NFL Running Back • Michael Franzese, former New York mobster with the Colombo crime family, inspirational speaker and author • Tina Cervasio, New York television sports anchor with Fox 5 and ESPN radio sportscaster and commentator • Darryl Strawberry, former Major League Baseball All-Star, ordained minister and author • Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute and former CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA • David Tyree, former NFL wide receiver with the New York Giants • Roderick Caesar, senior pastor of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, Queens, NY • Chris Broussard, ESPN and ESPN.com basketball analyst, writer and commentator • Kelly Wright, FOXNews reporter and co-anchor of America’s News Headquarters • Rita Cosby, television news anchor and correspondent, WABC radio host, and best-selling author Whether these role models were hurt or helped by the choices of their fathers, they have chosen to learn from their past and portray exemplary qualities like courage, honor, joy, authenticity, and integrity to make them the role models they are today. This book demonstrates the power of true fatherhood and the difference it makes in the lives of children. All of us want to, or yearn that we could, stand up and shout, “That’s my dad!”

My Dad the Runner

My. Dad. The. Runner. One afternoon, I was sitting onthe street curbnext to
ourhome.I remember seeing my father in his ... I saw the undercover officer draw
his gun and shout, “Stop Mon, or I'll shoot' that's what thepolicecalled my Dad'

Author: Raymond A. Ramirez

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469171333

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This book is written to honor those men who so gallantly fought during the 77 day siege of Khe Sanh that started in January 1968. Where 5000 Marines and 1000 South Vietnamese Army Regulars stood fast and held their ground at President Johnson’s request. We give special tribute to the men from Bravo company 1st platoon 1/26 Marines who assaulted the trench in front of our perimeter and nobody came back alive. Our lieutenant (FO) forward observer and his radio operator didn’t make it out alive either. I also want to give special tribute to the 42 Marines who’s C - 123 that was shot down coming back to Khe Sanh and crashed on the side of a nearby hill. We had 3 men coming back to A Btry 1/13 on that plane. Two were coming back from previous wounds and one was coming back from R&R. their names were Larry Kennedy, George Elliott III and the third I could no longer remember his name. To my younger brothers who is also a Vietnam Marine Veteran Gilbert Ramirez. To the Marines from A Btry 1/13 who stood fast and hand artillery duels with a very aggressive enemy. They say that there was thirty to forty thousand North Vietnamese all around us. How can I forget my neighbor Tony Zavala who grew up with me and we ended up on Hill 10 together after we were ordered to abandon Khe Sanh. I believe everyone who fought during the siege of Khe Sanh should get a Bronze Star because they were all hero’s; could some congressperson make that happen; during an upcoming Veterans day ceremony.

My Dad Is My Hero

All throughout high school, a woman with spiky platinum blonde hair and black
lipstick cut my hair. I didn't know at first that she had been a client of my dad's who
needed help but didn't have money for a lawyer. He had accepted payment in ...

Author: Susan Reynolds

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1440520011

Category: Self-Help

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Children often have trouble telling their father how much they love him. Fortunately, this book expresses those emotions for them. This endearing collection of stories about the everyday heroics of the contributorsÆ fathers, and father figures, will show Dad how much he means to his children. From the story of a fly fishing trip that bonded father and daughter to the one that saw a friendÆs imposing father turn into the contributorÆs own loving father-figure, this wonderful book brings together tales of heroic dads from all walks of life, and is a great way for his kids to show him how much they care. And it lets dads everywhere know that they donÆt need to be daring to be heroicùthat it can be the little things that mean the most to his kids.

My Dad

With this book , a camera , film , and a little time spent with Dad , you can learn a
lot about him and about yourself as well . You can be a photographer , reporter ,
and writer of your own PhotoLog book about you and your dad . • Use My Dad as

Author: Janet Horowitz

Publisher: Stewart Tabori & Chang

ISBN: 9781556701740

Category: Fathers

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Letters to My Dad

Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. Letters to My Dad will inspire you to tell your father just how much he means to you. Each letter begins with a unique prompt like: From you, I learned the importance of.

Author: Lea Redmond

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452149226

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 12

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This book of twelve letters (ten prompted, two blank) makes it easy for children of many ages—from tween to adult—to show Dad how much they care. Once filled out, sealed, and postdated, the letters become handwritten time capsules to give to Dad for Father's Day, holidays, or milestone birthdays. When he breaks open the seals in the future, he will find a priceless keepsake.

My Dad

By South African Sons. n MY DAD BY SOUTH AFRICAN SONS lucas radebe
kevin fine.

Author: Lucas Radebe



Category: Fathers

Page: 192

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My Dad - By South African Sons examines the relationship between South African men and their fathers over twelve chapters.

That s My Dad

That ' s My Dad from the Ben Series ISBN 1 - 57690 - 791 - 0 Text by Gordon
Winch & Gregory Blaxell Art by Luke Jurevicius Computer page composition by
ID Studios Q alesh ©1998 Teacher Created Materials , Inc . , Americanized
edition ...

Author: Teacher Created Resources

Publisher: Teacher Created Resources

ISBN: 9781576907917


Page: 8

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My Dad Thinks He s Funny

A gift-appropriate story for kids features a long-suffering boy's eye-rolling observations of his father's bombastic and often corny sense of humor, which is comprised of groan-out-loud puns and wisecracking rejoinders.

Author: Katrina Germein

Publisher: Candlewick Press

ISBN: 0763665223

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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A gift-appropriate story for kids features a long-suffering boy's eye-rolling observations of his father's bombastic and often corny sense of humor, which is comprised of groan-out-loud puns and wisecracking rejoinders.

Crazy about My Dad

ABOUT ANYTHING THAT ' S BROKEN . meone yos , may I please speak to some

Author: Barbour Publishing

Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781586608545

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Within these colorful, whimsically-illustrated pages, each loved one will find dozens of reasons why he or she is the world's best. There's even plenty of room for gift givers to add their own loving messages and personal remembrances.

My Dad Has a Beard

The story tells of a boy who describes all the amazing things he experiences with having a bearded dad.--Amazon.com

Author: Kellen Roggenbuck


ISBN: 9781943331550

Category: Beards

Page: 22

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The story tells of a boy who describes all the amazing things he experiences with having a bearded dad.--Amazon.com

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Belinda blinked, it wasn't a dream, the job interviewer had just asked her to remove her jacket and silk blouse.

Author: Jamie Morton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 150118069X

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Belinda blinked, it wasn't a dream, the job interviewer had just asked her to remove her jacket and silk blouse.

My Dad Loves Me

My dad naps with me My dad protects me Featuring adorable illustrations from Marianne Richmond, My Dad Loves Me illustrates all the ways dad shows his love to his children Kids can relive their best times with Dad every day A great Father's ...

Author: Marianne Richmond

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

ISBN: 9781492694311


Page: 24

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Featuring endearing animals and simple words, MY DAD LOVES ME! illustrates all theways a dad shows his love to his children! This sturdy board format is perfect for theyoungest reader.My dad protects meMy dad kisses meMy dad tickles meMy dad hangs out with meMy dad feeds meMy dad naps with meMy dad swings with meMy dad plays with meMy dad teaches meMy dad swims with meMy dad walks with meMy dad loves me!

My Dad

'"He's all right, my dad. He's as strong as a gorilla and happy as a hippopotamus. He's a great dancer, a brilliant singer, he's fantastic at football and he makes me laugh. A lot. But that's not all that's great about my dad.'

Author: Anthony Browne

Publisher: Corgi


Category: Children's stories

Page: 32

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A book for sons and daughters of all ages - and especially for dads.

My Father My Son

Kathy had been extremely close to her father and his death came as a shattering
blow to her. Together with my illness, I knew she felt desolated, and in some
ways abandoned. I tried to give her comfort, but I knew that the only real comfort ...

Author: Elmo Zumwalt

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780026336307

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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A father and son both served in Vietnam. The son developed cancer; perhaps from the Agent Orange his father had given the order to use.

My Dad My Hero

Additional Praise for My Dad, My Hero -- the perfect Father's Day gift ..".a sweetly funny children's picture book about dads who may not have superpowers but win their kids' admiration anyway." --St. Petersburg Times


Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

ISBN: 9781492680857

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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A young child starts off this laugh-out-loud board book by listing all the ways his dad is NOT a superhero: he can't leap tall buildings, run faster than a speeding bullet, or shoot webs out of his wrists. Each page illustrates how Dad doesn't have super powers but is still a hero at heart. The sweet ending depicts all the cool--if not super--activities Dad does do with the child, like throwing a baseball, playing checkers, and going toy shopping. Spot-on artwork perfectly accompanies this super funny and super sweet story. Praise for Ethan Long: "A nicely illustrated tale that speaks volumes about the bond between a dad and his son...a great story that will be perfect as a gift for any dad or son." --The New York Journal of Books

Give Me Back My Dad

Cheryl and her dad know the best spot for ice fishing, but they'd better watch out because the fish have other plans"--Page 2 of cover.

Author: Robert Munsch


ISBN: 9781443107631

Category: Fiction

Page: 32

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Cheryl and her dad know the best spot for ice fishing, but they'd better watch out because the fish have other plans"--Page 2 of cover.

My Dad Snores

What are we going to do? You dad, does he snore too? My dad snores so much that no one else can sleep . . . until we find a really clever solution!

Author: John Williamson

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 0143793799

Category: Children's stories

Page: 32

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What are we going to do? You dad, does he snore too? My dad snores so much that no one else can sleep . . . until we find a really clever solution!

Kakushigoto My Dad s Secret Ambition 12

It's Hime's eleventh birthday!

Author: Kouji Kumeta

Publisher: Kodansha America LLC

ISBN: 1646599535

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 168

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It's Hime's eleventh birthday! What does Goto decide to get for her? ...And seven years later, Hime finally discovers the "dirty little secret" her father's kept. What does the eighteen-year-old Hime think of Goto, so different from who he once was, and what are her hopes for him? The funny, loving, and slightly moving tale of a manga artist and his daughter comes to a close!