My Sister Jodie

But when Firework Night comes around and a tragic event occurs, Pearl realises quite how much Jodie means to her . . . A touching, powerful story from the mega-bestselling Jacqueline Wilson, told with warmth and sensitivity.

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407043323

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

View: 283

Quiet, cautious Pearl has always adored her bold, brash, bad big sister Jodie. When their parents get new jobs at a grand, fusty old boarding school, Melchester College, the girls have to move there - and when they arrive, things start to change. Jodie has always been the leader - but now it's Pearl who's making new friends. Jodie just seems to be getting into more and more trouble - arguing with Mum, scaring the little children, flirting with the gardener. She really doesn't fit in with the posh teenagers at the school. Pearl begins to wonder if she needs Jodie as much as she used to. But when Firework Night comes around and a tragic event occurs, Pearl realises quite how much Jodie means to her.

The Marine s Road Home

“I know you're not supposed to talk about your clients or patients or whatever they
're called, but Chloe told me that her sister's been talking to you about their mom's
boyfriend.” “Did she?” Sky said. Though Jodie had mentioned that she had a ...

Author: Brenda Harlen

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488069956

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 206

His travels are over, but his journey is just beginning… It takes a different kind of courage to open up to love. An explosion ended Jake Kelly’s military career. Now his days are spent alone on his ranch, and his nights are spent keeping his PTSD at bay. But the former marine’s efforts to keep the beautiful local bartender at a distance are thwarted by his canine companion. Every time he turns around, Molly is racing off to the Circle G looking for Skylar Gilmore. Maybe the dog knows that two hearts are better than one?

The Voice on the Radio

You could have been in the mood to decorate a room at our house, Janie,
thought Jodie resentfully. You could have let my mom pick out— Jodie calmed
herself. She had been mad at her sister long enough. She had not come here to
pick a ...

Author: Caroline B. Cooney

Publisher: Laurel Leaf

ISBN: 0375892079

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 208

View: 349

The kidnapping is long past. Janie Johnson can never change what happened to her or to the families that love her. But finally life seems to be settling down for the Springs and the Johnsons. The worst part of this new life for Janie is that Reeve Shields is away at college. Janie misses him terribly, no matter how many e-mails they send each other. As for Reeve, he's finding life at college overwhelming. He goes to work at the school radio station, hoping a late-night gig will give him what he craves--popularity and fame. Reeve gets his chance to be the voice on the radio, and when he tells the most fascinating story he knows, his show becomes a sensation. Reeve is so sure that Janie will never discover what's making his broadcast such a hit that he doesn't stop himself. But what will be the price for Janie? As Janie knew, the facts about the little girl on the milk carton had to be uncovered, no matter how much pain they caused. Now the truth about what Reeve is doing must come out. Whose voice will help Janie when she must face not only her incredible past, but also her unknown future? With the page-turning suspense that made The Face on the Milk Carton and Whatever Happened to Janie? best-sellers, Caroline B. Cooney once again explores the meaning of betrayal, the power of words, and the intensity of love.

The Bloomsbury Introduction to Children s and Young Adult Literature

mostly a sad book and my publishers did initially have doubts about including
one particular scene where the mother has ... Young teenagers often write to say
they cried over Vicky Angel or My Sister Jodie, but thankfully they've stressed that

Author: Karen Coats

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472575563

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 456

View: 814

From Maria Edgeworth, Dr Seuss and Lewis Carroll to Sherman Alexie, Sharon Flake, and Gene Luen Yang, this is a comprehensive introduction to studying the infinitely varied worlds of literature for children and young adults. Exploring a diverse range of writing, The Bloomsbury Introduction to Children's and Young Adult Literature includes: - Chapters covering key genres and forms from fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to picture books, graphic novels and fairy tales - A history of changing ideas of childhood and adolescence - Coverage of psychological, educational and literary theoretical approaches - Practical guidance on researching, reading and writing about children's and young adult literature - Explorations of children's and young adult film, TV and new media In addition, “Extending Your Study” sections at the end of each chapter provide advice on further reading, writing, discussion and online resources as well as case study responses from writers and teachers in the field. Accessibly written for both students new to the subject and experienced teachers, this is the most comprehensive single volume introduction to the study of writing for young people.

Nearly Beloved

Jodie slapped her sister lightly on her good arm. “At least I have dates. I‟m not
hiding out in the back of my art gallery hoping Mr. Right will waltz in and take me
away from everything.” “I am not.” “Are too! When‟s the last time you even had a

Author: Diana Mylek

Publisher: Diana Mylek


Category: Fiction


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Okay, all my spots are weak, but this was the weakest of them all. The problem
was that ... Two years ago my sister Jodie had wrapped herself around a tree.
Her boyfriend Bruno was driving and their car didn't take a corner. Both of them

Author: Bill Condon

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 070224063X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 216

View: 289

Thorns may have only a short time to live, but he's determined to make every second count. And that's where Jack comes in. Safe and quiet, he's going to help the high-spirited Thorns fulfil his wish list. Challenging, touching and funny, this is a story about friendship, courage, the pursuit of dreams and the joy of living.

Intra Muros

So we set forth, a goodly company, to welcome this dearly loved one to her home
— my father, my mother, and my sister Jodie; my brother the doctor, and his two
fair daughters; my Aunt Gray, her son Martin, and his wife and daughter; my ...

Author: Rebecca Ruter Springer



Category: Heaven

Page: 96

View: 548

The Little Town That Could

An hour before my birth happened Mom found out that she was going to deliver
triplets. We were preemies. We were triplets, two boys and a girl, I, my brother
Jordan, and my sister Jodie. We weighed in at nearly four pounds each. We were

Author: Joseph Roush

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing

ISBN: 1489702547

Category: Biography & Autobiography


View: 112

A small town is suddenly deprived of its elementary school. Citizens rallied to find out how they could get their school back. This story documents their successful efforts, and it details how other communities in a similar condition might prevail by overcoming severe roadblocks. It is an uplifting tale of human courage. The author once attended school in the tiny village of Saint Helen. Years later he retired to his old hometown. He learned to love the inhabitants, and he has come to love the spirit of his neighbors. It was this spirituality that caused us to prevail.

Crossing the Finish Line

This was the bedroom that my sister Jodie and I had shared over fifty years
before. My father designed this room especially for us—two desks, two
bookcases, and two beds. The hospital transport workers placed Dad in the twin
bed closest to ...

Author: Lorie Friedman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 059542290X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 96

View: 562

Finding comfort in the midst of a loved one's terminal illness can be difficult. It's a time of grief, stress, and an overall feeling of helplessness. Sometimes, all we want is a sympathetic ear, someone who knows what we're going through. Lorie Friedman is that someone. After her father's terminal lung cancer diagnosis, Friedman experienced a myriad of emotions, ranging from anger and fear to denial and disbelief. She felt caught in the time warp of waiting for her father to die-and there was little she could do about it. Throughout the last two weeks of her father's life, Friedman developed a closeness to the hospice employees, learned about the angel network, and became all too familiar with his medications. She longed for solace with others who had endured a loved one's terminal illness-but resources that dealt specifically with the time frame between diagnosis and death weren't available. Crossing the Finish Line fills that gap. Candid and gentle, Friedman shares her intimate thoughts and emotions about this delicate time in her life, offering much-needed support and comfort to anyone on the same journey.

The Twisted Sword

During this exchange the Duke of Otranto had been eyeing her and then
glancing round the assembled company with ... it is not too much to call you that
on first acquaintance; but I believe you met my sister Jodie in Cornwall many
years ago.

Author: Winston Graham

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330524178

Category: Fiction

Page: 656

View: 292

The Twisted Sword is the eleventh novel in Winston Graham's hugely popular Poldark series, and continues the story after the fifth TV series, which has become a television phenomenon starring Aidan Turner. Cornwall 1815. Demelza sees a horseman riding down the valley and senses disruption to the domestic contentment she has fought so hard to achieve. For Ross has little option but to accept the summons – and travel to Paris with his family, as an 'observer' of the French armed forces. Parisian life begins well with an exhilarating round of balls and parties. But the return of Napoleon brings separation, distrust and danger to the Poldarks . . . and always for Demelza there is the shadow of the secret she does not even share with Ross. The Twisted Sword is followed by the twelfth book in the Poldark series, Bella Poldark.

Save the Dragons

Granny had given me the comb—she died when I was eight, but I still thought
about her every day . ... I was for Nanticoke Colony, where Mum and Dad and my
little sister Jodie lived in our little wooden house on Gingo Teag Island, by the
sea .

Author: Martin Berman-Gorvine

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 1434443043

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

View: 422

Seventeen-year-old Teresa thought she knew Philadelphia, but she stumbles into Gloria’s Gateway Books & Records and discovers a portal to parallel universe where Napoleon conquered Europe and Great Britain and where dragons still live. She also discovers Tom, whose Philadelphia is the capital of a Britain exiled from the Home Islands, now a part of Napoleon’s l’Empire. This Philadelphia boasts electric carriages (invented by Sir Benjamin Franklin), as well as airships for long-distance travel. However, Tom’s father believes dragons hold the secret to designing heavier-than-air craft—but dragons have almost died out. When his father is kidnapped, Tom and Teresa travel by airship to the subjugated Home Islands in search of answers. There they discover who kidnapped Tom’s father, and how to save the dragons!

Coming Home

Hi, I'm Josh, and I'm an alien!

Author: Jean Ure


ISBN: 9781442557512



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Interesting and beautifully illustrated guided reading fiction titles which have been expertly levelled. Students will meet recurring characters to help them engage with the material. There are six fiction guided readers per reading level, covering genres such as folktales, realistic fiction, 'chiller' fiction, fantasy and short story collections.

The Ride of Your Life

I met my wife for the first time at a Christian school event. I was the chapel
speaker, and Jodie was in town from college, supporting her little sister who was
receiving an award that day. Chapel had concluded, and Jodie's little sister
introduced ...

Author: Mike Howerton

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441246568

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 451

We can all remember the first time we learned to ride a bike. That terrible thrill when we first realized Dad had let go of the seat and we were on our own. That first crash and the skinned knees. The life of a Christian is a lot like that. We want to experience the freedom we're promised, so we take a risk, a leap of faith--and sometimes we fall. But just like Dad running alongside of us, God is always there, equipping us, encouraging us, and comforting us. Through the powerful analogy of teaching his son to ride a bike, Mike Howerton lays out five essential life lessons that will help readers recapture a childlike faith and embrace a passionate, adventurous life full of possibilities and promise.

Big Foot Adventures Down Under

Jodie's look was blank. ... It's all my fault. I should have been more careful.' He
looked at Dean. 'What happened? What made the plesiosaur drop me? ... Jodie
massaged her sister's arms and legs and soothed her lips with the cool cave

Author: Maggie Meyer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479745480

Category: Fiction

Page: 242

View: 802

Out of the dawn of Man they came; the huge, hairy, monstrous ape-men of the aboriginal myth and legend. They haunted the more remote, mountainous forest recesses of the Australian continent, as well as the inhospitable open country of the vast interior... They are 'megastralian' monster-men of both myth and reality who come from a time, lost so far back in the mists of the past that their origins can at present only be guessed at. Yet they lived - for they have left evidence of their former presence, in the folklore of our aborigines, as well as in their massive stone implements scattered across the country, and in the often monstrous foot prints they left to fossilize into rock as they journeyed across the landscape of this timeless land... Excerpts from 'Giants From the Dreamtime - The Yowie in Myth and Reality' - Rex Gilroy.


This is all about you, Michelle,” Jodie encouraged. “I know, Jodie, but she's my
sister.” “Like I said. So?” “You don't understand.” “No, Michelle, you don't
understand. You're preparing to marry a man who worships the husk on your feet.
” “I ain't ...

Author: Nikita Lynnette Nichols

Publisher: Urban Books

ISBN: 1601626584

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 883

She's back! The feisty, hot to trot, and unsaved Amaryllis Price has returned and continues to wreak havoc on the lives of those around her. After witnessing Randall Loomis drive off into the sunset with his new wife and family, Amaryllis starts a new chapter. She moves to Las Vegas to live with her sister, Attorney at Law Michelle Denise Price. Michelle is engaged to Minister James Bradley, and it doesn't take long for Amaryllis to set a new goal. Envying the attention and affection James showers on her sister, Amaryllis puts a plan in motion to destroy Michelle's fairy tale relationship and claim James as her own. What Amaryllis doesn't know is that someone else has a plan. "Vengeance is mine," says the Lord. Stirring her pot of evil, Amaryllis cooks up a recipe for destruction; but this devilish diva is about to get a dose of her own medicine.

Budgets Don t Work But This Does

Perhaps my fascination with discussions around nature and nurture is the result
of being one of three children who are all ... Certainly, if you simply compare my
younger sister Jodie and I, we've made very different decisions around most life ...

Author: Melissa Browne

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1760874701

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 748

If you've ever tried to budget but found it just doesn't work, you need to read this book. When it comes to saving and spending money, we're not all the same. Yet for too long, the financial advice world has treated us as if we are. This book will give you the tools you need to make that long-awaited financial breakthrough, allowing you to discover your 'Financial Phenotype': the unique combination comprising your Money Story, your Money Environment, your Money Type and, just as importantly, the habits, triggers and tricks that are right for you. Once you realise that the one-size-fits-all approach to finances you've been trying to adopt doesn't work for most people, it can be liberating. Finally there's a rational explanation for why you've struggled with money-why you're perpetually sabotaging, why you're constantly at loggerheads with your partner or why you just can't seem to be consistent. When it comes to other areas of your life, such as food and exercise, you've no doubt embraced a multi-faceted, often highly personalised approach and you recognise that's important. Why should it be any different when it comes to your finances? That's why understanding your Money Story and discovering your Money Type is the key to financial success.

I m Good Enough I m Smart Enough and Doggone It People Like Me

But I'll do my best, that's all I can do, and that's good enough, and it's okay. Okay.
First of all, I am going home! I know. But they need me. My sister, Jodie, called
yesterday in tears. The family is going nuts over, surprise, money. The Smalleys ...

Author: Al Franken

Publisher: Dell Books

ISBN: 9780440504702

Category: Humor

Page: 352

View: 702

In a parody of self-help books, Al Franken's comic character, Stuart Smalley, describes his own efforts to cope with life over one year

Daddy Lessons

Um , I ' m not royal , ” Jodie said , taking a bit of trifle . “ You ' re my royal , ” Travis
said , giving her thigh a squeeze under the table . “ We ' re off the subject here .
What about this Luke Simon and my baby sister ? ” Jodie frowned . “ What about

Author: Victoria Chancellor

Publisher: Harlequin Books

ISBN: 9780373751020

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 523

Daddy Lessons by Victoria Chancellor released on Jan 10, 2006 is available now for purchase.

Night Moves

My clothes!” Jodie yelped, leaping out from between the safety of two cars. She
began darting around the wreckage, grabbing up garments and ... She clutched
at Jodie as her sister stormed past, crying because she couldn't find her clothes.

Author: Linda Howard

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439188009

Category: Fiction

Page: 688

View: 784

Dream Man Marlie Keen was trying to lead a quiet, ordinary life. She thought the clairvoyance that allowed her to witness crimes as they happened had been destroyed in the nightmare of her past. Then one night it returned with a vengeance, and she desperately needed to find someone to make it stop. Detective Dane Hollister of the Orlando police department had never met anyone like Marlie. He had doubts about her clairvoyance, but there was no doubt how much he desired her. Her soft, sweet scent set his blood afire, and he wanted to wrap her in his arms and chase the sadness from her eyes. To Marlie, Dane was all heat and hard muscle, and he made her body come alive as it never had before. But not even she could foresee where their passion would lead: a hungry quest for the elusive, dreamy ecstasies of love...and a dangerous journey into the twisted mind of a madman who would threaten their happiness and their lives.... After the Night A poor, outcast child in Prescott, Louisiana, Faith Devlin had always adored the town's golden boy from afar. But he called her white trash that sultry Southern night when his rich, respected father disappeared, along with her pretty mom. Now Faith wanted to hate Gray Rouillard...not to feel a powerful surge of desire. But she couldn't quench her passion, any more than she could hide the truth about the past she had waited so long to unravel. Even when he raised hell, Gray Rouillard did it with style. Reckless, charming, and backed by Rouillard money, Gray controlled the town of Prescott -- and Devlin was a name he never wanted to hear again. But when he gazed at Faith Devlin, all he saw was a swirl of tangled sheets and her silken flesh beneath him. To care for her was impossible, unthinkable...because Gray Rouillard planned to use all his power to ruin her.