This enthralling anthology of Irish legends and tales of the occult is composed of three classic collections--"The Celtic Twilight, The Secret Rose", and "Stories of Red Hanrahan"--and reflects Ireland's greatest poet's deep and abiding ...

Author: William Butler Yeats

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684826216

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 734

This is the definitive edition of W.B. Yeats's folklore & early prose fiction, edited according to Yeats's final textual instructions. Its extensive annotation makes luminous Yeats's 'fibrous darkness', that 'matrix out of which everything else has come', by dealing with oral & written sources, abandoned & unpublished writings.


A series of essays in which Barthes seeks to tear away masks and demystify the signs, signals, gestures and messages through which western society sustains, sells, identifies and yet obscures itself.

Author: Roland Barthes

Publisher: Random House


Category: Cultural studies

Page: 158

View: 379

A series of essays in which Barthes seeks to tear away masks and demystify the signs, signals, gestures and messages through which western society sustains, sells, identifies and yet obscures itself.

The Origins of the World s Mythologies

Michael Witzel persuasively demonstrates the prehistoric origins of most of the mythologies of Eurasia and the Americas ('Laurasia').

Author: Michael Witzel

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199812853

Category: Religion

Page: 665

View: 751

Michael Witzel persuasively demonstrates the prehistoric origins of most of the mythologies of Eurasia and the Americas ('Laurasia').

American Mythologies

“ Cheap , On Sale , American Dream ' : Contemporary Asian American Women Writers ' Responses to American Success Mythologies Phillipa Kafka I The process of ...

Author: William Blazek

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9780853237464

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 305

View: 372

"The thirteen essays focus mainly on prose fiction, but also consider recent poetry. Using a variety of critical approaches, they investigate how contemporary American literature uses mythology, for example, to redirect debate over issues of race, ethnicity and gender. Above all, this book opens up ways to redefine how myths influence American writing and re-establishes mythology as an essential critical and theoretical framework for literary interpretation."--BOOK JACKET.

Conflicting Mythologies

74 Guelich , 1993 . 75 Guelich , 1993 , 99 . 76 Guelich , 1993 , 94 . 77 Guelich , 102 CONFLICTING MYTHOLOGIES.

Author: John K. Riches

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780567042712

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 612

A cultural and anthropological interpretation of Mark and Matthew which examines their contribution to the formation of early Christian identity, world-view and ethos. John Riches studies the notions of sacred space and ethnicity in the Gospel narratives. He shows how early Christian group identity emerged through a dynamic process of reshaping traditional Jewish symbols and motifs associated with descent, kinship and territory. Ideas about descent from Abraham and the return from exile to Mount Zion are interwoven into early Christian traditions about Jesus and in the process substantially reshaped to produce different senses of identity. At the same time, he argues, the Evangelists were attempting to set forth a view of the world in a dialogue with the two opposing cosmologies current in Jewish culture of the time: one, cosmic dualist, the other, forensic. Riches shows how these two very different accounts of the irigin and final overcoming of evil both inform Mark and Latthew's narratives and contribute to the richness and ambiguity of the texts and of the communities which sprang up around them.

Digital Mythologies

... as does an ability to see through the veneer of the oversimplified digital mythologies so ardently promoted by the thought leaders of digital culture .

Author: Thomas Valovic

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813527543

Category: Computers

Page: 219

View: 399

A collection of essays on where computer and communications technology is taking us. He explores the underlying social and political implications of the Internet and its associated technologies, based on his contention that the cyberspace experience is far more complex than it is commonly assumed.

Media Mythologies

... mass opins na bless 99 Comenonto 8 ook to mining its fallacies 9L 8L - 2 € әмој Клея S9I5OTOHLIW VIEW MEDIA MYTHOLOGIES This one FRXL - S1W - 6357 MEDIA.

Author: Barry Lowe

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 9780868400068

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 165

View: 289

An examination of the media and how it operates in Australia. The history of human communication is outlined and an exploration of contemporary media ownership and media criticism is presented. The author, a communications lecturer at Charles Sturt University, has worked for various media organisations including the ABC, SBS TV,'The Australian' and 60 Minutes.

Asian Mythologies

Also includes myths from Turkey, Korea, Tibet, and Mongolia. Illustrations.

Author: Yves Bonnefoy

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226064567

Category: Religion

Page: 376

View: 144

These 130 articles Aisan mythologies and cover such topics as Buddhist and Hindu symbolic systems, myth in pre-Islamic Iran, Chinese cosmology and demons, and the Japanese conceptions of the afterlife and the "vital spirit". Also includes myths from Turkey, Korea, Tibet, and Mongolia. Illustrations.

Television Mythologies

Mythologies cut decisively through these carefully constituted historical distinctions between politics and culture and asserted the necessity of ...

Author: Len Masterman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134958412

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 152

View: 949

A collection of essays on television which focuses on the previewers, the TV magazines, quiz shows, commercial breaks, Top of the Pops, One Man and His Dog, personalities, politicians and continuity announcers.

Scientific Mythologies

... have emerged as our most important popular sources of modern mythologies Because of their similarity of transcendent theme and persuasive purpose, ...

Author: James A. Herrick

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830825886

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 409

What does science have to do with science fiction? What does science fiction have to do with scientists? What does religion have to do with science and science fiction? In the spiritual vacuum of our post-Christian West, new mythologies continually arise. The sources of much religious speculation, however, may be surprising. Author James Herrick directs our attention to a wide range of scientists, filmmakers, science fiction writers and religious philosophers and discovers there the role that science and science fiction have played in such mythmaking. From scientists such as Francis Bacon, Francis Crick, Carl Sagan and Freeman Dyson, to filmmakers such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, to science fiction writers such as Olaf Stapledon, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov, Herrick finds a curious collusion of science with science fiction for promoting and justifying alternative spiritualities. The rise of these new mythologies, he argues, is no longer a curiosity at the edge of Western culture. This alchemy is catalyzing a religious vision of new gods, a new humanity, and alien races with superior intelligence and secret knowledge. This new mythology overshadows the realms of politics, science and religion. Should we follow such visions? Does science endorse these mythologies? Are we being offered a spirituality superior to the Judeo-Christian tradition? This book will help you decide.

White Mythologies

WHITE MYTHOLOGIES In the first edition of White Mythologies ( 1990 ) Robert J.C. Young challenged the foundational status of history , asking whether in ...

Author: Robert J. C. Young

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415311809

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 287

View: 958

This has become one of the most important critical works in post-colonial theory of the last two decades. It has created debate and inspired many critical responses. This second edition returns to the issues to offer new developments and insights.In 1990, Robert Young's White Mythologies set out to question the very concepts of history and the West. Is it possible, he asked, to write history that avoids the trap of Eurocentrism? Is history simply a Western myth? His reflections on these topics provided some of the most important new directions in postcolonial studies and continue to exert a huge influence on the field. This new edition reprints what has quickly become a classic text, along with a substantial new essay reflecting on changes in the field and in the author's own position since publication.An essential read for all those working in postcolonial theory, literature and history, this book cemented Young's reputation as one of the country's most influential scholars and, as a new preface by Homi Bhabha comments, made an original and invaluable intervention in the field, leading even the most established figures to rethink their own positions. Provoking further re-evaluation with the new introductory essay, this second edition will like its predecessor be a key text for every academic and student in the field.

Freudian Mythologies

Mythologies.16 Rather than their obscuring a reality that might be free of fabrication, I am taking mythologies to be both inescapable and ubiquitous; ...

Author: Rachel Bowlby

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199270392

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 251

View: 300

Rachel Bowlby suggests that, with the multiplication of sexual roles, family forms, and reproductive technologies, Freud's 'Oedipus complex' may have lost its relevance. This book takes two Freudian routes to think about some of the entanglements of identity.

Barthes Mythologies Today

This is Barthes’ seminal text reimagined in a contemporary context by contemporary academics.

Author: Pete Bennett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136743723

Category: Social Science

Page: 174

View: 943

This is Barthes’ seminal text reimagined in a contemporary context by contemporary academics. Through a revisiting of Mythologies, a key text in cultural and media studies, this volume explores the value these disciplines can add to an understanding of contemporary society and culture. Leading academics in media, English, education, and cultural studies here are tasked with identifying the "new mythologies" some fifty or so years on from Barthes’ original interventions. The contributions in this volume, then, are readings of contemporary culture, each engaging with a cultural event, practice, or text as mythological. These readings are then contextualized by an introduction which reflects on the ‘how’ of these engaging responses and an "essay at the back of the book" which replaces Myth Today with a reflection on the contemporary provenance of both Barthes and his most famous book. Thus the book is at least two things at once whichever way you look: a ‘new’ Mythologies and a book about Barthes’ legacy, an exploration of the place of theory in critical writing, and a book about contemporary culture.

Constitutional Mythologies

If rules of governing fail to account for men as they are, Constitutional mythologies of infallible government institutions are created (Tullock 1961).

Author: Alain Marciano

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781441967848

Category: Political Science

Page: 180

View: 426

Our societies obviously rest on common beliefs. These "myths" are tools that help us to develop and build common identities; they form the structure around which societies function. This does not imply that these beliefs are “true,” in the sense that they would be supported by empirical facts. In social matters, myths have undoubtedly important functions to play even if no empirical facts support them. On the other hand, and precisely because they are not discussed, myths may be problematic: they may create illusions, conserve structures that are inefficient and unable to improve the situation of citizens. This is particularly true with constitutions. Constitutions are very important for societies: a constitution is a document — even in societies based on “unwritten” constitutions — which binds citizens together, creating unity among them, and which forms the framework within which our activities take place. As Nobel Prize laureate James Buchanan used to say: constitutions contain the rules of the social game we play in our everyday life. However, constitutions are not frequently debated by citizens. This is why we end up with common beliefs about these constitutions: they are above our heads, around us. We take them, their role, function, and nature as given. The purpose of this volume to investigate and challenge common constitutional myths. Featuring contributions from prominent economists, political scientists, and legal scholars, the chapters in this volume address such myths as “constitutions are binding social contracts,” “constitutions are economic documents” and “constitutions are legal documents.” Illustrating their analyses with historical and contemporary examples from the United States, Canada, and Europe, the authors build a multi-layered approach to understanding constitutions and their implications for social and political influence.

Mapping Mythologies

MYTHOLOGIES. In this ground-breaking work of revisionary literary history, Marilyn Butler traces the imagining of alternative versions of the nation in ...

Author: Marilyn Butler

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316369056

Category: Literary Criticism


View: 725

In this groundbreaking work of revisionary literary history, Marilyn Butler traces the imagining of alternative versions of the nation in eighteenth-century Britain, both in the works of a series of well-known poets (Akenside, Thomson, Gray, Collins, Chatterton, Macpherson, Blake) and in the differing accounts of the national culture offered by eighteenth-century antiquarians and literary historians. She charts the beginnings in eighteenth-century Britain of what is now called cultural history, exploring how and why it developed, and the issues at stake. Her interest is not simply in a succession of great writers, but in the politics of a wider culture, in which writers, scholars, publishers, editors, booksellers, readers all play their parts. For more than thirty years, Marilyn Butler was a towering presence in eighteenth-century and romantic studies, and this major work is published for the first time.

American Mythologies

Mythologies. It has been over a half-century since the French cultural critic Roland Barthes defined myth in the contemporary world as “a type of speech,” ...

Author: Manuel Peña

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317182286

Category: History

Page: 184

View: 483

American Mythologies examines eleven myths that form part of the storehouse of present-day American mythologies, elucidating the nature of contemporary myths by investigating their ideological sub-terrain. Grounded in a semiological approach, which explores the displacement of information and the transformation of signs that characterise mythic communication, this book sheds light on the socio-economic, gendered, national and racial interests that lie behind myth-making. Presenting rich case studies from popular culture and public discourse, it demonstrates the manner in which these myths, and American mythology in general, promote the core values of everyday life under capitalism: rugged individualism, the unfettered right to accumulate wealth, the superior moral character of free-enterprise democracy, and its abundant opportunities for every citizen. By the same token, that same mythology negates the corruption endemic to the capitalist social order, an order that also promotes inescapable class, racial, and gender inequalities which confine the majority of Americans to a life of constant economic struggle. A fresh critique of the foundations of American culture, American Mythologies will appeal to those with interests in sociology, social and cultural theory, and cultural and media studies.

Winter Mythologies and Abbots

... [Mythologies d'hiver. English] Winter mythologies and Abbots /Pierre Michon ; Translated by Ann Jefferson. pages cm. — (The Margellos World Republic of ...

Author: Pierre Michon

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300179065

Category: Fiction

Page: 116

View: 278

"Originally published in two volumes as Mythologies d'hiver, Editions Verdier, Lagrasse, 1997, and Abbes, copyright Editions Verdier, Lagrasse, 2002."

American African and Old European Mythologies

This is one of four paperback volumes drawn from the full, clothbound, two-volume English-language edition of Yves Bonnefoy's Mythologies.

Author: Yves Bonnefoy

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226064574

Category: Reference

Page: 274

View: 677

Here are 80 articles on mythologies from around the world, including Native Americans, African, Celtic, Norse, and Slavic, and about such topics as fire, the cosmos, and creation. Also includes an overview of the Indo-Europeans and an essay on the religions and myths of Armenia. Illustrations.