Nachman Krochmal

on several books; among them was this wise man” [i.e., Nachman Krochmal]. (
Kerem Hemed, vol. 6, p. 46) 29. That this title is Krochmal's and not Zunz's, as
has been alleged, is now firmly established in Schorsch. 30. Now chronicled in
the ...

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"A well-organized and engaging read." —Religious Studies Review The first in-depth look important nineteenth century Jewish thinker and historian. Well-written [and] well- researched." —The Jerusalem Post Magazine "A significant contribution to our understanding of the rise of modern Judaism in its East European manifestation." —Choice Harris examines Nachman Krochmal's work, particularly as it aimed to guide Jews through the modern revolution in metaphysical and historical thinking, thus enabling them to commit themselves to Judaism without sacrificing intellectual integrity.

Die Entdeckung des Christentums in der Wissenschaft des Judentums

Rabbi Nachman Krochmal Jewish monotheism and other monotheisms
Nachman Krochmal (1785-1840) was the leading philosopher and scholar of the
Wissenschaft des Judentums in early nineteenth-century Galicia.9 Following the

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This collective volume explores an aspect ofthe Science of Judaism which has received little attention up until now. In common use, this term is almost exclusively associated with the scholarly analysis of Judaism. In contrast, the authors of this volume illuminate the different encounters of Jewish scholars with Christianity and the impact of these encounters on the establishment of their Judaism."

History and System

Hegel's Philosophy of History Robert L. Perkins. Life of Nachman Krochmal”], first
published in Hebrew in Kalender und Jahrbuch fur Israeliten fur das Jahr 5615 (
1854—1855), ed. Joseph Wertheimer (Wien, 1854), p. A-viii. Also reprinted in Y.

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History and System represents the first contemporary volume on Hegel’s philosophy of history to be published in English. The editor notes that “with the possible exceptions of Augustine and Vico, no philosopher before Hegel had such a deep sense of the mutual penetration of history and philosophy as did Hegel. Historical reflection influenced his reading of other philosophers and philosophical reason penetrated his views of past events and eras.” Reflecting the best of Hegelian scholarship, the papers here focus on the sources of Hegel’s philosophy of history, its internal structure and relation to other parts of his system, analyses of specific aspects of his philosophy of history, and its influence on subsequent thinkers. In its breadth and depth, the volume attests to the continued and growing importance of Hegel’s thought for contemporary philosophy.

Eminent Israelites of the Nineteenth Century

NACHMAN KROCHMAL . We are told that in bygone ages business and
Talmudical studies were associated . But the system has not altogether fallen into
disuse . Of this we have assurance in late accounts . Examples are given of
merchants ...

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History of the Jews

Nachman Cohen Krochmal ( born at Brody , 1785 , died at Tarnopol , 1840 ) was
the son of a well - to - do merchant . He was famed for his knowledge , and was
accustomed to make journeys to Germany , where he caught up the pale , dying ...

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The Jewish Study Bible

For Krochmal “religion and philosophy are essentially identical, in that both
represent processes of speculation, which are equal in their apprehension of
truth” (Jay M. Harris, Nachman Krochmal: Guiding the Perplexed of the Modern
Ages ...

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First published in 2004, The Jewish Study Bible is a landmark, one-volume resource tailored especially for the needs of students of the Hebrew Bible. It has won acclaim from readers in all religious traditions. The Jewish Study Bible, which comes in a protective slipcase, combines the entire Hebrew Bible--in the celebrated Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation--with explanatory notes, introductory materials, and essays by leading biblical scholars on virtually every aspect of the text, the world in which it was written, its interpretation, and its role in Jewish life. The quality of scholarship, easy-to-navigate format, and vibrant supplementary features bring the ancient text to life. This second edition includes revised annotations for nearly the entire Bible, as well as forty new and updated essays on many of the issues in Jewish interpretation, Jewish worship in the biblical and post-biblical periods, and the influence of the Hebrew Bible in the ancient world. The Jewish Study Bible, Second Edition, is an essential resource for anyone interested in the Hebrew Bible.

Minhah Le Nahum

Cf. N. Krochmal, Moreh Nevukhei ha-Zeman, in The Collected Works of
Nachman Krochmal (ed. S. Rawidowicz; Waltham, MA: Ararat, 2nd edn, 1961),
pp. 114-15 and 142-43, and Menahem Soloweitschik and Salman Rubascheff,
Toledot ...

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Nahum Sarna's distinctive and original scholarship has taken in a wide range of subject areas from work on Genesis and the Psalms to his Jewish Bible commentary and the English translation of the Ketuvim. At first Assistant Professor of Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in the 1950s, he was Dora Golding Professor of Bible at Brandeis University from 1965 to his retirement. This collection of 22 essays reflects Professor Sarna's breadth of interests, with contributions from the late Gershon Cohen on the Hebrew Crusade Chronicle and the Ashkenazic tradition; Judah Goldin on Reuben; Moshe Greenberg and Jonas Greenfield on the work of the Jewish Publication Society's Ketuvim translators; and Shemaryahu Talmon on fragments of a Psalms scroll from Masada.

History of Modern Jewish Religious Philosophy

his work, Krochmal developed a ... of extracts of Ibn Ezra's major writings (
Krochmal, More Nevukhei Ha-Zeman, in The Writings of Nachman Krochmal, ed.

Author: Eliezer Schweid

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A comprehensive, interdisciplinary account of modern Jewish thought, Volume 2 (of 5) covers the major thinkers of the nineteenth-century German-Jewish religious movements and the east-European Haskalah, with extensive primary source excerpts.

The Idea of Modern Jewish Culture

The most important philosophic representation of spiritual objectives of the
Hebrew Enlightenment is Rabbi Nachman Krochmal's work, A Guide to the
Perplexed of the Time. It may also be the most profound philosophic and
scientific ...

Author: Eliezer Schweid

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The vast majority of intellectual, religious, and national developments in modern Judaism revolve around the central idea of "Jewish culture." This book is the first synoptic view of these developments that organizes and relates them from this vantage point. The first Jewish modernization movements perceived culture as the defining trait of the outside alien social environment to which Jewry had to adapt. To be "cultured" was to be modern-European, as opposed to medieval-ghetto-Jewish. In short order, however, the Jewish religious legacy was redefined retrospectively as a historical "culture," with fateful consequences for the conception of Judaism as a humanly- and not only divinely-mandated regime. The conception of Judaism-as-culture took two main forms: an integrative, vernacular Jewish culture that developed in tandem with the integration of Jews into the various nations of western-central Europe and America, and a national Hebrew culture which, though open to the inputs of modern European society, sought to develop a revitalized Jewish national identity that ultimately found expression in the revival of the Jewish homeland and the State of Israel.

Jahrbuch des Simon Dubnow Instituts

Es geht Krochmal also nicht um eine » Geschichte des Selbstbewusstseins «
oder der » Bildung des Bewusstseins « wie ... Vgl . dazu Andreas Lehnardt ,
Christianity in Nachman Krochmal ' s Philosophy of History , unveröffentlichter
Vortrag ...




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The Chosen

Ibid., 471, 478. Ibid., 478–83, 622. Ibid., 483. Jacob L. Talmon, “Uniqueness and
Universality in Jewish History,” Commentary, July 1957, 3. Nachman Krochmal, “
Guide for the Perplexed of the Day,” in The Writings of Nachman Krochmal, ed.

Author: A. Beker

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The Chosen explores Judaism s key defining concept and inquires why it remains the central unspoken and explosive psychological, historical, and theological problem at the heart of Jewish-Gentile relations. Crisscrossing the twin cultural and theological divides between Judaism, Christendom, and Islam, The Chosen explains how the Jews, of all people, have come to represent at once the epitome of both the good and the odious. Beker covers not only the great stories of how the Jews came to be chosen and the Christian, Muslim, and Nazi efforts to appropriate the title, but also the key role "chosenness" plays in contemporary anti-Semitism and in the current Middle East conflict over the Land of Israel and the chosen city of Jerusalem.

Out of the Shtetl

Nachman Krochmal translated into Hebrew Franklin's paraphrase of a Persian
parable in which Abraham is rebuked by God for being inhospitable to a pagan,
and Jacob Samuel Bik, prior to turning his back on the Haskalah, praised Lefin's

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The Journal of Jewish Studies

Krochmal saw his own work as a modern day version of Maimonides ' Guide to
the Perplexed , based , in part , on ... 300 ff . ; Eliezer Schweid , “ Nachman
Krochmal ' s Philosophy and Its Relationship to the Philosophy of Maimonides ,
the ...




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Jewish Social Studies

KATSH For the past hundred years the study and appraisal of the philosophy of
Nachman Krochmal ( 1785 - 1840 ) has been dominated by the question whether
or ...




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Studia Judaica

5 Der Hinweis , daß „ die Echtheit des Schriftchens angezweifelt worden “ sei ,
bezieht sich u . a . auf Heinrich Grätzó . Nachman Krochmal hatte die Autorschaft
Ibn Ezras nicht in Frage gestellt , sondern lediglich die Vermutung
ausgesprochen ...




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Rav Kook

in this essay, Rav Kook offered a kabbalistically inflected reading of Nachman
Krochmal's Guide for the Perplexed of the Time, posthumously published in 1851
, which offered a Jewish revision of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich hegel.

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DIV The life and thought of a forceful figure in Israel’s religious and political life /div