Active Birth Revised Edition

This is the book that has revolutionized childbirth, turning birthing mothers from subdued and passive "patients" to active and empowered owners of their childbirth experience.

Author: Janet Balaskas

Publisher: Harvard Common Press

ISBN: 9781558320383

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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It's time to empower yourself and just say no to giving birth passively. This is the book that has revolutionized childbirth, turning birthing mothers from subdued and passive "patients" to active and empowered owners of their childbirth experience. Janet Balaskas started a movement of women who refused to give birth lying down and she has been teaching women about "active birth” ever since. She emphasizes the importance of movement during labor, the wide range of options and positions for delivery itself, and the many natural alternatives to heavy sedation and other medical interventions. Her book is eminently useful whether you are planning to give birth in a hospital, a free-standing birth center, or at home. If such options as water birth or hypno-birthing are appealing to you, this is an essential book; at the same time, it is non-judgmental and encourages you to give birth in whatever manner and position you see fit. It covers: Exercises for pregnancy, to prepare you optimally for childbirth Massage and yoga during labor Labor and birthing positions that maximize your comfort and encourage efficient contractions Essential tips for birth partners, spouses, doulas, and other attendants Relaxation and recovery exercises, for the postpartum period Janet Balaskas shows you how to prepare for and experience a truly natural, joyful, and empowering birth.

Report UAG

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Preparing for Birth with Yoga

The exercises illustrated in this book help relieve pain, discomfort and tension at all the states of pregnancy including childbirth itself.

Author: Janet Balaskas

Publisher: HarperThorsons

ISBN: 9780007166763

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

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The exercises illustrated in this book help relieve pain, discomfort and tension at all the states of pregnancy including childbirth itself.

The Hands on Guide to Midwifery Placements

BalaskasJ (1994) New Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally.
Harvard Common Press. Gaskin IM (2002) Spiritual Midwifery, 4th edition. Book
Publishing Company. Kitzinger S (2002) Birth Your Way. Dorling Kindersley ...

Author: Luisa Cescutti-Butler

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111871251X

Category: Business & Economics

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The perfect companion for student midwives in clinical settings, packed full of useful and practical information to help guide and enable you to get the best out of your midwifery placements. This compact, portable text includes what to expect on each type of placement whether it be working in a low or high risk environment from how to prepare for practice, what you can anticipate whilst you re there, the key essential skills to acquire, what pitfalls and problems to be aware of, and how to deal with them if they do arise. Each chapter contains Top Tips from current or recently qualified midwifery students, as well as real life student experiences and suggestions for further readings.

Joints and Connective Tissues

1 'Families' is used in this chapter in a similar way to the New Zealand concept of
'whānau' to mean the network of significant people to whom the woman turns for
support ... Balaskas J. Active Birth: the New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally.

Author: Kerryn Phelps

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729582175

Category: Medical

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Joints and Connective Tissues - General Practice: The Integrative Approach Series. In order to diagnose and manage the patient presenting with musculoskeletal symptoms, it is important to distinguish whether the pathology is arising primarily in the so-called hard tissues (such as bone) or the soft tissues (such as cartilage, disc, synovium, capsule, muscle, tendon, tendon sheath). It is also important to distinguish between the two most common causes of musculoskeletal symptoms, namely inflammatory and degenerative.

Birth as an American Rite of Passage

Second Edition, With a New Preface Robbie E. Davis-Floyd. Alzugaray ... 1977 “
Why Women Should Be in Control of Childbirth and Feminine Health Services.”
In 21st ... Balaskas, Janet, and Arthur Balaskas 1983 Active Birth. New York and ...

Author: Robbie E. Davis-Floyd

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520927214

Category: Social Science

Page: 424

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Why do so many American women allow themselves to become enmeshed in the standardized routines of technocratic childbirth--routines that can be insensitive, unnecessary, and even unhealthy? Anthropologist Robbie Davis-Floyd first addressed these questions in the 1992 edition. Her new preface to this 2003 edition of a book that has been read, applauded, and loved by women all over the world, makes it clear that the issues surrounding childbirth remain as controversial as ever.

Water Birth

A pioneer in the field of natural active birth in the UK , Yehudi Gordon is known
for introducing a homelike , supportive ... A well - known campaigner for women's
rights in Childbirth , she is the author of several books including New Active Birth

Author: Janet Balaskas

Publisher: Unwin Hyman


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A guide for expectant parents discusses the benefits of using birth pools during labor and childbirth and the use of water for meditation, relaxation, and exercise during pregnancy and after the baby's birth

Birth of the New Testament

Christian Church is a matter which is clearly relevant to our enquiry into the
circumstances which led to the formation of the New Testament; for the attacks of
opponents ...

Author: C. F. D. Moule

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 144115177X

Category: Religion

Page: 396

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C.F.D. Moule shows how the earliest Christian writing developed as a response to the daily demands of Christian life in societies indifferent or even hostile to Christianity, and how the selection of certain writings to constitute the basis of Christian belief was a response to specific needs.

The New Experience of Childbirth

The midwife begins to tidy up, while the mother who has been active throughout
the birth and who has leaned forward to see her baby born is radiant and
transfigured now. Far from feeling tired and worn out, she experiences a glow of
health ...

Author: Sheila Kitzinger

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409118509

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Everything the expectant mother needs to know about childbirth, from one of the foremost experts in the field. Childbirth is one of the most important and powerful events in a woman's life - and yet many women look back on it as an ordeal. Sheila Kitzinger, acknowledged around the world as an expert in the psychological, social and physiological aspects of birth, has rewritten her first book for today's women. Herself a mother of five, all born at home, she believes that birth can be a positive and deeply satisfying experience. She co-created the teacher training scheme of the National Childbirth Trust, and was the first person to introduce couple's classes, pregnancy and postnatal counselling, and birth companions to give personal support and help in childbirth. Written with warmth, elegance and understanding, THE NEW EXPERIENCE OF CHILDBIRTH explores emotional as well as the physical elements in childbirth and is essential reading for every mother- (and father-) to be.


How do these differ from those involved in postUsing water for labour and birth
anxiety, continuity of caregiver, pain. Reflective ... Unwin Paperbacks, London
Balaskas J 1992 Active birth: the new approach to giving birth naturally. Harvard

Author: Sally K. Tracy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 072957928X

Category: Medical

Page: 976

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Midwifery Preparation for Practice 2e is the only text which reflects the historical and socio – political environment in which midwives in Australia and New Zealand practice. In addition, it is the only text which incorporates the philosophy and standards endorsed by New Zealand and Australian Colleges of Midwives while also focusing on the partnership between midwives with women and the woman- centred model of midwifery care. The second edition has built on the existing philosophy and structure of Midwifery: Preparation for Practice, though with a greater emphasis on the development of critical thinking and researching skills. Key chapters have been re-written to reflect recent changes in government legislation while current research and pertinent examples are included throughout the text. This new edition is supported by a comprehensive suite of resources for both Instructors and Students using the Evolve website as a platform. These ancillaries will re-enforce the critical thinking elements for students with interactive case studies and scenario based learning exercises as well as the multiple choice questions. Presents unique philosophy and woman-centered approach in line with the standards set by the ACNM and NZCM Key contributors from Australia and New Zealand Key terms, Chapter Overview, Learning Outcomes and Review Questions included in every chapter. Reflective exercises, Critical thinking exercises and Clinical Scenarios to encourage active student learning 2 new Indigenous chapters highlight key health aspects relevant for Midwives working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and Maori women New chapter on Perineal care and repair Increased coverage of anatomy and physiology Instructor and Student resources on Evolve with a focus on critical thinking – Weblinks, interactive case studies, PowerPoints, additional exercises with questions and answers

Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering

A Doctor's Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices Sarah
Buckley ... Active Birth: The Nlrrrr Approach to Giving Birth Nalumlly. Revised ed.
Boston: The Harvard ... New York: Atlantic Monthly Press; 2006. Dahl, Gail J.

Author: Sarah Buckley

Publisher: Celestial Arts

ISBN: 0307832031

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

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An authoritative guide to natural childbirth and postpartum parenting options from an MD who home-birthed her own four children. Sarah Buckley might be called a third-wave natural birth advocate. A doctor and a mother, she approaches the question of how a woman and baby might have the most fulfilling birth experience with respect for the wisdom of both medical science and the human body. Using current medical and epidemiological research plus women's experiences (including her own), she demonstrates that what she calls "undisturbed birth" is almost always healthier and safer than high-technology approaches to birth. Her wise counsel on issues like breastfeeding and sleeping during postpartum helps extend the gentle birth experience into a gentle parenting relationship.

The New England Soul

Henceforth congregations would be more active “watchmen” over their ministers'
souls, again reversing the role ministers previously ... They would not all preach
the New Birth in the same style and manner, but they did preach the necessity of

Author: Harry S. Stout

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199927081

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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"Both the sources he employs and the scope of his study set his work apart from all that have precede it...The first study of New England preaching to span the entire colonial period...very important book." - Journal of American History "Simply breathtaking in scope. No one else has dared to grapple with the full sweep of Puritan preaching form the founding of New England through the American Revolution." - Nathan O. Hatch, University of Notre Dame "A massive achievement will stand as the definitive work on this important subject." - Reviews in American History "Impressive, imaginative, sensible, and lucid." - Donald G. Matthews, University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill "[Stout] has created a field of scholarship hitherto neglected - the manuscript sermon as a source of religious culture in colonial times. More than that, he has shown the extent to which sermon notes add to our knowledge of the times, notably for the period of the Great Awakening. And he has done so with great insight." - New England Quarterly "So soundly based on exhaustive research and so lucid in presentation, that even its most surprising conclusions carry conviction. An impressive achievement." - Daniel Walker Howe, author of What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848 "One of the most impressive studies of Puritan New England society to appear in this century....Throughout the work, Stout enriches, supplements and revises much of the current knowledge about colonial New England. His language, which is both precise and playful, makes the volume a delight to read." -The Historian "Will surely become a benchmark in the study of early American history and culture." -Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Water Birth and Sexuality

Yet others are midwives who have not shrunk from assisting births under water at
home, in Europe, the USA, New Zealand, Australia or South Africa. Even some ...
Janet Balaskas, who runs the Active Birth Centre in London, told me this story.

Author: Michel Odent


ISBN: 1905570732

Category: Medical

Page: 156

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‘After the historic student revolt in France a period of audacious creativity resulted. The watchword was: “It is forbidden to forbid”. We took advantage of this transient cultural folly to do what would have been impossible ten years before or ten years after, introducing in the maternity unit of a state hospital an inflatable outdoor pool as a way to replace drugs during birth.’ – from the Introduction In this groundbreaking book, Dr Odent takes as his starting point the world-famous work on childbirth at Pithiviers, where he first noticed the strong attraction to water that many women have during labour. As well as discovering the practical advantages of water during the birthing process, he began to consider the meaning and importance of water as a symbol. Water, Birth and Sexuality examines the living power of water and its erotic connotations. Odent evaluates what water meant in different cultures throughout history, through myths and legends, and what it means for us today: from an advertiser’s tool to a metaphor for aspects of the psyche. He also studies humanity’s special relationship to dolphins, and the related ‘aquatic ape’ theory. A practical section on the use of water during birth and in various therapies, particularly sex therapy, is included. This edition of this classic work features a new Introduction.

Slavery War and a New Birth of Freedom

Many of the Beecher children achieved prominence, among them Harriet's sister
Catharine Beecher, a noted educator; brothers Henry Ward Beecher and Charles
Beecher, both Congregationalist ministers and social reformers active in the ...

Author: Jeffrey H. Hacker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317459830

Category: History

Page: 224

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Slavery, War, and a New Birth of Freedom: 1840s-1877, a new title in the six-title series History Through Literature: American Voices, American Themes, provides insights and analysis regarding the history, literature, and cultural climate of the eras of slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. It brings together informational text and primary documents that cover notable historic events and trends, authors, literary works, social movements, and cultural and artistic themes. Slavery, War, and a New Birth of Freedom begins with an interdisciplinary Chronology that identifies, defines, and places in context the notable historical events, literary works, authors' lives, and cultural landmarks of the period. This is followed by a comprehensive overview essay that summarizes the era's major historical trends, social movements, cultural and artistic themes, literary voices, and enduring works as reflections of each other and the spirit of the times. The core content comprises 20-30 articles on representative writers of the period, along with excerpts from essential literary works that highlight a historical theme, sociocultural movement, or the confluence of the two. These excerpts serve the Common Core emphasis on "informational texts from a broad range of cultures and periods", including "stories, drama, poetry, and literary nonfiction".

Optimal Birth What why and how

I like to use the phrase 'old natural' to describe that... It's often meant a great
departure from the real physiological processes because interventions have
merely changed from being of the pharmacological type to being 'New Age'. In
other ...

Author: Sylvie Donna

Publisher: Fresh Heart Publishing

ISBN: 1906619220

Category: Medical

Page: 684

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A book to help midwives and other health care professionals think through the practicalities of optimising pregnancies and births. After explaining precisely how 'optimal' is defined, nine reasons are presented to justify why this kind of birth is best. Finally, key practical issues are considered and reflective questions provided, so as to give caregivers a clear basis for clinical practice, wherever their place of work. This easy-read, accessible book, which is fully referenced, is equally useful for students of midwifery (or obstetrics, or medicine generally), practising midwives, doulas, and maternity care assistants. This third edition includes changes based on feedback and some additional material.

The Politics of Birth

One was the Increasing Normal Births Award and the other was the Most
Improved Home Birth Rate Award . The letter went on to say : ' We would like you
to ... Balaskas J 1991 New active birth . London : Thorsons 8 . Kitzinger S , Davis I
( ed ) ...

Author: Sheila Kitzinger

Publisher: Books for Midwives Press

ISBN: 9780750688765

Category: Medical

Page: 235

View: 710

Explores ways in which we learn about birth, how we talk and feel about it, assumptions that professional caregivers may make, and the roles and skills of midwives.

Fighting a Movie with Lightning The Birth of a Nation and the Black Community

86 Timothy Thomas Fortune Before analyzing the extent to which The Birth of a
Nation influenced the black community, and ... In the introduction, it was already
stated that the New Negro is characterized by a new kind of thinking among
African Americans. ... after World War I. With regard to these numbers, the north-
eastern movement is of importance, as the New Negro was most active in this

Author: Stefanie Laufs

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

ISBN: 3954896516

Category: History

Page: 95

View: 344

Despite their efforts, black activists throughout the early 20th century were not able to achieve full equality and fair treatment in society. However, they gained a new way of thinking that resulted in the formation of the ‘New Negro’. This term, in essence, designates a new way of thinking in the black community. Its members were neither satisfied with, nor accepted their inferior position in society and were willing to fight for their rights. Phenomena that paradoxically had a positive impact on the black community as a whole, and especially on the New Negro, were the actions undertaken by African Americans all over the United States in response to D.W. Griffith’s racist 1915 silent movie The Birth of a Nation. It is the aim of this paper to prove that these activities undertaken by African Americans and their supporters in the early 20th century against The Birth of a Nation influenced and shaped the black community as a whole, but especially the notion of the New Negro, both politically and culturally.

Birth Models That Work

had previous negative experience with hospital birth internalized the active birth
values of the birth center and went on to ... which stood on the town periphery,
surrounded on one side by open fields and on the other by a new housing estate.

Author: Robbie E. Davis-Floyd

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520943333

Category: Social Science

Page: 496

View: 723

This groundbreaking book takes us around the world in search of birth models that work in order to improve the standard of care for mothers and families everywhere. The contributors describe examples of maternity services from both developing countries and wealthy industrialized societies that apply the latest scientific evidence to support and facilitate normal physiological birth; deal appropriately with complications; and generate excellent birth outcomes—including psychological satisfaction for the mother. The book concludes with a description of the ideology that underlies all these working models—known internationally as the midwifery model of care.

American Feminism and the Birth of New Age Spirituality

New. Age. Gnostic Syncretism and Its Dearth of Critics In a period when popular
politics were ruled more by ethnic and ... Unlike most other women active in
metaphysical reform, Willard remained indebted to the evangelical Christianity
that ...

Author: Catherine Tumber

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780847697496

Category: History

Page: 203

View: 460

Based largely on research in popular journals, self-help manuals, newspaper accounts, and archival collections, American Feminism and the Birth of New Age Spirituality demonstrates that the New Age movement first flourished more than a century ago during the Gilded Age under the mantle of 'New Thought'. Tumber pays close attention to the ways in which feminism became grafted, with varying degrees of success, to emergent forms of liberal culture in the late nineteenth century, and questions the value of the new age movement--then and now--to the pursuit of women's rights and democratic renewal. Visit our website for sample chapters!