On Killing

his definitive Face of Battle, focusing again exclusively on war. With Acts of War, Richard Holmes wrote a key book exploring the nature of war. But the link between killing and war is like the link between sex and relationships.

Author: Dave Grossman

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497629209

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

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A controversial psychological examination of how soldiers’ willingness to kill has been encouraged and exploited to the detriment of contemporary civilian society. Psychologist and US Army Ranger Dave Grossman writes that the vast majority of soldiers are loath to pull the trigger in battle. Unfortunately, modern armies, using Pavlovian and operant conditioning, have developed sophisticated ways of overcoming this instinctive aversion. The mental cost for members of the military, as witnessed by the increase in post-traumatic stress, is devastating. The sociological cost for the rest of us is even worse: Contemporary civilian society, particularly the media, replicates the army’s conditioning techniques and, Grossman argues, is responsible for the rising rate of murder and violence, especially among the young. Drawing from interviews, personal accounts, and academic studies, On Killing is an important look at the techniques the military uses to overcome the powerful reluctance to kill, of how killing affects the soldier, and of the societal implications of escalating violence.

Killing Terrorists

Moreover, it requires taking precautions when attacking military objectives?51 With regard to the prohibition on killing in non-international armed conflicts, common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions serves a similar purpose to ...

Author: Anna Goppel

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110277271

Category: Philosophy

Page: 356

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The targeted killing of terrorists has become an established practice in the fight against terrorism. Anna Goppel analyses the justifiability of this practice, both from a moral and an international legal perspective. She shows that the targeted killing of terrorists can be justified only in very specific and rather theoretical cases. This seriously questions the practice as well as its increasing acceptance.

Political Thought in Sixteenth century Spain

Vitoria , Francisco de , 171 - 6 ; in tary choice , 131 ; alliances , 131 ; Auence on pupils , 2 ; consulted by refusal to allow trade and settle , empress , s ; influence of nominalism ment , 132 ; killing of converts , 132 ; and ...

Author: Bernice Hamilton

Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon Press


Category: Political science

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Criminal Law

R., who knew that it would be murder, tried in vain to find a way out by referring to the Fifth Commandment. H. and P. continually pointed out that the prohibition on killing did not apply to them as it was a divine assignment, ...

Author: Markus Dubber

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191030678

Category: Law

Page: 752

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Criminal Law: A Comparative Approach presents a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the substantive criminal law of two major jurisdictions: the United States and Germany. Presupposing no familiarity with either U.S. or German criminal law, the book will provide criminal law scholars and students with a rich comparative understanding of criminal law's foundations and central doctrines. All foreign-language sources have been translated into English; cases and materials are accompanied by heavily cross-referenced introductions and notes that place them within the framework of each country's criminal law system and highlight issues ripe for comparative analysis. Divided into three parts, the book covers foundational issues - such as constitutional limits on the criminal law - before tackling the major features of the general part of the criminal law and a selection of offences in the special part. Throughout, readers are exposed to alternative approaches to familiar problems in criminal law, and as a result will have a chance to see a given country's criminal law doctrine, on specific issues and in general, from the critical distance of comparative analysis.

Humean Moral Pluralism

Far from it. As Grace Kelly plays it, Amy responds to what she has done injust the way we would expect.1 What would ... saving Kane from the villains has a fundamental moral importance that overrides the prohibition on killing (that her ...

Author: Michael B. Gill

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198714033

Category: Conduct of life

Page: 242

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Michael B. Gill offers a new account of Humean moral pluralism: the view that there are different moral reasons for action, which are based on human sentiments. He explores its historical origins, and argues that it offers the most compelling view of our moral experience. Together, pluralism and Humeanism make a philosophically powerful couple.

Well of Sins

Her voice cracked on the last word, her somber tone setting off alarms in Athaliah's head. Athaliah batted the servants away ... And I am also sure that Jehu is on his way here this very minute to kill us. We are the last in the line of ...

Author: Richard King

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493162934

Category: Fiction

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All civilizations have a story or myth of an Armageddon, a great war where good and evil will clash, fighting for the fate of the Universe. Some say good will triumph, others say not. In the time of Troy, three god-forged items were crafted. None of the gods who made these artifacts knew of the vital role each will play in that battle until history has molded them to its own needs. From Troy through Moses and to the Emperors of Rome, these items have been influenced by the sins and virtues of those who held them, and in return they have influenced their holders. From one hand to another they have been passed, through the generations. Only centuries after their making will their final purpose be known. No one truly knows when Armageddon is supposed to begin, but many believe it is right around the corner. They may very well be right. A time approaches where these artifacts will be sought; whether for good or evil remains to be seen. But to understand what these items are, it must be told how they came to be. Brought from Jerusalem to Samaria, the Cup is guarded by the last Daughter of Arnavon. But she has troubles of her own to worry about.

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe

By the time we reached the first incinerator, about fifteen warriors had joined our rat-killing expedition. “There go one. Get him. Get him.” A slick furry head poked out ofa pile of trash. Frack! With the shovel back, the boy from B-9 ...

Author: Charlise Lyles

Publisher: Gray & Company, Publishers

ISBN: 1938441222

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A memoir of race and education, this is the story of a girl who grew up and out of the Cleveland projects in the 1960s and '70s. While growing up in Cleveland, young Charlise Lyles experienced turbulent events including race riots and a neighborhood murder. Yet she was inspired to appreciate literature at a young age, and she spent her days reading—and also often searching for the estranged father who taught her that love of learning. Despite starting in the “slow class” at an aging school on Cleveland's east side, Lyles had a thirst for knowledge and drive for success that would open a door to new opportunities. Granted a scholarship to a prestigious prep school in a wealthy suburb, the vibrant teenager finds herself presented with a bewildering set of new challenges—and a new direction in life.

The Muslim World League Journal

Islam encourages Muslims to treat Christians and Jews with fairness, giving them rights and duties, securing to them safety in Muslim territories and imposing on a Muslim payment of blood money on killing any one of them by mistake.

Author: Muslim World League



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Dimensions of Justice

This deontological line of reasoning can be criticized from two different angles—one having to do with consent, the other with perpetuation of social life. Think first about a consent-based argument for killing a nonaggressor ...

Author: William C. Heffernan

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449634079

Category: Law

Page: 350

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Criminal justice is centrally concerned with what people deserve--with the rights a defendant can properly claim when charged with a crime, with the punishment a judge should impose for wrongdoing, and with the scope of discretion officials may exercise when enforcing the law. Dimensions of Justice: Ethical Issues in the Administration of Criminal Law is the only textbook of its kind that addresses these questions of justice from an institutional perspective. Thought-provoking features, including Thought Experiments boxes that present imagined scenarios to illustrate the principles under discussion and Justice in Context boxes that consider the real-life applications of concepts, along with clearly presented learning objectives, create a strong foundation in key concepts, pertinent vocabulary, and critical-thinking and reasoning skills. Readers are introduced to moral reasoning and the underpinnings of philosophical approaches to justice, including readings from critical philosophers such as Aristotle, Augustine, Locke, Kant, and Rawls. Accessible but rigorous, Dimensions of Justice: Ethical Issues in the Administration of Criminal Law provides a unique and innovative approach that challenges students to develop a new analytical framework for thinking about the criminal justice system.

Memorial Day

Rapp thought of something Ahmed Khalili had told him during his interrogation—that they planned on killing the president. “Paul's right. They want the president, and if they know they can't get him, they'll just kill as many people as ...

Author: Vince Flynn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743489179

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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When the CIA receives word about an upcoming terrorist attack, they immediately look towards their superagent Mitch Rapp to do whatever it takes to protect American lives in this “page-flipping extravaganza” (Publishers Weekly) from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn. Just as Washington, DC, prepares for a grand Memorial Day tribute to the veterans of World War II, the CIA receives intelligence about a potential major terrorist attack. Racing to Afghanistan, Mitch Rapp leads a commando raid on an Al-Qaeda stronghold in a remote border village—and defuses plans for a nuclear strike on the nation’s capital. But Rapp knows, in the face of a new kind of enemy, nothing is what it seems—and it’s up to him alone to avert a disaster of unimaginable proportions.