Zwei Jungen und ein Weihnachtswunsch Two Boys And One Christmas Wish

Two Boys And One Christmas Wish “ is about a close friendship between the 5 - year - old Jayden belonging to an ex - European family and the 5 - year - old Takoda ( meaning Friend To Everyone ) belonging to the ...

Author: Jennifer Schäfers

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3752600640

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 102

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-Zwei Jungen und ein Weihnachtswunsch- ist eine Herzensgeschichte, die von einer engen Kinderfreundschaft zwischen dem 5-jährigen Jayden aus einer ex-europäischen Familie und dem 5-jährigen Takoda (Bedeutung: Jedermanns Freund) aus der Sioux-Familie erzählt. Bei einer Verabredung in einer geheimnisvollen Schule werden sie ein spannendes Abenteuer bestehen. Was werden sie dabei lernen? Welche Entdeckungen werden sie dabei machen? Und welchen ganz besonderen Weihnachtswunsch weckt dies in den Kindern? Ist der Weihnachtsmann wirklich der Weihnachtsmann? Und wo wohnt der Nikolaus? Über diese spannende Erkenntnis staunen nicht nur die Kinder. Auch den Leser wird dies sehr überraschen. Wird auch der Weihnachtswunsch in Erfüllung gehen? Fernab jeder kulturellen Vorstellung zeigt diese Geschichte, wie unbedeutend die Hautfarbe und Lebensweise unterschiedlicher Kulturen für eine Freundschaft sind. Viel interessanter ist, wie gleich die beiden Kinder in ihrem Herzen und menschlichem Wesen sind. Hier stehen nur die miteinander harmonierenden Menschen im Vordergrund. _______________________________________________________ -Two Boys And One Christmas Wish- is about a close friendship between the 5-year-old Jayden belonging to an ex-European family and the 5-year-old Takoda (meaning Friend To Everyone) belonging to the Sioux family. During a date at a mystical school, they pass an exciting adventure. What will they learn? What discoveries will they make? And what special Christmas wish will come up? Is Santa Claus really Santa Claus? And where does Saint Nicolas live? This insight does not amaze kids only. Readers will be surprised about it as well. Will the kids also get their Christmas wish fulfilled? Far away from cultural ideas, this fairy tale shows that skin color and different ways of life are not important for a friendship. It's much more interesting, however, to see how two hearts beat as one. Only the harmonizing people have priority in this fairy tale.

It Happened One Christmas Mills Boon Blaze The Wrong Bed Book 50

She was a ridiculously dressedunpaid Christmas elf wipingthe drool off kids' chins asthey sat on Santa's lap. ... Someone who planned to spend the next several after years shooting herway across Europe, one still image at a time?

Author: Leslie Kelly

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 1472029852

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Six years ago, Ross Mitchell and Lucy Fleming shared a hot holiday weekend in Manhattan, back when he was just a hard-bodied guy in a tool belt and she was an impulsive photography student.

A Christmas Tree

... me as I gaze up at him; and I debate within myself whether there was more than one Jack (which I am loth to believe possible), or only one genuine original admirable Jack, who achieved all the recorded exploits. Good for Christmas ...

Author: Charles Dickens

Publisher: Phoemixx Classics Ebooks

ISBN: 398647997X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 22

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A Christmas Tree Charles Dickens - "A Christmas Tree" is an elderly narrator's reminiscence of holidays past, each incident inspired by the gifts and toys that decorate the traditional tree. There is a range of appeal in the story itself, from snug memories of beloved toys to the passing along of eerie stories surrounding various childhood haunts.

Some Christmas Stories

Good for Christmas–time is theruddy colourof the cloak, in which— the tree making a forest of itself forherto trip through, with herbasket—Little Red Riding–Hood comes tome one Christmas Eve to give meinformationof the cruelty and ...

Author: Carlo Collodi

Publisher: Hyweb Technology Co. Ltd.


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The Sergeant s Christmas Gift

How could one Christmas weekend change his perspective about so much? Fumbling for words, he shook his head. “No, it's just that I, uh, just realized that I'll be leaving here soon.” “I've thought the same thing.

Author: Shelley Shepard Gray

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 0369723457

Category: Fiction

Page: 273

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A lonely boy… Gets a Christmas miracle! Christmas in Colorado would be magical…if Canadian Air Force sergeant Graham Hopkins wasn’t missing home. Volunteering as a Santa Tracker with NORAD, he’s able to comfort six-year-old Will Parnell and his widowed mother, Vivian. When Graham receives a gift certificate for a stay at Vivian’s B and B, the warmth between them brightens the holiday season. Suddenly, returning to Canada isn’t as appealing. But will being together take a Christmas miracle? From Harlequin Heartwarming: Wholesome stories of love, compassion and belonging.

Christmas of New Beginnings

'I mean, one Christmas he decided to go on a boys-only holiday to Dublin. Why did I even stay with him after that? Why, Sam? It was quite clear it was never going to work.' I didn't wait to hear his reply. I simply took my drinks and ...

Author: Kirsty Ferry

Publisher: Ruby Fiction

ISBN: 1912550636

Category: Fiction

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A fabulous new Christmas romance for 2021! Not all festive wishes come true right away – sometimes it takes five Christmases … Folk singer Cerys Davies left Wales for the South Downs village of Padcock at Christmas, desperate for a new beginning. And she ends up having plenty of those: opening a new craft shop-tea room, helping set up the village’s first festive craft fair, and, of course, falling desperately in love with Lovely Sam, the owner of the local pub. It’s just too bad he’s firmly in the clutches of Awful Belinda … Perhaps Cerys has to learn that some new beginnings take a while to … well, begin! But with a bit of patience, some mild espionage, a generous sprinkling of festive magic and a flock of pub-crashing sheep, could her fifth Christmas in Padcock lead to her best new beginning yet?

A Count for Christmas

... American Marquess (Book 13) One Forbidden Night (Book 14) The Pleasure of His Kiss (Book 15) A Lady To Desire (Book 16) One Night In A Lord's Bed (Book 17) Christmas With A Scoundrel (Book 18) A Lady For The Taking (Book 19 - coming ...

Author: Bethany M. Sefchick

Publisher: Bethany Sefchick


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Lady Grace Rowe, the dowager Countess of Colbourne, is ready to indulge in an affair. Still in the late blush of youth and after a loveless marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather, she believes that is the least she deserves. She also believes that the dowager Duchess of Winterset’s “Night of a Thousand Stars” ball at Highburn Castle during the Christmas season is the place to conduct such an affair – if only she knew who she wished to conduct it with! Lord Marcel Blanchard, Count Aris, is half French, half English and not the sort of man given to brief affairs. Lonely and searching for a place to call home, Marc isn’t certain that he wants a wife, but he does know he desires something more permanent than one night in a lady’s bed. When Grace and Marc meet in a shadow hallway with Highburn Castle, sparks fly between then. She wants an affair. He doesn’t know what he wants. The only thing they are both certain of is that they want each other. Is there a future for them outside of the magical Christmas castle or is one night together all they will ever have?

The Spirit of Christmas

And that one Christmas.” “Yes, I remember. That was a nice Christmas. A special one. I have some nice memories of that Christmas.” There was a momentary pause in the conversation. They both seemed to be reflecting on the past.

Author: Ken Regan

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1973604248

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Its the week before Christmas, and Bertram, the angel in charge of spreading Christmas spirit, is back on earth in the guise of Santa Claus. His mission is to help Richard Garrison through his crisis of turning fifty by getting him to mentor Bobby, a young boy whose father is away, serving in the military. Will his plan come together by Christmas morning? Not if Richard keeps forgetting to deliver the present he needs to give to Bobby. From the author of A Christmas Miracle Comes to Holy Nativity comes another uplifting tale filled with laughter, warmth, and all the magical elements of the Christmas season.

A Christmas Carol and other Christmas stories

At one of these a lonely boy was reading near a feeble fire; and Scrooge sat down upon a form, and wept to see ... One Christmas time, when yonder solitary child was left here all alone, he did come, for the first time, just like that.

Author: Charles Dickens

Publisher: Oxford University Press - Children

ISBN: 0192786288

Category: Juvenile Fiction


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Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas. It's all humbug to him. But will he change his ways after a series of ghostly visits one Christmas Eve? Oxford Children's Classics presents the greatest Christmas story ever told in this eye-catching new edition which not only contains the complete and unabridged text of A Christmas Carol but also features other Christmas stories written by Charles Dickens. In addition there are lots of bonus features within the book to help you get the most from the story and recommendations for other adventures readers might enjoy.

Will You Be Mine

... A Cowboy for Christmas (Olivia & Geary) Book 9: A Secret Affair (Joshua & Mallory) Book 10: One Christmas (Dylan & Jenna) Book 11: The Pregnant Professor (Jaxon & Poppy) Book 12: It Started with a Kiss (Ryan & Gretchen) Jackson Hole ...

Author: Lexi Buchanan

Publisher: HFCA Publishing House


Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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Marriages and babies everywhere drove me to leave town, I just hadn’t expected to end up stranded on the Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean nor did I expect to have to share a room with the charter pilot. The one and only, Ford Sinclair, best friend of Ryan Townsend, my sister Amanda’s, fiancé. The same man I’d refused to have a one-night stand with at my sister, Robin’s wedding. I hadn’t left home for anything but peace and quiet, what I found was a troubled man who also happened to be sexy, persuasive and dirty mouthed. The Kincaid Sisters is a Bad Boy Rocker spinoff series about Reece Kincaid’s (Past Sins: Spicy) sisters. Book 1 – Meant to be Mine (Jessie Kincaid) Book 2 – You Were Always Mine (Amanda Kincaid) Book 3 – Will You be Mine (Sarah Kincaid)