One Grave at a Time

Praise for Jeaniene Frost: “Put Jeaniene Frost on your must-read list!” —Lara Adrian “A gutsy heroine to cheer for and a smoldering hero to die for.” —Kresley Cole Readers can’t get enough of Cat Crawfield and her sexy vampire ...

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062096265

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Praise for Jeaniene Frost: “Put Jeaniene Frost on your must-read list!” —Lara Adrian “A gutsy heroine to cheer for and a smoldering hero to die for.” —Kresley Cole Readers can’t get enough of Cat Crawfield and her sexy vampire husband Bones—especially the fans of high quality paranormal fiction who have made the novels of Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, and Christine Feehan blockbuster bestsellers. With One Grave at a Time, New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost gives us another spectacular supernatural adventure in her Night Huntress series—as Cat and Bones, after narrowly averting an (under)World War, must figure out how to halt the horrific killing spree of a bloodthirsty witch hunter…a sadistic killer who has already been dead for centuries.

One Grave Less

Forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon has tried to put the past behind her, establishing herself as head of the River Trail Museum of Natural History.

Author: Beverly Connor

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101476591

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon has tried to put the past behind her, establishing herself as head of the River Trail Museum of Natural History. Late one night at the museum, Diane hears terrified cries and finds an injured man-a former coworker from her time as a human rights activist in South America. Left with a body, a bone, and a cryptic message, Diane has to dig back into her past with World Account International, before the next human rights abused are hers...


There isn't a sowl in the counthry ' ud come within sight iv that grave wanst the sun goes down . ... repair the breach , that , had the miracle been the work of a body of men , they would have moved the one grave instead of the many .






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The Waverly Novels Complete Collection 26 Books in One Volume Illustrated Edition

Comines assures us that at one time a courier was mounted in readiness to ... probably have been found, as in similar cases, a brief road to his grave.

Author: Walter Scott

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 8026840305

Category: Fiction

Page: 2858

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This carefully crafted ebook: "The Waverly Novels - Complete Collection: 26 Books in One Volume (Illustrated Edition)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Table of Contents: INTRODUCTION: Famous Authors on Scott SIR WALTER SCOTT AND LADY MORGAN by Victor Hugo MEMORIES AND PORTRAITS by Robert Louis Stevenson SCOTT AND HIS PUBLISHERS by Charles Dickens WAVERLY NOVELS: WAVERLEY GUY MANNERING THE ANTIQUARY ROB ROY IVANHOE KENILWORTH THE PIRATE THE FORTUNES OF NIGEL PEVERIL OF THE PEAK QUENTIN DURWARD ST. RONAN'S WELL REDGAUNTLET WOODSTOCK THE FAIR MAID OF PERTH ANNE OF GEIERSTEIN Tales of My Landlord OLD MORTALITY BLACK DWARF THE HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN THE BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR A LEGEND OF MONTROSE COUNT ROBERT OF PARIS CASTLE DANGEROUS Tales from Benedictine Sources THE MONASTERY THE ABBOT Tales of the Crusaders THE BETROTHED THE TALISMAN Biographies: SIR WALTER SCOTT by George Saintsbury SIR WALTER SCOTT by Richard H. Hutton MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF SIR WALTER SCOTT by J.G. Lockhart Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) was a Scottish historical novelist, playwright and poet. He was the first modern English-language author to have a truly international career in his lifetime, with many contemporary readers in Europe, Australia, and North America. His novels and poetry are still read, and many of his works remain classics of both English-language literature and of Scottish literature. Famous titles include Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, The Lady of the Lake, Waverley, The Heart of Midlothian and The Bride of Lammermoor.

History of Harrison County

He said some times he went with the Indians to steal horses from the whites. ... and one Indian was killed, and that the whites were buried in one grave.

Author: H.Haymond

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5871959156

Category: History


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Those who are rich in this present age should not be haughty and proud, nor trust in ... one pair of shoes at a time; and finally, you will have one grave.



ISBN: 1312975369



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Dead Time

Two black men, one with white hair, the other completely bald. ... had been made to dig more than one grave, and he remembered how he felt each time.

Author: William W. Johnstone

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 0786043857

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Johnstone Country. Try Not to Get Killed. In this explosive Hank Fallon thriller, the justice-seeking ex-con goes undercover and behind bars to expose a plot as big, as bold, and as deadly as the American Civil War . . . GET OUT OF JAIL FREE—OR DIE Doing time in Texas is no picnic. But getting sent to The Walls in Huntsville is a fate worse than hanging. If the guards don’t kill you, the prisoners will. And if it weren’t for the fact that the man who framed Hank Fallon and murdered his family could be inside The Walls, Hank would never step one foot in that heinous helltrap—let alone go undercover as an inmate. But this isn’t just another assignment. This is his chance for revenge . . . Inside The Walls, Hank quickly discovers who’s boss—as well as judge, jury, and executioner. The only relief from the gang fights and guard beatings is a prison work program that allows inmates to leave The Walls to work for plantation owner J.J. Justice. Hank figures it can’t be any worse than jail. But it is. Seems that Justice is ordering the men to commit robberies and murders. He’s stockpiling weapons. Building an army. And planning to restart the Civil War—all in the name of Justice . . . Live Free. Read Hard.

Africana Bulletin

Another important factor might have been the length of time for which a grave was in use, and for how many burials ifc served. To the North, e.g. sector C VI, one grave bore traces of having been re-opened 7 times. Every time the pit ...




Category: Africa


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Manual of English History

Jealous of the affection which the king bore to one of the young thanes , this vile woman mixed for him a cup of poison ; the potion was partaken of , both by Brihtric and the thane , and both descended to one grave at Tewkesbury .

Author: Robert ROSS (Lecturer on History, Normal College, Cheltenham.)





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Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society

On the opposite bank, in Nam Heng Estate, about 4 chains from the river is a grave mound (4 × 24 X 15 feet), walled with shallow bricks of the old Malacca type and containing one adult grave in perfect condition and fragments of two ...




Category: Federated Malay States


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Includes the annual report of the Malaysian Branch, Royal Asiatic Society.

The Cursed Lands epic fantasy sword and sorcery

Our sense of time is not quite the same as yours. ... If you reject our alliance, it will be the same as if you had spat on the One's grave, in which case ...

Author: Timothy L. Cerepaka

Publisher: Annulus Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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Long ago, the Dragon Gods founded the land of Yores. They drove out the monsters which lived within it and gave the land to their followers, who thanked the Dragon Gods and pledged to worship them for eternity. As time went on, however, the Yoresians grew proud and ceased worshipping the Dragon Gods, trusting instead in their magic. Thus, the Dragon Gods abandoned the Yoresians, which has turned out to be a mistake, for now the land of Yores is under attack from a powerful evil and the Yoresians cannot stand against it. Twin siblings Sarzen and Helnia, a warrior and a mage, set out to find the Dragon Gods, who they believe are their people's only hope of survival. But the quest ahead of them is fraught with dangers they can't even imagine, including a revelation about themselves that will shake their view of themselves and their leaders forever. KEYWORDS: epic fantasy adventure series, epic fantasy dragons, epic fantasy magic, epic fantasy sword and sorcery, sword and sorcery adult fantasy, sword and sorcery series, sword and sorcery series magic

One Grave Too Many

Under an assumed name he escapes to the town of Mesilla, where he soon discovers that he can be as cruel and brutal as the most savage gunman--and finally gets his chance to show that those four men dug one grave too many.

Author: Matt Cole

Publisher: A Black Horse Western

ISBN: 9780719830976


Page: 160

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Ross Chisenhall lies defenseless and defeated as four riders viciously kill his only son. In time he recuperates from near-mortal wounds, but he is left not only with a scar on his face, but a darkness inside that cannot be quenched until his child's death is avenged. Under an assumed name he escapes to the town of Mesilla, where he soon discovers that he can be as cruel and brutal as the most savage gunman--and finally gets his chance to show that those four men dug one grave too many.


One thing was for certain: after the first one, Whitey had learned he could ... the body bags one at a time and dumping the remains into a single grave.

Author: Dick Lehr

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 147350385X

Category: True Crime

Page: 448

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From the bestselling writers of Black Mass, now a major film, comes the definitive biography of Whitey Bulger – the most brutal modern day mafia boss since Gotti. Drawing on previously classified material, Whitey tells the story of James J. ‘Whitey’ Bulger, the crime boss, psychopath and killer who brought the FBI to its knees. From his childhood on the streets of South Boston and his cell in Alcatraz in the 1950s, to the corrupt pact with the FBI and the fifteen years he hid in plain sight as one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted, Whitey is the story of corruption, greed and an insatiable hunger for power and control. A sadistic crime boss who liked to get his hands dirty even at the top, this explosive biography creates a portrait of a monster, and one of the most successful organised crime careers of all time.

Sinful Words

At that moment, I feel that no one really knows about his fate. I sense that the time has arrived for me to leave and continue my journey. Still deep in ...

Author: Hesenê Metê

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524682535

Category: Fiction

Page: 160

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Behram is the mysterious narrator of this strange tale of one mans search for divine understanding. He tells about the truth of sinand the sin of the truthin his life while discussing not only Islam but also God as an all-powerful entity. Behram travels and meets others on the path to enlightenment, but he might not find what he seeks. He continues to search, although he does not know exactly what he searches foror what pursues him. He chases and looks, knowing that the day he discovers what he seeks will be the day he becomes a poet, a madman, or a prophet, but a prophet without God. Behram grows to hate God as much as he hates Satan but also loves God as he loves Satan. What horrible, beautiful realization awaits the seeker when truth is ultimately revealed?

Biennial Report

One grave receives either only one body , or , at the same time or subsequently , more than one . In the latter case it either remains quite open until full , or the occupied portion is separated from the rest by a board partition ...

Author: California. Department of Public Health



Category: Public health


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From Persia to Tehr Angeles

The night before the seventh day—Shabeh haft: At this time, ... the mullah stands by the grave and recites the Namaz meyet for the departed one.

Author: Kamran Sharareh

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 161448578X

Category: Education

Page: 178

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An Iranian-American explains the history and heritage of his people, in both the old world and the new. From Persia to Tehr Angeles is a fascinating look at everything from Persia’s ancient past to the modern world of Persian-American immigrants in places like Los Angeles—offering a rich, rounded view a culture many are unfamiliar with. For those who are part of this history, their friends and families, or anyone interested in this corner of the world, it’s an enlightening look at traditions, food, religion, and other aspects of this complex society over many generations.

History of Elkhart County Indiana

Reuben D. Seaman died in 1844 ; his son , John D. Seaman , resides in Indianapolis at present . Francis and Margaret Thomas , and a son , Jackson , occupy one grave in the cemetery . John Dicky , Martha Longcor and Harriet Chevington ...




Category: Elkhart County (Ind.)

Page: 1181

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The Plays of Philip Massinger

In 1635 , sufficient to show in what estimation the poet was it does not appear that be brought any thing forward ... the last sad at this time , tarnisbed the name of Pembroke by in- duty to his name , by attending bim to the grave ...

Author: Philip Massinger




Page: 529

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Early Athens

At the same time, two new mortuary sites were founded to the northeast of Area ΙΙΙ, ... an offering known from two other graves in Athens and one grave in ...

Author: Eirini M. Dimitriadou

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 1938770889

Category: History

Page: 608

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This volume is one of the most important works on ancient Athens in the last fifty years. The focus is on the early city, from the end of the Bronze Age--ca. 1200 BCE--to the Archaic period, when Athens became the largest city of the Classical period, only to be destroyed by the Persians in 480/479 BCE. From a systematic study of all the excavation reports and surveys in central Athens, the author has synthesized a detailed diachronic overview of the city from the Submycenaean period through the Archaic. It is a treasure trove of information for archaeologists who work in this period. Of great value as well are the detailed maps included, which present features of ancient settlements and cemeteries, the repositories of the human physical record. Over eighty additional large-scale, interactive maps are available online to complement the book.