Oracle of the Illuminati

Investigative mythologist William Henry follows up his best-selling Cloak of the Illuminati with this illustration-packed treatise on the secret codes, oracles and technology of ancient Illuminati.

Author: William Henry

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 1935487647

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

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Investigative mythologist William Henry follows up his best-selling Cloak of the Illuminati with this illustration-packed treatise on the secret codes, oracles and technology of ancient Illuminati. His primary expertise and mission is finding and interpreting ancient gateway stories which feature advanced technology for raising spiritual vibration and increasing our body’s innate healing ability. Chapters include: From Cloak to Oracle; The Return of Sophia; The Cosmic G-Spot Stimulator; The Reality of the Rulers; The Hymn of the Pearl; The Realm of the Illuminati; Francis Bacon: Oracle; Abydos and the Head of Sophia; Enki and the Flower of Light; The God Head and the Dodecahedron; The Star Walker; The Big Secret; more.

The World Cataclysm in 2012

Coincidence , Cocreation , Contact By William Henry coincidence . Investigative
mythologist William Henry follows up his best - selling Cloak of the Illuminati with
this ...

Author: Patrick Geryl

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN: 9781931882460

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Discusses the Mayan calendar and the fact that it is generally interpreted to end in 2012.

The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati

... dialectically reached the Absolute, he has achieved Absolute Knowledge,
Absolute Freedom, Absolute Mind and full consciousness of the Absolute Idea of
God. Pythagoras and the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi both proclaimed, “Know

Author: Adam Weishaupt

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 144788888X

Category: Religion


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700 years ago, religion made much more sense to people than it does now. It was part of a coherent worldview linking all of the knowledge of the world then available, including the science and cosmology of the time. Religion nowadays seems rather ridiculous because the modern paradigm of scientific materialism has destroyed the link between humanity and the divine order. To be religious in the past wasn't stupid; now it is. This book explores the ancient Greek and medieval cosmology that supported the view that Earth was specially created by God. The "crystal spheres" of the heavens, with Earth at the centre, were beautiful, wondrous and inspiring. They fitted in perfectly with ideas of spirituality, angels and astrology. This is one of a series of books by the Pythagorean Illuminati, designed to reveal the absurdity and untenability of the Abrahamic religions in the modern scientific era.

Mysteries of Ancient South America

Coincidence , Cocreation , Contact By William Henry as coinciduce Investigative
mythologist William Henry follows up his best - selling Cloak of the Illuminati with
this ...

Author: Harold T. Wilkins

Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press

ISBN: 9780932813268

Category: Social Science

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The reprint of Wilkin's classic book on the megaliths and mysteries of South America. This book predates Wilkin's book Secret Cities of Old South America published in 1952. Mysteries of Ancient South America was first published in 1947 and is considered a classic book of its kind. With diagrams, photographs and maps, Wilkins digs into old manuscripts and books to bring us some truly amazing stories of South America: a bizarre subterranean tunnel system; lost cities in the remote border jungles of Brazil; legends of Atlantis in South America; cataclysmic changes that shaped South America; and other strange stories from one of the world's greatest researchers.

The Spiritual record

It is the source of every ancient prophecy , of every miracle , of every oracle , of
every wonder that history has ever recorded . It is the wisdom of the ... They are
the doctrine of the illuminati , the conviction and strength of the martyrs . In a word






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In Pursuit of Empire

... inspiration , laws , commandment , and govern their enterprises in war and
peace , in trade , fishing , and hunting . It is , indeed , a kind of oracle . You would
say that they are of the sect of the Illuminati . This idea impresses on them a kind
of ...

Author: Kenneth Pearce Mitchell




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Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

The hero of Ticonderoga , Ethan Allen , set the example with his Reason the Only
Oracle of Man ( 1784 ) , but the most ... convinced themselves that a European
secret society , the Bavarian Illuminati , had established outposts on American ...

Author: James H. Hutson



Category: History

Page: 136

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A balanced and lively look at the role of religion between colonization and the 1840s.

National Freemason

... accustomed to purchase bis cali- of the new Lodge , should it receive a warrant
, but with NATIONAL FREEMASON . ... with her hallowed light , through faded
years , proposed by the oracle of Apollo , at Delphos , which de processions of ...






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Day of Deception

... and social life of the Greek empire and its one - world order was dictated by the
Pythia , the mysterious Oracle of Delphi . Priests ... The Illuminati In more recent
centuries there has been the confusing and mysterious story of the Illuminati .

Author: John Hagee

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Incorporated

ISBN: 9780785275732

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 233

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Argues that there is deception in the federal government, in the home, and in spiritual beliefs, and suggests ways to find the truth

Master Index and Illustrated Symbols

Author: Time-Life Books

Publisher: Time Life Education

ISBN: 9780809465088

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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An illustrated guide to mystical symbols from all over the world and throughout history. Index entries are referenced to the various volumes of the series by a two-letter code.

New England and the Bavarian Illuminati

But Thomas Paine's attack upon the foundations of in Vermont the profane &
impious Deist Gen Ethan Allen, Author of the Oracles of Reason, a Book replete
with scurrilous Reflexions on Revelation. 'And in Hell he lift up his Eyes being in ...

Author: Vernon Stauffer



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Final secret of the illuminati

The Oracle also developed what all occultists call “ inner certainty " ; that is , I
knew when this faculty was operating and could be trusted . This sense of being
tuned in is exactly as specific as the inner knowledge that you are about to
become ...

Author: Robert Anton Wilson



Category: Occultism


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Outlines of German Literature

The school of mysticism included such men as Hamann , who spoke like an
oracle ; Lavater , the dreamy and ... The order of “ The Illuminati ' was , at first ,
openly instituted by Adam Weishaupt , a professor of law at Ingolstadt , but his
followers ...

Author: Joseph Gostwick



Category: German literature

Page: 642

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The Oracle Encyclopaedia

... he makes war hold of the heel ' ( Gen. xxv . 26 ) , the other from the figurative
alike upon Kant and the rationalism of the Illuminati , main1 taining that not only
our knowledge of the supernatural ,. 496 JAC JAC THE ORACLE

Author: R. W. Egerton Eastwick





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A Field of Divine Wonders

Author: David William Kling

Publisher: Penn State University Press


Category: History

Page: 296

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It began as a trickle in 1792, but by century's end northwestern Connecticut was awash in revival. In 1799 Edward Dorr Griffin wrote that he could stand at his doorstep in Litchfield County and "number fifty or sixty congregations laid down in one field of divine wonders." Griffin was one of the leading ministers whose electrifying preaching triggered the Second Great Awakening--the subject of this award-winning study. A Field of Divine Wonders focuses on the village revivals sparked by Griffin and his fellow New Divinity ministers--the theological heirs of Jonathan Edwards. Edwards died in 1758--long before the rash of revivals in 1798--but he left an enduring legacy that later generations of disciples followed. But it was the third generation of Edwardseans, pastors such as Griffin, Asahel Nettleton, and Bennet Tyler, who personified the theology of revival. For thirty years, they successfully preached, counseled, and defended the New Divinity message of salvation until the mid-1820s when most of the leaders had passed from the scene and New Divinity revivalism had lost its appeal. Nevertheless, there remained a form of piety rooted in Edwards's teaching on "affectionate" religion, which merged with other evangelical traditions and has endured up to our own day. Unlike previous studies focused chiefly on leaders or institutions, or theology or converts, A Field of Divine Wonders integrates the history of ideas with newer approaches in historical research--collective biography, modes of discourse, gender studies, social and quantitative history, and local community studies--to supply the kind of "new religious history" that historians have long called for.

Newman His Life and Spirituality

its pages the coherent and harmonious expression , “ a visible Church , the
oracle of truth and a pattern of sanctity , of the ... and the fanatical emotionalism of
the illuminati on the other , the path , in a word , which he had so long been
seeking .

Author: Louis Bouyer



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The London Quarterly Review

Nothing can be more frivolous and despicable than the analogies or parallels
which M. Rénan timidly brings forward from the oracles of Greece , and the
occasional paroxysms of the illuminati in the Middle Ages , and the modern
frenzies of ...

Author: William Lonsdale Watkinson



Category: Theology


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