Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens

Otherwise Law-Abiding Citizens . . . Deterred from Confession Consider that cannabis prohibition punishes all cannabis users including oth— erwise law-abiding citizens. They go underground and into secrecy for fear of arrest and ...

Author: Matt Stolick

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739131613

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 410

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Matthew Stolick presents a detailed social and scientific exploration of the social history of cannabis, chemical make-up of the cannabis plant, and effects of cannabis use. By offering a truly interdisciplinary look at this highly political issue, he clearly articulates the reasoning behind the categorical rejection of legal cannabis use by the United States and other nations. Approaching the discussion of cannabis use from perspectives embedded within philosophy, political science, psychology, and neurobiology, Stolick provides an even-handed account of the scientific realities and social practicalities surrounding the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. Drawing on the moral thought of Aristotle, Kant, Mill, and Christianity, the book demonstrates the amoral nature of cannabis use. Grounding discussion of cannabis use in both moral theory and scientific fact, this book gives readers a thorough understanding of the social and political issues that continue to dictate cannabis law.

Criminally Ignorant

First, the criminal law, I maintain, should strive to ensure that those subject to it remain able to preserve their ... why an otherwise law-abiding citizen would do what the defendant did is a principled way to ensure that citizens are ...

Author: Dr. Alexander Sarch

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190056584

Category: Law

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This is a book about the legal fiction that sometimes we know what we don't. The willful ignorance doctrine says defendants who bury their heads in the sand rather than learn they're doing something criminal are punished as if they knew. Not all legal fictions are unjustified, however. This one, used within proper limits, is a defensible way to promote the aims of the criminal law. Preserving your ignorance can make you as culpable as if you knew what you were doing, and so the interests and values protected by the criminal law can be promoted by treating you as if you had knowledge. This book provides a careful defense of this method of imputing mental states based on equal culpability. On the one hand, the theory developed here shows why the willful ignorance doctrine is only partly justified and requires reform. On the other hand, it demonstrates that the criminal law needs more legal fictions of this kind. Repeated indifference to the truth may substitute for knowledge, and very culpable failures to recognize risks can support treating you as if you took those risks consciously. Moreover, equal culpability imputation should also be applied to corporations, not just individuals. Still, such imputation can be taken too far. We need to determine its limits to avoid injustice. Thus, the book seeks to place equal culpability imputation on a solid normative foundation, while demarcating its proper boundaries. The resulting theory of when and why the criminal law can pretend we know what we don't has far-reaching implications for legal practice and reveals a pressing need for reform.

Treasury Postal Service and general government appropriations for fiscal year 1986

You mean otherwise law - abiding citizens . Mr. LOWERY . Otherwise law - abiding citizens . Secretary BAKER . Not law - abiding citizens with respect to tax compliance . Mr. LOWERY . That is correct . The criminal world is obviously ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government Appropriations



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Firearms Legislation

I have a great reluctance to make felons out of otherwise decent , law - abiding citizens . ... We have speed laws in this country that make misdemeanants out of a great number of otherwise lawabiding , decent citizens .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime



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Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990

First , it could provide grounds to prosecute otherwise lawabiding citizens who are transporting firearms in compliance with state and local law -- but in violation of this new federal proposal . Second , it appears to give new powers ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime



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Another concern is that otherwise law abiding citizens may have carried concealed handguns even before it ... If shall issue laws do not alter the total number of concealed handguns carried by otherwise law abiding citizens but merely ...

Author: Anne C. Cunningham

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1534500731

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Nowhere is the gun control debate more heated than in the United States. Gun control advocates argue for tighter restrictions on purchasing and licensing in the hopes of reducing incidents of shootings. Gun owners fear that their guns will be taken away, eliminating their ability to protect their families. Carrying a concealed handgun is legal in every state, and polls shows that the majority of Americans support conceal and carry. The viewpoints in this volume attempt to answer tough questions, such as “Do concealed handguns deter or increase crime?” and “Do the protections stipulated in the Second Amendment cover today’s gun owners?”


... maximum of 20 miles above a mandated speed limit who are those otherwise lawabiding citizens, and because otherwise law abiding, the milk cowof thesystem.It is thislaw abiding citizen who is thetarget of the speeding law, ...

Author: Peter Kerestur

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503527069

Category: Fiction

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An ordinary man leaves his house for a routine drive to work in order to earn his daily bread. Ten minutes into his drive, he is stopped by the utility workers working on a piece of road damaged by the last night’s torrential flood storm, and his trip is inadvertently delayed. Pressed by time to be still on time for work, the legal system shows its true teeth and catches up on him. Wrapping its claws around him, the system arbitrarily turns his normally innocent trip into an unexpected nightmarish show of bureaucratic power on loose.

Statistical Report

The business of the Police Department is to enforce the laws , and it is most unfortunate that so many otherwise good , law - abiding citizens should feel so at liberty to break the Prohibition Law . This attitude sets a very bad ...

Author: New York (N.Y.). Police Department



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Handgun Violence Prevention Act 1989

If enacted into law , this measure would undermine the right of law - abiding citizens to decide which , if any ... By implication , it undermines the right to life itself since it tells the otherwise law - abiding citizen that he or ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Crime



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